How do I explain to a guy that I need him?

How to tell a man you need and care about him

It is believed that the main words first to utter the strong sex. But it also happens that over time, only a man says compliments, praise, while a woman takes them for granted. And is it so difficult to say the same warm and supportive phrases in return?

Someone may resent, they say, the strong sex is not up to sentiments. But it is not so. Even hardcore brutal it is important to feel needed, not only in deed but also in words. Only to pronounce these phrases must be correct. So how to tell a man that he is needed and dear?

Expression of feelings without any words.

Care and attention.

If your beloved man has a lot of cases, or he is often absent, preferring to relax in a friendly company, you have a feeling of their uselessness. Do not immediately blame him. It will be more correct to talk in calm tones, ask about the affairs of his beloved at work. If he has a problem, you can offer your help. As a rule, men rarely pay attention to the charges against him. They do not like the presentation of claims and complaints.

It is necessary to muster up courage and take the initiative. You can offer a joint holiday (a trip to the cinema, the park, etc.). “How do I tell a man that I need and care about him?” – Be sure to think about this question.

Step to reconciliation.

You made some mistake or hurt your beloved, it led to the fact that he stopped communicating with you, and now you do not know how to fix the relationship and tell the man that he is needed? There is a way out of this situation.

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Never apologize through text messages. By doing so, you show your disrespect. It’s better to meet the person and ask for forgiveness by looking him in the eye. However, your task is to convince the guy that you need him. How to do this? You need to try to explain the reason for his actions by the fact that he is never around. At the same time you should not blame him. It is important to show your loved one how much you care about him. Let him see how you need to make peace with him. Give him the confidence that never again will what led to the quarrel happen.


You need to be affectionate and caring with your loved one. Men like to be touched, and not just during lovemaking. They love a hug and a gentle kiss on the cheek.

Don’t push

You have everything long ago scheduled and laid out (wedding, birth of children), and your companion does not yet dare to take such a serious step as the creation of a family. Do not be angry. It is necessary to talk to him calmly, to voice your plans and desires, and then listen to all his arguments. It is necessary to treat his opinion with respect, as forcibly force him to get married will not work.

However, if your relationship has lasted a long time, and the man does not want to change anything, it is better to leave him. You are sure to meet someone who will be happy to create a family with you.

Be affectionate

Many people are mistaken to think that men need the closeness of a woman only during sex. On the contrary, they need to cuddle and hold your hands. Men love to just be kissed on the cheek. Do you want to test this? Ask your partner, he’ll respond. Then decide how to tell a man you want him.

Learn to listen.

A man needs to feel your support, despite the fact that he does not like to spread their problems and worries. Sometimes it’s enough just to pay attention and listen to the man. Most importantly, make sure he understands that he can trust you to discuss any issues.

Share their interests.

It’s important to take a lively interest in everything your loved one loves. Even though your hobbies and interests with him are fundamentally different. Must be patient and try to understand hockey, hunting, fishing, computer games. Then you can get closer to your man, and add to the list of topics that you can discuss with him.

Don’t reject him.

Do not reject his desire to please you and make you happier. Don’t be displeased when he suddenly comes quietly to you from behind and hugs you. Do not reproach him for the mess he made during the preparation of your breakfast. Such behavior you just cause him annoyance that he was trying to make nice. It happens that after this man awakens hatred for women.

Do not control him

Do not turn into a bossy woman. Do not show him that he is the only man in the universe who needs your relationship. If you think that by showing independence, you are doing the right thing, you are greatly mistaken. This behavior only contributes to his alienation.

Plan your day yourself

Men are under a lot of emotional pressure to make plans for a weekend or vacation. Show your chosen one that you appreciate his efforts and thank him for it. You can suggest that he entrust these responsibilities to you, at least for a while.

Introduce him to your family and friends.

Show a man your pride in your relationship with him by introducing him to your family and friends. Let him see that you are not afraid to introduce him to the people you care about.

When you are together, turn off the phone.

You shouldn’t be distracted by the phone all the time. It is better if during the date it will be turned off or put into silent mode. Your partner will know that he is more important to you than anyone else.

When you’re together, keep the drama to a minimum.

All people have, are and will be some problems. Of course, the man is entrusted to a difficult mission to solve the problems of women. Despite the fact that he is a “superhero”, he should be given a rest from time to time. Your chosen one will soon get tired of the need for each meeting to solve some problematic issues.

Be spontaneous

It is necessary to try to break stereotypes and patterns. Let your occasional meetings take place unexpectedly at any given free minute. Try to fantasize, to invent something new for a joint vacation. This could be a picnic on a weekday, an unplanned trip, a trip to your favorite soccer team’s game. Thanks to the element of spontaneity, feelings will be brighter, and love will bring even more pleasure and pleasant moments.

