How do you know a guy wants a relationship with you?

8 signs that a man is ready for a serious relationship

Not everyone can decide to take a serious step, but sometimes a man’s behavior speaks for itself. We tell you about the actions and words that you should pay attention to.

We get acquainted, fall in love, enter into a new relationship, but every time we ask ourselves the question: are his intentions serious? If you doubt, it’s worth paying attention to the simple but sure signs that tell you your partner is ready for more than just dating and flirtations.

He’ll always have time for you.

The first and most noticeable sign that a man wants to build a serious relationship with you is the allocation of his time. Even on the most important and busy day, he will be able to find a few minutes to meet with you. He will not only answer all of your messages and calls, but also will offer to see you for an extra time (on or off). A man is ready for a new level when the time he has spent to get to you remains unchanged and increases just for the sake of being around more often and longer. And being tired, in a bad mood, or having an abundance of things to do does not become a reason why you can’t have dinner together tonight.

With you, he behaves as well as alone with himself.

According to psychologists, the emotional field of men is very different from that of women, so open up and let your partner is much harder for men. Often we live under a mask behind which it is comfortable to hide from society, we build ourselves out of who we are not. Everyone has accepted the fact that behind every womanizer or macho hides a personality with a deep and subtle inner world that you can not share with everyone. If you feel that this built wall is crumbling against you, and you are spending time with a man who is not trying to build himself up as someone he really isn’t, then rest assured – his attitude can be called serious.

Previous relationships are in the past

No one likes to face the ghosts of the past, especially when it comes to your couple’s previous partners. Getting over a breakup is not always easy, but we all know that you can only enter a new one by forgetting the old one ( read also : Painful breakup: why we can’t let go of the ex (and how to do it after all). He is not resentful of the world (especially women), does not blame them for all the misfortunes, is not bitter and can look at the situation with an objective side, admit a mistake if he made one. If your man is really in the past, you will feel it and be able to make plans for the future together.

He lives a measured life and takes “his place”.

He may not be making as much money as he wants right now, he may not be in the position he dreams of, but he feels that he is walking step by step on his right path. He makes balanced decisions and is in a positive-stable emotional state. More often than not, women are able to find a place for relationships in their lives despite their careers and other pursuits, while men have a different way of prioritizing. Many women think that she will help him, and thanks to her support, the man will be able to find his place and do his own thing. But, unfortunately, this rarely happens. If a man lives in a hurry and is constantly hustling, then he hardly needs a serious relationship at this stage. Therefore, his poise and stability towards you and life in general is the key to starting a serious relationship.

You can rely on him in any situation.

If a man is serious about a woman, he will always be a shoulder, support and protector for you with joy and desire. Broken car, a quarrel with his girlfriend, a failed trip – it’s not that you can not cope with the problems yourself. His help and support is important to you just as much as it is for him. Believe me, there is nothing nicer for a man than to be a “hero” for the woman he loves. When the relationship is really important and meaningful, he won’t give up plans at the last minute and will do anything to be there for you. Yes, there are people who are easygoing and careless about life, but even for them there comes a moment when the desire to take responsibility for a loved one takes over.

Serious intentions: 15 signs that a man wants to be with you

Incredible facts

Stop guessing if a man loves you and pay attention to the sure signs that he wants a serious relationship with you.

No girl wants to waste time and be left with a broken heart.

Unfortunately, we often have unreasonable expectations, and then we find out that the man had no plans for you and is not building a future with you.

There are several reasons why a man does not want a serious relationship :

He hasn’t thought about the possibility of a relationship with you for whatever reason

Maybe he doesn’t think you want a serious relationship. Maybe he doesn’t understand your hints or doesn’t know how to make the first move and doesn’t think you would want to date him.

He is focused on himself. He likes his independence more than a relationship with another person, or he doesn’t want to think about a relationship at the moment.

He doesn’t want to communicate with you. He’s friendly and welcoming enough to you, but maybe he’s not as comfortable interacting with you.

He doesn’t see you as his type. It’s not your fault, but you just might not fit his image of the perfect girl.

