How can you tell if a guy is in love?

How do you know if a man is in love with you? 23 signs

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Why is he not taking any steps – because he lacks determination, or he just does not have feelings for you? How do you know if a man is in love with you? Is it worth taking everything into their own hands and make the first move? It’s time to find answers to these questions.

Symptoms of falling in love.

There is a high probability that he really is not indifferent to you if:

  • He’s starting to behave differently.

Some guys, after realizing they are falling in love, begin to pull away from the girl. Yes, this behavior may not be very logical, but what can you do – humans aren’t the most logical creatures on the planet.

He can be confused and even scared of his feelings, of his helplessness in front of them. Girls can be guilty of this too, can’t they?

If his behavior around you changed dramatically (and yet you did not have any conflicts), look closer to the guy – are you the cause of his discomfort?

  • You’re his priority.

Is he willing to rearrange his schedule for you, compromise and do whatever it takes to make you happy? Does he appreciate your needs and desires and sincerely try to please you? This guy seems to really enjoy your company.

  • He sets you apart from others

He cares about you more than anyone else. Strikes up a conversation just with you. Tries to impress you with jokes. Looks for eyes in the general company and sends you smiles… Sound familiar? That’s a good sign.

  • He cares about your opinion.

If a guy asks for your opinion on issues that are important to him, it can also indicate that he feels sympathy for you.

  • He remembers little things about you

He remembers what kind of coffee you prefer and what movie you wanted to go to the movies. He remembers the title of the book you recommended him to read and invites you to the restaurant that makes your favorite pasta. Why does he pay such close attention to these little things? Because they relate to you.

  • He shortens the distance between you.

Leans in and moves closer during conversations. Cuddles you when meeting you and holds you so (of course, just for that reason!) You do not stumble. He looks for you in the crowd at a party and immediately rushes to you. Because he wants to be as close to you as possible.

  • He protects you

When he’s near you, he immediately turns into a brave knight, ready to protect his princess from the dragon. And it’s not just physical danger. He protects you from all negative influences and does everything to see you smile more often. And for the sake of it he is ready to move mountains.

  • He compliments you

On your appearance, your intelligence, your sense of humor and other virtues. Openly express their sympathy in words, he is not ready, so acts “workarounds.

  • He wants to please you.

And takes active steps to do so. Trying to cheer you up when you’re sad, gives gifts, invites you for a walk, sends sweet messages, etc. Because he sincerely wants to please you.

“He talks about you all the time!” – Did you hear that phrase from his friends? That’s a great sign! Especially if the guy himself is not very fond of showing his feelings. You’ve really got him hooked, don’t you think?

  • He’s always ready to help

Lying at home with a fever, and you’re out of medicine? Or did you have an urgent craving for a popsicle? If he is ready to rush at your first call to solve your problems and problems, then, to this guy definitely worth looking.

  • He worries when you fight.

He doesn’t want there to be any conflicts or misunderstandings between you. And genuinely cares when he realizes he’s upset and disappointed you. Because he values your feelings and your attitude towards him.

  • He’s jealous of you.

Laughingly telling him about another guy’s advances and he starts to boil over? Throws unfriendly glances at any of your suitors? Sounds like this guy is jealous. And doesn’t want you to get someone else (although excessive and unhealthy jealousy is no longer OK, but that’s not what we’re talking about now).

  • He’s interested in your plans for the future.

It’s important to him that you can confide in him and talk about your innermost dreams. He may also want to be a part of your future.

  • He supports you

In all or almost all of your endeavors. He calms you down when you fail and emphasizes your strengths in every way. At times he seems to see more good in you than you do, which is how falling in love works.

  • When he’s talking to you, he puts his phone away.

He’s looking at you, not at his gadget screen. Because, first, he wants to show his interest and get your affection. And secondly, he does not miss the opportunity to admire you.

  • He asks you to write when you get home.

