How do you get a man to marry you?


A wedding is something every woman dreams of. Even men want to marry the one they can call the one. Except there’s a catch in all of this: men aren’t particularly eager to get married.

Love and a stamp in the passport have no connection. The predisposition must be in both lovers. If a man does not want a wedding, then there is no need to insist, although we will tell you later how to do it correctly. The psychology of love has nothing to do with legal intricacies.

Why a man does not want to get married.

Remember that the wedding is just a celebration for the guests, a formality. The stamp in the passport won’t change anything, absolutely nothing. There is no difference in how you celebrate the wedding – modestly, with his family, or opulent, spending a tidy sum.

A man understands that, clearly aware of the consequences of making such a decision. It’s a huge responsibility and a huge effort to organize it all. Many people just don’t want to do it. So, here are the main reasons why men do not want to get married.

Fear of the unknown. Yes, this is a valid argument, because at a young age men just do not know what will be there, beyond the bachelor life. It’s even worse if a man has never lived with a girl, but gets married when he leaves his father’s house. Men aren’t willing to take those risks. It’s scary to realize that you’re going off with your head in the water, in which anything can swim.

You don’t want to deal with organizing a party. It’s a lot of responsibility, and weddings for men don’t happen every month. The first wedding is a huge stress, because a man has to think about a lot of things, spend a lot of time and money.

Common sense. Think about it, is there a difference, how you will get married – magnificent with a million guests, or two, just signed in the registry office? There is no difference, because you can have a modest celebration together with your loved ones at the table, quietly and calmly. If you need to register your relationship, do it like any other legal formality – just go where you need to go, sign the papers. The money you would have spent on the wedding can be spent on a trip, buying something important. That’s what the man thinks, that’s why he doesn’t ask you to marry him.

He’s not sure about you. This is more correctable in the vast majority of cases. Perhaps you have lived together too little or have not yet moved in together. In that case, do not be surprised. You need to gain the confidence of men, not just to impress. Of course, sometimes that is enough, because people are different. Some people get married in a month after meeting each other, and then live together all their lives, and someone gets married in seven years of life together, and a couple of years later they separate. Life is unpredictable.

He’s not ready. He needs his freedom. He hasn’t had enough time, so he doesn’t want to marry you. If he’s, say, 20 years old, what kind of marriage can you talk about? Girls and boys think differently. He sees the world differently than you do.

He doesn’t want to part with his mommy. There are men who love their mother more than anything else in the world. That’s good, but mothers sometimes attach themselves so strongly to their sons that it borders on insanity. In those cases, even just dating a man is difficult, let alone getting married.

You put pressure on him. You shouldn’t keep repeating that you want to get married. So the man is only more convinced that he does not need it. Under pressure to marry will only be a weak-willed man, or a man who does not care about everything. Even if you get your way, you automatically lose.

He doesn’t want to marry you. This is the last thing you should consider. Simply put, he doesn’t really love you. He has a crush, a lust for your body, but his soul is not ready to merge with yours. Maybe he doesn’t know you well enough or is just disappointed in something. There may be many reasons, but you probably can not fix it. The worst thing is that you can not find out the truth from him, because he is good now, so he will not tell you directly that he does not want to marry you. If you are sure that there is no other reason, you have to find out what is stopping him. Maybe you have some sins in the past. It is worth to analyze yourself, ask people who can tell you everything honestly about your behavior and actions.

How to marry a man to yourself

Trick one: want to get married for real. Think about the reasons for your desire to put a ring on your ring finger as soon as possible. If you pursue some low-level goal such as tying a man to himself, to escape from the parental home, to find new emotions (the most common reason), because of stereotypes that it’s time to get married, or then it will be too late, then you better not offer a man a wedding and do not agree to it yourself. Don’t look for reasons and reasons – find someone you want to marry for real. Someone with whom you want to stay forever near. A man will feel it, be sure.

The second trick is not to tell him about it. This is probably the only stereotype that is really good. Let him propose on his own. If you even hint at a wedding, the man might immediately smell something amiss. Even if your goal is bright and pure, try not to put pressure on him.