Suitable words and phrases to express your feelings to a man


Many people are mistaken to think that men are indifferent to compliments. The man you love will certainly appreciate if you praise him or thank him for his help. This nice moment will undoubtedly raise the self-esteem of your boyfriend.

You should explicitly tell your chosen one that you like him, and you want to see him as your life partner. A man likes when a woman appreciates him and wants him to be with her. He will become even more attentive to you to get more praise and appreciation.

Tell him that you respect and appreciate him more often

A man’s overall well-being is greatly influenced by the degree of your respect and your thoughts about him. Anyone is hurt when a woman thinks he is completely useless and incapable of anything. He is much more painful to this opinion than the most fierce and devastating criticism of others.

You should appreciate even the smallest actions that makes the selected one, even if he is not waiting for your gratitude. Do not take the usual duties at home as a matter of course. Be sure to thank him for it. Then he will smile, thinking that you are not looking at him at that moment.

Ask for help

Try to be weak, defenseless and vulnerable. Try to break down all the barriers and walls between two strong and experienced people (him and you). Let the man see that deep down you are a vulnerable and fragile woman. Open up to him and tell him about your problems. Let him feel how you need his help and support now.

A little jealousy will not hurt.

Try to fully trust your chosen one. However, sometimes it is useful to show possessiveness. Especially it is necessary in those moments when he goes to a business meeting with a beautiful girl or an old friend. Man will understand the main thing: you are afraid of losing him, you really care about him.

Thank him

You need to thank and kiss a man, if he did something for you, even a trifle (for example, remove your plate from the table). Often people in a relationship, tend not to notice the nice signs of attention and take them for granted. Never forget to thank your partner for taking care of you.

Share your secrets.

Showing trust in your loved one, devoting them in their own worries, you show him what an extremely important role he plays in your life. Open your man a few deep secrets. You will immediately see how he became closer.

Ask his advice

So that the man believed in himself, felt his need and importance, you should ask him for advice. Show the degree of your respect by asking his opinion on this or that issue. This is an indication of the high level of the relationship. The man feels happy and very important.

Offer your help

If he comes to you with a problem, asking your opinion on it, you need to find time and pay attention to your loved one. Everyone in this world needs support. And it doesn’t matter that you don’t know anything.

How to tell a man that he is needed, in correspondence

The format of the message depends on the recipient. The role of the addressee can be a stranger man, a buddy, a beloved young man, a husband, an ex-boyfriend.

There are a few general recommendations for writing a message:

Send the message at a time when it is convenient to read it. If you suffer from insomnia, you should not disturb the person with a night correspondence. If you know that the chosen one has a lot of work, there is no need to distract him. It is better to wait until he is more free.

The text of the messages should be short and maximally informative. If there will be rhetorical questions in the message, you should be prepared for the same answers.

It is not recommended to allow familiarity, if you communicate with unfamiliar people. He may not like affectionate names or nicknames.

To please a man, you can make him the center of correspondence. To do this, you need to ask him questions and carefully read the answers. It is not recommended to write a lot about yourself. Competent actions will help to get pleasant bonuses in the form of gifts.

You should not overload him with letters. He may perceive it as prying. Another version is that you have absolutely nothing to do.

It is necessary to express your thoughts correctly. Errors in the messages indicate a lack of education and lack of respect for the recipient. You can always check your literacy in a reference book or on the Internet.

Often women make the mistake of thinking that men don’t need the warmth of their hearts because they are the stronger sex. Because of these misconceptions, girls do not seek to give their chosen ones special signs of attention. This is wrong. Even if the lover is with you, you should not relax. You must always be on guard. It is important for a man to be sure that he is respected, loved and valued. This understanding is a great motivator for him.

Relationships must be worked on daily and hourly. And in this work very much depends on the female half. A partner needs attention, affection, care and variety in bed. If a woman gives it all to her chosen one, she will not think how to tell a man that he is needed, in her own words.

How to tell a man that he is needed in his own words: ready-made phrases for different situations and tips

Hello, girls. There is an opinion that men do not need calf tenderness. This is not entirely true. Yes, of course, the stronger half of humanity is more developed rationality, while we have emotionality. But think about it: men – it’s the same boys, just grow up, stiffened, learned to control their emotions and hide feelings deep under the shell of manhood. Remember how, when you were a child, your brothers, friends, sons of acquaintances reached out to their mothers, caressed themselves and needed their affection. What has changed? Age? That’s right, and the norms and prejudices imposed by society have also been added to the character. A public display of affection for men, who a priori should be strong and masculine – is a sign of weakness. That is why your partner does not like it when you kiss him or hug him in public. But this does not mean that he does not like it. He, just like you, wants to feel dear, loved, important and the only one. It’s a stick with two ends … How to tell a man that he needs your words and what to do to express love without words? In fact, there are very many ways, and some things you should not do at all.