If possible, he will accompany you home himself – it’s another chance to spend time alone with you. If he can’t, he’ll ask you to text or call him to let him know you got home safely. And he really cares – if you forget to text him, he’ll get in touch.

  • He invites you into his company

Is your boyfriend always asking you to join his group of friends? That’s great! It means he wants to spend more time with you and gradually make you a part of his life.

In addition, you’ll be able to conduct an investigation. Firstly, you can find out what his environment is like – you can tell a lot about a person from it. And secondly, from the reaction of his friends to you you will be able to understand how often this guy discusses you with them.

  • He smiles more when he’s with you.

You always manage to cheer him up, and he doesn’t even try to hide it. His face immediately blurs into a smile – the guy is happy for another opportunity to spend time with a girl he likes.

  • He tries to surprise you.

Carefully chooses the place for your meeting. Or his hands prepare dinner. Or arranges your surprises. Or suddenly gives you the gift you’ve been dreaming about. In other words, he’s doing everything he can to make you feel good – just as good as you make him feel.

  • He shares his thoughts and feelings with you

Physical intimacy is beautiful, but only with the people closest to our hearts do we dare to be emotionally intimate. Is he willing to share his worries with you and allow himself to be vulnerable? This is a clear sign that he trusts you and sets you apart from everyone he knows.

  • He’s trying to share your interests with you.

Your favorite show isn’t his style at all, but he’s willing to watch it with you. Why? Because he wants to get closer to you and have another topic of conversation with you.

  • He’ll admit that he’s thinking about you.

He can say it outright or hint at it in every possible way. Because he really has you in his head. And he likes that.

Is it worth making the first move?

If you really like the guy and want you to be together, why not? Especially if you see that he’s also showing you signs of attention and is clearly interested in you. After all, life is too short.

If a guy is by nature insecure and indecisive, you may never wait for him to make the first move. And then, when you’re about sixty years old, you’ll meet by chance in a store and realize that you foolishly missed out on your happiness and a lot of time for nothing. It’s a frightening prospect, isn’t it?

Before you decide to take that first step, however, think about this:

  • You could be wrong.

For some people, flirting is just a form of communication. They can flirt with literally every other person without having strong feelings for anyone. Are you sure your acquaintance isn’t in that category?

Is he always ready to be supportive and come to your rescue? It is quite possible that he is just a very friendly and helpful person. Not just with you, but with everyone in general.

What to do: pay attention to how he communicates with other people. Is he really giving you special attention?

  • Your confession could make life difficult for both of you.

Are you in the same company, study or work together? If so, think about whether it’s worth the risk. If he turns you down, you may experience tension that makes you and the people around you uncomfortable. It’s the same if he reciprocates, you may start an affair, but in the end you break up on a not very good note.

What to do: think about whether this man is worth the risk.

  • Maybe he doesn’t need any of this.

Is he even ready for a relationship? Does he need this kind of commitment? What if his hesitation isn’t just because he’s afraid of getting rejected by you? What if he’s okay with the easy, playful format of your relationship without any obligations or official statuses?

How have his relationships with ex-girlfriends worked out? Does he know how to take responsibility in different areas of life? Or will he hide in the bushes as soon as you make the first move? You need to find answers to these questions.

What to do: Respond to his flirting. Invite him to a non-committal friendly meeting. His reaction to your actions will already be able to judge whether this guy is worth your efforts or not.

The verdict: If you’re used to taking everything from life, do not like to waste time and are not afraid of possible rejection, then you should definitely take the first step. It’s still better than being in limbo for weeks/months/years and subconsciously shutting yourself off from relationships with other people.

How do you take the first step?