The third trick: Give him an unforgettable emotion. This applies not only to bed games, but to life in general. Do things that other girls will not do for him. If he has been surrounded by female attention all his life, you need to find a way to reduce it. Find a reason why you can see each other less often. Work would be the perfect reason. If he is jealous, don’t make him jealous, don’t piss him off. Give him what he expects. Be unconventional – it’s not that hard;

Trick number four: Prove your loyalty. Do this carefully when the time comes, not like you point to another man, saying how great and nice he is, and then turn to your man and say, “I love you anyway.” After saying that, not only will you not get married, you won’t even earn his sympathy. Loyalty is tested by time. The trick is to get him to trust you. Give him access to all your social media accounts, email, and so on. This is a very powerful argument. The man will like it because he will see that you can be trusted.

Fifth trick: indifference to the wedding. If you happen to have a conversation about marriage, very briefly express how you feel about marriage. Say that you are totally indifferent to whether you will have a stamp in your passport. This will greatly lift you in the eyes of your chosen one. This position is very “male”, very rational. Show that you know how to think with your head, and not rush into a whirlpool.

Sixth trick: put his fear to sleep. More often plan things for the future together. Be as one. Spend as much time together as possible, but do not impose. Do what he wants you to do. Express your protest and thoughts diplomatically. This will increase your chances of marriage. He is afraid that you have no future. Be patient, show him that you are not afraid of the future and know how to do everything together.

Cunning seventh: Win his mother’s heart. This is just golden advice for every woman who wants to get married, but soon. Any man’s mother is a potential rival. We mentioned above that for many guys or men, their mother’s opinion is the law. If you want to get married, make his mother think you are the perfect match. Pretend that you’re very happy to talk to her, even if it’s quite the opposite. That way you can very easily increase your chances of success. If a man is told by his mother herself that he should marry, he won’t be able to resist.

Here you are sitting there thinking that your love needs to evolve, you need to take it to the next level. No, it doesn’t. Enjoy the presence of the man around you. You don’t need to dust off your girlfriends because you just want to outshine them all. That’s the wrong motivation. Learn to love a man properly. It’s not as hard as it sounds.

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I want to get married: 21 ways to get a man to marry

Finding a good guy is one thing, but keeping him around is quite another. Both the first and the second are important steps. But here you have already found the man of your dreams, and you are in a serious relationship. You know for sure that this is “your one” with whom you want to live until old age and die in one day. So what does a girl need to do or what mistakes should not be made to finally hear from Mr. Perfect the cherished “marry me”? This is not an exhaustive guide, but the following tips can help your relationship finally get to the next level.

1- Love Yourself.

First, think about whether you would want to marry yourself. If you’re not happy with yourself, you shouldn’t expect others to love you. Analyze yourself and change what you don’t like. Positive self-esteem is key.

2. Communicate with your man as much as possible.

From the first date and until the last day of your life, the key to saving the relationship is communication. Talk to your man about your feelings, both positive and negative, all the time. In return, listen carefully to his comments and criticism. If there comes a point in the relationship where you have nothing to talk about, don’t try to take it to the next level. This is a wake-up call that signals serious problems.

3. be natural

Despite the widespread propaganda of glamour, silicone breasts, false eyelashes and nails, the truth is that men always appreciate more what is genuine. Be natural and don’t try to impersonate someone else. After all, you want a man to marry you, not an artificially created image. Besides, all the falseness will reveal itself after marriage anyway.

4. Be sexy.

Sexuality is not the only thing in a relationship, but it’s very important. In every way demonstrate to your chosen one that you are interested in him as a man. Try not to be too prim and modest. Allow yourself to be free, cheerful and lively. Remember, men who want to get married aren’t just looking for a roommate and a housewife.

5. Know your role.

An important part of any relationship is for each partner to know that they have an important and indispensable role to play. Make sure that you and your chosen one have similar views of the relationship. If you are looking for a man you want to have children with and the man is only looking for a casual relationship, you will not be able to get him to marry by any means.

