How do you know a guy wants you?

How to know if a man wants you : 100% signs

Hi gals!!! Want to know the signs that a man wants a woman? I’m going to reveal them to you right now. You can’t always know right away if a man wants a girl or not, as there are determined and there are hesitant men in action.

Signs of male desire

In most cases, wooing a girl by a guy is associated with his desire to get into bed with her, and he does not want anything more. You can tell by the following signs that he wants you.

The look

Don’t forget that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. Experienced girls can easily determine the intentions of the beau looking at them. The look reflects a man’s desire.

A man who is confident does not hesitate to stare intently at a desirable girl. They will often raise their gaze upon discovering a person they like. You can look sideways or turn your head back to catch his gaze.

Shy guys will immediately try to move their eyes because they can’t stand to look back. They look at the girl they like with meek and short gazes. One easy way to tell if a guy is watching you or not is to yawn. If you look at him after yawning and see that he yawned back, chances are he was looking at you.

Often people who are in love use the ingratiating look with which they ask for approval for action.

Touch and Breath

The desire to touch the object you like is one of the important signs. A guy who likes a girl will want to touch her, touch her hair, neck, shoulders, anywhere and anytime.

Even in the workplace you can notice similar situations. When you pass some items to a colleague, he will touch your palm and linger on it, waiting for a short pause. The man will try as often as possible to be closer to the woman who attracts him. Will often pass near her, literally invading her personal space. If you are getting close, the guy will have his breath knocked down next to you most of the time and you will feel it.

Gesticulation and voice.

When a man talks to a girl he likes, his tone of voice changes. It begins to sound lower than usual, as if velvet and a little quieter than he speaks in life. The most primitive and banal occasions will be used for phone conversations. The conversations will be long.

The words spoken and the jokes made will have a double meaning. The man will thus probe the ground, what he is allowed and what he is not. When the man will be excited, his gestures will give it away: he will fumble with his car keychain, keys, lighter, constantly adjust his collar or knock on the table.

During the date a man will show by all means that he is worthy to be near you. Attracting attention and playing up the desire in the girl, they sit down with their legs wide apart, may also be in your presence, shoving his palms into the front pockets of his jeans and displaying similar things that accentuate the intimate area.

Clear signs of

A man often hides his intentions, but not this time. One of the clearest examples of a man being crazy about you is that he will be available for you at any time. Call him even in the morning, even in the afternoon, even at night, he will always answer the phone and come at the same time. He’s there for you in every way, every way to help or advise you.


When a guy wants a girl, he wants her to have a mutual desire for him. He begins to monitor his appearance. He can radically change his image, just to please the girl. He will always be neat and nice to you, will smell beautiful perfume.

Beside you, he is always in a good mood and shows himself only on the positive side.

Signs of aroused man

To understand that a man is excited, it is quite simple:

  • Profuse salivation, in which he often begins to swallow and drink water, trying to hide this fact.
  • Strongly racing heartbeat. If you casually put your fingers on the place where the pulse is measured, you will immediately know that the guy wants you.
  • His palms are sweating.
  • To look tighter and stronger, he unconsciously tenses his muscles.
  • At times your touch may send goosebumps through his body.
  • Looking at you, his pupils enlarge greatly and his gaze becomes as if clouded.
  • Reactions are inhibited by extraneous sounds or circumstances, for they distract from you.

And the most obvious fact of desire is an erection. Just a glimpse of your fly is enough to make everything clear at once.

When a guy tries to touch your face or lips, he thereby expresses his sexual interest. If a guy is shy and can’t make up his mind to kiss you, he will try his best to touch the girl’s face: to fix his hair, to remove an eyelash and so on.

When he begins to wet his lips or bite them, he desires and is ready to kiss his chosen one. Exhausted with desire, he will begin to touch his mouth. If at this point his nostrils flare, he begins to touch his throat and raise his eyebrows, you can assume he has intimate plans for you.

More signs that a man wants you

In the presence of the girl he wants, he will begin to mimic an open embrace. One of his hands will be looking for support, the other he will be very actively gesticulating. Also he will be given out by the pose in which he will be near the desired person. His legs will be shoulder width apart, his pelvis will be erect and his back will be straight.

The man will constantly monitor whether everything is okay with his appearance, will be correcting his hair, accessories, occasionally unbuttoning the top button, touching his face. Signs of his interest include showering the girl with compliments, gifts and courtship.

I have given the most common signs and moments by which you will be able to answer the question, “how to understand that a man wants you?” The main thing to remember is that each person is different and you need to pay more attention to the characteristics of character and temperament.

For one to buy a bouquet of roses, as if to buy a loaf of bread in the store. The other will put his heart into these flowers. Here already to figure out who you like, not only help your heart, but also your mind. If you want to know if a guy really likes you, read this article.

Write in the comments, what signs do you use to determine that a man wants you, and how did he show it in his behavior?

How to know if a man wants you: obvious signs of desire

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The expert – Victoria Fomina.

Highest-category sexologist, psychiatrist and psychotherapist. I have been working as a sexologist for over 10 years. I help couples resolve problems in sexuality.