You can ask a guy out, hint at the fact that you like him in every way (looks, gestures, flirting) or declare your feelings outright. And if you lack determination, read these stories of real girls who took matters into their own hands:

  • “I took his phone, entered my number and signed my contact as ‘best girl ever.’ Huh, that was so unlike me! But it ended up working out just fine and spilled over into a relationship that lasted five years,” K, 23.
  • “He called me into his workplace. Sitting around, sorting things out. I don’t know what came over me, but I just stood up and walked right up to him. “Well, I certainly can’t concentrate that way,” he said. “Then take a break,” I replied and kissed him,” M, 24.
  • “Oh, I always take the first step. I tell you from experience, guys love it when at a party you just walk up to them and take them dancing with you. Also, ladies, it saves you from having to refuse to dance to suitors you’re unsympathetic to,” R, 19.
  • “I sent him a link to the Myers-Briggs psychological test. He sent me his result, and we started chatting about it. We have now been in a relationship for over eight months,” K, 24.
  • “I’ll just give you some advice: make sure he’s not dating anyone beforehand and don’t confess your feelings on a drunken head. Also, don’t rush things and don’t demand that a guy immediately declare his love for you back,” N, 30.

“How do you know if a man is in love?”

What signs clearly indicate that a man is attracted to you? Reddit girls share their thoughts:

How to know if a man is in love: revealing all his secrets

How to know that a man is in love, not every lady who wants to be loved and desired knows. In addition, the fair sex sometimes incorrectly “read” the behavior of the loved one, taking someone’s politeness or a smile for a sign of a marriage proposal.

To avoid such mishaps, read our article. In it we described in detail the signs that you should pay close attention to in order to understand whether a man really has feelings for you.

The psychology of a man in love

A man falls in love not according to a schedule: this feeling comes suddenly, regardless of desire. The brain will resist, saying no, but the heart will give itself to this flow. And even if a man is determined, willful, his manners will change during this period. Transformation happens to everyone: suddenly those who have had complexes open up, introverts become sociable.

Male representatives are not ready to give so suddenly the wave of feelings, but to fight with this condition for a long time or refuse to give it up altogether, they can not. Sympathy will make itself felt if the girl is pleasant.

There is a theory in psychology: a man in love is at the mercy of the desire to demonstrate his involvement in the gender type. But if you accept this version, then you can compare a man to an animal, unreasonable and not thinking. Young men, despite their views of life, are like members of the fair sex. They need a soulful touch, a benevolent attitude. Otherwise, men would not roam in search of a beautiful, interesting partner, and just impregnate all in a row.

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A man falls in love with a lady who is close in mental manifestations, with whom he feels comfortable and cozy and balanced. Interaction will not line up with the person whose desires and needs do not coincide with his. A young man, starting a relationship, looks closely, analyzes, tries to understand whether the chosen couple will be able to give him what he wants. If he realizes that this will not happen, then the girl is placed in the friendzone: they become just friends. If everything is on point, however, big and pure love grows out of sympathy.

A young man in love will not immediately reveal his feelings. Until he’s convinced that the girl has passed all the tests, fully meets the requirements he has, she won’t be around. Still, there are some indicators: they will tell you what the man feels for the new acquaintance. Conventionally, they can be divided into nonverbal (without the use of words) and behavioral, manifested in manners.

10 signs that a man is in love, but hides his feelings

If you want a man to declare his love, he will say the cherished three words. But this does not mean that the real feelings for you he is still experiencing. How do you know if a man is in love?

There are indicators that help to understand it:

Communication . Take a closer look at how a man behaves when talking to you. If the speech is confused, he constantly interrupts, there are pauses, perhaps he blushes a little, feels shy, feels uncomfortable, then we can talk about falling in love and being interested in you.

Manner of behavior. When a man is in love, at the very beginning of communication, he tries to hide the true manifestations of his feelings. He is wary of everything, as he doesn’t want to be laughed at or denied further interaction. He enjoys being around you, so he may feel anxious. Usually in the behavior of a man in love there is some tension, embarrassment, gestures are slightly twitchy, nervous, the face may blush, the young man will talk quickly.

