How do you know how a man treats a woman?

How to know how a man treats you: the signs of feelings

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Men – the creatures to the extreme secretive. And they especially do not like to show their feelings, because it makes them vulnerable. So if you want to understand a man’s feelings, you should immediately adjust to the fact that you have to be both a psychologist and a spy.

How not to make a mistake: the simple signs of a man’s real attitude towards a woman

In fact, men prefer to show their feelings not by words, but by deeds, especially since they think that in this way their sympathy is less noticeable, so in order to check the male feelings, you can, for example, ask the one whom you suspect in the sympathy, to help you, preferably at some inconvenient time like on weekends. A man in love will agree to anything, because it will give him an opportunity to show himself at his best in your eyes.

Also help identify the attitude and less obvious manifestations of care – for example, a representative of the stronger sex to hold the door, help take off your coat and so on. But here it is important to show your spy skills and watch how he treats other girls – there is a possibility that this is just politeness.

In addition, some catfishermen who read the same articles behave in this way, so there is a risk of falling for the tricks of an unscrupulous man. But unfortunately, it always exists.

What definitely does not lie is body language – even the most confident seducers can not fully control themselves. So if during a conversation the body of the interlocutor is turned to you, but the toes of his shoes look in the opposite direction, most likely, he is not really interested in you. But if the toes of his shoes are turned in your direction, it indicates the maximum attention. Also, you should keep an eye on his feet when one is thrown to the other – in case the interlocutor is interested, the toes of his shoes are again directed to him.

When a man in the presence of a woman begins to adjust her hair and clothes, this is actually quite telling: the male representatives really are generally indifferent to their appearance, so the attention that he shows may indicate feelings for you – everyone wants to look more attractive in front of the beloved woman.

Love, not love: the bitter truth about feelings

It’s no surprise that you have a hard time accepting the truth about his true attitude – no one wants to understand that he’s not loved. Sometimes your heart doesn’t seem to be in the right place, but all of a sudden it really just seems. In order to accept the cruel “it doesn’t seem”, you have to convince yourself of that. Remove the rose-colored glasses can be painful, but still do it is absolutely necessary.

So, what are the signs of dislike that are easy to spot? The most obvious is when the man himself declares it, indirectly or directly. He may warn you not to fall in love with him or talk about the most tender feelings – but none of this is about love. If that’s what’s important to you in a relationship, it’s worth distracting yourself and looking for someone more suitable.

Cheating is, of course, a clear sign of faded or absent feelings, because a man will not cheat on the woman he loves – there is no other woman in the world, why should he have sex with someone he doesn’t know? He may even try to keep you, talking about the polygamy of all members of the stronger sex without exception, but this only means that he is comfortable with you. So in this case there is nothing complicated about how to understand how a man treats you: if he cheats, there is no love at all.

A man may even talk about love, but, as mentioned above, his actions are more eloquent. For example, if a young man compares his girlfriend with others not in her favor without remorse – can this speak of any good feelings? Or if he is not burning desire to get acquainted with her close friends – and with their own does not introduce? All of these, unfortunately, are signs that he does not have feelings, no matter how much you talk yourself into the opposite.

A man who doesn’t call, keep promises, or make your life easier is just a user who, for whatever reason, now wants to take advantage of you. So get a grip and send him on his way.

Why situational awareness is important

Because women do tend to wear rose-colored glasses, and some even superglue them to themselves. They can, on the one hand, see things about a good-looking guy that aren’t there, and on the other hand, fail to see the obvious. If you don’t want to get into trouble and find yourself in a difficult situation, being able to determine a man’s true attitude towards his person is very important, regardless of whether he likes you or, on the contrary, doesn’t like you at all.

So turn on the psychologist, bring out the spy – and go in search of your happiness, which is likely very close. And learn to cut off the unnecessary – it will come in handy. Arm yourself in advance by studying how to understand that a man is in love, but hides his feelings in our article at the link.

How to know a man’s attitude towards you: the meaning of touching different parts of the body

Incredible facts

Do you want to better understand a man’s true attitude towards you?