Of course, the days of ancient men are long gone, but the desire to master and be an alpha male with men will remain forever. No matter who he is an office worker or a holder of a working profession, the sexual attraction will be expressed in exactly the same way. How do you know if a man wants a woman? Where is the line between “nice, but no more” and “oh yes! I would have her on fire.”

How do you know if a man wants a woman? ♪ Appearances don’t deceive ♪

The face is the mirror of the soul. It really is. Mimicry can convey almost everything. But, in order to determine the attraction, the mere physiognomy will not be enough. Sexual excitement is transmitted to everything and is reflected in its outward appearance. How to understand that a man wants a woman? Features in the appearance will prompt.

Promising eyes.

How to know that a man wants you? Look into his eyes! Playful, mocking gaze of the opposite sex is familiar to almost everyone. He looks at a new colleague, like a cat on the slippers of the owner, with undisguised interest. He studies, observes, sometimes provokes. But if his eyes suddenly become languid, his eyes moisten, or even say become “oily”, then this is a sure signal that he considers his companion as an object for sex.

You can also pay attention to the pupils, but in practice no one has ever met the cat from Shrek. Therefore, if he has normal-sized pupils, it does not mean that he does not care. And blurred so that you can’t see the irises is not an indicator of animal lust at all. Maybe he’s an addict or taking antihistamines.

Intoxicating voice.

In the animal world, during the mating season, nature is filled with sounds; everything sings, squawks, and moans invitingly, attracting their own kind to copulate. Man is no exception, and in this case a change in the timbre of the voice is a clear signal of excitement. If during the conversation suddenly, all of a sudden, the tone of the conversation partner changes, so that speech becomes velvety, soothing and intimate, then one can say with absolute certainty, he is excited.

Exciting touch.

The strong half of mankind are children at heart, what they like, they look, what they want, they touch. Basically, nothing changes with age, if a guy sees a girl as a sexual partner, they tend to touch her on and off occasion.

At first, everything is within the bounds of propriety, if the beauty does not mind, then heavier artillery comes into play: hugs, flirtatious stroking, touching near the intimate places. Naturally, not on purpose. So, having felt the excessive physical attention, it is worth either rejecting or accepting flirting. Doing the “I’m in the lodge” act will be seen as a guide to further action.

How do you know a man wants a woman? The nose – as an indicator.

Scientifically proven fact, if a man in a conversation time and again touches the nose, he is excited. Studies have shown that the nerve endings in the olfactory organ are related to those that are responsible for an erection. Of course, the pattern doesn’t work if the young man has a cold or allergies.

Behavior will tell you

When excitement arises, it is difficult for males to restrain their impulse, especially if the passion is mutual. His behavior toward the desired object changes, they are so eloquent, and it will be difficult to confuse them with anything else.

The center of the ego

A man unconsciously tries to draw attention to his manhood. An obvious sexual sign is his hands in his pant pockets and his thumbs sticking out. Some rubbing, adjusting the belt of pants, if he twists the car keys on his finger at waist level is also an unequivocal appeal.


He seeks to shield his target from everything and everyone. This can be expressed in different ways, for example at a business lunch, pick a table away from people’s eyes. In the office, it may look as follows, a colleague sits so that the girl becomes isolated from everyone, or during a conversation as if to “cover” his companion from others hand or body. In general, he tries to make it so that there are more opportunities to be alone, and the chances of the beautiful girl to escape are minimized.

Approach from behind

The ancestors of men were hunters, and following their prey and then making a sharp throw at the victim gave them considerable pleasure. Since ancient times, little has changed. The woman is also perceived as a kind of prey, which, as before, should be pounced upon from behind. In the modern world, of course, everything is somewhat different, but the essence and acuteness of the moment is not lost.

So, if a colleague or acquaintance approaches from behind and starts explaining something at ear level, this is a direct indicator of an intimate interest. He would have mastered here and now, but, alas, times are not the same. And there are a lot of people in the office. Another sign is to scare the girl from behind and to embrace her almost naturally.

In general, everything associated with the position “from behind” excites the stronger sex, and if he always does different things from behind, it says something. This is not to be confused with the furious boss, who immediately scolds his subordinate, standing with his back to him. In this case it does not even smell like sex.

How do you know that a man wants a woman? Open conversations.

If your friend suddenly starts talking on sensitive topics, which was not observed before, then this too can be regarded as a manifestation of attraction. Usually, in conversations on topics 18+, a man cares about the opinion of his sympathizer, and therefore will ask leading questions and focus on her answers, while ignoring the others around him.

This can be an abstract philosophical discussion about love and relationships or quite frank questions about sexual preferences. Each decides for herself how much to open up in such a dialogue. But if a girl is interested in developing a relationship, do not reveal all the cards and spill everything at face value. The mystery and mystery excites much more than empty talk, even candid.

Observing the young man you like, you should remember that in the first place he is a hunter, and then Peter Mikhailovich, an engineer and so on. And what does the hunter need? Prey. And the harder to catch it in his net, the more exciting will be the chase, and the stronger will be the need to get the trophy, by all means.

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