How do we evoke pity?

To evoke pity for the person

“I raised my children without a husband, and now in my old age I am afraid to say an extra word, and if I do, it’s all wrong, and every time a scandal. Bitter thoughts are eating me up: I have nurtured executioners for myself. My daughter calls me a dumb old woman and a fool or a madwoman in front of my grandchildren. When I sit down to eat, she reproaches me for eating often, but I do not eat much, even though I eat often, because I have a sick stomach. Today she yelled at me for two hours and finally added: “When you just die, I’ll probably never wait for this bright day!” It made me so bitter and hurt that if I wasn’t afraid of sin, I would have gone for a noose. A woman outside the church gave me your book and told me to look in it for the prayer I needed, and if I didn’t find it, I could write to you and ask for a prayer that would awaken my children’s pity for me.”

It is read at noon:

There is a holy mountain in a holy field.

There is a big hole in that mountain.

I will crawl into that hole,

To the iron forge I’ll come.

There’s a young blacksmith in the blacksmith’s shop.

Psalms he sings, and forges a solid blade.

The knife will enter the body of (such and such) white (such and such),

The vengeful heart will find.

To remove pity and love from (such-and-such) hearts,

To fill it with love

And pity without end,

Crying for me and suffering,

And never a moment’s respite,

Their souls thought of me,

About (so-and-so) God’s servant.

In the morning they would rise at dawn,

From the first minute they’d be on their minds,

Thinking and suffering for me,

For God’s servant.

As people rejoice in the heat of water,

So would (such and such) rejoice in me.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


In this incantation, no more than three people can be mentioned. If a mother has more than three children who do not love her and do not feel sorry for her, the following names of her children should be mentioned on another day.

This text is an introductory excerpt.

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Self-pity and stress If you let this feeling arise even once, it will be difficult to get rid of it. Like any bad habit, self-pity makes people dependent on it. Sometimes an illusion is created that by feeling sorry for themselves, it is possible to smooth out the effects of stress.

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Self-pity Life begins with a person, and a person begins with the environment, the name of which – the family. Or, more precisely, the parents. Not knowing how to be ourselves, we depend on our parents even when we become adults. Or rather, from their character, and hence the stresses. Without giving ourselves the benefit of the doubt.

Feeling Pity: 6 signs that you like to be unhappy

According to psychologists, many people have a paradoxical desire to feel unhappy, and many of the fair sex just love to suffer. That way they can feel safe, be inside their comfort zone. In conversation, they invariably complain about life, unconsciously seeking to arouse feelings of pity and compassion, telling about events and circumstances as a continuous series of misfortunes and the hardest trials. The destructive mania to consider yourself an unhappy victim can become a significant obstacle to becoming a real mistress of your life. Together with we propose to explore the signs that you too much like to savor the suffering and it is high time for you to stop.

Why you seek to arouse feelings of pity: positioning yourself as a victim

None of us can foresee all the problems, sorrows, and troubles that lie in wait for us on our way through life. But the way we react to difficulties and adversities is entirely up to us. If you are deeply convinced that external circumstances are to blame for all your problems and that you are powerless to resist them, that is, of course, your choice. This position is really very convenient, because by voluntarily agreeing to the role of a victim, you refuse more or less effective actions and deeds that could help you in solving your problems. A girl who considers herself a victim and tries to evoke a feeling of pity does not think to calmly and objectively reconsider problematic situations, to make an internal “debriefing,” to assess the scale of the problem and see possible ways to solve it.

By immersing ourselves in our negative emotions and blaming those around us for our misfortunes, we voluntarily lay down our arms and refuse to make constructive decisions.

