How do you know if a boy likes you?

How do you know if a boy likes you: what are the signs that can determine this?

Modest girls can be difficult to establish relationships with their peers, and with the opposite sex all the more so. They spend more time with close friends, parents, but it does not prevent them to fall in love and hope for reciprocity. Shy girls more often than their brave friends ask themselves: “How do you know if a boy likes you without asking?” – Because they’re usually insecure. For them, our article.

The language of gestures and looks

Small movements of the hands, fidgeting clothes, hands in pockets – everyone besides the usual speech, has a special language of gestures. He is individual, unique, in different situations appears according to character, temperament, thoughts.

Surely for yourself you’ve noticed how you lower your eyes to the floor or begin to stutter slightly when meeting a cute guy. Similarly behave and they.

Pay attention to his movements, behavioral features directed in your direction:

  • He tries to touch you at every opportunity;
  • At school, approaches you for any reason;
  • Is shy to look directly in the eyes;
  • Is constantly watching with his eyes, even when talking to his friends;
  • Can try to attract attention in a not always pleasant way: pulls hair, makes a silly joke, draws a caricature;
  • If the guy is brave, not shy about feelings will on the contrary help, communicate openly, walk home, look for communication outside of the school.

You just need to observe for a while, to assess whether he even knows that you exist.

If it became clear that for him you are just a normal classmate, sitting at the third desk in the middle row, you have to attract his attention.

In this video Melissa will talk about the signs that clearly you can tell that a boy likes you:

What kind of girls do boys like?

There is an opinion that it is necessary to correspond to some standards: to have a thin waist, long legs and hair, lush eyelashes. Allegedly then you can attract the attention of the guy, but if there is no such eyelashes, then go through life as an old maid. This is not true.

Model standards formed by fashion magazines to show clothes, cosmetics, underwear. But they have nothing to do with real life, it’s just a professional indicator, it is necessary to demonstrate the product was pleasant to look at. And boys like different girls, as well as boys are different: tall, low, keen and monoloobes.

The main thing to look after yourself:

  1. A neat hairstyle, clean hair;
  2. Regularly use deodorant;
  3. It is unacceptable to wear stale clothes. They should be clean and ironed. Try to choose it harmoniously, stick to a certain style, appropriate to the situation. At school formal, on the street comfortable;
  4. Your modesty is not a disadvantage, but an advantage. It prevents you from approaching and asking or telling directly about your feelings, but it stands out among noisy girlfriends.

Be interesting, exciting: visit theaters, museums, play sports. Intelligent people who are interesting to talk to, spend time with are entitled to external flaws, they are invisible behind their rich inner world.

How do you show a boy that you like him?

It’s a tricky skill – getting the attention of others, when you need it and with a purpose. It is not easy for everyone, but if you learn how to deal with people, you can get them to like you.

To do this, you need to:

  • Learning to listen, for example, to what he talks about with his friends. In conversations can slip phrases about girls, what they like. Also about hobbies, interests. This is important, maybe you are completely different people, maybe then you shouldn’t try to get closer. If your interests are the same, ask him for help: to fix your bike, to teach you how to skate, to recommend a good fitness trainer or a gym. And then act on the circumstances;
  • Offer to help with homework if the subject is difficult. In other matters;
  • Become an enigma, stand out in the crowd. Look around, mostly what kind of girls around: few read books, few attend cultural events, perhaps smoke. This is for example. Become the exception to the rules: a good, positive exception;
  • Be positive. A man with a smile on his face and a good joke at the right time attracts.

The main thing is not to become annoying, respect yourself and his opinion.

How do you know if a boy likes you?

Besides gestures and looks there are other signs:

  • A guy listens to your advice. Friends recommend not to go to a given movie, but you liked it, and he goes too;
  • Notes your photos on social networks, leaves comments. Means he follows updates;
  • Tells you about your life, what you did yesterday, what progress you made, what you didn’t get;
  • Does not forget to congratulate on his birthday, other holidays.

But do not forget that people are different and can see the situation in their own way. Some boys show attention in illogical ways: they can bully, tease, flirt with other girls in order to cause jealousy.

Other signs of sympathy

  1. If the boy invites you to his company, introduces you to his friends;
  2. He tries to look respectable nearby: squaring his shoulders, stretching his neck;
  3. He tries to make funny, original jokes;
  4. Notes changes in your appearance: a new hairstyle, a dress;

Most likely, he is in love, you can be sure. Unless, of course, it is elementary politeness and gallantry.

So it happens, the girl takes a well-mannered young man for a suitor, begins to respond to signs of attention, but he did not mean anything serious. So take your time, look, it is possible that he communicates with others as well. This wariness is needed, so as not to put him in an uncomfortable position, not to get into it yourself.

What mistakes should be avoided?