Fortunately, there are a few signs that he really likes a woman and has serious intentions for her.

How do you know if a man is serious about a woman?

He’s being honest with you.

If a man is completely honest about his feelings for you, spending time with you, saying and showing that he loves you, you can be sure that he wants a relationship with you.

It is also worth remembering that it takes a lot of courage for a man to admit his feelings, and if he talks about them, it is better to take him at his word.

Men generally don’t say they love if they don’t want a relationship with a woman, and they are not sure if their feelings are mutual.

However, don’t get upset if your chosen one doesn’t say words of love, and here’s why.

Not all men are frank about matters of the heart. Perhaps you need to get closer and build more trust before he wants a serious relationship.

2. he asks you questions.

He could spend hours talking to you, asking you questions and listening to you. He wants to know everything about you.

Men rarely do this for the fun of it. It takes some effort on a man’s part to show curiosity.

They only ask questions if they really like the girl or woman and want a relationship with her.

If he remembers every little detail, it is a very good sign and indicates that he is serious about his intentions.

He greedily absorbs what you say and uses that information to better understand who you really are.

3. he wants to be the one for you.

If he makes it clear that he is dating you and only you, it already shows that he wants a serious relationship. And you do not have to doubt it.

When a man does not declare his intentions, you find yourself in a no man’s land. You’re not sure if you’re the one for him, but you hope you are.

A man who wants to be in a relationship with you won’t beat around the bush, he won’t keep you guessing because he doesn’t want to risk losing you.

4. he keeps his promises.

Trust his actions, not his words. If he promised to come get you on Friday after work, he will come on Friday after work.

A man who wants to be in a relationship with you will keep his promises. He will not make empty statements.

The more effort a man puts in, the more important you become to him. He will do everything in his power not to disappoint you. If he disappoints you, it will upset him and he will try to correct the mistake.

If he makes an effort not to let you down and leave you hanging and keeps his word, you can be sure he is serious.

5. You are a priority for him.

This is closely related to the previous point. You come first for him most of the time.

This does not mean that he gives you all his time, because he may have many other things to do. But, even if some unforeseen circumstances arise, he will let you know that you are important to him.

Again, this is not to say that the man is willing to give up everything for you, and you wouldn’t want to be in such a co-dependent and unhealthy relationship.

Being a priority means being a significant person to him. He takes into account your desires and needs, he does not cancel plans at the last minute, he does not make you wait.

He makes space and time for you in his life, and you don’t have to squeeze in.

After all, when you are an important person in a man’s life, you don’t wonder how he feels, you just know.

6. He is settled in life.

Much has been said about how a man treats a woman, but you also have to consider the circumstances of his life.

Is he ready for a relationship? After all, when it comes to a serious relationship, time is of the essence for a man.

If he doesn’t have a stable job, money, and jumps from place to place, he’s unlikely to seek a relationship.

On the other hand, if he’s settled enough and his life is stable, he’ll be ready to build some kind of relationship.

You can also tell a lot about a man by his personal life. If he often changes girlfriends and is proud of his bachelor status, then even if he is settled in terms of work, he enjoys his freedom and is not one of the men ready for a relationship.

And remember, when a man says he doesn’t want a relationship, you better believe him.

Signs of a man’s serious intentions

7. He talks about his plans for the future.

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Does the man talk about his future plans and ask you about them? If so, he’s ready for a serious relationship, trying to see if you fit into his life.

Even better, if the man communicates that there is room for you in his future.

In doing so, he’s not making abstract, unrealistic plans, like going around the world or asking you to quit your job.

He’s being specific, letting you know that he wants you to live together or that he’s looking for a place to live, for example. He has clear goals and deadlines, and he’s committed to achieving them.

If a man is only interested in a short fling, he’s unlikely to care what happens next.

Honestly, men rarely make long-range plans, but if your chosen one is interested in what happens next week, month or year, he’s serious.

8. He shows up when you need help.

If you ask him for help, is he willing to show up as soon as possible? Do you know in your heart that you can rely on him?