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It is not necessary to sing dithyrambs

Another famous wisdom says that “women love with their ears…”. It’s really true. We are addicted to pretty words, compliments and diminutive clauses (all kinds of bunnies, pussies and so on). Among men, only a few like to be addressed as such, but most of them consider “pussy” an affront to their masculinity. He may not say anything and tolerate for your sake, but internally irritated. So, wishing to call him some “bear”, ask if he likes it. Every day to sing the same dithyrambs to men is also meaningless. They only touch them the first and second time. Then they are perceived as “white noise” or an attempt to achieve something (need money, broke the car, sucking up…). To say the right words can be done in different ways, the main thing is to inform the man that the message is sincere and comes from the heart.

Love is a private affair

Love – a private matter, so confess in it the beloved person better face to face. Otherwise, he may perceive what you said as a “show off”, a mockery or a joke. Of course, if the message is ephemeral and hinting, then it can be sent in someone’s presence. For example, a friend compliments you on your appearance. You can, so that he can hear, answer her: “of course I look great, I’m in love,” or “a happy woman always glows from the inside. Another example: Someone asks you if you’re afraid to change your life (move, quit…). Say loudly, “when a strong and reliable man is around, it’s okay” or “it’s okay, I just have a shoulder to lean on. He is sure to understand what you mean about him, will appreciate it, and most likely will “go out of his way” not to disappoint you.

In private, you can tell your beloved everything you feel. The phrase “I love you” should be said, but it is desirable to add something else to it. Otherwise, the regular repetition of these three words will cease to make sense, the confession will look as if you are saying it “for the record. Fill it with feelings and details. For example: “I love you because you make me smile”, “my love for you is growing every day”, “I am the happiest woman in the world”, “without you my life would be empty and gray”, “I need you like air and important as no one else”… Try to say what you feel. Do not try to get away with beautiful, but banal phrases. For example: “I woke up this morning with a smile, just saw you in my sleep – it was a wonderful dream”, “I wonder what I did so good that fate has rewarded me with you,” “when I first saw you, I immediately realized that no one will give you,” “from your eyes I have goosebumps begin to run.

The farther away he is, the more he needs love.

It is especially important to tell a man how you feel if you are at a distance. No matter which one of you went where and for how long. Good modern means of communication allow you to communicate freely, even while in different corners of the world. Had a free minute, send a message. Type at least a simple “I miss you” is easy and short. Find out when you can call him to talk quietly. In the conversation, mention that you miss him very much.

And you can convey this information both directly and in a veiled way. Say:

  • “today I could not unscrew the lid on the jar, of course, I’m a weak woman, and my strong man is far away now.”
  • “I was so cold at night and had nightmares, come quickly, save me from insomnia.”
  • “I wanted to watch a movie, but I’m not interested.”
  • “the apartment is so empty, I’m sitting in one room, I don’t even want to go into the others”;
  • “You know, I’ll probably lose weight while you’re gone or die of exhaustion, I don’t want to cook for myself alone, and I have no appetite.

And be sure to call at least once a day for no reason, and not for any purpose. So say: “I do not need anything, I called just to hear your voice.

Poems from the Internet and pictures are not an option.

Girls, of course, not all of us can speak beautifully and write inspirational poems. So we’re already used to “dive” into the Internet to find a suitable occasion quatrain or a picture. Remember, those messages from everyone on any occasion, sent by tons especially on holidays and clogging the memory of the phone. Undoubtedly, among them are beautiful, but they are all soulless. Poems are not individual, written in general phrases, so they do not leave an imprint in the mind. If you are not a poet, it is better to write something of yourself in prose. If thoughts do not want to gather “in a bunch”, as a last resort, copy a ready-made message, but add to it individuality, some details concerning only you two.

As for pictures, it’s better to send your original photo instead. Here are a few ideas:

  • Make a heart out of the palms of your hands;
  • write “I love you” on a piece of paper and hold it in your hands;
  • take a picture in his T-shirt and sign: “your T-shirt keeps me warm for now, but your body heat is quickly escaping from it, come, don’t let me get cold;
  • how you send him an air kiss;
  • hug yourself and sign “I miss you so much.”

If you want the man to really feel needed by you, try to avoid any platitudes and, on the contrary, put your feelings and emotions into the messages.

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What to say, when and how to say it

Any word is a good thing. I have already described some of what, when, and how to say. Now I want to go into more detail on some of the points.


Contrary to misconceptions, men also like to be complimented. Hearing nice things in his address from a woman, they feel special and become more confident.

