How do I know if a guy likes me if we don’t communicate?

My story will help you figure out if a guy likes you if you don’t communicate

How do you know if a guy likes you even if you don’t communicate? How to respond to sympathy? Is it worth making the first move?

You see each other every day. On the street, in the gym, at school or uni…How do you know a guy likes you if you don’t communicate? And how do you finally strike up a conversation?

Why do we need to know if a guy we don’t know likes us?

Statistics say that most relationships start between people you previously knew. And acquaintances for quite a long time. There can be tons of examples. One of the brightest is my parents. My mom is six years younger than my dad. They lived in the same house, and their entrances were located next to each other. You’d think, how could they not communicate for several years! But not only did they not communicate, they didn’t even know each other. Daddy said he had always noticed the little blond girl (he was 23 at the time, she was 17), but he didn’t dare approach her.

Obviously, he did approach – I was born, after all. But the question that keeps running through my head is, “How can we live next to each other and like each other after all these years?” It seems to me that the reason is precisely his indecision. The situation is exacerbated by her lack of understanding of subtle hints, signs of sympathy. That’s why it’s so important to recognize this very sympathy, and to let the guy know that you feel something similar (if you, of course, feel something for him).

I think a lot of people would agree with me: it feels really good to know that the guy likes us. And whether we like him is another question. The very fact that we have captured someone’s thoughts (and if lucky, then even his mind), excites the imagination of a girl. But how do you find out about his sympathy, if you do not communicate, and it seems as if he does not see you point-blank?

Here’s a step-by-step guide: how do you know a guy likes you when you’re not talking to him?

To understand whether a guy likes you or not, you need to pay attention to even little things

You may have already managed to fall in love with him up to his ears, and constantly thinking about when he deigns to approach. BUT do not think that communication – the only way to find out that he likes you. In addition to this, there are many other signs that manifest themselves in :

Note: to understand that he cares about you, you can also thanks to social networks. If he was “asked” to become your friend, often visits your page and endlessly “likes” all the pictures – you can not even doubt in liking.

If there is nothing obvious that could tell that he likes you, do not despair. Follow this simple instruction and you’ll understand exactly whether it makes sense to dream of a future together!

Step #1. Do everything you can to get in close proximity

Well, not as immediate as you might have fantasized. You have to see each other. This will become a “springboard” of sorts for you.

Step #2. Watch his body.

No, we’re not talking about when he takes off his T-shirt in gym class, exposing his sculpted torso. In this case, it is better not to look in his direction, so as not to give out his sympathy (and believe me, open mouth and rounded eyes will give you “giblets”). First, pay attention to how often he turns to you. When a guy likes a girl, he will never turn his back on her (well, within reasonable limits, of course).

Step #3. Notice the “accidental” touches

Did you accidentally bump into him in the doorway? Did he accidentally snag your hand at a school-wide event, then apologize and touch you again for some reason? Do you still think it was really an accident?! Chances are, he likes you a lot.

Step #4. Pay attention to flirting with other girls

Ever notice how cute he’s chatting with another girl while glancing at you? No need to panic! Chances are it’s not a “sweet talk” but a “concert” to provoke your jealousy.

Step #5. Talk to your friend.

If your classmate told you that he’s been asking around about what books you read and what music you listen to, it’s pretty obvious. He likes you, and he wants to be closer to your interests at least.

How do you finally know if a guy likes you if you don’t communicate?

To finally make sure that his sympathy, just talk to him. And the topic of conversation can choose entirely any. Just promise that it will not be the weather!

After the communication has passed, you need to calm down. Do not rush to dream about your romantic walks under the stars. Compare his behavior before and after your conversation. And then start dreaming!

До After
He’s just watching. While you’re not communicating, a guy can be a little uptight. He will often linger his gaze on you, but he won’t dare to do anything serious. He’s smiling. After you’ve had a nice conversation (not about the weather, remember!) he’s much more open to you. He smiles when he meets you, looks for an opportunity to approach you.
He just looks. There are times he tries to do something to express his feelings, but the most he can do so far is look and smile. He touches. It has been scientifically proven that a person tends to make tactile contact with someone he likes. So he will often touch your hand, pretending that it was purely by accident.
He’s just looking. If you do not make an effort, you can not even notice his gaze – so he is elusive. He’s always around. Even if you’re in different classes, on different floors, at different ends of town, he’ll be looking to meet you. So if one day you see him at the ballroom dancing section (where you go yourself), do not be surprised.

How do you talk to him?

So, you’ve come a long way from his first smile to full confidence that he likes you. It’s time to move on to decisive action – a conversation. So how do you start communicating with the object of adoration, so as not to scare him off and not to seem intrusive?

