How do I know if my wife has another man?

8 signs that a wife has a lover

How do you know if your wife has another? Suspicions alone do not stick to the case. Do you agree? And catching a woman red-handed is even more difficult. Ladies hide the evidence much more thoroughly than men. However, a few indirect signs in time will point to the infidelity of his beloved.

Another matter that we men often miss these “beacons”. In contrast to women. Their faithful assistant – intuition. The wife is rarely wrong if she suspects her husband of infidelity. But what should we do?

Yes, the sixth sense in men is not so well developed. We rely more on logic. So let’s reason logically. Check your wife on the points below and draw conclusions. Just take your time.

Eight signs that your wife is having an affair:

1. The woman began to intensively monitor her appearance and (attention!) bought seductive underwear

If before she wore comfortable cotton busts and sports shorts, now for sure she changed her tastes. The wife has appeared lace sets clearly not for your eyes, in which she always goes somewhere? It’s time to think about it.

2. she increasingly sleeps over at a friend’s house, go on business trips, go to various events without you, stay at work late.

Or she got an unexpected hobby that takes a lot of time. For example, loved one suddenly signed up for salsa lessons, although previously did not like to dance. The time she spends outside the home increases. You see your wife less and less frequently, and she avoids all communication. Well, that’s not a good sign.

Her behavior seems strange to you.

Has your wife suddenly become an easy-going hostess? Or is she snapping at you about everything? Perhaps she is trying to compensate for guilt care or can not contain her contradictory emotions and strongly irritated at the tired spouse. By the way, a husband who is constantly suspected of cheating for no reason, also puts her off balance. So think about it.

4. Your intimate life has come to naught or drastically changed.

If a woman has a lover, she usually does not sleep with her husband at all. Or she does it reluctantly, through sheer force. Although it is the other way around. If her sexual energy is booming, and her lover is out of reach, a woman pleases her passion surprised husband. In any case, the woman’s behavior in bed changes, and this should alert you.

5. The wife has distanced herself from you.

She no longer tells you about his worries, do not share dreams, do not ask for help and in general, ignore. Reaching out to her has become almost impossible. All the time she hovers in the clouds, has become forgetful. If you have lost intimacy with his wife, and she is calm about it, it’s time to sound the alarm.

6. She began to call you more often.

Is this a strange sign? Not at all. She checks where you are and with whom not out of jealousy. She needs to know the exact time of your return, to cover up the crime or use the freed hour at your discretion. So if your beloved hardly ever called you before, you should be wary.

7. She always keeps the phone close, and some calls she tries not to answer in front of you.

Is your wife constantly texting or going into another room to talk? Hanging out on social networks or obscure sites, not letting her favorite gadget out of her hands? It seems like nothing, we all sit in the phone. However, if she hides from you correspondence, puts passwords everywhere and does not even let close to a smartphone, it suggests. She obviously has something to hide.

8. Wife is happy to go on vacation without you, and even offers such options

So what, that with children. They are not a hindrance for women. If your wife is planning a vacation without your participation, easily agrees to go somewhere alone for a long time, think about it. Of course, if you have from the beginning decided to vacation separately, this sign does not count.

So, I hope you are not a jealous husband who is always suspicious of cheating innocent spouse. I think these points will give you something to think about. But don’t jump to conclusions. A couple of coincidences does not mean anything. Analyze the behavior of his wife with a cool head and talk to her heart.

Women do not just cheat for no reason. This means there is a good reason for it. Look at why girls are twice as likely to get divorced. Maybe it’s not too late to fix it? By the way, women also cheat for sex, though it’s hard to believe. Pay attention to the sexual side of your life. Is everything okay? Sometimes it is the husband who pushes you to cheat.

And how to keep a strong relationship for many years, read in “Perfect Relationships for Love. There is some interesting information for men as well.

Well, men, have you dispelled your doubts, or vice versa, is there something to think about? Worried about some point? Girls, you probably also read, agree with the signs? Or are you sneaky, we can never figure you out? Share your opinions in the comments.

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How can you tell from your underwear that your wife is cheating?

There are many signs that a wife is cheating. Underwear can also tell you if your wife is going around cheating. Of course, you should consider all the circumstances that point to a woman’s infidelity in the aggregate, rather than rummaging through her underwear. However, if you have doubts, then it’s best to keep investigating until you get to the bottom of it.

No reader of the men’s magazine will not be pleased to know that his wife or simply his girlfriend is cheating on him. Since the modern world is less famous for the observance of moral traditions, even men cannot be sure that women do not betray them. While society has become somewhat accustomed to men’s cheating, there is still a negative attitude toward women’s infidelity.

However, men should understand that infidelity is not dependent on gender. Betrayal can be committed by both men and women. And here it is necessary first of all to find out the reasons why it happens, to prevent a possible betrayal of his partner.

Why does the wife cheat?

Both men and women do not cheat without a reason. If men refer to the fact that alcohol intoxication has played a cruel trick or a prolonged lack of sex with their wives has encouraged them to cheat, they are wrong. These reasons are only factors that are based on internal dissatisfaction with the relationship. In fact, women also begin to cheat only when they are dissatisfied with their relationships with their husbands. And outwardly it may look like this:

  1. Fading feelings. A woman hasn’t felt her man’s love and affection for a long time. He practically never confesses his love to her, does not tell her how beautiful she is, does not make pleasant surprises for no reason, etc. The woman has already forgotten what it’s like to simply receive courting from a man who is trying to show his interest in her with such gestures. And if a gentleman appears on the horizon, which again makes her feel like a woman, she may not be able to resist.
  2. Resentment against her husband. And why the wife is offended, there may be many reasons. There are husbands who cheat on their women themselves. There are spouses who constantly humiliate and insult their wives, especially in the presence of third parties. There is domestic violence against women in some families. If a lady begins to receive love and acceptance from another man, then she will definitely date him.
  3. Lack of romance. Over time, men stop courting their women in any way at all. The question is, why? For what reason does a man only bother to woo a woman at the beginning of a relationship and then stop doing so after a long time has passed? He does not even set the table, does not bring a bouquet of flowers, not to make a nice little compliment to revive a little woman’s feelings. Naturally, a woman becomes infatuated with another man who finally gives her something she never stops needing. . A woman can cheat only to the extent that she wants to prove to herself that she can still interest other men, be beautiful and attractive to them. Often this need arises when husbands tell their wives: “Who else needs you but me? To figure out who a woman might need if her husband suddenly divorced her, she might start looking for lovers.

