How do you know if a guy has a crush on you?

10 proof that a guy is in love with you

When you’re in love and you’re trying to figure out if it’s mutual, your emotions can overwhelm your common sense – and lo and behold, you’re already wishful thinking. Instead of running through your head a hundred times over the words he’s saying to you, look for other, less obvious signs that he cares about you:

1. Watch your body language.

You can find out what the other person is thinking and feeling by carefully observing their body language. Surprisingly, girls have about 50 signs that they’re interested in a guy, while guys only have 10. What does that mean? You only need to watch for a few key signs!

The most common one is how much he looks at you. If you see his eyebrows raise when his gaze falls on you, that’s a major sign that he likes you. If he holds eye contact and his hands and feet are pointed in your direction, it shows that he’s interested enough in you. Does he start fixing his hair or shirt when you walk into the room? If he subconsciously thinks about his appearance, it means he wants you to find him attractive.

2. catch the look.

Guys try to look at girls blankly when they think you can’t see it. If you manage to catch his gaze when you look around, that’s a good sign. More confident guys hold eye contact longer. If you want to see if he’s interested in you, try this: look at his face for 3-4 seconds and then look away. After a second, look back. If your gazes cross, then he’s definitely interested in you. Remember that there are shy guys who are embarrassed to make contact first, but if he really likes you, he’ll keep looking at you.

When you’re in company and he’s joking around, in the moments when everyone is laughing, his eyes will constantly check to see if you’re laughing. This is a clear sign that he wants to impress you.

3. Listen carefully to what he says.

It’s simple: a guy who wants to interest a girl will talk about himself. Watch his gestures here too. Speak a little quieter than usual. See if he leans in a little to hear you. Does he come closer? Watch how he positions himself in the conversation, what his emphasis is.

4. Check the physical contact.

A guy who’s interested in you will always find a reason to touch you: touch your arm, bump your legs, or even accidentally hug you. Watch what happens when you touch. If you put your hand on his neck, will he move away? Or, conversely, will he try to increase bodily contact?

Don’t forget that if he’s a little shy, he might flinch and cringe a little at your touch. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you. Just keep watching.

5. Pay attention to his friends.

If he likes you, he may have told his friends or they may have already figured it out on their own. Either way, observe the people in the company. Do they make jokes about him, do they shove him when you start talking? Do they smile at the sight of you, as if they know something you don’t?

6. Find out if he’s interested in your interests

Especially if your hobbies haven’t interested him before. Talk about your favorite band or the TV show you’re currently watching. If he tells you the next time you see him that he’s crazy about your favorite band’s new album, he’s definitely letting you know that he likes you.

7. Note his nervousness.

Does he laugh nervously when you’re around? Do his palms sweat? Does he sigh deeply to calm himself down? These are all clear signs that he’s attracted to you. Guys don’t get nervous in the company of women they’re not interested in. Chances are, he’s worried about making a good impression on you.

8. Look for differences.

If a guy is interested in you, he may start acting differently from others, especially when you’re in large company. For example, showing himself to be protective by unknowingly resting his hand on the back of your chair. There is another interesting and, in my opinion, totally illogical tactic that some guys use: start flirting with other girls. Luckily, this tactic is easy to spot: just see if he looks at you when he’s chatting with another girl. And if he also stops talking to her when you leave the room, it’s obvious.

9. Watch for the mirror effect.

It’s an unconscious display of sympathy to reflect your gestures. He may touch his hair after you fix a strand. He sits at the same table as you at lunch or goes out for a smoke with you.

10. He notices that you’ve changed.

A guy who likes you is bound to notice your new hairstyle, your different manicure, even your new heels. He pays special attention to the way you look, and that means he’s attracted to you.

How to know if a man is in love: distinctive traits

Greetings to you, dear readers, or rather, female readers! Today we will talk about male psychology. For us, men are mysterious creatures and female logic is not subject to, as well as we are for them. Admit it – have you ever had the desire to get into your man’s head to solve the puzzle “to love cannot part”? From our article you will learn how to understand if a man is in love and serious, and you can dispel his painful doubts.

Why men hide their feelings

Representatives of the stronger sex are in no hurry to confess and openly show their feelings. The reasons may be different. First, they are afraid that the girl, finding out about love, they will start to pull the strings. Love is perceived as weakness and vulnerability.

Secondly, after the words about love the chosen one can make you responsible for the “bazar”, that is, will drag you into the registry office or want to live together, and the man may not be ready for this.

Thirdly, he may be married or involved in other relationships – it also happens. Either way, you should respect his silence and make do with your own strength.

Portrait of a man in love: the distinctive signs and hidden signals.