Action The meaning of .
Start a conversation first Start a conversation first
Ask him questions. Your goal isn’t to finish what you’ve written this morning and then walk away. If you want him to like you even more, engage him in conversation. It’s easy to do! Ask him questions. It’s highly desirable that you’re actually interested in listening to the answer.
Keep an eye on the time. The first conversation shouldn’t be too long, too drawn out. The best sign that it’s time to end are awkward pauses. Thank him or her for the conversation and leave. He may look back once on the way out. Just once!
Compliment him. Yes, you heard right. The second time you talk to him, you have to compliment him. Don’t be intimidated, saying “What beautiful eyes you have” is not necessary. We’re talking about “manly” compliments, like “And how did you get that huge fish?!”, “Did you put the bike together yourself? Cool!”. Most importantly, your admiration should be natural, not look like brazen flattery.
Be yourself. I know that when we are in love, we can forget who we are. And begins a strange play in which you play anyone but yourself. Well, this is unnecessary. Your main task is to be yourself for all the excitement and infatuation. Trust me, it will attract him even more.
Flirt . You have to be very careful in this case. He won’t kill you, of course, but he may lose interest. For starters, just smile at him, make eye contact. After that, you can move on to “casual” touching. It is not necessary to grasp his hand with a mad smile and a frantic look. In flirting, it is important to feel the boundary. So if you see him running away from you in the school hallway, know: you overreacted.

In this video, you’ll learn about the five main signs of his sympathy.

The real story of how to know he likes you…

I never considered myself a femme fatale or a conqueror of men’s hearts. I certainly attracted the attention of guys, but the question “Does he like me?” never bothered me.

An interesting situation happened at the winter ball. The Winter Ball was an event held at our school in December. The point is that everyone gets dressed up in dresses, classical costumes, and dances a waltz, polonaise, and the like. Before that, we spend two months intensively learning these dances. And before that we are put into pairs. I can’t say that at that time (and it was 10th grade) I liked some of the boys, but I had a liking.

One beautiful school morning I hear from one of my classmates the phrase that I was paired with Sergei … (I did not even hear the last name). I did not know this boy, despite the fact that he was in the parallel class. But when I saw him, I fell into a real panic. He was tall, fat, and had long hair. For my girlish dreamy nature, this combination was catastrophically unacceptable.

The first rehearsal. He walks into the dance hall and heads straight for me. My head is spinning, “Why him? Why him?”. The rehearsal was long and tedious, and then I wandered home exhausted. Why was I exhausted? Probably his staring and the flat jokes that came out every two minutes. And his wet palms, too.

The winter formal was finally over, and with it, my torment was over. No more gathering my thoughts and going to that damn rehearsal! Freedom! After graduation, I learned from Sergei’s classmate that he really liked me. He wasn’t ashamed to say that he was dancing with the prettiest girl in school. I felt unspeakably pleased and… ashamed. Maybe I should have been a little nicer to the guy. I didn’t think I would have liked him if I’d known he liked me, but I should have been nicer.

And now, several years after graduation, I realize how important a man’s initiative is. It doesn’t matter how tall you are, whether your hair is long or short. As far as I’m concerned, a man’s greatest asset is his charisma. It’s the only thing that can make up for wet palms and ridiculous behavior.

I don’t think it’s hard to know if a guy likes you when you’re not communicating. The main thing is to be able to react to the sympathy in the right way.

How Do I Know a Guy Likes You?

Every girl (if she likes a boy, of course) wonders if her feelings are reciprocated. Especially since you can not ask directly, and the chosen one may perceive the meeting as a temporary, friendly conversation or just a light affair.

Then the question arises – how do you know that the guy likes you, if he is taciturn, does not show obvious interest or meetings are casual or very rare. This requires observation, and you can also use some tests.

How to know if a guy likes you: 22 obvious signs.

With men is already much easier, because they rarely hide their feelings, and the first steps always make themselves. For example, how to understand that he likes you:

1. Courtship in the form of invitations to cafes, flowers, etc.

2. Increased interest in all aspects of a woman or girl’s life (work, studies, family).

3. Offers of assistance.

4. Close attention, frequent touching.

In principle, all of the above is often characteristic of young people as well, if they are not characterized by youthful shyness. In any case, regardless of their age, they usually make the first step themselves.

5. Another sure way to determine whether he likes me or not: Look at the behavior of his friends. If they see a girl pushing a young man, smirking, teasing or winking at her, it means they certainly know (or guess) how he feels.

6. Clear signs that a guy likes you are signs of jealousy. A young man may look calm, but he will always give away his look, his coldness, his rudeness, his harshness. The young man sometimes begins to conflict with his rivals. Another option is when the appearance in the field of view of the object of sympathy, the behavior of the young man abruptly changes.

How to understand whether a guy likes you on social networks?

♥ Frequently visits the page;

♥ is interested in hobbies and hobbies of his date;

♥ Starts complimenting, likes various messages, photos, videos;

♥ starts to post different stories, jokes etc. on the page;

♥ If he wants to start communicating, he’ll write first.

