How do men like you?


6 psychological tricks to instantly get a man to like you

Psychological tricks are the lot of pragmatic people. Women who want to succeed in love, always try to grasp at any straw. This time we invite you to get acquainted with the most powerful techniques.

Psychology is an incredibly flexible science. It can show any lady where she has problems in her outlook and worldview. Psychology helps to overcome any difficulties and make life easier and clearer. As for relationships with men, here psychologists have quite a wide range of advice for women who are eager to learn the secrets of charisma. You can conquer any man if you keep reading this article.

Trick one: the right compliment

Now many ladies may think that they know how to compliment a man correctly, but they don’t. Most likely, you think that men love any compliment, which is not that far from the truth, if we’re being honest. Men, on the other hand, must first be understood from the inside. Due to the fact that they belong to the strong sex, from whom many things are demanded since childhood, men love it when people around them notice their victories and achievements. This is what your compliments should be about in the first place.

Do not tell him how handsome he is, how much fun he is. He knows it himself. At a deep level, men always want to receive compliments on what they have achieved on their own, without anyone else’s help. If you know something about a man you want to like, you should praise him for it. Praise him for something he puts a lot of time and effort into. For example, the man is learning martial arts or going to the gym – notice that. He will be very grateful to you and will remember you for a long time. A great example – playing a musical instrument, singing, another hobby or passion. Praise him for this, then he will never pass you by.

This is the essence of men, their natural element. Learn how to properly put such compliments into the context of the conversation. This is a very useful thing that can help you impress men, even the very rich and powerful ones.

Trick two: Talk about what he likes.

This is something of an extension of the previous point. If you hit on his favorite subject by complimenting him on his results in some hobby, then continue the conversation in that vein. Learn to talk to your man about what he likes best. This is a very powerful trick not only at the beginning of a relationship, but also in the midst of it. When you just met a man, talking about his hobbies will allow you to stand out among all his groupies.

Try to put yourself in the place of the man. Think about how nice it would be to talk to someone you like, about what you just crazy about. This trick always works, a hundred percent of the time. A man will get a lot of positive vibes from a conversation in which he is asked about what he likes, and then asked more questions and shown interest, involvement, pleasure. In the future, this topic of conversation will be associated with you.

Trick three: Sincerity

If you really like a man, but you do not have the opportunity to see him, then say honestly: “You know, I really like you, but I can not see you now. It’s much more important for me to spend this evening preparing for exams. Let’s meet right after I’m free.” You can tell the truth directly upon meeting you: “Look, I liked you so much that I couldn’t resist coming up to meet you. I know I might look silly, but it’s true.” Don’t be afraid to look silly, ridiculous. It’s perfectly normal, because everyone can be shy or do something wrong when they need to get over themselves. Overcome shyness is easy, but here is instantly like a man, using his shyness as a weapon – this is a real psychological art.

Put your sincerity on a higher level. Show a man that you have no negative motivation to get to know him. A man will appreciate the fact that you are not trying to take advantage. You can tell a rich man that you do not want to appear to be a purse hunter, that you are willing to pay for yourself everywhere yourself, for example. There’s no need to look for any clichés or blanks – just say what you think. A man will be pleasantly shocked.

Trick number four: Open posture

Don’t cross your arms in front of you, don’t put them in your pockets. An open pose is a powerful trick that not everyone uses. Of course, it’s only an auxiliary tip, but many women ignore it because they think their beauty solves any body posture problems. No, it doesn’t. People who have never had any interest in psychology will sense your closeness and nervousness anyway. As difficult as it may be, keep your hands open.

Trick Five: Exceed Expectations

The very fact that you are willing to get to know a man is an overstatement in itself. To get a man to like you and capture his heart and mind instantly, you need to show that you are not like other women. The main thing is not to overdo it, because it can be perceived by a man as an imposition.

Men expect you to be demanding, will be waiting for him to do something. Ask him out yourself on a date in the first seconds of acquaintance. Tell him that you are willing to meet tonight and socialize if it will be convenient for him. Don’t do anything else if you’ve already gotten this far. That will be enough. When you don’t give any warning about going to the next level, it strikes a chord with men.

Trick six: Joke first, set the tone of the conversation

Once you have entered into a dialogue, then to get a man to like you, make the dialogue positive from the start. You can make a joke (not even funny), and then start saying what you want. This works especially well in dating, because even if you yourself express a desire to get acquainted, the man may not be predisposed to such a conversation.

If you start off with phrases that don’t make men feel like having a pleasant conversation, you won’t be able to like them instantly. In a string of gray days we want someone to come up to us on the street with a smile on his face and say that everything will be fine, and not finish us off with his discouragement.

It is always possible to make a man like you, but it’s almost impossible to do it in less than 10 seconds if you do not have certain skills or at least knowledge. Try not to drown in negativity, keep the desire to be a bright and extraordinary lady.