What did not she resort to only girls to get to the truth – guess on a coffee grounds, meticulously count gifts and flowers, torture his beloved question, but all to no avail.

And you just need to look carefully at his behavior without a bunch of illusions and rose-colored glasses. In love man differs from indifferent as the blue whale from the giraffe. Let’s look at why.

The need for communication

A man in love strives to spend as much time as possible with his beloved, so he often initiates meetings and correspondence.

If your chosen one thinks of you once a week and ignores your messages, there is no question of love. Unless, of course, he is not an astronaut or a submariner.

Caring and Attention

A man in love = a caring man. He will never let his lady to soak in the rain, carry a heavy bag or screw in a light bulb herself. She should only stutter about a problem, he is immediately ready to come to her aid. And most importantly, it’s all in the joy, not in the burden.


If a man is in love, he would never want to share you with anyone. You will feel his jealousy with all the fibers of your soul, even at a distance – it’s so sharp and prickly. In response to your jealousy, he will try to do everything to dispel your fears.

Material investments

A man in love is always happy to spend money on his beloved – it’s an axiom. If the gentleman during all the time of communication has not given you a single flower, do not explain his natural greed and frugality. The only reason – the lack of love for you.

Progress in the relationship

If a man loves you, the relationship with him is growing. First, he wants to see you more often, then live together, and after some time to create a family. If you feel the decline and his estrangement, then something has gone wrong. There is no need to immediately put a cross on the relationship, it may be a temporary cooling off, but you should not overlook this fact.

Willingness to make concessions.

A man, inspired by love, is always ready to compromise with the woman he loves. He values her too much and is afraid to lose her. If in the relationship to your opinion is not listened to, and you always first come to make up after a quarrel, there is no love for you or she is very small, alas.

The test for his attitude: effective ways to check if there is love.

Sometimes it is difficult to discern real love speculatively, you have to resort to feminine tricks. I have gathered for you an arsenal of tools that will help you bring a partisan in the open.

  1. On the day of the appointment tell the guy that you are sick and will not be able to attend. If he expressed a desire to take care of you, buy you medicine and fruit, not afraid to get infected, then feelings for you are.
  2. Ask him to help you make some simple men’s work – to nail the shelf, drag the table, choose the faucet. If a man is happy to respond to the request, he certainly can not call indifferent. Just do not abuse this method too much, and do not forget to properly thank your assistant.
  3. Ask what your chosen one thinks about your family and friends. In love with a man will never criticize or speak ill of the people who are dear to his beloved.
  4. Ask the man how he sees his life in five years. If his story does not mention you, then it is likely that he has no serious plans for you.

You’ll find even more signs and ways to do this in this video.

How to tell the difference between love and sexual attraction

Many girls fall into the trap of a sex-only relationship, mistaking it for love to the grave. To avoid this, you need to accept the fact that men often separate the realm of sex and love-not always the latter accompanies the former. If you feel that his interest revolves only around your body, you should be wary.

If a man is not interested in your life and you as a person, all your meetings are held in his home at a convenient time for him, in sex he is rather rude than gentle, do not flatter yourself with hopes for his love.

To prevent this from happening to you, never rush into an intimate relationship with unfamiliar men. This is a good way to avoid this from happening to you, so never rush into an intimate relationship with a man you don’t know.

How to distinguish love from pity

Yes, some ladies are able to confuse these seemingly different feelings. The thing is that men find it very difficult to refuse girls in love, especially if they are actively attacking and initiate sex themselves. Why not, thinks the guy in such a situation, it’s not hard for me to please the poor girl. And the girl takes his consent as love and a strong desire. A sad story, isn’t it?

Be careful with the initiative, girls, remember the gender difference. Insistence and ardor are the prerogative of men. If in your couple you suddenly switched places – not good. Get away from your chosen one for a while and assess his real desire to be with you.

How do men show love to different zodiac signs

The stars can also help you determine the attitude of your chosen one, let’s turn to them for advice.

Aries men in love, as in everything else, are assertive and straightforward. Reluctance and shyness – it’s not about them. If his feelings are serious, he will let you know it with his words and deeds.

Representatives of this sign of the zodiac are calm and measured, violent displays of passion are not peculiar to them. But they are very reliable – if a Taurus man has let you into his life, then he has a very reverent and tender attitude toward you.

The most fickle men – the twins. They could stagger from mad love to complete indifference. Like yesterday he was just carrying you in his arms, calling you to marry and talk about children, and today he does not even want to hug you. So with them it is worth to be especially attentive and not to relax.

Cancer is a warm and homely sign of the zodiac, so he will try to surround his beloved with care and create maximum comfort for her: cook delicious food, make sure that she is comfortable, pamper her with flowers and gifts.

