How do I apologize to my dad?

How best to apologize to Dad: text message examples and other options

The relationship with your father is always different, special. Men are less likely to show their feelings. During an argument, they can be harsh, strict, categorical. How do you apologize to your dad? At first glance, this seems complicated. Many children think the parent will be rude or scold even more in return.

In fact, reconciliation with the father can be simple and easy. The main thing is to use the right approach. For all the nuances and psychology of dads, read on.

How to choose the right words

First you need to figure out if you are really guilty in front of your dad. If you did nothing, and you are accused indiscriminately, then you should explain yourself, but do not make excuses. You don’t need to take responsibility for things you didn’t do just to make up. For example, if you were given an undervalued grade in math, speak out about the teacher’s bias. Besides, not everyone is born to be a genius, and Dad should understand that.

If your fault is really there, try to calm down and look at the situation in a sensible way. Imagine yourself in your father’s shoes. How much did your behavior upset him and why? How does he feel right now? Try to find words that will soften his heart. For example: “Daddy, you are my dearest person, I am so sorry for what I did. I’m sorry.”

Tips from the psychologist

Although fathers are tough, but most of them are quick to calm down. They do not tend to cause a scandal and sort things out. So when a quarrel or misdemeanor you do not have to turn inside out to be forgiven. The following approach will help settle the conflict easily and simply:

  1. If your father is far away right now, text or email him briefly that you want to apologize.
  2. Try to meet and talk face-to-face at the first opportunity. Don’t put off solving the problem until later. This will make it even harder for you.
  3. Admit your guilt, say you’re sorry.
  4. Offer a solution to the problem. Ask if there is any way you can make it up to him.
  5. If the father starts lecturing, be patient. Even if there is something you disagree with, it’s better to keep quiet about it now.
  6. End the conversation on a positive note. Give your father a hug or just express your joy about the reconciliation.

During the conversation with your father, try not to touch controversial issues. It is better to discuss such things in a supportive, friendly environment. Wait a week or two, and then bring up the subject again if necessary. For example, about your father forbidding you to go out with friends late at night. Offer a compromise. An option is to call every half hour or have a sit-down at home.

If the conflict is serious

If you have committed a very bad act, for example, theft, do not hope for a quick reconciliation. In such a case, your father may be angry for a very long time. Be prepared that you will not just have to apologize, but also to bear a fairly serious punishment. You have to go through it with dignity and learn a lesson.

As for apologies, in a serious conflict they must be as sincere as possible. Find the strength to admit your guilt. Yes, it will be unpleasant, yes, the trust will be undermined, but there is no other way. If you prevaricate and deceive, it will only delay the conflict for a while. When the lies will be revealed, you will be in trouble even more.

To soften the father’s anger, express your willingness to bear the punishment or to solve the problem. Listen to all the comments, and promise to think about it. Relationships with your father will gradually improve, do not doubt. The main thing is to be tactful and respectful, to prove by your actions that you have reformed.

If the silence has lasted a long time

Interrupted communication with a parent is extremely detrimental to the emotional background of both. Your father may want to apologize to you, but is waiting for the first step. In the end, if you are truly at fault, you need to resolve to talk. And even on the flip side, if Dad has allowed himself to be rude during the argument, it’s better to let go of the offense and try to talk.

In return, you will get much more, fatherly support and care. Remember that it is never too late. Every day of silence will alienate you more and more. Just show that Dad means a lot to you. After all, he really does!

How to apologize by phone

Asking for forgiveness in this way can be done if dad is far away. Still, a face-to-face meeting is always preferable. But a phone call is better than nothing. Try to start by sending your father an SMS with words of love. If you’re very worried, you can write about it, adding that as you gather your strength, call to apologize.

Your father will surely appreciate your courage and will be more merciful. The only advice is to control your intonation, because your face is not visible on the phone, and some words may be misunderstood. As an option, you can use Skype communication. This will help create the feeling of a real meeting.