A woman never sleeps with a lover for nothing. You can write off isolated cheating as an accident or passing out when a woman has been taken advantage of. However, if the wife is cheating more than once, it means that something is wrong in the family relationship. And if the woman has already stopped fighting for the preservation of the union, which is likely to do at first, then the problem is really very serious.

If a man wants to keep the family, even after finding out about his wife’s infidelity, it is better to use the services of a family psychologist, who will help both spouses to go through their crisis period in the relationship, when the husband will have to forgive his wife, and the wife – to establish contacts with her husband.

How can you tell infidelity from your underwear?

Undoubtedly, there are many ways to figure out if a wife is cheating on her husband. However, you can simply not go far when considering the question. Pay attention to your spouse’s panties to determine her infidelity (or conversely, fidelity).

  • The wife has an arsenal of panties that are so sexy and yet uncomfortable that she only wears them for bed scenes. She used to be able to wear these panties to seduce you, but she hasn’t done that in a long time. If you see your wife is wearing these panties again, and not when you go to bed, or there is a new underwear in her closet of this type, then be alert.
  • Wife in general began to buy new underwear. And she put it on not before intercourse with you, but before leaving for work or a meeting with friends, as she says. Even worse if your wife hides this kind of purchases.
  • You can smell men’s perfume on your wife’s clothes. Of course, it may have remained on her if she uses public transportation. However, if you constantly hear the same smell, it can no longer be a coincidence.
  • After coming home, the wife immediately goes to the shower. If this phenomenon does not occur in the summer, when she may just go swimming to wash off her sweat and dirt, then you have to wonder if she is trying to remove all the smells and traces of another man this way. However, if her lover is using a persistent perfume, then even a shower will not help hide his scent. If you can hear male scents on your wife’s body, while she herself does not use male perfumes, then the suspicions should add up.
  • Smell your wife’s panties. Many men say that the smell of sex is impossible to confuse with anything. On her panties, you will be able to note this smell, even though sex does not involve them on her.
  • Think about why your wife buys sexy lingerie, but does not wear it for intercourse with you. If you haven’t had sex at all in a long time, then why does your wife shop for “sexy” things, but not use them to seduce you?
  • Offer your wife intimacy almost immediately after she has come home, cleaned herself up and relaxed. A woman who is already satisfied will probably not cloud herself with intimacy with a man she is no longer interested in.
  • Pay attention to your wife’s body, especially to places like her breasts, neck and bikini area. If you note there redness, bites, hickeys, then they clearly did not get there for nothing. Redness is possible if a woman sweats. However, bites from human teeth and hickeys can definitely not be caused by clothing and heat.

Other signs of infidelity

Pay attention to your wife’s behavior if you start noticing any oddities and suspect her of cheating. In addition to panties, which may be purchased to get dressed not before intimacy with you, but to leave the house, your wife may begin to show some strange behavior, which can be attributed to other signs of cheating:

  1. Weight loss craze. The wife suddenly starts watching her weight. And she is not just struggling with it, but gradually and systematically achieving results. Of course, it is good that the wife decided to become beautiful and young. However, it is bad if all these efforts are not made for you.
  2. Passion for striptease. To interest and somehow diversify their sex life, a woman can begin to engage in striptease. However, you notice that she never gave you a sexy dance. The question is, why would a woman learn to dance if she does not put her skills into practice? Perhaps because she’s not dancing in front of her husband, but in front of her lover.
  3. Expensive shopping. Often enough, husbands are not interested in women’s things at all: cosmetics, lingerie and even clothes. And for good reason. A woman who earns little and lives with a husband who is not able to give her expensive gifts, can update her closet, replenish the number of jewelry, perfumes and cosmetics gifts from her lover. As long as you are not interested in what your wife uses, she can quietly receive expensive gifts from her lover without you getting in her head that you might notice it and start asking her questions.
  4. Lack of sex. Surely you could not notice that there is no sex between you. But even if there is sex, it became kind of boring, uninteresting or, on the contrary, too varied, playful.
  5. Good mood. Pay attention to the mood in which your wife is in, when she spends a long time in your company. You sit at home or go somewhere – how happy is she while doing this? And now notice how she leaves the house when she says she is going to her girlfriends or has to stay at work late, and what mood she comes in when she has been working or helping her relatives at home for a long time. You should be alarmed by the signs of happiness on her face when her wife allegedly did hard physical labor, worked long hours, solved some problems, etc.

How do you finally know if your wife is cheating?

Determining that a wife is cheating can be determined by the fact that any changes in the wife that have recently begun to appear do not affect the couple’s relationship in any way. In other words, it is as if the wife does everything just for herself or other people, but not for her husband. She buys lingerie to wear out of the house, not to go out with her husband. She dyes her hair, not when she goes out with her husband, but when she goes out with her friends. She uses perfume, not when she spends time with her husband, but when she goes out on business.

Of course, all the signs are circumstantial. However, their presence should encourage a man to find out the truth through surveillance, direct conversation or other means.

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