How do you know how a man feels about you?

How do you know how a man feels about you? Read your eyes.

Can’t tell if a man is in love with you? Look into a man’s eyes to find out how he feels! Unlike words, looks never lie.

The eyes are the mirror of the soul and the soul is known to never lie. Words can hide our true feelings, but looks never do. Especially when it comes to the look of a man in love. Knowing how to read in the eyes – a very useful activity that every girl should learn, because this is the only way you can understand what your partner really feels.

Do you want to know what a man feels to you? Just look into his eyes! Here are a few tips that will help you read the true answer in them.

How do you know how a man feels about you?

The direction of his gaze

To evoke confidence in a man, psychologists advise to look directly into his eyes during the conversation. However, if the interlocutor does not arouse our sympathy, it is incredibly difficult to do this, and the look slides around. On the contrary, if we find the person interesting and pleasant, we literally cannot take our eyes off of his eyes, trying to catch not only the words but also the emotions of his counterpart.

Communicating with a girl who arouses the most affectionate feelings in a man, he unconsciously establishes direct eye contact with her. This is a normal psychological reaction, which is impossible to control. When an object of interest enters our field of vision, we direct all our attention to it, trying not to miss a single detail.

The duration of eye contact

According to psychological studies, during conversations with friends, colleagues, relatives or acquaintances, people look into each other’s eyes for about 50% of the total duration of the conversation. If the dialogue is conducted between two people in love, the duration of eye contact increases to 80%. At the same time the gaze becomes intimate and soft, as if people want to become even closer to each other.

In order to understand whether a man is in love with you or just flirting with you, pay attention to the direction in which his eyes are directed between conversations. When a man is really interested in a girl, most of the time he looks at her face. If his gaze drifts lower, wandering over your figure, his thoughts are occupied with fantasies of intimacy with you.

That is why men often do not remember the details of our image or features of our appearance. For example, if you ask a man who recently talked with a girl he likes what she was wearing, he probably will not remember, because during the conversation his attention was focused on her eyes and face.

Dilated Pupils

Love affects our bodies like a drug. At least these two phenomena have one detail in common: dilated pupils. When a man looks at the girl he loves, his pupils involuntarily dilate. This is because of the strong emotions that are now raging in his heart.

If we consider that falling in love is only a chemical reaction, then the effect of dilated pupils can be explained by the impact of endorphin, the hormone responsible for joy and happiness.


In a normal conversation, the average duration of uninterrupted eye contact is 5-6 seconds, after which the gaze involuntarily “flees” to the side. But the gaze of a man in love acquires special concentration and attention.

During the conversation the main object of male attention is the girl, so now he is not interested in what is happening around. If at this moment something happens that forces you to switch your attention, the process of looking away occurs with a slight delay.

As a rule, during an ordinary flirtation a man is not so focused. When the interest is superficial, the man looks into the eyes of his interlocutor only when he is speaking, as if reading the reaction to his monologue in his eyes. When the girl joins in the conversation, his gaze involuntarily goes down or to the side.

Raised eyebrows

A gesture of slightly raised eyebrows is a sign of sympathy and trust. By raising his eyebrows, the man subconsciously tells you that he believes every word you say and wants you to believe him as well.

Along with the raised eyebrows, the man’s lips involuntarily stretch in a smile, and his body leans slightly forward. As part of nonverbal communication, all of these gestures occur unconsciously, and it is impossible to control them.

Related Gestures

In addition to the “bottomless” gaze, several accompanying gestures will give out a man in love. For example, when a guy is overwhelmed with feelings, he unobtrusively touches the object of his passion, narrows the distance, and uses gestures of “dressing up” – adjusting the hair or shirt collar. In non-verbal language all this means only one thing – the man is in love, and he wants you to feel exactly the same for him.

The gaze of a man in love is like a bottomless ocean. Even if he has not yet said the cherished words, you are sure to feel his love, because he will reward you with the most special look.

How to understand how a man feels about you

Let’s get to the rather debated topic between adorable creatures, “how to understand how a man feels about you.” If he is not a log, then it is clear that he feels something in any way. But is it sympathy, love, friendship, or something else – this is the question and work on it.

How do you know how a man feels about you

Before you find out how a man feels about you, it would be nice to be defined in their feelings or feelings towards the very person who got into the brain and prevents you to paint your nails. But since you can’t go anywhere without him and your heel confidently supports this intention, then take the frying pan in your hands and remember:

  • If a man smiles when he sees you, there may be two possibilities – either your forehead is stained with soot, or he really likes you and is very happy to see you.
  • A beacon of easy love a guy can be a traitorous bar of chocolate, which he gave you for nothing, like an extra one here is lying in his jacket pocket. Ah, yes, why treacherous – because it immediately want to eat wildly, preferably alone, so that no one took away.
  • Look for the right signal with eye contact, which may indicate interest in you. A crucian carp is on the hook, if during the conversation the man absent-mindedly wanders his eyes up and down. But just in case, take a closer look at him, just in case he has squint eyes.))
  • A man’s heightened curiosity about your hobbies, personal life and how you spend your leisure time may well be a clue to your heart. But do not be in a hurry to take it all for granted, or you can suddenly become the object of criminal chronicles, when your home is robbed.
  • It seems that you seem like an ordinary girl and there are no five Oscars in the closet at home, but no matter what you say or do, men praise you enthusiastically. Such behavior can be interpreted as his desire to win your favor.