A beautiful apology

This option is great for daughters. It doesn’t take much to melt the ice of a father’s heart. Choose one of the following options, or if you feel like it, use all of them at once:

  1. Write a letter to your father with words of appreciation. Praise him for his positive qualities and thank him for his care and attention. Tell him how much he means to you. You can insert a beautiful poem in the letter, for example E. Vesnova “About Daddy from my daughter,” T. Nikitina “Father,” T. Bokova “Daddy,” I. Pshenichna “Song about Daddy. At the end of your letter, write an apology and promise to make it up to you.
  2. Make a clip of photos you took together. Put a touching song about daddy Dykiri “Daddy let’s sit together”, Smile “About Daddy”, Olya Rozhdestvenskaya “No friend better than Daddy” or another one in the background. After watching your piece your father will be moved, that’s when you can beautifully ask for forgiveness.
  3. Cook Daddy a delicious dinner. Recall what his favorite dish. If you’re not an ace at cooking, ask for help mom.

If you can draw well, you can give your daddy a card, if you can sing, sing a song, embroider – give him a handkerchief with embroidered initials. Use your imagination, remember what makes your father happy and joyful.

If dad is a tyrant

There are situations when my father makes me apologize on and off. This is especially often combined with alcoholism. If tyranny reigns in the house, you need to talk to your father differently. The first thing you should do is ask your mother for protection. If she is also unable to defy a despot, it is necessary to involve other adults – relatives, neighbors.

As a last resort, you should tell the teacher about the intolerable situation at home or write a report to the police. Of course, in the case if the attacks are serious, and not just want to mess with the parent.

How to quarrel less with your father

In order to quarrel less with your father, it is necessary to achieve mutual understanding. Relationships should move to a more trusting level. This usually happens when children grow up. But you can try to do something now:

  1. Prove that you can take responsibility. For example, take over some of the household chores and do your job perfectly.
  2. Share your father’s hobbies, introduce him to yours. Spending time together is very important. You can offer to go fishing together, ask him to teach you how to drive a car or do repairs around the house. Finally, you can play a computer game together or shoot at a shooting range.
  3. Start opening up. At first you may think that your father won’t understand you, but he won’t. Try for once to talk to him heart to heart. Share their experiences, problems, observations. Ask his opinion. This will allow his father to feel its importance, and you enlist his support.

If you manage to establish a close, trusting relationship with your father, to prove that you are a responsible person, the reasons for quarrels will be much less. Dad will realize that his own mistakes you are able to correct on their own, and thus the educational function is performed.

To apologize to your father, you do not need to invent anything. Say what you feel. Fathers appreciate brevity and directness more than elaborate poems or loud promises. Don’t be afraid to start a conversation, even if outwardly Dad is cold and stern. As a last resort, if it’s hard to apologize when you see him, write a letter or text to his phone. Be sure that your father misses warm communication as much as you do.

Apologizing to Daddy

I confess my guilt, I hope for forgiveness. I swear I’ll change from now on, The bad behavior. I promise that from now on all will be well. ♪ I promise you, just trust me with your heart and your soul ♪

**** Daddy, I’m sorry to you, I’ve given you a good reason to break up. Please forgive me and don’t be angry, Let’s make it up sooner.

**** Daddy, put away my doubts, Forgive me quickly, Smile away my sorrows With a pure smile And encourage me with good words!

**** I know it’s bitter to forgive. I know it’s hard to forgive, And when the mark of resentment is gone, Forgiveness will be thrown out of the way. But a father’s love is the truest of all. Forgive me, my love, quickly!

**** With my father by my side It’s as if there’s no problem, I’m always at your side With a look in your eyes, You’ll give me wise counsel In time of need. ¶¶ Forgive me for my rash act, For the wound that I caused in my heart, I promise you won’t get upset no more, I’m sorry, it was all my fault.

**** A little quarrel or misunderstanding, That’s the main cause for worry, Please forgive me, father, And hold no more grudge. I have offended you, believe me, not with malice, A burst of emotion got searing words, I will try to be a sleeper for you, Let happiness and joy be in your fate.

**** You’ll forgive me, my sweet daddy For my foolish mistakes, For insults and like in my childhood, daddy, You’ll absolve me of my sins. Forgive me for all my sins, Without grudge, without reproach, without long phrases, That you hold no grudge, and sanctify my long road in this good hour. The sign of the cross, with a good heart, On my forehead, with your fingers Draw your arms around me And with a gentle smile You bless me for life.

**** Daddy, forgive me! I’m sorry about your child! I didn’t mean to be rude! I’d like to live my life together! I want you to be proud of me, I want you to be happy! I don’t want you to be jealous, I don’t want you to be evil, I want you to be lucky all the time! Life filled with goodness, Warming your home! May your soul be peaceful, We won’t quarrel with you!

