How can you tell if a man is using you?

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To understand that a partner is simply using you for his own purposes, it is not difficult. Connect your feminine intuition to put a stop to a toxic relationship in time.

Suspicions that the relationship has changed for the worse are not unfounded. Finding the answers to your questions will help you with observation. Look carefully at his actions, actions and manners, so as to get rid of unpromising relationships in time. Do not torture and harass yourself if you realize that you are just being used.

How to Know You’re Being Used

1. You pay for everything out of your wallet. If you split the bill at a restaurant a couple of times when you first met, that’s fine. However, if you’re constantly paying for your partner’s joint purchases and expenses, that should put you on alert. Perhaps your companion is just greedy, or he only wants your bank account.

2. Your partner only shows up when he needs something. In case a guy doesn’t respond to your requests for help and then shows up for you to help him, think twice. What kind of man is this who does not want to help the lady of his heart, but quietly uses her kindness for his own selfish purposes?

3. You are just a backup for him. A serious relationship doesn’t mean that you have to meet him every once in a while when he’s free. If he only calls you to escort him to the next concert or to keep him company at a tedious event, cross him out of your life.

He blackmails you with emotion. Often girls get attached to their partner and do not realize that the relationship is not in the best way. The lover may constantly reproach you for something, but continue to date. If he takes off on you negative emotions and constantly humiliates you with harsh words, it is better to stop dating with such a partner.

5. The guy does not spoil you with gifts. This is not about expensive gifts, but if your partner has no memory of important dates and even on his birthday comes to you with empty hands, then it is unlikely that he has strong feelings towards you. If, however, after hinting that you would like signs of attention, your partner continues to ignore you, then you are definitely out of the way with him.

6. The guy is not interested in your desires. You only visit the places he likes, you do what your partner says. If your interests are ignored and your requests go unheeded, you are simply being taken advantage of.

7. The partner doesn’t think about your feelings. In this case, the guy simply will not notice how he hurts you with his actions, will not consider what you are experiencing. It is unlikely to talk about love, if you for him as if an empty place.

8. The partner appears at home far after midnight. Frequent absences and delays, especially without an explanation speaks volumes. You’re definitely being used if they don’t warn you about the sudden change of plans. The guy may spend his free time with friends, completely not noticing your excitement and dissatisfaction, because he doesn’t love you.

9. He rarely takes you with him. If in the early stages of dating such behavior is understandable, then at a more serious stage it should make you doubt his sincerity. Such behavior may indicate that he needs you only for selfish purposes, and may also indicate cheating and betrayal.

10. You have no plans together. People who are in a relationship sooner or later start making plans together for the future. If there is nothing like that in your relationship, it is hardly worth continuing. A partner who refuses to discuss the prospect of your relationship will not be a reliable companion.

11. the person you love will not introduce you to his relatives. A person in love will certainly introduce his beloved to her parents, but this is not always the case. If you have long been dating and even living together, but do not know his relatives, such a relationship can not be called harmonious. Figure out what the problem is, so you do not bite your elbows later, finding out that you just used as an alternate airfield.

12. He simply isn’t interested in you. The guy doesn’t know what kind of music you like, what you prefer to do in your free time, and what annoys and frustrates you. Such a description is suitable for a partner with whom you have just started communicating. If you have been dating for a long time, the alarm bells indicate a lack of sincere feelings for you.

13. The partner doesn’t show emotion. Think about how often you hold hands, hug or show tenderness to each other? If your chosen one shows coldness, bordering with callousness, in public he tries not to touch you, then the relationship can be completed.

14. Partner does not keep promises. In this case, everything is simple and clear: He does not care about you, and he is just using you. A person in love will not behave in such a manner with the object of his adoration.

15. He does not reveal himself to you. If your intuition tells you that something is wrong in the relationship, trust it. The guy who wears a mask, not hurrying to reveal his true nature to you, unlikely much interested in you. Do not make hasty conclusions, but look closely at the behavior of your chosen one. It is possible that he was just using you until he finds himself a “suitable party”.

Before you rush into a whirlpool of feelings, check your chosen one for sincerity. It is not necessary to force him to frank responses, but to follow the behavior of the man you chose, it is necessary. Unfortunately, not all men are decent, and some of them are happy to take advantage of the naivety of their partners.

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How do you know if a married man is using you?

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The expert – Margarita Lopukhova

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“He loves me! He will soon leave his wife, and we will be together forever and ever!” Famous phrase, isn’t it? It was uttered by at least half of the fair sex, and now you find yourself in their place. Since childhood, a girl dreams of more love, of meeting a handsome prince by the time she’s twenty and of a happy family life.

