How do you become respectable?

How to be respected

Respect is often talked about. But does everyone know what it is? Respect is a stranger to small children and ill-mannered people. Only those who are endowed with the capacity to respect have an idea about it.

  • How to be respected
  • Why do we respect people?
  • How to communicate so that everyone respects you
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Note that decent people respect each other even when they are objectively enemies. To be respected, look inside yourself and try to understand the nature of your emotions and aspirations, feelings and desires. Once you understand yourself, you can learn to understand another person, to listen to him, to see the true motives of his behavior, which is the ability to respect.

You must have been in situations where you were forced to react in some way to aggressive and blatantly disrespectful attitudes. Avoid the two standard modes of behavior. In the first case, do not allow resentment and anger to dominate your mood. Do not respond with aggression to aggression. Then you will not have feelings of guilt, remorse or fear for the possible consequences of your behavior.

Giving up the second option, don’t “swallow” resentment and don’t try to “weather the storm. Most likely, you will be hampered by your upbringing and intelligence. You can not afford to offend the other person! However, after communicating with him a feeling of some hurt and resentment will not leave you. To get rid of it, do not regret the lost moment when you should have still spoken your mind and demanded a basic respect for yourself and respect for your human interests. Realize that you need to change your behavior.

In addition to these two options sometimes develops and a situation where a person is highly respected at work, and at home, tired and trying to rest, he simply is no longer able to properly respond to the antics of housemates not worthy of respect. So it turns out that at work a man seems to be one and at home – the other. In such a situation firmly let your loved ones that you’re tired and want to rest.

Analyze your behavior and understand what exactly you expect from communication with other people, from the existing or possible relationships, from different situations, etc. Express your thoughts as accurately as possible, if necessary writing down all your thoughts on paper. If you intend to change something, state it. Don’t assume that everyone around you can understand you without words.

Behave in a self-assertive way. The basis of this assertive behavior, as it is called in psychology, is the choice of such a way to achieve the goal that the interlocutor is respected, and you feel no less respected, protected and confident. Clearly let your opponent know that you have an opinion on the matter at hand, which must be taken into account. So you leave yourself and him a chance for further communication and good relations. This is the position a confident person should take.

Always consider and respect the needs of the people with whom you communicate. This is the only way you will gain respect for yourself. Remember your goal: consensus, compromise, good cheer, health – anything.

When communicating, listen carefully and try to understand the person. Find what you like about them and compliment them appropriately. By making them like you, you will be able to have a trusting conversation, generating respect for yourself and a desire for further communication.

Be open in your dialogue. Try to be honest about the issues in the conversation, while maintaining a respectful attitude toward your conversation partner. Explain the reasons why you do not like some of his statements. This way you will not be influenced by your emotions, you will be able to express your thoughts more clearly. In addition, you will not be able to manipulate, because it is for their emotions there is an opportunity to “hook” you. Your environment will be forced to recognize your status and interests, and consciously and voluntarily.

30 ways to gain authority and gain respect in the team

Work has long ceased to be just a way to get money for their work. To facilitate the labor process, people unite in groups, where they try to maximize their potential. Especially relevant this problem becomes when you get into a new team: you want to immediately become a respected individual. There are many ways to raise your credibility in the eyes of others.

The first 10 ways to make yourself respected at work

See for the mind, but still meet for clothes – with this assertion there is no point to argue. Make sure that your appearance was immaculate and stylish. Observe the dress code, but do not lose your individuality, so as not to be lost in the crowd of your colleagues.

People like to be paid attention. Hearing your own name from the mouth of the interlocutor is music to their ears. Make your coworkers happy – try to remember their names.

IMPORTANT: This will help you gain respect in the workplace: if you show interest, you will be reciprocated.

Obviously, being polite helps to build strong social bonds. Say hello, wish you a good appetite, wish you happy holidays, and don’t use profanity or insults.

Why not offer a shoulder to a colleague if he really needs it? Help can be of two kinds:

  • professional – you act as a senior mentor and willingly share the secrets of mastery;
  • psychological – you support the person, give him advice “for life” (the main thing is not to go overboard and not to become a shoulder to cry on).

Such behavior will help raise the credibility in the eyes of co-workers.

Ideally, work should bring us pleasure. Reality, of course, breaks the rose-colored glasses. But if you fall in love with your line of work, you will automatically have a very favorable “aura” around you, to which people always go like moths to the light.

TIP: Charge and infect everyone around with your energy and interest, make far-reaching plans.

At least this will help earn the respect of the boss. A good specialist is always interested in further development. The world is rapidly changing, and rest on their laurels – a path that leads to a dead end. Look for training courses, work on their shortcomings, offer fresh ideas.

Envy at work – a very destructive feeling, it will not lead you to success. Ability to be happy for others – an important sign of a well-established personality. Praise a colleague for a successful project, congratulate him on a good performance at the conference. This will help you make yourself respected in the team.

It is very unpleasant to admit your mistakes, but without them it is impossible to develop fully. If mistakes are pointed out to you, pay attention to them in order to avoid mistakes in the future.

STAFF! Do not start an argument without reason – just thank them for a detailed analysis of your work.