A beautiful apology to daddy

My friend, my comrade, my hero, My knight is my father! I’m sorry for what I’ve done, That I’ve suddenly offended you. Now I beg your forgiveness. ♪ Daddy, I love you ♪

**** I’m sorry, Daddy, for trying to seem older and sassing you, For not daring to say how ashamed I am!

**** I apologize to my daddy, Forgive me for my foolishness! Before you I take off my hat, Waiting for my father’s love! ¶¶ Anybody can make a mistake in life But it’s important that my son be by my side ¶¶¶ To keep me and you close, to keep me close and to give me advice ¶¶

**** I’m sorry, Daddy, for not being there for you, for not being there when you needed me… I didn’t help you, though I knew you were always kind to me! I was wrong and I behaved terribly, But now I want to redeem myself! As the years go by Our bond, don’t let it fade, For I’ll never be able to Replace you!

**** I’ve wronged you, Daddy, It’s my fault, dear, I’m so sorry, Daddy, I want to make things right with you. ¶¶ You’re my example in everything, Baby, I just love you, I’m ashamed of what I did, I won’t quarrel with you no more, I promise.

**** I’ve showered resentment on you In an avalanche, And I’ve spilled all my burning words, I’m so ashamed, Because I know How wrong I’ve been, with respect to you. ¶¶ Forgive me for everything, father, Don’t hold a grudge, Don’t hold a grudge, I’ve learned that you have to give in sometimes, To avoid conflict forever.

**** The taste of resentment is so cruel and bitter. Forgive me, father, I beg you, for making you suddenly, as in grief, I taste it to the full. I hope you’ll forgive me. And, you know, you’re the only one who understands me…

**** Daddy, darling, don’t be sad. We’re all deceived by happiness. Life is only participation. Daddy, darling, don’t be sad. Life is sometimes a grudge, So sorry to have spoiled the vistas. Papa, I’m sorry.

**** Forgive me for all the things I’ve said, And don’t hold a grudge, Yes, I may be wrong. On Forgiven Sunday, I stand before you and repent. I look at you, admiringly, Forgive me, papa, dear one.

**** I’ve offended you, Dad, I know, There’s no excuse for what I did, I ask forgiveness, With my hand to my heart, And hope for a positive answer. Let the water melt away, Let misunderstandings disappear forever, Let peace and happiness reign in our home, Let fate always watch over us.

Apology to my beloved daddy

Forgive me daddy dear, For all the conflicts and quarrels, Find in yourself daddy strength, To hold back my reproaches! Let’s forget the past, Let’s be friends forever, For the dearest thing is love in a man.

**** Forgive me, Daddy! Forgive me, Daddy, for not being a good girl. Forgive me for not having a golden character And for upsetting you sometimes… ♪ I’m sorry, daddy ♪ Forgive me, Papa! Forgive me, Papa! I won’t say anything about my age. (No reason to get on my parents’ nerves) ♪ You’re the man in the family, you’re the man ♪ Forgive me for hurting you more and more. ¶¶ I’ll make it right, though it may be hard, I know that God can help me, Though I’m a little older than a child and an adolescent… ¶¶ # Forgive me for my wayward daughter # ♪ And maybe I won’t be as perfect as I’d like to be ♪ Polite, quiet, punctual, I trust you’ll love me as I am. You know, I also cry in pain at night And chase away evil thoughts. And inside I’m torn and empty Forgive me, papa! # Forgive me, papa, my good-for-nothing daughter #

**** Forgive me, Daddy, with all my heart and soul, Hoping he’ll forgive The mistakes I’ve made.

**** Daddy! Only you can understand me like no one else. With you we can travel to the previously unknown magical world of kindness, generosity and harmony, which has become our own mystery. I’m sorry that I foolishly almost ruined our idyll.

**** I know, Dad, that your forgiveness can’t change what I’ve done, and the ashes of resentment will smolder on the embers of your pride for the rest of your life, but your forgiveness can make for a happy and understanding future between father and son.

**** Dad, you are the bravest, bravest and kindest man in this world, so I am sure your heart is capable of forgiving me. And I pray for his forgiveness.

**** Only a true knight like you, Daddy, is able to find power over pride and in the greatest mercy forgive his foolish child for his horrible actions and words. Sorry, Daddy!

**** When we forgive, we think we are releasing the prisoner of our guilt, but what we are really doing is freeing ourselves from the heavy shackles of resentment. Daddy, forgive me…

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