How do you know if a girl wants to break up?

How do you know if a girl wants to break up? 5 signs that she doesn’t love you anymore

Fights and disagreements happen in every couple. But how to understand: you just had a fight and will forget about it tomorrow, or the problem is much more serious? How do you know if a girl wants to break up? Today I will tell you about the main alarm bells in feminine behavior.

How do you know if a girl wants to break up? 5 signs that she doesn’t love you anymore

First I’ll tell you the simple truth – nothing just happens. And if your girlfriend wants to break up with you, it means that she is uncomfortable in it. She doesn’t feel happy, and she wants to find that very happiness outside of your couple.

And this is where the choice is yours. You can work on yourself and your relationship to make her happy. Or you can break up with her and start a new life with a clean slate. But do not forget that girls do not leave pumped, confident and successful men. On the contrary, they want by all means to stay close to them.

1. How Girls Quit.

Now we will not talk about why you break up with a girl. If the initiative comes from her, she can break up with you in two ways:

  • showy;
  • for real.

Why did I divide breakups into two types? Yes, because a lot of girls throw out threatening words, but in reality do not want to go anywhere. “You’re an asshole, I’m going to my mom’s!” and half an hour later she’s already quietly minding her own business. You may think it’s over, but that’s just manipulation.

And then how do you know if a girl wants to leave you? Because she seems to say one thing and do another. You, of course, feel uncomfortable in this situation. And in your head you have doubts about whether you really need such a hysterical girl. But look at it a little differently. It’s unlikely that she’s just saying those words. It’s more likely that you specifically screwed up in some way. And she wants to test you – how much you love and appreciate her.

She wants to find out definitively whether you need her or not. Whether you’re interested in a relationship with her. And it could be that she doesn’t see any emotion from your side at all, and so she wants to get some kind of reaction from you. And to show that she, who is strong and independent, can live without you.

In short, it’s a test: are you ready to do anything for her and get the moon out of the sky, or don’t give a fuck?

You ask, how do you respond to this kind of showy exit scene? You can go two ways.

  • If a girl frequently makes a scene for no particular reason, that’s the first and most important bell . It would seem that in your relationship everything is normal, but she regularly makes a scene and throws the words “I’ll leave you,” “here I leave you, and you will know,” “that’s it, we are breaking up.

She’s a cranky hysteric. Get your stuff and get out of her quick. She doesn’t love or appreciate you, she doesn’t care about anything between you. Spit it out and forget it, you’ll find a much better girl who really cares about you.

  • If you messed up big time, it means she’s really mad at you. She’s angry, she’s furious, she’s hurt, that’s why she says she wants to leave you. Yes, she may cool down and regret her words, but she is unlikely to want to go back.

What if she wants to break up and tells you so? Understand that this way she shows that she is waiting for you to make a decisive move. Hopes that you will go to any madness, just so that she would return.

Do not forget: if a woman wants to leave, she leaves. And, as a rule, she does it silently.

That’s why fighting is such a way of feminine manipulation, through which she arranges the relationship, marks personal boundaries and sets priorities.

2. Signs that a girl wants to leave you.

Dig a little deeper and you’ll realize that these aren’t even signs that the girl wants to break up. They’re signs of a changed attitude towards you. And if you notice any of the following, it’s a very serious reason to think about it. Maybe she is not very good and comfortable with you, and you need to change. Otherwise, a breakup will very soon be very real.

  • Touching . When you like someone, you love and appreciate them, you want to touch them. To stroke him, to pinch him, to hold his hand. You want to hug him and not let him go, just enjoy the feeling of a native body next to you.

Of course, when you have a relationship in the beginning, passion is boiling between you, you are touching each other all the time. Over time, you both calm down, but the desire to touch is still not going anywhere. And if your woman has become colder to you, she no longer caresses you and avoids unnecessary touching, it is a very bad sign.

Worse will be only if she deliberately pushes you away and avoids tactile contact in every possible way. And even more so if it started to manifest itself in sex. She does not want physical intimacy – so expect trouble.

And now you notice that this same spark in her eyes went out. And this is a clear sign that the girl wants to break up. She no longer wants to look at you, which means she is no longer interested in you.

  • Ignoring . She doesn’t respond to your messages, avoids communication and doesn’t want to talk about it. She makes up some stupid excuses and pretends to be too busy to pay attention to you. Ignoring you is her way of showing that she’s not interested in you anymore.

Most likely, she hasn’t decided how to dump you yet. So the girl is trying to delay this unpleasant moment for both of you and waiting for you to figure it out on your own.

  • No plans for the future . It doesn’t have to be talk about marriage or children at all. Even if your relationship is not that serious, any couple has some small plans ahead. For example, what movie premiere you want to go to together or where you will go on vacation.

When you’re doing great, you happily plan it all out, you may even fight, but you still agree on the future. And when she realizes that you’re not in her personal future, she doesn’t want to plan anything with you. And in general she will try to avoid or get away from the subject.

  • Fighting . And it’s not so simple, there may be two options. She either makes a scandal until you finally get fed up and you leave, or she stops arguing with you. Both are a very bad sign.