Take the time to show this emotion. It shows that you’ve lost control of the situation for a while. Try to cope with the experience without bringing it into the public discussion. Confidence in your own abilities will help you earn respect in the team.

Even if it is really so. No one likes instruction.

  • Avoid moralizing. If a colleague complains about life, talking about problems in the family, don’t give categorical evaluations, be softer.
  • Do not teach your coworkers to work, they will figure out their craft without your valuable advice. Help correctly, so as not to lower the self-esteem of the one who needs help.

I recommend watching a helpful video about trust and respect in a team:

The following 10 ways to gain authority

  1. Don’t reveal yourself completely.

You need to create a deficit of yourself, to put on your appearance a small fleur of mystery, so that people begin to listen to your thoughts and words – the daily chatter about nothing turns your voice into a monotonous noise, people lose interest. But you shouldn’t be silent 24/7 either.

Speaking of chatter. Try to avoid intrusiveness. An uncontrolled flow of words does not make anybody beautiful, and it makes you look like a very unreliable person.

TIP: Speak only what you have to say, in order to create an image of an expert in your field, and become an authority for your colleagues.

Especially if you are new to a large team. Immediately there will be a group of people who want to teach you something new. There is a risk of addiction. Immediately determine who the boss is for you: take the advice of other people very sensitively.

First, it is impossible: each person has his own idea of the ideal personality, and to please all of you will not succeed. The main thing is that your detractors are aware of your identity and the ability to appreciate yourself. Love is not necessary – but respect.

  • A simple rule: never collect rumors to later spread throughout the office. You will probably get new topics of conversation with your colleagues, but sooner or later your reputation will suffer.
  • The same goes for “feedback”: if people are gossiping about you, try not to react and don’t encourage those who are doing such an unseemly thing. This means that you are interesting to others, you are discussed.

Only forgetting about the gossip, you can become a respected person at work.

Periodically in the life of any team there are corporate events, which are designed to strengthen the camaraderie within the group of people.

IMPORTANT: go to any event: common experiences and memories incredibly bring together, the informal atmosphere loosens up and shows people in a different light.

Never let your guard down: keep an eye on the lives of employees, watch for changes in mood and appearance. This collection of information is essential. You will be able to anticipate some of the actions of your colleagues in advance and benefit yourself.

Don’t be late for important meetings and events, and if you can’t avoid being late, try to warn your colleagues about it. Do the same with personal space. Do not take other people’s things without permission, do not ask too personal questions. Such behavior often infuriates colleagues at work. Tactfulness and respect never hurt anyone, but do not forget about their interests, defend them. In this case, you will be easier to earn credibility in the team.

With the negative and constantly disgruntled people do not want to have anything to do. Try to be in a good mood and share it with others.

IMPORTANT: A gloomy face is elementary repulsive, they don’t even want to talk to you, no matter how interesting you are.

I advise you to watch a curious video about how to put yourself in a new team:

The final 10 ways to become an authority on your co-workers

Don’t get hung up on a single “role”, it will bore you and the people around you pretty quickly. Periodically change the image, do things that no one expects from you: this will save your zest, a unique personality.

Believe me, the colleagues will sensitively catch the sycophancy. An extremely low percentage of people (usually unsure of themselves), refers to the flattery positively.

TIP: It is better not to say anything at all than to give out a portion of unfounded sweet words: they devalue all your future phrases.

If you own a bright and charismatic temperament, short-tempered character, it will be difficult to control yourself. However, the solution of work issues should be held without raising your voice and insults.

Self-sufficient personality will inevitably attract other people. Do not try to curry favor with the bosses to get a new position, do not allow themselves to humiliate and insult. In the end, the most important thing is to like yourself, a tenet with which many books on psychology begin.

Is a coworker trying to drag you into the middle of a grand scandal? Walk away and forget about it. Get on with your immediate responsibilities as a man of action. Public clarification of the relationship should be a taboo for you.

Know how to talk not only about the weather and immediate problems. If the person opens up to you, show respect, remember the details of the conversation and the next time you let them know that you remember the essence of the conversation, that for you it is important.

STAFF! Being able to listen is a real art, it requires patience and attentiveness.

Identify a group of people who share your interests and beliefs. They will be your support in the team: it is not easy to solve problems alone. Friends are a great defense against all adversity. It’s also easier to raise your profile.

There is no shame in the fact that you do not know how or do not know some things (even if you have been working for a long time). Ask your colleagues for advice, to teach you new things. This will help them feel important, and you will become famous as a person who knows how to build relationships, without a “crown” on your head.

Put yourself in the new employee’s shoes and help them. Do not play the stern boss: treat young professionals humanly, because you too were once in that role.

TIP: Let your criticism be constructive, not sarcastic.

Only a strong person who has grown enough to have the right to make mistakes can admit he or she is wrong. Mistakes happen to everyone, they mean that you are moving forward. Let a team down? Apologize and move forward with new knowledge and experience.

I can suggest a useful video on how to get people to respect you in general:

Thus, you can achieve respect in a team in different ways. To do this, of course, you will have to make an effort. But nothing is impossible. You will be able to gain authority in the team and become a respected person.

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