How do you drive a woman crazy?

17 unexpected things that drive women crazy

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Mutual understanding, respect and passion are the basic ingredients of a happy relationship.

To maintain the passion between partners, and sometimes renew fading feelings, you need a spark.

It can be ignited by a simple but unexpected, surprising and completely spontaneous action.

There are some common things and tricks that can drive any woman crazy.

So, what are some arousing tricks on the part of a man that will make his partner lose her head?

How to drive a woman crazy.

1. he inconspicuously comes up behind you while you are doing your makeup, washing your hands, doing your laundry, picking up your socks, and suddenly he suddenly puts his arm around your waist and kisses your neck.

That kind of spontaneity is arousing. Even if there is nothing supernatural in this trick, believe me, it will give your woman a lot of joy.

2. When your cat sits on his lap and he strokes her and she purrs with pleasure. Despite the fact that he claims to hate your cat (and all cats in general) it is obvious that he adores your cat.

3. When you come home tired, with only one thought that you just want to die (and still have to clean and laundry in the evening), and suddenly you see the dream abode.

The apartment is cleaned to a shine by your man, the laundry is hung and quietly dried, and dinner is prepared and waiting for you on the table …

So, you can die in a clean apartment, but, perhaps, just from the happiness and pride of his man.

4. When he makes you feel good, whether it’s unexpected caresses, gifts, or a huge bouquet of flowers, without expecting a reciprocal action from you. And in general, ideally, if he just goes to the kitchen and cooks your favorite snack.

Make your beloved crazy.

5. When you wake up and a man has already prepared a fragrant coffee. And if he also brought it to bed, it’s just the highest degree of pleasure and bliss.

Such a simple action can, if not make a woman fall in love with you, then at least lead her into ecstasy.

6. When you are watching TV and he suddenly pulls your legs onto his lap and starts stroking them. You can relax and enjoy such actions.

Read also: Ways to keep the fire burning in a relationship 7. When you are waiting for something, you are bored, and he suddenly starts massaging your shoulders.

This impromptu will allow a woman to relax and get a discharge, and the waiting will cease to be too long and tedious. Shoulder massage is almost always a win-win option to give her pleasure.

How to drive a girl crazy

8. When it is he who decides what your plans for the next hour/evening/holiday/.

All you have to do is listen to what your man says, put on the clothes he called and follow him.

Letting a man make spontaneous decisions is always cool. A male leader is exciting even if it’s a simple decision about where and how to spend tonight.

9. When he brags about you to his friends and colleagues or enthusiastically describes you to his family.

Believe me, this will please every woman. Such advertising of her persona will not leave any girl indifferent. After all, it means that he is proud and appreciates her.

10. When he barely opens his eyes in the morning, the first thing he does is draws you to his side of the bed.

He hasn’t had time to wake up, but he already wants to feel his beloved nearby. It can not help but like it.

This male reflex drives many women crazy.

11. When he suddenly touches your knee with his hand under the table at a boring event. Or if he does the same thing with his foot.

Such a spontaneous act will ignite a spark of passion, and being at a boring reception will seem not so terrible.

Kissing makes you crazy.

12. When he suddenly kisses you in the most unexpected places. Or if he kisses you on the lips, but boldly, sharply, and a little harshly.

Any woman likes such spontaneity.

13. When he’s friends with your father (brother, mother, or sister).

“I just sent your dad a funny video” or “I bought your brother that sweater” is, without a doubt, what every woman wants to hear.

After all, if a man is on good terms with her family members, that’s true happiness.

14. When suddenly at a party where there are countless guests, you suddenly meet each other’s eyes.

And even if there are a lot of people around, and he plays with your eyes, it is easy to lose the sense of reality.

Undoubtedly, this game will affect a woman as an aphrodisiac.

What Women Like

15. When he wears a suit or tuxedo.

It is no secret that many women are aroused by elegant men, and a man in a tuxedo is one of the common female fantasies.

Particularly like a partner if a man puts it on spontaneously and unexpectedly.

16. When he silently picks up and carries your and his suitcase without asking any questions.

Nothing is as endearing to a woman as understanding that her man possesses both physical strength and moral strength.

And while you’re following along with just your purse, your partner is carrying heavy things without complaining or complaining about his rheumatism.