Only it is not necessary to shower them from head to toe, try to make compliments casually and as if inadvertently. For example:

  • hugged – “you have such strong arms.”
  • a haircut – “you look more masculine with that haircut”;
  • to your clothes – “wow, you look so businesslike” or “the color of that shirt accentuates your eyes;
  • told me something – “you’re always interesting, you know so much”;
  • did something – “you have golden hands”.

When saying a compliment, emphasize his personality. He will definitely be pleased.

Praise and thanks

Be sure to praise and thank men when they do something for you, especially something they don’t have to do:

  • Cooked breakfast – “you could work as a chef in a restaurant” or “these are the most delicious eggs I’ve ever tasted.”
  • did the dishes – “thank you, darling, you saved me, I didn’t want to do that”;
  • “you’re so thoughtful,” you put a blanket over me;
  • ♪ bought you something for nothing, “i think i have the most attentive man in the world” ♪
  • got a new job – “well done for trying to change your life for the better”;
  • Made any progress – “I’m so proud of you.

The main thing is that if the man did something, but it didn’t turn out very well, don’t shower him with accusations and criticism, but say thank you anyway. Otherwise you will discourage him from ever doing anything for you.


We all tend to worry about failure and misfortune. Men, though a strong sex, can also be frustrated, depressed and suffering. As a rule, all these processes last longer and are more intense with them than with women. They may not show it, worrying inside. At such moments, they especially need the support of the other half, to feel alone, to regain faith in themselves and gain strength for new achievements. So worry about male failures with him, listen to him and calm him. Only do not need to point out his mistakes, blame the failure, to break down the molecules of his failures. On the contrary, convince him that nothing particularly terrible has happened, that everything can be corrected. Persuade him to analyze the situation and try to start over. Always tell them that you are there for them and that together you will overcome any difficulties.

It is a well-known fact that a sick man turns into a helpless “rabbit”. Even if he has a common cold, fever 37 or bruised “back knee”, show interest in his condition, pour chamomile tea with honey, a blanket, read him a book, in general, show concern. At such times, your “big and strong boy” especially needs the support of a caring woman.

Respect and value

To make the man feel needed, be sure to show him respect and tell him how much you appreciate him. For example, he comes home from work tired. Give him an hour to rest before puzzling him with various urgent matters. Sit with him, say, “I really appreciate that you are so laid out for the sake of our family. Always respect his decisions, remember that you are married, that is, he is the leader of your couple. You, of course, have the right to voice your opinion, but not in the form of an ultimatum, but only as a recommendation. Be sure to add that you will accept any of his decisions. So you kill two birds with one stone. Man will feel his importance, but will listen to your opinion.

Strength and weakness

If both partners in a couple are strong, there are only three possible outcomes:

  • constant competition;
  • one will crush the other;
  • the couple will break up.

Traditionally, a man feels uncomfortable next to a strong and powerful woman. After all, nature has it that the male is always stronger and more important than the female.

So try to show him that you are a weak woman and in great need of his help. This can be some small manifestations, such as phrases like “strong man, help me open this bottle” (move the couch, bring packages, squeeze out a blanket). This way you emphasize his physical strength. You should also emphasize its moral reflection. Be sure to consult with him, making important decisions, as well as trying to find a way out of difficult situations. But try to solve small problems on your own. Any man will get tired if you baffle him and burden his problems every day. Great motivate men and help them feel needed phrases like “without you I can not cope,” “your support is invaluable,” “I’m with you, as a stone wall,” “when you’re near, I do not fear anything,” “how nice that next to me is a strong man,” and so on.

Jealous, it means he loves.

Total jealousy is more likely to destroy relationships than to strengthen them. But its small manifestations will only benefit. They signal a man that you are not indifferent to him. For example:

  • “who’s the hottie sitting at the desk next to you in the office?”
  • “is it just me or is that madam making eyes at you?”
  • “where are you going all dressed up?”
  • “what are those women’s voices in the background?”
  • “who’s that messaging you?”;

Always say similar phrases half-jokingly and with a smile, so as not to cause irritation, but only to hint that you are jealous of him.

Share your innermost feelings.

Nothing brings people together like a shared secret. Tell your man about his experiences and secrets. He should feel his involvement in something big and important to you. So he will understand that you trust him, consider him a close and dear person.

By the way, the words – this is not the only way to tell the man about your feelings, about how much you need him. Actions will tell him much more. They will leave a deeper imprint on the soul and will be remembered for a long time. Girls, more often make nice things for your man – fry eggs in the shape of hearts, invite his friends, watch his favorite movie together, paint a portrait, knit a scarf, buy him slippers, tuck a blanket, show interest in his hobby, hug goodbye, kiss him when we met, touch gently at every opportunity, look affectionately and smile at him. Of these little things brick by brick builds a solid wall of good relationships. That’s it for me. Thank you for reading to the end. Goodbye.

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