Most girls and women focus on the meaning of what a man says in his messages or in personal communication, but often miss the obvious signs, namely touch.

We are used to thinking that communication happens verbally, but don’t forget that body language can be more eloquent than words.

  • Every touch has a meaning.

In general, if a man touches you, it’s a good sign that he’s attracted to you. It’s hard to say how strong this attraction is, but it’s safe to say that he finds you attractive. Whether he will act on it is another question.

If he is looking for a reason to touch you as often as possible, then he definitely likes you. He may hug you regularly, finding an excuse to touch your face, back or arms.

  • How long has he been touching

Sometimes people touch us without any hint, such as to move or get your attention.

But, if you want to know if a man has feelings for you, observe how long his touch lasts. If it’s a quick touch, it might not mean anything. But, if his touch lasts longer than usual, it could mean there are certain feelings in a man.

The meaning of a man touching a woman

What does a man’s touching different parts of his body mean?

1. Hair

Hair is a special part of a woman’s body. Men adore long, beautiful curls in women. It’s something most of them don’t have, and they know that hair is something personal. Also, hair can be touched in a friendly way.

If he intentionally plays or touches your hair, it means:

If a man runs his hands through your hair for a long time, he is thinking of you.

If he strokes your hair, the man has a soft spot for you. You have softened his heart.

If the man pulls your hair slightly, he is in a playful mood. He wants your attention so you will notice him and maybe tease him too. He may be tying your hair in a ponytail, braiding it in pigtails, or showing other playful gestures.

If he tries to pull a twig or other small thing out of your hair, it is more of a friendly and caring gesture.

In general, touching your hair doesn’t always mean a man has feelings for you, but it does indicate that he likes you as a person.


Any kind of touching your face indicates that a man is interested in getting to know you better, otherwise he wouldn’t dare invade your space.

A man who touches your face is definitely flirting with you, even if he claims he has no intentions towards you.

In doing so, touching your chin is a soft, protective gesture.

Sometimes a man will look for an excuse to touch your face, such as removing an eyelash or the rest of his food . This is also a gesture of flirting, unless the man is obsessed with cleanliness.

It is very nice when a man gently touches your chin or cheeks. It means he cares about you.

Our face is quite sensitive and touching it is perceived as something personal. If someone touches your face and you don’t like it, don’t let them do it.

3. Lips

This body part speaks for itself. A man who touches your face definitely has intentions towards you. Even if there is sauce left on your lips that he is trying to clean up, he wouldn’t be doing it if he didn’t have an attraction to you.

A kiss on the cheek is a friendly, ambiguous gesture.

A kiss on the lips is a way of probing the ground.

A French kiss is a desire for intimacy, a passion.

Sucking the lower or upper lip is sometimes a playful gesture, but can be a manifestation of strong attraction.

Touching your lips with your fingers – admiration for your lips.

4. Head

The head is quite an important part of the body. There are several reasons why a man wants to touch it. Just as in the case of the face, the head is a safer place to touch when kissing.

If he’s stroking your head, he’s flirting with you, or it’s a patronizing gesture. Chances are he thinks you’re cute or charming, but not equal to himself.

The head is important in a kiss. Many men make eye contact before they kiss you, grab your head with both hands, or kiss other areas of your face before moving on to your lips.

5. Neck

The neck is a vulnerable part of the body full of nerve endings. We don’t usually put our hands on strangers’ necks.

Notice if he is massaging the neck, trying to pinch it lightly, running his hand over it, or stroking it. Whatever the case may be, this is one way to get your attention.

Sometimes a man will touch the back of your neck unexpectedly to see how you react. This can be one way to inhale the scent of your hair or to play with it. Such a gesture has mostly positive meaning.

A kiss on the neck means more than that. It’s where your natural scent comes from, which may excite him.

6. Shoulders

Gently stroking the shoulders can make a big difference. The shoulders are a more delicate area than the lower back, for example. Men often admire the feminine, rounded shoulders.