At the detection of such signs make a note in his mind that he probably fell for you. Don’t feel bad if he ended up asking you for a loan, it happens.)

And a few more typical situations where he’s definitely interested in you:

  1. Obviously, when a man is lively in conversation with you while in company, his pulsating vector is pointed exactly in your direction. If the collective party has come to an end, be ready to orient yourself with an answer to his question, “Can we continue socializing somewhere else?” From there, it will all depend on the persistence of the conqueror and your desire to give a quick turnaround to a close relationship.
  2. There’s a pretty handy texting format for bonding. Imagine for a minute that you pick up your phone, and there hangs 28 messages delivered, and all from the same sender. Yes, yes, this is a person has already learned from your girlfriends or little brother number and thus tries to strike you down to get your heart as a trophy, but not literally. Be prepared to see 158 sms fun stickers, hearts and stuff like that, but know that feelings reign supreme here. Examples of SMS flirting can be found on this page.
  3. Model the situation: it is pouring rain outside the window, and you wanted a sugar doughnut, which are sold in a stall around the corner. This djigit is in the mood to tie a zipper in a knot, not that he’s in a hurry to go get the goodies for you. Judge a man by what he does, what he does as a sign of serious intentions on his part. What if I’m annoyingly wrong about that? Then don’t drink my beer for the next four hours!)

I would also add to everything that there is such a category of men as typical womanizers, who won’t miss a single passing skirt and will definitely hook a girl/woman. So – assess his behavior towards other lovely creatures. If you manage to notice that the interest is similarly active, as to you, then immediately reject this candidate for brainwashing.

How to check the man on the sincerity of feelings

At the beginning of the procession of love you can check the man to sincerity feelings. How to do this and in what cases – broadcast:

  • If the candy-bouquet courtship kind of dragged on and does not continue to develop for quite some time, then start a conversation with a man about the joint household plans for the future and understand by his answers, how your presence in his life is serious. Sincere intentions will be reinforced in maintaining the voiced theme and his vision of himself next to you in those dreams, even if they are related to the daily grind. For a list of questions on this subject, look for this link .
  • When signs of attention from a boyfriend abruptly begin to slow down, then you should think about it. Perhaps your relationship became burdensome in some way, or parallel to them is the same game of love. Take the ostensible decision to break off communication and see by the reaction of the true state of affairs, whether you need a man and how he was sincere in expressions of feelings at first. Push him in this way to some statements.
  • It will not be superfluous to involve quite an attractive person to find out the sincerity of feelings of a man by prior arrangement with her. If your purrfect man falls for her signs of attention, then it is clear to the elephant that what truthfulness of intentions from his fables can be talked about. Guys with well-tongued tongues can present everything beautifully, and you do not open your mouth wide, or you will provide you with a noodle for the entire calendar year.
  • Let the idea of meeting a man’s parents does not make you excited, but you can check the sincerity of his feelings. Purposely start a conversation about his ancestors and say that it would be cool to see who he looks like more, his father or mother. If the expression on your boyfriend’s face instantly change to sour, angry or suspiciously thoughtful, then think that you may be just a crush, but this is not the love without which he can not exist.

How to check a man for sincerity of feelings by correspondence

If you live in the 21st century, then you a priori have multiple social media accounts, as well as a bunch of apps to communicate through your cell phone. It is clear that it is much easier to have a fascinating SMS-dialogue than to cook delicious borscht, but here it is important to check the man on the sincerity of feelings by correspondence. Pay attention to how he reacts to a number of things.

On how to understand that a man wants you, read here.

Dishonesty in intent, in my male view, will manifest itself in the following:

  • There are no pictures as if for an exchange between the two of you or it is one and the same not quite clear picture. It is immediately clear that the man does not want to shine and is clearly hiding something, and with you he is simply conveniently flirting at a distance.
  • Your meeting in reality, for reasons that have fallen on his head all the time postponed. It is already obvious that there is a typical virtual game of lofty love, as if it came with the first letter in the first sms.
  • When it comes to the long-awaited date, and the distance between you is counted in hundreds of kilometers, then a clear indicator of the lack of seriousness of intentions men will not be ready to come to you to visit. But do not dare herself to him rush at all, so then do not bite your elbows!
  • Constant development of his side of the topic of sex and frequent discussion in correspondence of various intimate moments indicates a high degree of concern for men. Please do not confuse this with love, which is spiritually platonic).

And in general there are a lot of psychological aspects of how to understand how a man feels about you, but that’s not for me, sorry. And so I wrote my fingers in the dust hoping that I would help someone get some clarity into their relationship.

Finally I will give one piece of advice – never rush and do not rush events, because if the man fell to you by fate, then, as they say, it can not be bypassed and circumvented.

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