How do you attract love?

3 hard truths about attracting love

Just because you don’t see love doesn’t mean it isn’t there. It just means you are looking for it in the wrong place.


Which pill will you choose: the blue one or the red one?

The blue pill: believe what you want.

Take the blue pill and you’ll wake up in your bed believing whatever you want. You can continue to believe in the effectiveness of the old ways of attracting love when you get up and go out looking for your significant other. You search and search and attract your own kind.

Finding that one “one” isn’t easy, so you keep holding on to him even after you realize that he’s not at all what you imagined him to be. But you’re so desperate for love that you hold on to him, putting your partner on a huge pedestal and thus ruining everything. You begin to believe that love doesn’t exist, continuing to do the same thing until you fall down without strength.

If you take the red pill, however, you will stay in Wonderland and let me show you how deep the rabbit hole is.

The red pill: down the rabbit hole

There are a few principles that I believe hinder many people in their search for love.

We are told that everyone has a soul mate. A twin flame. Someone who completes us. That’s why we seek him out. But the problem with this method of attracting love is that trying to find love outside of yourself is like looking for your own soul somewhere, because you don’t see your own soul.

You see other people who have found their soul mate, and it makes you feel lonely. You say you want that too, forgetting that you already have love.

Just because you don’t see love doesn’t mean it isn’t there. It just means you are looking for it in the wrong place.

Here are three hard truths about attracting love.

1. love cannot be attracted.

Wait. Before you start objecting, hear me out.

When we try to attract love, we assume we don’t have it now. By assuming we don’t have love, we attract “broken” partners. If, however, we feel whole and complete as individuals, even when we are single, we begin to radiate love, even if it is temporary.

Instantly taking the red pill opens your mind to the fact that every person you are attracted to is merely a reflection of you.

We don’t attract love to us, we radiate it. Replace the word “attraction” with “radiation,” and it will change the dynamics of your search for love. You cannot attract what you yourself do not represent. You attract and reflect who you are.

To attract love to yourself, you must radiate it yourself. So, if you are afraid, you attract fear. And if you are good, you attract goodness. If you have unhealed wounds, you will attract someone with those same unhealed wounds. If a person is desperately seeking love, they will attract that same desperate partner. You attract a reflection of yourself.

If you want to attract love, you must first learn to radiate it. If you learn to attract it for nothing, it will become toxic and lead to the destruction of love because of your vibrational imbalance.

2 Love will not come unless you learn to let go.

When we stop trying to attract love, it will come to us. And that’s because when you try to get something, it slips away from you. So any attempt to find love where there is none leads to a lack of love in your life.

To learn how to radiate and attract love to ourselves, we have to let it go and become an embodiment of the love that already exists within us. In this way we tune ourselves to receive love.

The very moment you let go of love, it will come to you.

Our paths often cross with people with whom we make spiritual contact. But these magical encounters are random and unpredictable. They happen when we are totally unprepared for them. They happen when we’re having fun. They happen when we least expect them, but there’s no better time for them! Most people find love when they stop looking for it. The thing is, they stop resisting and in terms of vibration, they are ready to meet their soulmate.

To learn how to radiate and attract love, you have to get rid of your attachment to people, even if you really like them a lot.

If we cling too tightly to people and refuse to let them go, we are trying to control them. And trying to control anything shows that we don’t believe in the universe’s ability to give us what we want. That’s not normal.

If you really want to learn how to radiate and attract love to yourself, you must forget your beliefs about love being outside and focus on the love living inside you. Send the universe your request and forget about it. But not out of selfish urges to deceive the universe by saying you don’t need what you so desperately want.

Let go, live your life, radiating love and trust that will surely come back to you sooner or later.

If you’re having trouble letting go, it’s because of your belief that you have to be in control. You believe that if you don’t try, you will lose the person you love, but the truth is that when you want to be with someone so badly, you are pushing them away.

Love is alien to compulsion.

You can’t force another person to love you. You can’t control someone else’s feelings, but if you let him go, that way you give him the freedom to choose, and in any case you’ll end up the winner. If he wants to be with you, then that is unconditional love and the best energy for love. Otherwise he won’t waste your precious time. However, you can only find all this out if you let that person go first.

3. you must be on the pedestal.

We have been taught that each person has only one twin flame. And when we think we’ve found it, it’s understandable that we want to bring it to the light to examine and enjoy it. But this behavior destroys a relationship before it even has a chance to begin.

What should have been beautiful becomes toxic and unrequited. The person standing on a pedestal feels lofty and looks down on the person below.

To learn how to radiate and attract love, we must stop putting other people before ourselves, because we are already whole and complete individuals who don’t need anyone else. You may want to be with someone, but you don’t need anyone else. The overwhelming need for another person is a consequence of childhood trauma caused by the fact that you did not receive enough love and attention from your parents. So now you are looking for that love and attention in your partner.

You may dream of a perfect partner, but you don’t need one to feel love. You are the love. You are not in a desperate search for love and attention. You are letting them find you on their own.

Final thoughts.

The blue pill represents comfort, lack of awareness and resistance to change.

The red pill is the truth. Truth is not always comfortable, but it carries power and freedom. It frees you from the burdens of this life.

The red pill opens your mind and eyes, revealing the following truths:

  1. You attract a reflection of yourself. You cannot attract love to yourself if you do not love yourself. You personify, reflect, and then attract people like yourself.
  2. Trying to speed things up is not good. If you want love to come to you, you have to let it go, so that it comes back to you. Then you will know it is real.
  3. Remove people from the pedestal and take their place. The only person who should be on it is you!