But unfortunately, life takes a different scenario. The long-awaited meeting with the “man of her dreams” happens at a time when the heroine is in her 30s, or even older, and her opponent has long had a life partner and a couple of cute toddlers. Feelings between young people flare up, a secret romance ensues. The woman falls in love, is tormented in the role of the mistress and expects a miracle. What is the psychology of the mistress and why she does not dare to break the relationship, realizing that she is cheated!

Someday everything will be different, and he will belong only to her. But the desired change does not happen. And the young lady begins to think through the heartache that the married man is using her for lovemaking and does not see any future with her. Several important facts indicate whether the partner’s feelings are serious or frivolous.

The first six months

Psychologists assert that if during the first six months after acquaintance and relationship, the guy does not propose marriage to his girlfriend, then she will not hear anything of the kind from him afterwards. Exactly six months is enough for the stronger sex to understand how much the partner is valuable for him and whether he considers her for the role of the wife.

A married man has an affair on the side when he feels the drabness of everyday life and the boredom of family life. He wants to have fun, to drop into a hotel room with a pretty pretty girl and passionately possess her, not hearing as the nursery comes: “Mom, Dad, turn on the light, I dreamed of a monster!

Love affairs take men back to the years of carefree youth, when they and their buddies would conquer girls and have fun. With a mistress, you distract yourself from family worries and experience a range of new feelings that you’re used to feeling with your “everyday” spouse.

“The woman is a holiday” represents a single goal of having a good time. Yes, the married man takes advantage of the naive fool who mentally constructs pictures of family life with him. When the girl talks about the future together, the unmarried lover wrinkles, changes the subject, gets angry, jokes away and after a long time leaves the “nuisance”.

Do not behave like that with the girl you love. She will not have to remind the man about the divorce. He himself will do everything possible to be near the one to whom his heart is drawn.

If he truly loves you, he himself will seek to reunite with you, without unnecessary reminders. And if the man you love has used you at least once, it’s definitely not a conversation about higher feelings.

“I want Larissa Ivanovna!”

A married man uses a woman if he only calls her “for business.” He makes an appointment and immediately hangs up. On her requests to “talk,” the married man excuses himself that his wife, children, mother-in-law, neighbors, distant relatives were there…

And apparently the caravan of relatives surrounds the poor guy every minute: on the way to work and back, when going to the store or the gym. If a guy is in love, regardless of marital status, he will find time to “talk about nothing” just to hear the voice of the object of adoration.

He won’t care what you tell this time: how you poked the cat, hurt your finger, forgot about the pie in the oven. He longs to hear you for nothing.

Waiting for the “miracle – yuda.”

A married man takes advantage of his mistress when he treats her like a toy. During the holidays, he spends time with his family, feeding the lady with promises that he’ll “drop by for a visit.” He makes sure that she does not go anywhere, forbids her to spend time with friends and live at his pleasure.

Thus, the woman will confuse his plans and will be out of reach at the moment when the gentleman deigns to lavish his attention on the lady. The girl is obliged to sit and wait for His Majesty within the four walls.

A loving guy, not being able to spend the feast in the arms of his beloved, will worry that she will not be lonely and sad. He will do everything possible to be near her, or he will take care of her trip to her relatives and will take it easy to spend the holiday with friends.

Think about how your sweetheart spends the holidays. Does he get off with a phone call? Walks in the morning drunk out of his mind, and taking off your dress assures your spouse that he will be back from his sick grandmother in half an hour? Is he using you? … I think the answer is obvious.

All yours is mine.

How do you know – a man loves or uses? Look at his behavior and attitude. The partner who has flaming feelings for the woman, interested in her family, children, personal affairs. He is absorbed in her life, tries to meet her relatives, if the girl does not object, despite the fact that he is a ringed subject. Such behavior states the serious intentions of the man, for whom marriage with the beloved is a matter of time.

If a married man uses a mistress, he views her only as a sexual object. Her family, her problems, her hobbies, to put it mildly, he is not interested. He helps financially if his partner asks for material support, but he does so on the basis of his own benefit.

A loving man strives to be with his beloved and is fascinated by her world. He will bring raspberries for your children (even if his own child is growing up at home), will worry about your mother’s health and take the sickly dog to the vet. And all of this, for you, my love.

Not a word about love.

A married man uses a woman for fun when his behavior slips into these moments:

  • Comes to his mistress any time he sees fit, without warning or phone calls, occasionally barging in drunk at night and leaving early in the morning.
  • Cancels appointments for no apparent reason, sometimes forgetting to warn the woman that he could not attend.
  • Dates are purely sexual in nature. Man shows great interest in experiments, role-playing, but totally indifferent to intimate conversations, especially after intimacy.

Clever woman through the shroud of affection will be able to see when a married man uses her and when he sincerely loves her. Don’t waste your life on an insensitive chump. Maybe tomorrow will give you a meeting with the man who will give you sincere love and family happiness. Look around, maybe he is somewhere nearby.

And how to tell if a man is married, you’ll find out in our next article further down the link.

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