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How to please a man? – The secrets of seduction

Hello all. In this article, I’m going to tell you how to get a man to like you. I will share with you practical tips that will change your personal life for the better. So, I won’t procrastinate with the introduction, let’s go straight to the topic.

How to please a man? Practical tips

First, the phrase “how a man likes you” – wrong. If you framed the question in this way, then you put yourself in the position that you need it more than he needs you. And that’s bad, because your importance in that case will be lower.

And now let’s correctly reformulate the goal: you need not try to please a man, but to become for him the kind of woman, near whom he wants to be near!

Do you feel the difference? You need to come out of the frame deserving of sympathy, and make it so that he himself tries to get your attention and your interest.

And now I’ll tell you how to do it.


Many girls make the following mistake: when they like a guy, they are very much afraid to scare him off and hide the fact that they have a bunch of suitors chasing them, and this is a mistake.

Important! A man must see that you are popular with the opposite sex. Then your importance will be high. The same principle works in reverse: if she sees that a lot of girls flit around the man, his value increases, and he seems more attractive to her.

Even if in reality no one is courting you (which is not very cool, change this situation), then at least create an image in the man’s mind that you have success with other men. This can be done in a variety of ways. For example, during a conversation with your boyfriend, you may as if accidentally expressed his incomprehension: “What kind of men now, very strange. At work every day someone leaves me on the table chocolate, and even wrote a note with a compliment. I do not understand why many men do not say sympathy directly?

And in the mind of the man you want immediately forms the image that someone is courting you, so you are in demand. This greatly increases your importance. But a similar trick to the story of the note is better to pull off with a man with whom you are not yet in a serious relationship. If you and the man are already building something serious, however, it’s best to refrain from telling such stories.

There’s an important nuance to the topic of competition – a man needs to see that you’re popular with other men, but you’re not available to them!

Because if you say: “But Vasya gave me flowers, I’ll go out with him tomorrow. Then your man 100% send you and say: “Here you go with your on a date, and to me no more do not approach.

Your man must understand that Vasya wants to get you, but you are unavailable to Vasya. Thus your importance grows, but at the same time you have nothing to do with it, it’s Vasya running after you, not you after him.

But competition alone, as you understand, will not be enough, so you and I move on to the second point.

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2)Position of abundance and the evaluation frame

When communicating with a man, you can adhere to 2 positions:

  1. Trying to be liked.
  2. Trying to please a man.

The first position puts you in a more dependent position and the second position puts you in a more advantageous position.

Remember The one who gets picked is always more important. The one who is chosen – his importance is always lower.

And this attitude should be embedded in you at the level of thinking. Never try to get a man to like you! Always be an evaluator. Evaluate his intelligence, horizons, behavior, his attitude towards you. And ask yourself more often, “Is he good enough for me?”

And this kind of thinking will reflect positively on your communication. A man will see that you are not trying to please him, and he will be attracted to you (especially if he is a status man who is spoiled by women’s attention).

But to be appreciative, you have to be in an abundance of choice and male attention. If your Vasya is the only guy in the village, then obviously his importance to you will be huge, and you will not be able to act effectively and soberly next to him.

So communicate with different men, so you can choose among them the most worthy. The more attracted to you male attention, the better.

And believe me – men feel very well at the level of intuition, that the girl is popular with the opposite sex. And the higher her popularity, the stronger is the desire to get her.

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3)Find common ground.

We, men, like the girls who share our worldview and values the most. On the Internet you can often hear the following phrase: “Opposites attract,” but I do not believe in it. Of course you may be interested in a person who is your opposite, but it is unlikely that you will have a long term relationship with him (although it is possible).

Girls, believe me, it’s such an incredible feeling when you meet someone who thinks the same way you do. You immediately get curious about a girl who shares your views.

How can you apply this information to your life? – Very simple! As you talk to a man, try to find similarities between the two of you. And even if your views differ in some way, not in any way argue with a man and did not try to prove him wrong. Instead, listen to the other party’s point of view, and try to look at the situation through his eyes. First, with this approach to communication you will broaden your horizons, and secondly, you will not cause a man irritation or rejection.

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But if you understand that your and his views very much diverge on important and key issues for you, then just say goodbye to him, and do not waste your time on the man. But you shouldn’t argue in any case – it’s an ineffective strategy for communicating with the opposite sex.

And yes, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a point of view, you should. You just have to always respect the man’s worldview and not argue with him, proving him wrong.

4)Acknowledge his leadership.

Girls, I want you to know the trite, but very effective truth about the structure of this world. The world we live in is arranged as follows:

A man is aroused by a woman who recognizes him as a leader.

If a man feels dominant around a woman, his libido skyrockets. That’s how nature works. The same thing works the other way around. A girl will be aroused by a man who is stronger than her (both physically and mentally).

If male attraction is courage, determination, and leadership, female attraction is tenderness, softness, and “weakness. Why do I put the word “weakness” in quotes? Because men are not attracted to a “weak” girl in life (on the contrary, many people do not like them), but weak next to him. A girl should be confident in herself and know her own worth. But when she sees her man, she immediately turns into a little girl who recognized him as a leader.