You are the one you have been looking for for so long. Find and love yourself to let true love find you.

Attracting love: the 5 most popular and effective ways

Many people are in search of their soulmate. They want to find love and happiness. They want to find a soul mate and create a truly happy and harmonious relationship. Some are looking for love outwardly: on dating sites, at parties, through friends and acquaintances, that is, taking active steps.

Others seek harmony and love within themselves and broadcast it to the outside world, thus attracting favorable opportunities. There are also such girls and women who give a signal to the Universe to find love through various rituals and ceremonies.

They say that all methods are good in love, as long as they do not bring harm to other people and are aimed only for good. Also, wanting to find a happy relationship and love, you should not get hung up on a certain person. Once you stop waiting for HIM specifically, your wish will come true.

Do you want to easily attract love and be incredibly tantalizing and alluring to men? Then you’ve come to this place…

Today I decided to collect all the most famous, popular and effective ways to attract love. All we are different, and one and the same way can please to one and absolutely not attract to other woman. This is not a magic word, but a ritual that you can use to bring a person to love you. And do not approach everything seriously, make everything easy and fun, not being attached to the result. And then it will not make you wait!

But, there is one important BUT!

Before you attract love into your life, you must put an end to past relationships. These relationships have outlived themselves and, as the Chinese sages said: if you want hot tea, first pour out of the cup cold!

There are many practices for this. For example, you can imagine that you and your ex-husband are standing on opposite sides of a bridge. See clearly yourself, him and the bridge between you. Then set fire to this bridge and watch how it burns. Or you can take a yellow balloon, mentally place there the image of a former man, inflate it, tie it up and let it go. Letting go of the balloon, say goodbye to that man, to all your good and bad moments, as well as unrealized dreams.

This must be done to make a place in your heart and in your life, and there came another man, as the saying goes: “there is no empty place.

How to attract love. The most popular methods

Technique of Vadim Zeland.

Take a pen and a piece of paper and write:

“I am a very charming person. From me comes the inner light of charm, love and sex. I am a shining creature. I attract men to me. My man finds me.”

Put a glass of water on this sheet. Rub your palms well, imagining and feeling a dense clot of energy between your palms. Move your hands like an accordion until the energy starts to be felt clearly. Without touching the glass, place it between the palms. Say the words written on the sheet, consciously and penetrating into their meaning. Then drink this water. Do so in the evening before going to bed and in the morning after waking up.

2. announcement

Type an ad: “Looking for!”

Then describe in detail the desired character qualities of the man you are looking for and what you want from him, as well as (necessarily!) what you can give him.

Looking for a Man! Energetic, wise, healthy, kind, willing to create a family, with the same life values and priorities as mine. I pledge to give him love, affection and tenderness, to feed him deliciously and to take care of him.” Of course, your version should be longer, with all your wishes in mind. Stick the ad on the window on the side of the apartment, with the text facing the street.

3. Drawing hearts.

Buy yourself a pen and proclaim it Magic. With it you can write all your dreams and wishes. Draw two hearts together with this pen on your palm, on your line of destiny. And then take a piece of paper and write a fairy tale about your beautiful, mutual love with a wonderful man.

If you have a heart, you can draw it on a piece of paper with iodine on your butt. This is a simoron technique for attracting love. In this case, the symbol of infinity, two hearts in it, and shaded all this with a net. Proclaim your intention to meet your soul mate, and then lie down and dream a little (butt up). The ritual is very funny and fun, but it works.

4. Red Panties Ritual.

Also very piquant, but very famous and effective ritual. This ritual is very similar to the one that you would use for a relationship with a person who has never been in love with another person. Periodically wear these underpants, wash and hang them to dry again. You can go further and put the panties on his head, dancing a fiery dance to good music. And if you are online, then hang them on the monitor and your soulmate will not slow to appear! By the way, if you are dating, I advise you to read the article “Virtual Dating: How to Find Your Soulmate.

5. The slipper ritual

You can also use a Simoron ritual that is well known to everyone. You should buy men’s slippers on the new moon, not sparing money and time to choose them (you should like them very much!). Of course, if you want a respectable man, not a bum from the alley. Bring your slippers home, and let them “stay” in the hallway for three days. Do not let anyone wear them and do not put them on yourself. In three days, at midnight, open the door and stand in the corridor on all fours, putting your hands into slippers (your socks should look inside the house).

Clap your hands in your slippers 3 times and say: “Fiancé, the fiancé, without bad habits, appear!” Then you can carry the slippers with you (to the movies, cafes and clubs), roll them in the car or just leave them standing in the hallway. There are women who have gone to bed with their slippers by putting them next to them or sitting them at the table with them. Your man will simply have no choice but to show up in your life.

I don’t think you have any question now about how to attract love . Go for it! It’s important to change your vibration, to switch to the frequency of love. You have to become a vibrationally delicious woman and then you will easily attract the best relationships into your life! Because you have to attract love by your CONSTANCE, not by some external actions.

Read about how to do this in my book “How to Be Happy in Relationships”. In the book I reveal the secret of attracting love into your life and tell you how to create a happy relationship easily and simply! Attracting love and creating a relationship is SIMPLE, and “managing” a relationship is very satisfying and interesting.

Also – turn all the familiar omens into one – to love! Stumbled – for love, you stepped on the foot – for love, the cat ran across the road – also for love!

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