If a guy likes a girl, he will never turn his back to her, will throw looks in her direction more often than at others. Notes any external changes, tries to come closer, casually touch, embrace. To learn more about the object of affection he tries to establish contact with friends of his girlfriends or enter her company.

How do you know by gestures that the guy likes you?

Gestures can tell about many things, the main thing – decipher it correctly. Guy’s movements depend on the upbringing, personality traits and temperament. Most gestures are unconscious, can be of two categories.

For example, how to understand that a guy you don’t know likes you with open gestures:

♥ open wrist and palm, indicating a willingness to continue the relationship;

♥ when talking, the guy puts his foot slightly forward, with his toe pointing towards the object of sympathy;

♥ the young man leans his head toward the girl as he listens to her;

♥ the guy tries to distinguish himself from others and look presentable, so he carefully monitors his own appearance.

Open gestures are considered initial and obvious signs of sympathy, but there are also closed ones:

♥ during a casual conversation, the guy turns sideways to the girl (this is an expression of wanting to leave);

♥ crossed arms or legs.

The last point indicates that the guy does not want to communicate and is uncomfortable with such attention. Most often, closed gestures indicate a lack of future relationships. But before making categorical conclusions, it is necessary to evaluate your own gestures. It happens that a young man is simply duplicating the movements of a girl.

Other signs that a guy likes you:

7. Raises his eyebrows if the conversation did take place.

8. At the sight of a girl he likes, he tenses up as if stretching out, trying to look a little taller.

9. When he happens to be nearby, he starts rubbing his clothes, ruffling his hair.

10. Many guys get excited when they see the object of their affection. This is expressed by twisting a button, a signet ring, a chain.

11. does not hesitate to look at the girl. If he sees her not for the first time, it is a demonstration of his interest.

12. Rubs parts of his face when he sees the girl.

13. When he stands with his hands at his waist, he shows physical strength and tries to radiate self-confidence. Thus, he wants to make an impression.

14. A slightly flared lip and nostrils are signs of admiration.

15. Smoothing or ruffling her hair.

16. Offers her clothes in cold weather, trying to warm her up.

17. Begins to mirror the gestures of the object of sympathy.

People in love are often unpredictable, and how to understand that he likes me, most girls wonder. His behavior and touch tell us a lot about his behavior when personal spatial boundaries are violated and tactile contact occurs, which is especially important.

Men only allow themselves to relax with the object of sympathy. There are a few more experiments on how to know a guy likes you:

18. Observe him from afar. The young man will tend to touch the object of his affection more often. For example, touching his hand, tugging his foot. To check if it is not a coincidence – the girl can carry out these touches herself, and if the guy does not pull away, it means that he likes her.

19. Excitement, which can be seen in the numerous disorderly actions, speech, gives away the lovers.

20. Touch his shoulder or back and say something quietly. If the guy likes the girl, he won’t resist touching her, otherwise he will try to pull away.

21. Many young men save their gallantry for the object of sympathy. So any attempt to help the girl or stand up for her shows a clear interest.

22. To hide his interest, the boy often teases the girl, teasing her.

How do you know if a young man likes you if he shows seemingly obvious indifference? It should be noted that sometimes guys act “on the contrary. That is, begin to flirt with other girls in front of her favorite. However, as soon as the object of sympathy is removed, then immediately stop this activity.

How do you know that a guy likes you at a glance?

It is rightly said that the look is a reflection of the soul. It may be quite eloquent, and can even replace the communication. Your eyes betray sadness and sadness, hatred, passion and love. How can you tell if a guy really likes you: the main “symptom” is the change in the shape of the pupils. They greatly enlarge. However, if the gaze rests on the forehead, then it is only business interest, and if it swings across the face – a hint of friendship.

It’s easy to tell if he likes you with gentle or wry glances. Especially when they are accompanied by kind smiles. If looks suddenly collide, and the guy holds his gaze or quickly averts it clearly indicates a hidden sympathy. The same is evidenced if the young man tries to see the girl in the crowd or, after telling a joke, quickly glances in her direction, checking to see if she is laughing.

Also, the boy might sneak a peek at her. He throws glances in her direction even while talking to other people. If this is the first meeting, the attention is intense and evaluative. However, shy natures, on the contrary, try to take their eyes away from the object of sympathy more quickly.

Video: clear signs that a guy likes you

Usually, women have a very strongly developed intuition and they do not need a confirmation of interest in themselves in the form of gestures or looks. Of course, a lot depends on the guy. Shy people can be the opposite of the bolder and younger ones. In any case, the girl will be helped by observation.

About the author: Hi, I’m Karolina Korablova. I live in the Moscow region, in the town of Odintsovo. I love life and people. I try to be realistic and optimistic about life. In people I appreciate the ability to behave. I am fond of psychology, in particular, conflict resolution. Graduated from the Russian State Social University, department of psychology of work and special psychology.

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