How do you know a man wants you?

How to determine that a man wants you?

At all times, the relationship between a man and a woman was complicated and resembled a kind of game.

And so today – guys and girls are not used to talk directly about their feelings, intentions, just desires.

And this is not only because it is not customary to talk about such things directly, but also for the simple reason that men themselves are often unsure of what they want and what they feel. However, human psychology is such that gestures, looks, behavior can give away hidden thoughts.

Therefore, an attentive and observant girl can always guess that the guy is not indifferent to her. And the words are often completely unnecessary.

So how to reliably know that a man wants you. Especially if he does not show it and does not talk about his latent desires?

Simple signs will say it all for him!

There are simple actions that are sure to give away men’s desires. But do not confuse lust with infatuation – a misconception that often confuses women and girls.

If a man really wants a woman, this suggests that she has attracted him by her sexuality, attractiveness, she attracts him and makes him dream, be in sweet fantasies.

But this does not mean that the man is in love, has some serious feelings and wants to be together with this girl! Perhaps this will come later, but sexual lust often passes after an intimate connection.

However, a wise woman knows how to wrap a man’s desire correctly. And if you use your feminine power correctly, you can get a lot from your lover.

Of course, if you give yourself to a man right away, you are unlikely to get anything but fleeting pleasure. And if you show cunning and intelligence, you can really bind him to you and build a good strong relationship.

But to do this, you should learn to recognize the signs that give away men’s desires. Let’s see, how to understand that a man really wants a woman?

  • Behaves with the young lady not like the others.
  • His eyes are literally “magnetically” attracted to her.
  • He compliments, shows other signs of attention.
  • The man clearly tries to look good at the meeting.
  • He is looking for a reason to touch unobtrusively, to be closer, to smell the woman.
  • In general company, this man tries to stand out from the others.

There are many other signs, but these are the most obvious. According to them, you can unmistakably understand that your boyfriend is clearly experiencing attraction. Consider each sign separately.

A special attitude – a sure sign!

Talking to a man in the company, it is easy to see if he singles you out. Pay close attention to the way he communicates with other representatives of your sex – his intonation, speech, expression, his gestures, where his eyes look.

And therefore compare these signs with the same, but in relation to you. If they are clearly different – you can draw conclusions.

Look at his gestures. As a rule, when he is talking a man’s hands are at the level of the abdomen or the chest.

And when he is talking to a woman who really wants, all of his gestures will be focused on the pelvis (if he is sitting). This is psychosomatic, and you can’t argue with it: gestures give away inner desires and thoughts.

Also a man can make involuntary movements with his hips or knees, it happens very naturally and almost unnoticed by him. And it is the surest sign that mentally he is already making passionate love to you.

The man’s speech and voice will also be different. Listen to how he speaks to other ladies and compare. If he tries to be more polite in his conversation with you, his voice is softer and quieter, this is also a clear sign of his attraction to you.

The eyes say it all!

If a man during a conversation is looking at your lips, neck, chest, legs – it is obvious that he wants you. In this case, such a look is often not intentional.

It is the way the strong sex is built, his eyes are simply attracted to attractive parts of the female body, can’t help it! So watch the eyes, which can say a lot!

And it is especially noticeable if you are on the sidelines. When a man passionately wants a woman, he will look at her every few seconds.

When you are in general company, stand back and try to observe. While he is doing some business of his own, or, for example, talking to someone, he will periodically cast glances in your direction.

If you work together, this is especially easy to notice: such a man will occasionally look at your feet, your shoes in heels, your breasts. In a conversation about business or something distracted, he will not be focused enough, and from his eyes it will not be hard to understand.

Signs of obvious attention.

In fact, to understand whether a man wants you is not difficult. He won’t hide it much.

It is important for women not to show their sympathy and be modest, mysterious, intrigue and make men suffer in ignorance. But the stronger sex is different – its representatives are usually very direct, open and persistent.

Most likely, a man will show signs of attention, because he does not just want a woman – he certainly thinks how to get her. And to achieve this, you need to look after her hard, to give nice gifts and flowers, to say nice compliments and so on.

Having a sexual lust will make him choose special gifts and say special words. This will be different from the romantic adolescent impulses, and certainly have a subtle sexual connotation. So you can reliably and accurately understand what is on the mind of the gentleman.

If he gave you sexy lingerie, negligee or gown – this is an open proposal, and not even a hint. But it happens rarely, often a man who wants a woman, give her a very nice trinkets – soft bears, pretty bijouterie, bouquets and sweets.

Suddenly he is so handsome.

Every man is well aware that in order for you to fall into his arms, he must be attractive.

So he suddenly transforms – wear a fresh shirt, it always begins to smell nice, and you can not remember when he was unshaven.