“Kings of beasts” by nature are very wasteful, generous and prone to impulsive actions, so expensive gifts do not always indicate a strong feeling for you. The best indicator is the time spent with you. The more it is, the stronger the love.

Virgo guys are pedantic to the point of outrageousness. Therefore, their love is often accompanied by a painful self-condemnation: “What if I say something wrong, do something wrong,” and so on. So if a guy under the sign of a Virgo in your presence is tense and uptight, do not rush to write him off.

Man-weight is friendly and nice to all, so be careful – his gallantry and good breeding can easily be mistaken for a crush. He’s also very fickle. It will take quite some time before his sympathy, overcoming all doubts, turns into a serious feeling.

Scorpions are masters of intrigue. Love for them is an exciting game in which they want to win at any cost. If you catch the gaze of a Scorpio man mixed with a sly smile, it means that he invites you to play with him. But his love you will get only if you turn out to be a worthy opponent.

Sagittarians are not inclined to hide their feelings – when you love someone, you will certainly rassvetovat about it all around. But to fall in love seriously is a real problem for them. All their relationships are more like short flings.

This sign of the zodiac is characterized by discretion and conservatism. Giving in to their feelings is not about them. Before falling in love, the Capricorn man will thoroughly weigh and measure everything, so that God forbid he should not make a wrong choice. And then tell you about your feelings during a serious conversation.

Aquarius men are introverts, so often hide their feelings as guerrillas. Do not expect flirting and courting from them. You may think that the guy just friends with you, while in secret he dreams about you days and nights on end. Pay attention to his gestures, facial expressions and other non-verbal signals.

Pisces is the most sensitive sign of the zodiac, they know how to immerse themselves in love. They are distinguished by their ability to court beautifully and romantically. If a man of this zodiac sign near you turned into a ardent knight, know – he is in love!

How do men show love different signs of the oriental horoscope

And finally, so that you do not have any doubts at all, I will tell you how to recognize falling in love with men born under different signs of the oriental horoscope.

  1. Men born in the year of the Rat are ardent and passionate souls. They are willing to long and persistently pursue the object of affection, but all their pressure is fading as soon as the “victim” gives up. If you feel like a fortress, which is besieged, be sure – he is in love. So far.
  2. Men born in the year of the bull, not too amorous. Relationships with them are most often superficial. However, if love does happen to them, they immediately warm up, become affectionate and caring.
  3. Men born in the year of the Tiger, very amorous, the more so around them always round dance of girls. However, in a relationship their ardor quickly wanes and they begin to look to the left. If a man meets with you for a long time and his reverent attitude remains, it means that you have melted his heart.
  4. Men born in the year of the Rabbit (Cat), something like these very animals – cautious and hesitant. They may have to gather their courage before dare to declare his love. If you see a man near you kifting from foot to foot Rabbit, you know – perhaps he is in love and does not know how to tell you about it.
  5. Man-Dragon is self-sufficient and self-loving. He will never sacrifice his pride for love. If you manage to make him fall in love with you, he will put you on a pedestal and make his goddess. Not to notice it will be impossible.
  6. Snake men are very passionate. They are unfamiliar such concepts as timidity and shyness. Falling in love, they try as much as possible to merge with their partner and expect return from him, so they can be demanding and demanding.
  7. Men born in the year of the Horse love to beautifully woo the women they love and at the same time get high from themselves, so romantic and ardent. A guy of this sign in love is not stingy with emotions and beautiful words.
  8. A man born in the year of the goat (sheep) will do everything possible to please his beloved. His behavior will be exemplary – give a hand, let her through, help to take off the coat.
  9. Man under the sign of Monkey rather controversial. Falling in love, he shows his feelings tumultuous, like a volcano – to bestow his chosen one passionate kisses and caresses, and carries on the hands and does not depart for a minute. But lasts this period is usually not long – Monkeys very quickly cool down.
  10. Rooster men have a rational approach to love. They are very responsible and tend to take custody of the woman they love. If he acts like a daddy, then most likely he is in love.
  11. Men born in the year of the Dog, ready to share everything with his beloved. For them, she – the center of the universe. But demands to it often become exaggerated. Mature men of this sign next to the beloved girl are often transformed into small children.
  12. It is very easy to recognize a boar man in love – he literally glows from the inside next to his beloved and can even overbear with external manifestations of love and devotion.


Now, I hope that you will not have difficulty finding out whether a man loves or not, without resorting to fortune-telling by chamomile and coffee grounds. If the answer is negative, do not worry! Especially for you we have an article “How to make a man fall in love with you. Share your impressions in comments and visit us again!

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