How do boys like at school?

How a boy at school likes you – your first steps

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One of the most interesting periods of your life is school. No matter how difficult, uninteresting, or boring school was – this time is always remembered with a quiet sadness later in life. For any girl’s school – it is an opportunity to find friends, girlfriends, to meet here its first sympathy. Often, this sympathy develops into a feeling for both girls and boys.

And it doesn’t matter how old you are, whether you’re 11, 12 or older, falling in love comes without asking your age.

Of course, every girl, even the ugliest, wants to like the person she likes. But she does not know how to fall in love with a classmate, or a boy from another class. How to like a boy at school? Let’s try to understand the difficult situation, and find solutions.

Why do girls like the guys with whom they study at school?

  • The main reason is that the girls spend a lot of time with them, especially if they are classmates. Studying in different classes, you constantly cross paths at recess, general school activities, on the way to school and home. When you constantly see a handsome and interesting guy, it is difficult to make it so that you do not like him. How to like a boy in 1 day at school? Nothing is impossible, you just have to believe in success!
  • When else to fall in love, as not in the school years? The coolest, most carefree time. Where, if not at school, you can get to know a guy, assess his qualities: whether he knows how to be a friend, how he treats girls, whether he has serious hobbies, his character.
  • The strongest and most fun companies are those at school, and their peculiarity is that you can have fun and interesting time outside of school.

Finally, you like the guy, sympathy for him becomes more and more, and you realize that you need to do something to also like him. We offer girls answers to the question: how to make a guy fall in love with you 10 ways.

10 ways to get a guy to like you at school

  1. Remember: looks are a woman’s main weapon . Every girl is beautiful in her own way, but if you need a guy to like you, you have to try. Guys do not like flashy looks, most of them like the owners of natural beauty, so stick to minimal makeup. Any guy will always pay attention to the clothes the girl is wearing, provided that they are not jeans and pants, but dresses and skirts. Make sure that these clothes are not too short and tight. Remember that your task is to please, not to provoke the guy with his provocative appearance. Sometimes a too short skirt or revealing cleavage can repel a young man.
  2. Simplicity – that’s the power! Try to make your behavior as close to natural as possible, you don’t have to try to be better than you really are. Smile as often as possible, and try to be in a good mood. Cheerful girls like guys and attract attention to themselves. A sincere smile makes any guy pay extra attention to the girl.
  3. Obsessive people are to be avoided, remember that. You have to strike a happy medium. Girls often behave foolishly out of excess of feelings – they chase a guy, and then run away giggling. You can not do that, it’s indecent. Do not show that you’re in love. How to fall in love with a guy at school? If you study in different classes, you should try to cross paths at school more often, but these meetings should not be intrusive and look like stalking.
  4. Surprise and try to be different . To do this, you need to use the best character traits, focusing on them. For example, today you are a dreamy and thoughtful person, and tomorrow you are a cheerful and mischievous girl. And don’t think that if you’re not the first beauty, you need to crouch in a corner and keep your head down! Beauty is important, but love is not for beauty. Look around: there is a pair of lovers walking together: she is nothing special, but she is acting with dignity, and next to him: a handsome, interesting man. Or vice versa. The main thing in a person is not beauty, but character and charisma!
  5. Do not ignore your self-development . How does a classmate like you? Develop your intelligence and work on improving your personality. This also applies to the Internet. There are so many opportunities now to learn new things, and things that you can argue and talk about. Working on yourself will help you not only to interest the guy, but also to become better and more interesting to yourself and others. Find out what his favorite movies, games, and so on are. You need to be aware of everything.
  6. Color is a very powerful energy that helps in relationships. Just recently, 100 years ago, lovers gave each other the same color items of clothing: ribbons, scarves, silk scarves, and even camisoles and outerwear. Why do you think that is? To look like a couple! If you know how the guy you’re in love with dresses – dress in his style, in his colors, to look like a couple with him. If you’re already communicating with a guy, then build your communication intelligently. For example, try to praise him, but do it unobtrusively and on visible merits.
  7. Patience – this is also very important! Try to be patient and be able to wait. Remember that it takes time for the guy to show interest in you, especially if your communication before that was minimal.
  8. Believe in yourself and in your abilities. It’s hard to get someone to like you if you don’t like yourself and you’re constantly looking for flaws. Note your strengths, if you have weaknesses – try to work on getting rid of them. Confident girls like a lot of guys.
  9. Sometimes you have to take the initiative first, because young people are more shy than girls. Not everyone is ready to make the first step and start communicating.
  10. Thoughts have a way of turning into reality, so think more about the good. How to like a guy at school? Imagine that a guy likes you too, your first conversation, your first date. These dreams could well become a reality, provided you put some effort into it.

We also need to remind you that there are many things you shouldn’t do towards a young man, as they can only push you away.

What shouldn’t you do if you want a guy to like you?

