How do I deal with apathy?


“I have apathy” – how often you can hear this phrase from those around us. Everyone has moments in life when you don’t want to do anything, there is no need to communicate, nothing around makes you happy. There is only one desire – to lie down, to curl up in a ball, so that no one touches, no one bothers.

Before asking yourself how to get rid of apathy, you need to know what it is, its types, symptoms and causes. Some will smile, and in vain. Apathy is a disorder of a person’s mental health, it does not just arise in an empty place. If this condition lasts for a short time, there is nothing wrong with it. Much worse, if the illness takes a long time and, very dangerous, gradually develops into a severe form of depression. And in this case, how to deal with apathy, can only advise a qualified specialist. You should not risk your health and wait – the consequences can be unpredictable!

Symptoms of apathy

In order not to miss the moment, and in time to seek help, get acquainted with the symptoms of apathy.

  • Visible to others sluggishness of movements;
  • unreasonable boredom – do not enjoy anything that used to be close to your heart;
  • indifferent attitude to yourself, to others, to the world;
  • no desire to make plans for the future and dream
  • absence of desire to do something – laziness, no desire to do anything;
  • a constant desire to be alone;
  • speech becomes monotonous inexpressive;
  • a complete absence of initiative, new ideas;
  • usual activity is replaced by withdrawal.

Causes of apathy

Scientists have named the main reasons that can plunge into apathy:

  • Age crisis, especially middle age;
  • Failures in love and family life;
  • the end of a certain period of life, when everything went on a rut, such as studying at university;
  • a change of residence where one has lived for many years;
  • A change of employment, where a lot of work experience has been accumulated;
  • The end of a long period which has taken a great emotional toll;
  • Excessive “burning out” at work;
  • Insufficient amounts of vitamins in the body – avitaminosis;
  • serious illness,
  • psychosomatic illness;
  • Stress caused by a negative event;
  • excessive, vividly emotional event;
  • pregnancy period.

Apathy – what to do?

Apathy is a state from which you need to get rid of as quickly as possible, it does not let you live, allowing only to exist. It’s important to remember that apathy is only a reaction of the body to a not quite correct way of life, which is not easy to change.

And if you feel that to overcome apathy on their own you do not succeed, and you need the help of a psychologist, you can make an appointment with us for a consultation by phone or via the Internet.

Qualified specialists at our clinic know how to deal with apathy and defeat it. Together with a psychologist you will be able to analyze the situation something to change. Most often it happens that one or two consultations help find a way out. The main thing to understand that you have apathy – what to do, will prompt a psychologist.

Despite the fact that work with a psychologist is the most effective method of treating apathy, there are additional methods that help to consolidate the results. Among them:

  • Exercising in various kinds of sports;
  • Change your environment – acquaintances, job, place of residence;
  • Change your eating habits – eat healthy foods;
  • Remember the benefits of vitamins, take vitamin complexes;
  • Not to get stuck in your “own shell” – to travel, fall in love, learn new things.

Important! There are cases when you do not know the cause of apathy. There is a danger that this may be a signal of the beginning of serious diseases such as depression, schizophrenia, various brain lesions, endocrine disorders and a number of others. To rule it out – a consultation with a specialist is your first step. Do not delay the visit to the doctor!

Indifference to everything that happens around you, lack of desires, emotions, interests, hopelessness and aloofness. This is apathy – life is passing you by. But, everything can be changed, believe me. Sign up with us for a consultation over the internet, call. Mental Health Clinic doctors will help to identify the causes of apathy in your specific case, and find ways to recover. Our goal is to bring back the colors and taste of life. That’s so great. We look forward to seeing you. Good luck.

Are you feeling apathetic? Feeling depressed? We’re ready to help you! Give us a call.

How to deal with apathy and identify the causes of apathy syndromes

In this article, we will try to understand what apathy is in a person. Followers of Stoicism in ancient Greece by the term apatheia, that is impassivity, designated the way of thinking and actions of the sages of this philosophical school. These people were alien to the emotions of certain phenomena inherent in ordinary mortals.

In our time apathy is a mental state in which a person does not want anything, he is uninterested and bored with life, for him all around is boring and seems tedious. He has a hopeless lack of activity, complete emotional inactivity, detachment, lack of goals and interest in the future.

Apathy: the causes

The unwillingness to do something and complete indifference to everything is not at all the vagaries of a spoiled spontaneous personality. Coldness, detachment, lethargy appears abruptly or develops gradually, while the person is not able to control his feelings, does not understand their nature, is not aware of them, can not change anything independently.

Apathy is a special organization of the psyche, the inner world of a person. It is a kind of lever, which the nervous system uses in the period when the resource of mental energy is completely depleted under the influence of traumatic circumstances. The brain, stabilizing the activity of the organism in the course of prolonged excitation of the central nervous system, “turns on” the inhibition. Nature has taken care of such a “protector”, protecting the psyche during a strong nervous heat from the complete depletion of its reserves.

Psychiatry considers apathy syndrome not as a disease, but as a sign of a problem in the psyche of an individual – total indifference to anything in particular, but to everything in general.

Apathy, if it has taken hold of a person for a long time, can become a character trait or visit the individual for a short period of time. Causes of apathy are called the following:

1. emotional burnout as a result of work associated with a large psychological and temperamental output, the need to communicate with numerous people. 2. Overwork. 3. Stress for a long time. 4. Severe illnesses that wear out the body. 5. Organic lesions of the brain as a result of craniocerebral traumas, diseases of brain tissue, neuroinfections, etc.

Long-term absolute apathy is dangerous because the desire to do anything at all, including personal hygiene, disappears.

Such a state of contemplative inactivity can also be a manifestation of such severe mental disorders as schizophrenia, as well as dementia and depression. Somatic diseases may also be involved: HIV-infections, tick-borreliosis. In addition, apathy can be provoked by taking neuroleptics.

Attention, apathy! Symptoms

In addition to complete passivity and indifference, apathy is characterized by the following:

– refusal to work and maintain hygiene; – lowering of mood; – cessation of active communication with friends and acquaintances; – absent-mindedness; – refusal of favorite activities, hobbies; – physical weakness; – inability to concentrate; – slower reactions; – general weakness; – feeling of solitude, abandonment, fear; – memory lapses; – dizziness.

These are the signs of apathy. If you notice them in yourself or your loved ones, and they last more than two weeks, it – a reason to worry. It is necessary to seek medical advice to find out how to get out of this situation.

It is necessary not to confuse depression with apathy: in the first case, a person has no moral and physical strength on the background of a depressed mood, and in the second – his physical condition is good, he just does not want to communicate with anyone and do something.

How to combat apathy

The state of apathy is quite possible after passing an important project, a session, etc. In this case, it is enough to get a good night’s sleep, rest, eat a full meal.

A close person can be saved from apathy by inviting to walk through the streets of the city, in the park or woods. Mountains are excellent – there are few people and the psyche will recover better and faster. Sports, saunas, massages are a great option.

New options of activity should be connected only after making sure that the already taken are easily tolerated and go for good. One has to be careful and not to overdo it in any way in his effort to get the person out of apathy.

It is not superfluous to take micronutrients and vitamins, tea, fresh juice, coffee, chocolate to combat apathy

In severe cases of apathy or if it is a manifestation of mental illness, you need to seek help from a psychologist. He will choose the tactic of exit from such a state. This may be psychoanalysis, cognitive therapy, hypnosis. Medication support is not excluded.

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