Appearance will give you a straight answer – if he started to look always neat and fresh, going to meet you, it is likely that he feels attraction and hopes to get you.

Hands are drawn like a magnet…

For every man, a woman’s body is an object of admiration. And if a man wants you, he will first of all have an irresistible desire to touch you. Distinguish between simple, friendly touching from those that have sexual overtones, it is very simple.

If his touches are gentle, very light, often as if accidental – it is a clear sign of sexual desire.

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It is also worth knowing the places to which men’s hands are reaching for. It is a place a little below the waist (a well-mannered man is unlikely to grab your buttocks, although he will certainly have such a desire), hair and neck, face, wrists, thighs, knees, legs.

Also men are always very aroused by a woman’s smell. So you can notice that a man wants to smell you – to say something in your ear, while breathing in the smell of your hair, to kiss you, to breathe in the scent of perfume.

He’s better than the rest of us!

If you are with your chosen man in the company, and there are members of his other sex, he will obviously try to be better than the others.

Men by nature are leaders, conquerors, it is very important for them to be the first. So he will try as hard as he can to be much better than others in order to win your approval.

In general, for a woman it is not difficult to determine that she really wants a man. In it all betrays this desire: the eyes become like a haze, his eyes wander and can not stop on your eyes, he was a little nervous, paying attention and seems to be watching you like a beast of prey.

Even the humblest and most intemperate guy won’t be able to hide his desire. It is too strong, and one way or another will be manifested anyway.

Another thing is how to take advantage of this knowledge. A woman is born to be admired, to be an object of lust and reverie.

But it is worth to be a woman – to behave decently and not vulgar, do not forget about modesty and manners. Then the man will not only feel a strong sexual desire, but also want something much more … Author: Vasilina Serova

How to understand that he wants you: the signs of sexual attraction

By education – a school psychologist. I have more than 7 years of experience in copywriting. For me copywriting is an art.

The expert – Victoria Fomina.

Physician sexologist of the highest category, psychiatrist and psychotherapist. I have been working as a sexologist for more than 10 years. I help couples solve problems in sex life.

When efforts are made, you want to know if they were not in vain. Armed with this article, you will learn how to spot signs that a man wants you.


  • The surest sign that a man has an irresistible sexual desire for you is a sincere confession. We agree, if it were that simple, there would be no problem at all, and you would not be googling articles, not sparing any time or effort. And not all men are brave enough to openly confess their ardent feelings. But anyway, if a man dared to make such a frank confession, just trust him. Guys have a tendency to lie about romantic feelings in order to get the girl they like into bed. And they don’t need to lie about having sexual desire.

Respond to an admirer reciprocity – you decide. Friendly advice: If you do not feel as passionate about the guy, do not lie out of pity. Otherwise, then have to fight off a passionate suitor.

  • Gallantry and gentlemanliness in all its manifestations. If the guy is not distinguished by exquisite upbringing and chivalry with his other girlfriends and acquaintances, then you are in his heart is an order above “just girlfriends”.
  • It’s much easier to read the signs of raw sexual desire than it is to painstakingly figure out if a man intends to continue a relationship after sex. If you’re only interested in having sex with this handsome man, then dressing up sexually and dropping a few hints is enough. Of course, if the guy is not in a relationship and is open to one-night stands. And if he’s been hinting at a “one-night stand” for you for a long time, things will happen pretty quickly.

Things get complicated when feelings, relationships, serious intentions, and other adult things get involved. If a guy sees you as more than just a sexual partner, he’s not going to rush into it either. No, of course, the offer to have sex heard from the woman you love is the best music for a man’s ears. Let’s not play innocent: if a man is in love, then he is sexually interested. But the more serious he is, the more responsibly he will move into a new phase of the relationship.

  • If he’s introduced you to his best friends and parents, then he’s serious. There’s no reason to shock your grandmother and mother by introducing them to a new friend every week. Getting to know the people closest to him is a kind of litmus test to see if he’s serious. He is proud of his choice and wants all the people whose opinion he cares about.
  • Frequent invitations to places. Movies, cafes, a park, a modern art museum – he wants to spend time with you as often as possible. He wants to see you. He wants you.

If he is known as a slacker and the most unpunctual person in the company, may be late for a friend’s wedding or even the opening of the new pub, but never late to meet you – the diagnosis is clear.