6. Be emotionally stable

Life with you doesn’t have to be like a roller coaster. Men in general like stable and balanced women. Sometimes this is a difficult task in our hectic lives, but it is not insurmountable. If you refuse to be a “drama queen” or seek help, your nerves will relax and your emotions will subside.

7. Don’t rush things.

Men are often slow to propose marriage because they want to get to know a woman fully before they move into a more serious relationship. They take a long time to look around before they start dating, and a long time to date before they get engaged. And that’s a hard but important lesson for all women. Make sure you are compatible with your partner on all levels. Pressuring a man to make a decision he is not yet ready for will inevitably lead to the end of the relationship. Don’t talk about marriage until your man starts first, and not before a year after dating.

8. Spend all your dates having fun and having fun.

Only if your dates go well and your relationship is filled with positivity will a man want you to be his girlfriend. And over time, he will see you as the person he wants to spend the rest of his life with. But if dating is sluggish or too emotional, chances are the man won’t think about buying a house together with you, having children and a carefree old age.

9. Demonstrate Confidence

Be confident and ready to solve all the problems that come your way. Many men love confident women. How can a man not feel like a winner when he has earned the respect of a woman who holds herself in high regard?

10. Be gentle, but with fire in your eyes.

A scratch on the back and then a soft kiss will win any man over. But know how to keep a balance so you don’t look too provocative or intrusive.

11. Appreciate your man’s virtues.

Always tell your man how much you appreciate him, because men are very proud. Praise him when he’s at his best and avoid nagging or criticizing him when he’s failing.

12 Be funny.

This is not the most important, but crucial factor in any relationship. Have a sense of humor, make jokes, have fun, and avoid pessimistic thoughts and moodiness in every possible way.

13. Sincerely rejoice

Women who enjoy their life and can enjoy every minute of it are always more attractive to men. Such girls, in the opinion of the strong sex, give carefree relationships and easy marriages.

14. Shine

If your heart is filled with happiness – it is written on your face. Feelings for your man should be reflected in the sparkle of your eyes. It is a “silver bullet” right into his heart.

15. Practice humility.

A humble man is not one who demeans his dignity; it is one who is in complete control and shows genuine interest in those around him. Men can date all kinds of women, but they prefer to marry humble girls.

16. Never stop dating.

This may sound strange, but you should go on dates with your man and discuss a serious relationship until he proposes. The term “dating” has become vague in today’s culture and is sometimes seen as more than it really is. Just keep taking an interest in your loved one all the time, learning more and more about his life, and talking. A man likes to be deeply interested in him and see him as a person in the first place.

17. Don’t try to force marriage into a relationship where it just can’t be

Some men need a little more time to decide to get married. If you have “the one” near you, be willing to wait (within reason). But if a man is indifferent (or worse, excuses himself) even after a long time, you need to reconsider the direction of your relationship.

18. Make romantic surprises.

Romance shouldn’t just come from a man. If you want pleasant surprises, start arranging them for your lover. Be romantic. Make a man want to continue the relationship. Don’t be stingy, because men love romance just as much as women do.

19. analyze the relationship.

Remember that some men are quite willing to date women they really like, but they don’t see them as future wives. If after six months (up to a year) of a relationship you haven’t heard your chosen one name “marriage” and “family” on his list of future plans, carefully analyze the relationship. If the man says you have the qualities of a wonderful spouse, take that as a good sign. But if his compliments are largely about sex, your relationship is doomed from the start.

20. Simplify the tone of your “serious talk.”

Instead of bombarding your man with a serious tone (which will subconsciously turn him against any relationship and commitment), be optimistic and positive. Say, “I really love spending time with you. I really feel happy around you. But I just want to check and see if we’re on the same page. Even though I know it’s too soon for our relationship, I want to get married in the future, and right now I want to make sure that I’m dating someone who has the same values as I do. We already know each other pretty well. Do you view me as the kind of girl you could spend the rest of your life with?”

21. Show love.

A lasting relationship should be based on a more serious feeling than mere convenience. A man will never propose to a woman if he is not sure she loves him. It takes a very deep affection and appreciation for each other to get through all of life’s troubles, which are simply not possible without love.

May your relationship be sure to end with the ringing of wedding bells!

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