  • Don’t try to get attention with defiant behavior. Many girls think that if they dramatically start smoking, or drinking alcohol, the guy will pay attention to it. In most cases he will, but you shouldn’t expect his approval of such behavior.
  • You don’t have to become a friend to a guy. A girl friend rarely becomes a soul mate, so clearly define for yourself what you want from this person.
  • Don’t rush the time, and don’t expect quick results. Achieve your goal gradually, boys, to some extent, also like to be won over. And even more they like the girls legible, and with a sense of dignity. Don’t tell everyone you know about your new crush. There is no telling what kind of information will reach the person you like. Trust only the most trusted and closest people.
  • The worst question you can ask a guy you like is whether he likes kids.
  • Don’t impose your society. You shouldn’t follow a guy everywhere, call him all the time, and leave lots of messages on social media. A girl who doesn’t give a quiet pass is only repulsive, not the other way around. In the case of this behavior, the young man will have the desire to limit communication, because he will have only unpleasant emotions from him.

Well, if you find out that the guy you like already has a girlfriend, you should not despair. Life is striped like a zebra! Today you have no luck, but tomorrow it will be different! Try different ways and means to get reciprocal sympathy.

And take note: even if your love – not mutual, and the boy does not look in your direction, it is not a tragedy. It is important that you learned how to feel beautiful feelings, and so you became spiritually richer! The ability to present yourself, a good mood, confidence and communication – indispensable things in your life.

How to like a boy as a teenager (at school, at camp, in correspondence) and what to do if he doesn’t like you?


In the era of information technology, the Internet is replete with one-type articles and tips on how a boy likes you. Offer different models of behavior for girls, according to which the girls appear to the bold conqueror, a mysterious modesty.

However, the basis of each approach is the same: the most important thing to communicate with the guy. The nuances vary depending on age. Let’s see how you can like a boy in every period of adulthood.

How to like a boy at school?

Sympathy appears in children as early as 10, 11 years, accompanied by the beginning of puberty. However, an earlier manifestation of affection is also possible, with which we will begin.

At the age of 10.

If falling in love at an early age, the main thing is not to perceive such emotions with distrust and bashfulness. Falling in love at this time is perceived by adults with indulgence.

But this is no reason to feel uncomfortable, because it is biologically proven that the adolescent experiences emotions even stronger than adults because of the change of hormonal background!

Everyone, but the teenager – in particular, needs sympathy and recognition of others. So the main advice to like a boy of 10 years – do not be shy to show your feelings. But it should not be taken immediately and active measures: it will be enough to walk in the same company or alone. Even frequent everyday communication with the object of admiration will bring you closer.

The main thing at this age – do not overdo it, because the boys are growing up more slowly, and may not appreciate the efforts of fans because of the excessive childishness.

At the age of 11.

Eleven-year-old idols are already less enthusiastic about games and begin to be interested in girls. In this case, it is better to use the same tactics: spend more time with his beloved, but not scaring him. The likelihood that the boy will be ready to show reciprocal feelings with age increases, so in this tender period should still be careful.

If there is a question about how to like a boy in 11 years, but the boy is older – act wiser.

It is important to understand that older boys are trying to look in the eyes of their peers more masculine, so the first thing to establish themselves among his friends.

To fit into the company, follow these simple rules:

  • Talk to boys as equals;
  • Show that you understand their hobbies;
  • Keep them interested;
  • Bring them positive emotions.

Once you feel comfortable with the group, pay more attention to the object of your affection. Support him more than the others, meet him alone more often, show him that he can open up. Soon he himself will seek your society, will attach on a subconscious level.

The main thing at this age is to show that you are on the same level of spiritual development as the boy you like.

At the age of 12.

This age is a time of self-discovery for teenagers. Acquiring new hobbies, signing up for new clubs, children quickly expand their social circle. And your chosen one is no exception. So to understand how to like a boy at age 12, we must find an answer to the question of how to stand out among his many friends.

In 12 years just be a little girl from his environment: it is important to show that you are proud of the achievements of his chosen one, inadvertently take care of him.

If the guy is a budding athlete, support him at important competitions, taking with you a bottle of water. If he’s still looking for a hobby and is torn between several mugs, treat him to a sandwich on a busy day.

Small signs of attention will prove effective at this age, when the person especially needs support. And over time, they will become reciprocal.

At the age of 13-14

The peculiarities of the development of boys during the period of 13-14 years are considered to be:

  • rapidly changing appearance;
  • disproportionate development;
  • a breakable voice.

Some painfully perceive these changes, so you will need patience and the ability to make worthy compliments to conquer the idol.

It is important to understand: with all the desire to support the object of admiration, do not forget to nurture and self-confidence! Do not give in to the influence of complexes and remember that you are unique!

In front of girls who wonder how to like a boy at the age of 13, is not an easy task! Have to fight for the attention of the guy and his childish habits, and with other girls in love. If you have already fallen into his environment, thanks to past tips, it remains to create a memorable image to win. To do this, you have to:

  • look for an individual style;
  • develop a particular demeanor;
  • develop charm;
  • a memorable perfume.