  • He’s stopped using dating apps and cut ties with casual girlfriends. If he used to be known as an alpha-male and donzhuana, and after meeting you suddenly turned into a model boyfriend, chances are he found a really interesting woman and is afraid of scaring her with his promiscuous lifestyle.
  • He’s subscribed to all of your accounts and actively likes and comments on your posts, then when you meet him he talks about how great your sense of humor is (see the part about laughter below) and your interesting thoughts.
  • He talks straight about his past relationships and how they ended. Without holding back, he lets you know what he looks for in a girl and who he’d like to see at his side.
  • Compliments. Men don’t often compliment women for nothing. Either he wants her, or she’s taking his philosophy exam.
  • Talking about personal things. If he’s willing to discuss his innermost dreams and share personal experiences with you, it means he trusts you. If he asks your advice about things that are important to him, he’s much more interested in you than just a one-night stand.

The above signs are good if a man is pretty confident and bold in showing his feelings. How do you know that a man wants a woman if the object under study (due to age, experience, natural shyness) is very secretive? In this case we proceed to the body language and tricks that we learned from caring psychologists

Body language and tricks

  • Tension. Sexual tension between two people can be sensed at the level of intuition and instincts. If you do not have inflated self-esteem and clearly feel interest in his side, make a small step towards him. Fix his hair, smile and look into his eyes. The stronger his desire, the more likely it is that he won’t be able to restrain himself.

A woman’s intuition does not always work in her favor. Especially when it tells her that she can walk to the nearest store in old pants and with a bun on her head. Usually such a walk is followed by the inevitable encounter with an ex-boyfriend, his new girlfriend with Megan Fox looks, or a former classmate you couldn’t stand.

But in matters of love and sex, intuition usually works well. When two people are alone with each other, sooner or later they start to notice that there are somehow too much pheromones in the air.

  • The next signal is laughter. Just as girls tend to find the jokes of their object of adoration inordinately funny, and guys find the girl they love cute and funny. Of course, if you have an exceptional sense of humor and your jokes are laughed at by all the male friends, perhaps he just likes jokes. But let’s discover a secret: a cheerful, funny, in love with life girl, guys consider sexy a priori. And so keep it up, and he will not resist.

Also, do not forget the known psychologists trick: during the laughter in a friendly company, the guy will automatically look for a cute girl with his eyes. The degree of success of the joke increases as the desired woman becomes more and more filled with laughter.

  • The Look. The eyes are the mirror of the soul. It’s a well-known truth, but it works without fail. Catch his gaze, listen to your own feelings, to determine what feelings you have – awkwardness, indifference, interest or irritation? Especially suitable for those who are still undecided in their feelings for a man.

How does the man react? Does he look away or challenge you, literally undressing you with his eyes?

Shy girls need to start looking into the eyes of the other person more often. In addition to self-confidence, you can get a pair of fans – a woman, bold in communication and convinced of his attractiveness, acts on men without fail.

  • He’s looking for you in a crowd, in company, in line at the store and comes to you. Even if he does not dare to start a conversation first, help him. If you see him exhale with relief and delighted at your initiative – the guy really wants to get close to you, but does not know how to approach you.
  • He leans toward you and moves in closer. Of course, if you’re at a rock concert or a podium, he probably just can’t hear a damn thing you’re saying. In all other cases, conscious or unconsciously reducing the distance between you indicates a man’s interest.
  • Demonstrated disregard and disinterest. If a guy is not inherently indifferent to people, this kind of behavior can indicate a carefully concealed interest. Intending not to make you stand out from the crowd, his inept acting only makes you stand out more. If common acquaintances noticed that in relation to you guy is acting strange, look closer to the actor.
  • His body is turned in your direction. Even when he’s talking to his friends, his body and mind belong to you and he’s surreptitiously watching you. His body and feet are turned toward an interesting woman, and he is ready to enter into a dialogue with you at any moment. Give him that chance.
  • He’s trying to look his best in front of you. He fixes his hair, straightens his shoulders and tries to look taller than he is (whether he’s 5’10” or 5’10”). This is especially evident if the guy is nervous in the presence of a cute girl. While his head is busy thinking through the dialogue, his body works on its own.
  • Touching. If there is an opportunity to accidentally (or not) touch a desirable woman, he will take advantage of it. Hold her elbow, give her a hand, touch her hair, or even embrace – the bolder and more temperamental man, the faster he will give away his feelings. However, the verb “give out” here is inappropriate, rather “make it clear that this woman should belong to him.
  • How does he react to the fact that you flirt with others? Irritation, anger, universal sadness – any negative reaction shows that he cares. Unless, of course, you’re behaving inappropriately. Then irritation can arise in everyone present.

What to do about it all?

In the case of the more active specimens, it’s enough to join the game and respond to their signs of attention. There is no need to throw yourself on his neck – he is already interested, but the lack of hunting excitement can significantly reduce the degree of desire.

If the guy does not spoil you actively, but you want to fix it, let him know that communication with him you enjoy. You can use the same tricks that men use – say compliments, joke, laugh at his jokes, show your affection.

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