Because in the first option, the girl does not care about your feelings, she is not afraid to hurt or lose you. How do you know if a girl wants to break up? She knows all your pain points and aims right at them. So she wants to make you take the first step and break up your relationship because she doesn’t want to take that responsibility.

If the second scenario unfolds in your couple, she acts demonstratively indifferent. She doesn’t fight about anything at all. And that must be weird for you. You can’t have a normal relationship without at least minor quarrels and bickering – you’re two separate individuals, each with their own opinions. But if she doesn’t care about you, your faults, your grievances or your mistakes, your relationship is over for her and she doesn’t care what you do or say.

3. what to do if the girl wants to break up?

Have you analyzed her behavior and realized that she is about to leave you? What to do if she wants to break up? Here it is important to decide: do you want this parting? If yes, then the problem, consider, no – you can discuss everything and leave peacefully.

But if your woman for you is important, you love her and do not want to lose, just thinking about the end of the relationship will hurt you. Because life without her is not interesting to you, you want to be with her.

And here it is important to remember the main thing: until she is gone, you still have a chance to do something. She’s thinking, she’s hesitating, but she hasn’t left you yet. So you have a chance to fix the mistakes in the relationship.

And one more thing: if you’re wondering if it’s worth it, it’s not worth it. If you really want to be with her, you wouldn’t have any doubts. So just accept this situation and go off into a new life looking for a new woman.

Better yet, tell your girlfriend “thank you” for what you had between you. For her time, attention and feelings, for giving you that experience.

A breakup is not the end of the world, it’s just the end of another chapter, a step into the future and a great excuse to change your life for the better.

How to understand that a girl wants to break up

You feel like a girl wants to break up. You panic and do not want to lose her, or maybe, on the contrary, you are waiting for the moment to merge. It is important to be able to distinguish when your beloved really wants to get rid of you, and when she is just testing. It happens that guys just wind themselves up and misinterpret the girl’s behavior. There are clear signs that make it immediately clear that the girl has decided to break up. But even if you find them, it is not time to get upset: if you stick to the right line of behavior, she will not be able to resist and once again understand that she will be fine only with you. How to pump yourself up to such a level that girls never leave you on their own, I teach at my online courses on seduction and competent building relationships.

Contents of the article: “How to understand that a girl wants to break up.

A girl wants to break up: truth or a test?

The first thing you should figure out is whether the girl is testing you or really has fallen out of love and is trying to break up the relationship and leave. Behavior will be different: if the girl is “playing”, there will be more ostentation and loud words. It is easy to determine falseness by the fact that she talks a lot, but does nothing to distance herself and leave. If the girl is determined, you will immediately feel a chill, and if she is overwhelmed with emotion, it means her feelings are strong and she doesn’t know how to deal with them. There are only two reasons why she says, “Let’s break up:

  1. She wants to get attention and get her way in a controversial situation. You obviously did something wrong: you betrayed, deceived, cheated, or just didn’t call and say good night. It seemed to her that you didn’t love her, so she decided to see if you needed her that way. This is a pretty hackneyed trick that a confident guy knows what to answer. A little more tenderness, pretty words and persistence and she’ll be back in your arms and won’t want to leave.
  2. She really wants to break up and leave you. The situation is already more complicated, especially unpleasant if her feelings have faded. But in such a situation, your communication will be kept to a minimum. As long as she reads your messages, answers your calls, all is not lost. It’s easier if it’s not about her, but about you. If you hurt her badly, so that she is ready to really break up, but still loves you, then you have the power to win her back. It will take persistence, creativity and persuasion.

If your loved one is often manipulative and every time there is a conflict is going to break up, it is worth talking to her about how this is not the best behavior. If talking doesn’t help, then in one of the conflicts agree with her decision and just go away, leaving her alone for a while. Give her and yourself time to realize how hard it is in such a toxic relationship and whether or not you care about each other. You can get on your nerves in the first few months, but if years go by and she keeps acting like a spoiled girl, that’s your fault. You’re letting her get away with it.

Now let’s move on to six signs that a girl wants to break up with you. You’ll know right away that things are bad and she intends to leave. They are worse than the most offensive and insolent words, because they show the hidden intention of the girl. But you have time to change her decision before the phrase about the breakup, or before she just disappeared from your life.

1 sign: estrangement.

If you feel like you and your girlfriend are inexorably drifting apart, this is a major sign that a difficult conversation about love gone and her wanting out is just around the corner. Maybe there’s a new, more promising prince on her horizon, or maybe you’re acting in a way that makes it seem easier for her to be alone than with you. This manifests itself in the following changes in the girl’s behavior:

  1. Emotional coldness. She becomes reserved, a little verbal, there is no longer the joy of your meetings that there used to be. She is not in a hurry to share her thoughts, problems, joys with you. You become strangers, and she is morally preparing for the fact that you will soon disappear from her life.
  2. Lack of sex. It used to be that she supported your initiative and sometimes pounced on you herself, but now she’s looking for excuses not to be alone.
  3. She is reluctant to agree to meetings. She has constant excuses and other things to do. She has less and less time for you. Maybe she is so bored with you that she is willing to sit on social networks, just not to listen to you?
  4. The girl does not want to touch you: she does not show initiative, even though she used to cuddle like a kitten.
  5. She does not like your touch: she moves her hands away, avoids kissing, does not want to be near.