If a man is with you even when things aren’t going well, he’s probably in love and ready for a relationship with you.

Psychotherapist Christine Scott-Hudson (Christine Scott-Hudson) explained that you should pay special attention to a person’s behavior, not words . Anyone can say they love you, but actions don’t lie. If a man says he appreciates you, but it’s not confirmed by actions, you should trust behavior.

If a man tries to help you when you need it, that man is worth sticking with.

9. He is not afraid to share his feelings with you.

Everyone knows that men are not very willing to share their feelings. It requires a lot of effort.

Therefore, if a man shares his feelings and emotions, you can safely say that he loves you enough to build a relationship with you.

You can tell by how open he is about his feelings if he is not afraid to answer your questions.

The man is not trying to hide something from you, he is not afraid to share any of his quirks. He wants you to be a part of his life, which means you will need to get to know him better, even the unsightly sides.

10. He wants to be a part of your life.

If a man plans to be with you, he wants to be a part of your life. He will want to get to know your family and friends. What’s more, he will try to like them.

He will want to spend time with people who are important to you. He is not afraid to take a permanent place in your life.

He may start to get into things you like, even if he wasn’t interested in it before.

It’s one thing if a man is just interested in you, and it’s another when he starts to get involved in your life because he wants to be in it. This is a sure sign that he truly loves you and wants a relationship with you.

11. he is paying attention to you.

There can be hundreds of women around him, but he only cares about what you do and what you do.

A study from Loyola University found that people in love have slightly lower serotonin levels, a sign of obsession.

This explains why we rarely pay attention to other people in the early stages of a relationship. A man in love is also completely focused on the object of his attraction and does not look at others.

So if you’re getting maximum attention, you shouldn’t doubt that a man loves you.

12. he is not afraid to be himself.

Men often know how to artfully plot, but if he can relax and be who he is in your presence, then he definitely has a thing for you.

He can be himself because he trusts you and feels comfortable.

Trust is one of the foundations of any relationship, without it the two will be difficult to be with each other for a long time and the relationship will lack stability.

If a man behaves differently with his friends and family, it may be a reason to be wary, as he may be hiding something.

Pay attention to what he says about himself. If he omits any details or walks away from important parts of the conversation, then his feelings can’t be called real.

If he’s willing to open up about his life, even the ugly parts, then he’s probably sincere about you and wants a long term relationship.

13. He’s always in touch with you.

He lets you know where he is and where he’s going, even if he’s running late.

The man doesn’t disappear and then reappear as if nothing had happened, getting annoyed at why you are asking him questions. He keeps in constant contact with you.

He lets you know if he’s going to be busy or overwhelmed. He takes your feelings into account and lets you know.

You are not constantly wondering if he is losing interest or ignoring you. If it happens for some reason, you know about it.

14. Does he feel important to you?

Does the man feel needed and important to you? If so, he probably wants a serious relationship with you.

For a man, feeling that he is important to a woman is often the deciding factor that separates “like” from “love.”

Even if he knows your strengths and your independence, a man still wants to feel needed.

Psychologists call it the hero instinct . For this reason, men, even if they have a seemingly perfect girlfriend, are unhappy and look for someone else.

In simple words, men have a biological urge to feel needed, important and provide for the woman he cares about.

If the hero instinct is not turned on, a man is less likely to enter into a relationship. He knows that you need to be seriously invested in the relationship, and he won’t want to do that if you don’t give him a sense of importance and purpose.

A study published in the journal Physiology & Behavior found that male testosterone makes the stronger half of humanity care about their partner’s safety and well-being.

Essentially, a man wants to be a hero, to take his rightful place in a woman’s life, to provide for her and protect her. This is a deeply rooted instinct in male biology.

A man falls in love when he feels like such a hero and he wants to see himself as a protector, someone you will really want and want to be around.

15. It’s obvious.

You just know he wants to be with you. Other people know it too. He’s told you that. He acts like you are already a couple and treats you with respect and care.

You may have doubts because of some past traumas, but overall you feel confident and safe in your relationship.

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