If he’s trying to convey some sort of signal over your shoulders, he’s probably more romantic about you or views you as his best friend. Don’t take this gesture as an overt gesture.

A man may put his arm around your shoulders in front of others to signify that you are a couple, or to lead you through a crowd. It shows your closeness.

Your shoulders are not such a personal area to touch, and it’s likely that the man has purely platonic feelings for you.

If he lingers on your shoulders, touches them very often, or massages you, then he definitely likes you.

7. Hands .

This is a more neutral body part. In conversation people may touch their hands to get your attention.

The hands are not such a sensitive part of the body. If a man takes your hand, he wants to feel that you are in tune with him.

When a man grasps your arm, he is probably flirting or being romantic about you (he would not do this to someone he doesn’t know).

If he often touches your arm, even if it doesn’t feel like flirting, he may be trying to find ways to get closer to you.

8. Palms

The easiest thing to touch is the palms of a person’s hands. If you want to break the ice, you can start with a handshake or palm greeting.

If you feel a spark running when you touch a man, there is definitely chemistry between you, romantic or otherwise.

If a man kisses your hand, he treats you with affection.

He may flirt with you by touching your fingers to take your hand and get closer to you.

Some people find that when a man holds your hand, it is a more intimate gesture than a kiss.

9. Back .

It all depends on exactly where your back is touched by a man. Touching the upper back is most often playful. At the same time, touching the lower back hints at something more.

If a man pats you on the back he is trying to support you, showing friendliness or trying to test your boundaries.

A pat on the back is usually more intimate, but some people like to massage the back for any reason.

Sometimes a man will touch your back to walk you through, and it’s just a polite gesture.

If a man wraps his arms around your back, he’s claiming you and letting everyone else know about it.

10. The Abdomen, Waist, or Thighs

The midsection is a tempting area for many men because it reflects the feminine, soft, round and smooth. There are several meanings to touching this part of the body.

If a man playfully pokes you in the stomach, he is flirting, or he has platonic feelings for you.

Attempting to grab your hips or waist is already done with a hint. This is an area where a man can control your entire body. Most likely, he is very comfortable with you, or he wants to get close to you quickly.

11. legs

The legs, as well as the arms, are considered an area for flirting.

If he’s touching your thigh, he probably wants to see how close he can get to you or to see your reaction before he moves on.

If he is touching your lower leg, he may be trying to flirt. He may be pulling your legs toward him so that you sit on his lap and become physically close to each other.

When a man sort of casually touches your feet, he is flirting with you and trying to get your attention.

In general, you can say that touching your feet, says that he wants you and is trying to get close to you.

Other gestures and expressions of a man

Taking you in his arms.

He wants to demonstrate his strength and masculinity in front of you.

He wants to feel you in his arms. He has romantic feelings for you.

Hugs you.

A lot can be said with a hug. It is one of the easiest ways to read someone’s emotions.

The length of the hug is also an important sign. If a man hugs you longer than usual, he has a strong interest in you.

Is he conversational during the hug? This could mean he’s nervous or he likes you.

A hug should not cause discomfort. If you don’t feel like hugging him, say so directly.

A pat on the back means it’s time to end the hug, and wandering hands suggest he wants more.

A hug from the back suggests that the man is truly happy to see you.

In general, the longer the hug lasts, the more intimate it is.

Touching your head to you.

He may put his head in your lap, touch your forehead or your shoulders. All this shows that a man is comfortable with you and he trusts you.

Intertwining fingers, holding hands.

Hands are a neutral area. Intertwining fingers is a way to get closer to you and feel the ground for a new relationship. It can also be an indication that the man cares about you.

Touching you all the time

If a man is constantly touching you and can’t keep his hands off you, he probably really likes you, or he just loves the tactile sensation.

Touching his face, hair and neck while talking to you

This may indicate that the man is nervous around you.

Touching any of these places is a subconscious signal of attraction. When we talk to someone we like, it creates an excess of energy that needs to come out.

If he is still uncomfortable touching you, he may direct the energy to touching your face, hair, and neck, which will draw your attention to his person.

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