Manifestation of flirting and flirting . Men who feel the rod in themselves, having noticed an attractive person, will not refuse such a romantic game as flirting. You should not consider this behavior as a blatant pickup. Perhaps there are no other ways to get acquainted now. If you cross paths at the gym, the pool, at work often, a man may come up with an unusual way to get to know you. If not, then flirting is a universal solution to getting to know you for the first time.

Finding an excuse to date . A man who is spirited with love is sure to find an opportunity to meet you. But those who do it for profit, for convenience, will come up with a thousand reasons that will stop them on their way to you. A man who shows interest will do anything to spend time together. For example, if he is passionate about something, he will gladly include you in that activity.

The desire to improve themselves. A man who is in love, ready to perform feats in honor of his beloved: someone writes poems, someone sings serenades, and someone perfects himself. He does this not in order to be praised, and out of inspiration and out of a desire to be worthy of his companion. Many representatives of the stronger sex give up their bad habits. Smoking, alcohol are gone to the background under the pressure of bright feelings, and all the pernicious temptations remain behind the door of a new life. A man at such moments is also grateful to the girl and acquaintance with her, because all this allowed him to overcome his weaknesses.

Gestures. When communicating with a man, pay attention to his gestures, eyes, facial expressions. This will show how sincere he is in communicating with you. Usually, a man in love feels a slight tension and excitement. Feeling as if he does not know where to hide his hands: then takes them into his pockets, then convulsively twists some object. Of course, this is not an indication that the man loves unconditionally, but it still indicates that Cupid’s arrow has hit his heart.

The eyes and the look . A man’s eyes will give away his sympathy. He may look at you long and intently, as if trying to figure something out, catch your gaze, avert his eyes if you meet. If you see these manifestations, know that they show interest in your person. Take a step forward: show that you are pleased with his care, attention, and you do not mind getting to know him better.

Pay Attention to Detail . A man who feels interest in a girl is very reverent about details and little things. He pays attention to what she says, what she wants, he takes note of all the nuances meaningful to her. The young man remembers everything he hears: the music, her preferred kind of coffee, her favorite flowers.

Nice words and compliments . Men easily voice compliments. For them, it’s a no-brainer. A compliment does not mean that the young man has any lofty feelings. To find out what this is: non-binding affair or the beginning of a novel, pay attention to how the words spoken by your partner. When a man is really burning feelings, he is, saying compliments, trying to touch the object of desire. In general, the desire to touch his girlfriend, look into her eyes – an indicator that a man is in love.

The manifestation of care. A man in love is like a knight. It’s as if he is on alert: waiting for you to rush to your aid and rescue. He is ready to solve even the smallest problem, if it bothers you.

He will rush to you as soon as you call for him. A young man will get what you need from under the ground, care for you, protect you, protect you. And the list of actions is endless. He does it to see you smiling and happy.

Proven ways to find out if a man is in love with you by correspondence

How do you know if a man is in love with a woman by analyzing correspondence with him? When a young man feels sympathy for a girl in order to entice her into his network, all kinds of methods are used.

The most common indicators of sympathy:

How often a man texts . To understand how much a man likes a girl, you can tell by the number and frequency of SMS messages that he sends. Take into account the regularity of the messages: if a young man sends them every day, then the interest is clearly there. And the more SMS you are receiving, the stronger the sympathy of the man, the more he wants to be in the center of your attention. The interested young man will find at least a minute in a busy day to remind you of his existence, skim a smiley face, some picture or video.

If you see each other infrequently and text every other day, he’s probably interested in you as a girl, but he may be considering different developments. If a young man sends you messages only on significant dates, holidays, it’s probably just a sign of decorum, an indicator of politeness, but no more.

How often he says compliments and what they are . Sympathy on the part of a man is manifested in the compliments he expresses. The more sweet, gentle words he says, the more interested in your person. He may leave a compliment under the photos on social networks, writing in messages. If a young man is shy, he will send various gifs, pictures on the page, they will hint at your feelings. Look at the content of the compliments. If they are ordinary phrases, he is likely to send these texts to many people. But individual messages emphasizing both your strengths and flaws that seem fine to him are a different story.