Due to the four components you will be able to build a chain of associations in the guy, which will each time bring thoughts to good memories associated with you. As soon as he will feel the familiar scent of perfume – immediately your smile will come to mind, and how comfortable he was at that moment next to you.

In addition, you need to correctly recognize his signs of attention. In order not to make a mistake – read this article.

The main thing, how to please a boy at the age of 14 – emphasize your dissimilarity to all his surroundings. It is not necessary to be the best, it is enough to be yourself.

How to impress a boy?

In fact, there is nothing easier than establishing a relationship with a boy. This is also called “inter-gender relations,” and unfortunately, even for many adults, this area is very sensitive and problematic. So how do you figure it all out for a teenager? How to behave properly with a boy to make him fall in love, you can read here.

At school

In adolescence, girls have a problem: how to please a boy at school? The widespread answer “study for the A’s” reflects an incomplete picture. Of course, academic success affects the sympathy, but study – not a universal option.

At school, freedom of action is significantly limited by norms of behavior, but there is nothing wrong with boys interacting with girls. You will have to postpone active action on your free time from school: for example, you can find out how many classes your lover has and “accidentally” meet after class.

The requirement to behave discreetly at school extends to clothing, but do not take it exaggeratedly: business clothes can also be attractive! Discreet and neat style will advantageously emphasize the figure and avoid embarrassing situations when you will be told off by the teacher in front of the boys.

The main weapon of a girl at school – not the appearance, and “unexpected” meetings: pretend that in the dining room there is nowhere else to sit except next to the table, or that you need to wait for the teacher just next to his office. Every moment together will be a break from learning that he will remember with gratitude.

The only problem – this method takes time, while more and more girls are asking moms how to please a boy at school in 1 day.

Impatient lovers can go for a trick: pretend to hurt her leg at recess. If the one for whom the play was played out is nearby – there will be a good excuse to ask him for help. This will make him feel indispensable, strong and emphasize your attractiveness in his eyes.

At camp

In the summer, teenagers, going on vacation, the first thing they do is figure out how to get a boy to like them at camp. Freedom on vacation is much more than in the school year, which makes it possible to take more active steps.

Relying on his gut and knowledge of the character of the boy you like, you can arrange little surprises: treat him to his favorite dish, think of a joint prank on his friends. However, it is worth avoiding popular mistakes: do not:

  • behave swaggeringly;
  • Be around all your free time;
  • Interfere with friends;
  • Deprive him of his freedom of action with your plans.

If it suddenly came to the first kiss, then do not be shy. Good advice on this subject you will find here.

In correspondence

The easiest way to bewitch a guy is to use modern technology. Pages in social networks themselves give a hint, how to like a boy by correspondence in contact. They provide all the information about the person of interest:

  • family ties;
  • friends;
  • favorite music;
  • hobbies.

By examining the boy’s subscriptions, photos, and groups, you get a complete dossier on your idol. And then it’s a matter of technique: it remains to combine the facts intelligently to create the impression that you read his mind, that you are the perfect soulmates.

The main thing when using these rules, how to like a boy by correspondence in VK, – do not delay the phase of communication online. It is necessary to see in person, because the person whose page was so attractive may turn out to be only a bright picture.

What to do if he doesn’t like you?

The first love is not always mutual, and often you have to think how to like a boy, if he does not like you. In this case, you have to analyze what traits he dislikes about you.

The bad option – to stop communicating completely, because you need the opportunity to find out what does not suit you. But you shouldn’t insist on meeting every day either.

It’s important to remember that you don’t have to completely change for one person.

A good option is to use female solidarity to explore and then change. If you’re faced with the question of how to get a boy who doesn’t like you to like you, the best way is to ask a friend for help.

Let her talk about you with her idol and ferret out the reasons that prevent your rapprochement. You will only have to think about what habits you are ready to give up for love, and which will have to put up with your chosen one.

What to do if he loves someone else?

Before closing words need to talk about another situation. Recently, a friend had a question: how to please the boy, if he loves someone else? In this case, she can give one piece of advice: do not rush.

If he is already in a relationship, check his feelings – the main stage of action. You do not need to get a reputation for separation when the guy is not worth it.

If you and the guy are made for each other, it’s time to act. Analyze the pros and cons of the girl the boy sympathizes with, and find similar qualities in yourself. The first while exaggerating, and from the latter try to get rid of. When you are done working on yourself – time to “attack” the object of love.

Unobtrusive communication in the beginning will allow you to get closer to him, and here you will have an advantage over the current girl: she will panic and become too intrusive, while your calmness and a slight detachment charming guy.

Useful video

There are situations in every girl’s life when she thinks about how to please a boy. In fact, it is not at all difficult to charm any boy, the main thing is to know what to do, and the video below will help you in this:


Any girl sooner or later faces the question of how to please a boy that you like. To avoid the negative consequences of unrequited love, it is important to know how to pursue a young man.

In most cases, the way to the heart is not through the stomach, but through communication. At any age a guy needs to realize that the other person needs him, to feel cared for. The person who manages to provide him with support will win his heart.

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