The need to evoke feelings of pity is directly related to a state of constant anxiety

At first glance it may seem that the habit of living in a state of permanent anxiety is merely an attempt to keep one’s life circumstances under control and to anticipate possible problems that may arise in the future. In reality, however, this approach to life rarely has a positive outcome. But the habit of seeing everything solely in gloomy colors and waiting for more trouble can seriously ruin your life. Living in constant fear of unsolvable problems that may not occur, you deprive yourself of many pleasures of life. Psychologists strongly recommend solving real problems as they arise instead of plaguing yourself with unfounded worries. Remember that a state of chronic stress is very dangerous, it can cause a deterioration of your physical condition and have a negative impact on your health. In addition, your constant worry also causes a feeling of pity in the people around you.

Feelings of pity: you get upset when you compare yourself to others

This problem affects a huge number of people, because we always, consciously or not, compare ourselves with other people. We notice the neighbor with the new, insanely expensive fashion handbag and get upset if we can not afford a similar one, or experience a lot of negative emotions when someone enthusiastically talks about how wonderful it was vacation at the sea. Alas, for many of us, someone else’s success is an additional reason to consider our own life a failure. You begin to think that everyone but you lives some special life filled with wonderful bright events and it makes you feel sorry for yourself.

Modern technology allows us to tell the whole world about our successes and achievements. However, looking at the photos published in social networks, we see only what their authors want to show us, successfully hiding not the most pleasant moments of their lives. Have you ever thought that an expensive piece of jewelry can be given as a sign of reconciliation after an adultery, and a recently obtained prestigious position makes your colleague give much more energy and time to work, forgetting about recreation and entertainment?

The habit of comparing yourself to others will not help you in life: there will always be someone who lives better, but there are also those who live worse than you. Compare your own achievements yesterday and today, instead of feeling sorry for yourself, learn to praise and reward yourself for success.

You don’t know how to block out your inner critic and it causes you to feel sorry for yourself

We almost always have a silent mental dialogue with ourselves. It’s not uncommon for the voice of your inner naysayer to start getting louder and louder. Maybe phrases like “You will fail again,” or “He will not call anymore anyway, there are lots of beautiful girls around” sound in your head more and more often, making you feel unhappy. But do not panic, such skepticism is inherent in all people, it is born of our negative experiences, through it, we learn not to repeat their past mistakes. However, sometimes the voice of our inner critic sounds too intrusive, prevents a positive perception of the events and phenomena in your life. Try not to give your inner critic too much will, block out the negative voice of your subconscious, which is only a product of your imagination. Don’t forget that just the power of your thoughts can make you completely irresistible or deprive you of self-confidence and cause feelings of pity, turning you into a faceless gray mouse.

Getting rid of pity: Learning to let go of your past easily

Another proven and fail-safe way to feel like a person worthy of only feelings of pity – endless digging into the past, regretting mistakes and imperfections. If you have this peculiarity, it’s time to take control of the situation. There is no person in the world who could avoid mistakes or unworthy actions, but don’t dwell on what you can’t change. Life goes on, and regretting the past irrevocably, you risk missing out on a lot in the present. Of course, we all tend to rethink our experiences from time to time, but if you want to feel truly happy, learn to let go of the past, no matter how attractive or horrible it may have seemed to you. Keeping the best in your soul is more interesting.

Take the pity out of life: developing the ability to enjoy life

The happy ability to enjoy life for no particular reason is not naturally given to everyone. You feel deeply unhappy if you are used to perceive the world in gloomy colors. It is quite difficult to be happy, thinking that all negative events (dismissal from work, problems in personal life or household troubles) are completely natural, and that all good and joyful things are just a happy accident. Perhaps this approach to life was caused by objective reasons, but don’t you think it’s time to look at life differently? Everything that happens to you is neither good nor bad in itself, it all depends on how you perceive it. Learning how to be happy is realistic, although it does require some effort. Fill your life with everything you love, reward yourself for any success you achieve, try to communicate with people who give you positive energy, and most importantly, learn to see the joy in the ordinary little things in your life and then the feeling of self-pity won’t bother you anymore. This is just a small list of signs that show you enjoy suffering, feeling sorry for yourself and making others feel sorry for you. For more interesting information about self-improvement issues, visit

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