*Men, take note of the fact that there are REALLY suitcases and heavy bags! Since carrying a lady’s purse looks quite ridiculous and comical.

17. When you return from a bachelorette party pretty tipsy, and your man is waiting for you at home with dinner ready, slippers, and then neatly changes you into your favorite pajamas.

By showing concern for you in this way, the man in action shows that he cares about you, even if the next day he will scold you a little.

What turns a woman on: male habits that ladies are crazy about

I like to read and understand everything new. I write prose for young people, articles on various female topics.

The expert – Victoria Fomina.

Highest-category sexologist, psychiatrist and psychotherapist. I have been working as a sexologist for over 10 years. I help couples solve problems in sex life.

There are many techniques to excite women. Skillful male caresses before sex – a direct proof of that. But do men know that their everyday habits, manners, all that they do unconsciously, without making any effort, can turn a woman much stronger? For the attention of the stronger sex, 20 of the most arousing male habits.

At the head of the kitchen

Women go crazy when a man cooks. No, not from the taste of the food. It’s the sight of a man cooking. The way a man concentrates on the process, the way he carefully chops vegetables, seasons meat, puts everything on the pan. His focused face, his posture, his movements exude strength and confidence. It is difficult for a woman to resist such a spectacle. Many ladies admit that at such moments ready to rip clothes off their men, first enjoy them, and then – dinner.

How he drives.

Many men will think that ladies like fast, aggressive driving. But they don’t. Women admit that they like it when a man drives slowly and carefully, when he carefully follows the road. The woman feels safe. And grateful to the man for taking care of it.

Sleeves rolled up.

No comment. Well, who else does not know how much turn on a woman rolled up to the elbows shirt sleeves on a man? It’s sex in its purest form.

Engaging monologue.

Women like to listen to men. But not all and not always. What really attracts a lady is when her partner talks about something so passionately and with such a passion that you want to listen to him forever, with your mouth wide open. A woman can be completely ignorant of the subject and do not understand the essence of the story. But the energy that comes from a man when he talks about what he’s really interested, drives her crazy.

Short nails.

Men really shouldn’t forget to trim their nails in time. The sight of grown-off nails doesn’t impress the ladies, from the word go.


Girls love the expression of total concentration on something on a man’s face. A woman can’t help but admire a man when he’s concentrating on something, thinking and trying to understand something.

A slight chuckle.

That moment when a man feels a little awkward, lightly scratching the back of his head and letting out a slight, quiet chuckle. At that moment, he seems like a very sexy guy to his lady.


Many ladies swoon when a man puts his palm on their back, guiding or skipping forward. Even the simple touch of his palm on their back as they walk causes a woman to go wild with electricity.

He looks.

When a man smiles, sighs and stares intently at his lady. It really turns women on.

Paternal Instinct.

When a man sees a young child and goes into father mode. How affectionate and caring men can be with children. Women love that.

Golden Hands.

Guys who can effortlessly fix appliances, a car, nail the right way, are very attractive. The moment when a man concentratedly masters something with his hands, makes women melt like ice cream in the heat.

Eye to eye

And also women are turned on by direct eye-to-eye contact. During a conversation a man looks her in the eye. Especially when there are a lot of pretty skirts around. It really turns her on.

On mechanics.

It turns women on to watch a man handle a manual transmission behind the wheel. The way he feels the engine, knows every sound it makes and moves the lever up and down. Yes, it’s a sight to behold.


It’s not his shirt that turns women on. It’s the way he takes it off. He puts his hand behind his neck, pulls his T-shirt up by the back collar, and then pulls it off over his head. Ugh!

Only in his pants.

That moment when a man walks around the house in just his sweatpants, put on right after showering. So fresh and clean. And only in his sweatpants. It’s beautiful.


When a man sends a text about what he thinks of his lady. Or with a response to a phrase she said in passing. It shows his attentiveness and interest. And, if a woman is already interested in him, such a little thing will make her head spin.

The Gentleman

The gallantry of men has always been in vogue. At least give her a coat and help her put it on at the exit of the house or restaurant. She will appreciate the gesture.

A sexy streak of skin.

When a man pulls up, the flaps of his T-shirt slightly reveal his lower abdomen. And a streak of hair leading to… It’s a real turn-on.


Cologne is a must. A thin stream of pleasant odor, which stretches after a man, blows women’s minds.


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