Whether he’s asking for your help, whether he wants to hear advice . When there is communication between a man and a woman, he tells her about the situations and events that happen to him. And he may ask for advice. This usually means that the girl’s opinion is not indifferent. The man considers her intellectually advanced, savvy in the matter with which he addressed. Those girls who seem uninteresting are not asked for advice or help.

But be careful: if a man asks you for financial help, saying that he doesn’t have enough money or that there was an emergency, most likely he is selfish. If it’s an internet dating be doubly cautious: it may be a scammer.

What signs in correspondence will tell that a man likes you? Of course, the messages alone are not enough. A personal meeting will tell much more: you need to analyze the gestures, facial expressions, speech of the young man. When we know all this, we can also dive into the analysis of the text, the regularity of messages.

Look at how proactive the man is. Here it is the same as with the date in real life: if you cause sympathy, the young man will invite the first meeting, will look decent and beautiful, will come with a bouquet of flowers, will think about how your next date will go, will certainly spend up to the house. In correspondence the same laws apply: when there is interest, there will be questions from the young man, he will take into account what he likes and what he does not like, trying to write beautifully and competently.

Determine whether a man spends a lot of time on correspondence with you. If the messages are short, just to answer, the conversation doesn’t flow, the young man is always busy, answering messages very long, there is clearly little interest. A man who is interested in you would rather talk to you than play a computer game.

Examples of behavior when a man is in love with another

Marriage is no guarantee that the man who promised to be there forever, for better or for worse, will love faithfully and faithfully forever. Such a story is more common in fairy tales, although even there the characters go through a lot of difficulties before they find peace and love.

In life, many wives are faced with a partner in love with another girl. What to do? How do you get through the moments of betrayal? Or how to behave, how to endure when you see or guess that your spouse is submissive to the other.

Indicators of sympathy for the other:

The spouse doesn’t talk about things he or she did with the girl, but about how she behaved, talking more about her persona. For example, he shares with you their project together. But in fact, you learn not the essence of the case itself, but how the person works, who she is, what contribution she made, what worked out.

In doing so, the husband may give not only positive but also negative assessments of the girl’s behavior. She may even irritate him. Typically, this is a brain reaction: he is trying to protect himself from the impending feminine charms, or maybe it’s just deceptive language for you as a spouse. But the fact that he is not indifferent is true.

Their meetings don’t end in business communication, her husband crosses paths with her in other more informal spaces, constantly traveling with her somewhere, bringing her in and taking her out. Some will say that this is just a display of gentlemanly qualities. But if that gallantry goes into overdrive to take care of you, to solve family problems, then it’s overkill, not an indicator of good manly upbringing.

Internet or texting correspondence. If you see that your husband is constantly in touch with the girl, if in their correspondence appeared not dots and dry words, but emoticons, hearts – time to raise the alarm.

Your husband won’t let the phone out of his hands or won’t let you even go near it.

Your spouse chooses to communicate with a new acquaintance to the detriment of spending time with you. For example, instead of going on a romantic date with his wife, it is suddenly vital to go to a meeting with this girl.

How to know if a man is in love with a girl: re-read the above, these signs are enough.

In summary, we note that we have immersed you a little into the secret worlds of the male mind, allowing you to recognize what emotions and feelings the young man is experiencing. Sometimes a representative of the stronger sex is less emotional than a woman, he can’t directly say that he likes you. But his actions, if you start to pay attention to them, very well characterize the state of being in love. It is actions will show how strong his feelings for you.

Keep a healthy objectivity in the conclusions and thoughts. If you feel sympathy for a man, do not play silent, give a light hint, show that he likes you. This will be an impulse, reading that, the man will begin to make steps. If he is like an impenetrable wall and does not understand anything, try to go towards yourself. You can voice your thoughts, don’t be shy. Who knows, maybe this story will lead to something big and very long lasting!

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