In the pursuit of a lover, some girls lose their minds. Keep a clear mind:

  • Don’t stop talking to your friends, don’t close yourself off to the object of adoration. Whether or not the relationship will work out, no one knows, and a good friend will be there if you yourself don’t forget about him;
  • In the case of reciprocity, don’t let them get close right away. There should be a limited space at first let him prove his words with actions. Do not literally demand feats from him. Just be careful, prudent and wise. In addition, unapproachable girls attract more;
  • Try to tell less about your experiences to others. You can share with a friend, but you should not babble on every corner. Happiness loves silence.

Life does not stop, even if you are constantly tormented by doubts now. So it even becomes more interesting, full of experiences, emotions of expectations – it’s youth, which is always unique.

It’s all individual, you can’t fit all boys into one standard of behavior. And if you are still tormented by the question of how to find out if a boy likes you, read the article again. Its main purpose to make it clear: can not ask directly – observe and draw conclusions.

Video: the signs of liking you

In this video, Sergey Vitin will explain how he and most boys behave if they like a girl at school:

A boy likes you: 20 Top Signs of Sympathy

As a child, I barely noticed signs of attention from boys. It wasn’t until time passed that my emotional intelligence grew, all thanks to a psychology degree. Now I have no trouble noticing when people like each other. But you do not have to devote years to study the peculiarities of child psychology, because I will tell you about the 20 main signs of a boy’s sympathy for you, taking into account his age.

Signs of Sympathy in Boys Under 14

Boys under the age of 14 often lag behind their female peers in adulthood. That is why the signals of their love are more strange, they are harder to realize and notice. Boys at this age are fickle and often do not understand their own desires. So it’s unlikely you can enter into a long-term or any serious relationship with him, for guys under 14 in love is just a new pastime or a strange experience. Still, how do you know if a boy likes you?


  • If a boy is experiencing feelings for the first time, he may express them strangely. Not excluded pushing, pulling pigtails, throwing snowballs at the girl and other attempts to pay attention. You should not respond to such feelings.
  • More conscientious guys under the age of 14 try to spend more time with their lady of the heart and joke around a lot. Chances are, they will watch for the reaction of their date after every funny phrase.
  • How do you know if a boy loves you? This can be suggested by planting notes or strange jokes from the guy’s friends. Most likely, he will not openly declare his feelings: this requires an incredible conscience.
  • The boy may try to help you, for example, let you copy your homework on a difficult subject or carry your bag to the house. Such conscious signs of attention begin at the age of 13, when the personality is almost formed.

Facial Expressions and Gestures

  • Boys may avert their eyes when talking to a girl. This is an objective sign of embarrassment that is common to young children as well as teenagers or adults, regardless of gender.
  • If you are particularly attentive, you will notice a slight twinkle in the eyes, wrinkles under the eyes when you smile. It will be especially obvious if you are in a close friendship with a guy in love.
  • Body language, which consists of copying gestures and facial expressions of the girl may talk about the desire to be on the same page with her and understand her feelings.
  • The excitement during the meeting with the girl is demonstrated through the desire to rub the edge of his clothes in his hands, attempts to adjust the buttons, to put his thumbs behind the belt of his pants.

How can you tell if a boy over 14 years old is in love with you?

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Boys at age 15 and older change dramatically: they become more serious, more responsible and capable of assuming the social role of adult men. And they begin to feel like adults themselves. Interest in the opposite sex in boys at this age becomes markedly more acute. And the signs of attention which they give to girls become more obvious. Boys are learning to talk openly about their feelings, but if they are shy, pay attention to the following parameters.


  • As a teenager, a big role in shaping a boy’s opinion is played by the evaluations of his surroundings. Most likely, he will try to introduce you to his social circle and gradually introduce you to his friends.
  • Boys start to realize that they need to look for common ground in order to create a lasting connection. They become interested in things that are fond of the girl, trying to get her to talk to her every chance.
  • Perhaps the opposite behavior, if the guy still has not coped with the adolescent crisis. Sometimes boys in love from 14 try to abstract and make bad jokes if they hear questions about their behavior.
  • A good sign is an unselfish desire to help in the household and support the girl in a difficult situation. This signals that the boy has serious intentions about you.

Facial Expressions and Gestures

  • The gestures of a boy over 14 in love noticeably change. He will try to unobtrusively touch you or, conversely, start avoiding tactile contact. The latter indicates that the teenager has complexes and insecurity.
  • It is worth paying attention to the posture of a potential suitor. A man of any age will try to keep his back straight if a girl important to him is looking at him.
  • Guys over the age of 16 years will quite consciously demonstrate the advantages of his body and hide flaws. For example, teenagers try to flex their arm muscles or tighten their stomach.
  • While walking somewhere together, a young man may try to touch the palm of his hand or take the girl’s hand. In psychology, this is considered an indirect sign of the desire to patronize. Other information you will find in the video.

Ten questions about sympathy

This test is quite simple in its structure, but allows you to understand for sure how a boy feels about you. If you can answer yes to seven or eight of the questions above, the boy is probably in love. You can check the objectivity of the result with the help of a close friend, who also has the ability to analyze the behavior of the guy. Ask her to answer these questions and compare your conclusions about the boy’s feelings.

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