If the girl offered to break up, that’s one thing, but this kind of exhausting and annoying behavior is quite another. She hasn’t decided if she needs you yet; maybe she’s thinking about marinating you in a friendzone. There are other signs, too.

2 sign: Her family and friends are keeping their distance

Now when you walk into the room where her friends are, they abruptly fall silent, as if they were just talking about you. The native girls talk to you tensely, and sometimes even throw in frank phrases about how things aren’t serious between you anyway. She takes the time to introduce you to her coworkers and is against you becoming a part of her life. Even if you’re good with her friends, she’s now trying to keep you out of her company. She’s about to leave and is distancing herself.

Sign 3: She’s looking for new emotions and experiences, but not with you

She has registered on a dating site, often disappears in companies you don’t know. She has new interests, she updates her statuses on social networks to more free-spirited ones. At the same time, she doesn’t want to share her emotions with you. If a girl wants to see a movie or go to a concert, you will be the last person she will invite. Her new hobbies and hobbies involve meeting new men.

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Sign 4: She’s constantly getting annoyed and looking for a reason to fight.

In doing so, you constantly find yourself blaming her. She no longer thinks about not hurting you and uses the dirtiest techniques and manipulation. She insults and humiliates you in such a way that it seems as if you are a stranger to her and she just wants to get rid of you. Anything you do is irritating: the wrong flowers, a silly compliment, a boring movie. She looks for flaws and a reason to fight about everything, and the better and more attentive you become, the more rude and groundless her claims.

Sign 5: She’s made a lot of guy friends.

At the same time, she has decided to renew her friendship with her ex. Rest assured, she’s already on an active search! You’re a staging ground for her, from which she’ll run away as soon as she finds a suitable candidate. In the meantime, she’ll allow herself to be entertained and pampered, plus she’s sure she looks more attractive in the eyes of other guys since you’re the one chasing her.

Sign 6: She’s provoking you because she wants out.

If you feel like a girl constantly wants to break up and is provoking you to break up with her, maybe she really is ready to break up. The girl can’t dare tell you that she’s fallen out of love and is waiting for you to break up with her. She acts like a free woman and openly shows you that:

  1. The girl openly flirts with others, provoking you to leave.
  2. She goes to clubs and meets other guys.
  3. She offers you an “open relationship” because she wants to leave.
  4. She disappears for a while and then acts like nothing happened, without explaining why.

There’s another side to this behavior: she enjoys pissing you off. She has nothing to lose and is ready for you to leave, but feels it is her duty to get on your nerves and make you look guilty.

Sign 7: You’re not in her future

Somehow imperceptibly she excluded you from her plans. Not a word about life together, about vacations. She talks only about herself and her desires, and if you hint at a trip together, she evades the topic. By this behavior is easy to both understand that she wants to break up, and to determine that it is time to change the situation. It is high time to change the relationship and try to revive her feelings before it is too late. Whatever it is, but the girl wants to break up because of your mistakes. Analyze and find one of the 10 mistakes yourself.

How to act if the girl wants to break up and leave, but you do not agree

If you see these signs, you can dump her first or offer to stay friends and have “diversions” trying to resume the relationship. But, if you want to hold on, here are some tips on what to do if a girl wants to break up:

  1. Talk to her frankly about what she’s not happy with in your relationship, what she’d like to change. Don’t just ask, but hear her and be able to separate truth from fiction. Don’t ask her directly about her feelings. If she has doubts, you don’t need to push her into a hasty decision to leave. And avoid accusations and fits of baseless jealousy.
  2. After listening to her, tell her how you feel, but without whining too much and without playing Othello. Don’t make her feel guilty. Avoid negativity and anger. Discreetly find out if she really has thoughts of breaking up. Maybe she’ll come up with her own ideas on how to fix the relationship.
  3. Give her more personal space, give her a little bit of yourself, so you both can figure out if the relationship is worth continuing. The more you push and coerce, the faster she’ll run away. It will cost you dearly, and this way there’s still a chance.
  4. Introduce more positivity: remember the past, have a nice time, surprise her, make her feel good with you so she won’t want to leave.

The only option may be to end the relationship. Do it without anger or insult: just let her go and maybe you’ll still get a second chance. You both have to want to be together, and your desire alone is not enough. Let her be alone and sort herself out. Just don’t get bored: there are many things to occupy yourself with, including a new relationship.

Have you already decided for yourself: if the girl wants to leave, is it worth keeping her? If this question arises in your head and it’s about your hurt ego and not your feelings, it’s better to let go without torturing yourself and her. On the other hand: the sooner you realize the girl is thinking about breaking up, the better your chances of changing things. For many years, I, Alexander Galevich, have been helping guys get their favorite girls back. I’m sure I can help you too.

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