This feeling of leadership, which you feel next to the girl – can’t be conveyed by words. It is this feeling that many men get hooked on. Next to a girl who recognized you as a dominant, you are especially relaxed.

But there are several important points!

  • The first point is that you do not have to submit to a man under compulsion. You have to do everything on your own free will. There is no need to break yourself, you have to enjoy playing the role of the wingman, so give the leadership position to the man.
  • The second point is that if the man behaves inappropriately toward you (insults, belittles, etc.), then you should not dance to his tune in any way. In that case, you have to distance yourself, express your dissatisfaction and if words don’t work, then turn on the cold and ignore him so that the man realizes his mistake. You are a sweet and gentle girl only when he acts nice to you.

But now let’s talk to you about how you should never behave with a man.

How you should never talk to a man?

1)Never run after a man.

Of course, in the beginning a lot of girls and do not run after men, it is the opposite – they run after you! But as soon as you have feelings and emotions, and the man for some reason began to move away from you, many girls begin to run after men. This should never be done.

When you run after a man and try to get him to like you, your importance starts to drop. No interest in developing communication with you in such a situation, he has no. So, always know your worth and keep your dignity. Of course, if you did something wrong in the relationship and the man began to drift away, you can apologize – there’s nothing wrong with that. But if the man does not want to be in a relationship with you or somehow behave coldly with you, then run after him just do not. You will alienate him even more with this kind of behavior.

2) Don’t Punch His Ego.

Girls – never beat on the male ego!

Remember men have a huge ego.

And God forbid you hurt a man’s ego and ego. You will immediately become his enemy. This is especially true when it comes to his masculinity or the topic of sex. As soon as you hit his masculinity (e.g. tell him that sex isn’t good with him), that’s it – you’ve lost your man. And even if he was very nice to you before, once you stomp on his male pride, there is no going back.

You should instead “stroke” the male ego and tell him how good he is (just do not go overboard, too much praise is also bad). He must feel next to you a super hero, then your value will be very high. But once again, the situational context is very important. Because if you start praising the man and stroking his ego in a situation where his behavior towards you is just terrible, then your value will fall.

To understand when to praise and when to distance yourself from a man, remember the following rule:

  • When a man behaves badly to you, you distance yourself, you show him your disinterest in him, you show him that he might lose you! Here you are not giving him compliments or words of love. You are mirroring his behavior.
  • And when a man behaves well with you (gives you gifts, pays you compliments, wooes you, etc.), you are showing him you are interested in him. You compliment him back, thank him, express sympathy, etc.


Never give a man an ultimatum!

“Either you spend the evening with me and not your friends, or I won’t talk to you” is a classic ultimatum that can kill your relationship. The thing is, to give ultimatums is to take a man’s position. Men should be the ones giving each other ultimatums in business, negotiations, etc., but not you. Remember the point about recognizing leadership. A man wants to be around the girl who recognizes his strength. But when you give him ultimatums, you get into a strong man position and he stops seeing you as a woman.

If a man is strong, he will immediately dump you after you give him an ultimatum. And if a man is weak, of course you will be able to bend him under you. But I highly doubt that you’re attracted to such representatives of the stronger sex.

4) Negative Social proof

Social proof is translated into Russian as “social proof”. This is how society, your environment, friends, colleagues, other men react to you.

If a man sees that you are not respected by your friends, your parents, your environment, your value in his eyes will go down. We humans are social creatures. We are biologically conditioned to depend on social opinion. In many ways we determine the value of another person by the way they are treated by the people around them. And if we see the person around us not listening to what he says and avoiding communicating with him, that person won’t make a cool impression on us.

But if we see a person who is respected by people, his opinion is listened to and he has authority, then we automatically begin to distinguish this person from everyone else, and he seems more valuable to us. That’s how our brains work.

So if a man sees that your girlfriend calls you “Fool” (and you don’t react to it in any way), your value in the eyes of a normal man will begin to plummet. So never allow yourself to be disrespected. And this applies to absolutely all people, from girlfriends to your boss. As soon as you hear disrespect in your address – stop it at once.

A man must see that the group (or society) loves you. You are treated with respect, you are welcome everywhere and you have a positive social proof.

The same goes for your popularity with other men. If you’re surrounded by male attention and are in high demand, many men automatically have a desire to get you. After all, they seem to them more valuable because you’re chained to so much attention. So there is something in you that you do not have in the other girls.


I’m sure that the article “How a man likes you?” was useful to you. Now you know a little more about how to communicate properly and effectively with the stronger sex. But if you have any difficulties in a relationship – you can always ask me for help and order a consultation. I will examine in detail your situation and advise the most effective way to solve your problem.

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And that’s it for me. If you liked this article, share it with your friends on social networks! If you still have any questions – you can always ask them in the comments, I’ll answer them for sure!

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