How a woman to understand a man?

How to understand a man

How to understand a man? Because sometimes it seems very difficult for women, because often a man can be silent and not express their own emotions. Sometimes even loving people in a couple is difficult to understand each other. The longer the union of a woman and a man, the more between them are capable of disagreements that can lead to quarrels and scandals. It would seem that it could be easier than to learn over a long period of time each other, but the full acceptance of each other occurs not for all couples. Often women because of the great love and go to the sacrifice and adjust to his chosen one, while playing the role of a good wife. But hidden desires and protests can still sooner or later find their way out. Therefore, the main cause of all disagreements and scandals in a couple is a misunderstanding.

How to understand the psychology of men

To learn to understand the psychology of men, you should master the art of correct communication with him. Need to learn to talk to him in the same language. Women often want from the stronger sex that they are not able to give them, but not because they do not want, but because they do not understand what exactly from them expect feminine. Understand the psychology of men can be if you learn how to convey to them their desires and thoughts, so it is important to learn how to properly articulate the topic of conversation. Rolled eyes and pouting cheeks, questions like – “what kind of relationship do we have?” representatives of the stronger sex are very frightening and alarming, so they do not know how to react to them. Instead, you should just say what the woman wants and for what purpose. For example, a woman should directly say that she would like her chosen one to kiss her, because this gives her confidence that she is loved, or, for example, you should directly say that you would like your chosen one to call you back in order to avoid women’s excitement.

A woman who understands a man, will not hurt her male ego during a conversation, and will never compare it with other representatives of the stronger sex.

Each conversation with a representative of the stronger sex must end with certain conclusions, because emotional, long female introductions will be meaningless if there is no clear end to the conclusion. Female representatives of the fair sex should not be surprised if their chosen ones respond in one phrase as a sign of agreement. This is because all the men’s thoughts run in the head, but not pronounced aloud.

How to understand a man – psychology

Psychologists say that some breakups and conflicts are due to lack of understanding of male psychology and the inability of females to “manage” men, and the second part – because of the unwillingness to grow up and male irresponsibility. Men differ from feminine not only physiologically, but also psychologically, intellectually, and emotionally. Everyone knows about it, but everyone forgets about it during domestic problems. And in most cases it can help to avoid quarrels and resentments.

How to understand a man, if a woman is sure she is right. Advice from psychologists in this regard are:

– To understand a man will be easier if you learn the differences between women and men;

– It is important to realize that by nature all men are conquerors, and therefore the spirit of struggle is strong in them;

– they are more stubborn and persistent than women; they love to get attention and defend their opinions;

– women are more inclined to compromise, so it is desirable for them not to forget about it and to be accommodating in difficult situations;

– If a feminine speaks without thinking about personal relationships, a man acts without thinking, so don’t be offended by men who do things without thinking. That’s the nature of their character;

– Women often do not realize that for the stronger sex of their appearance is not the most important, and berate a man for the fact that he is, for example, wore a tasteless sweater. The main thing for men to feel comfortable in their clothes according to the situation;

– Most women equate a man’s view of a beautiful girl with treason. This is not true at all. The representatives of the stronger sex have a well-developed and eroticized vision, this can explain their involuntary excitement at the sight of a beautiful girl, but it does not mean that a man will run after another, so feminine should learn to perceive men adequately, not to be offended, and not irritated. This phenomenon can be compared to a woman’s burning eyes at the sight of a beautiful dress;

– to understand a man can, if we do not forget that the most important thing in the relationship is the language of respect and love, which will help unite with a man and complement each other in harmony.

Often women ask at consultations with psychologists about how the psychology of men, which they do not always understand. And in general, what do men want? How they think and how best to communicate with them? How to understand a man and how to make him like you? And what do you need to do to make a man appreciate and respect a woman?

So, how to understand a man – psychology:

  • First, all men love attention, affection and care. They need their feminine admired, even if their exploits and embellished. It is important to meet his man with a smile, preferably while still hugging;
  • Secondly, representatives of the stronger sex like to perform for favorite women understandable and feasible requests, which should be expressed aloud, and not wait that they themselves have guessed something to do.

For example, a man will not guess himself that flowers are important for a woman, if the woman herself will not tell him about it, but it should be said without hysterics and in a calm voice. For example, it is useless to demand from your beloved to make repairs at home, if he quietly hates it and does not know how. It is better to direct his energy to earn extra money for repairs, which will make professionals.

All women make the typical mistake, thinking that her chosen one will listen and just chat to her about the problems, as her best friend. Do not expect him to be as sympathetic as his girlfriend by telling her about her problem. A man won’t hand out advice on how to fix the situation with specific recommendations, but he can have a heart-to-heart talk just in case there is some discussion going on.

Only by beginning to respect themselves and their needs to women, you can get the strong sex to fulfill their desires.

A woman who understands a man, allows him to be alone, to lie on the couch, watch your favorite soccer game or boxing. She realizes that her chosen one can not devote all the time to her or all the time to work.

Representatives of the stronger sex do not like to be controlled and ask a lot of questions: “where have you been, where did you go, where did you spend your money, why did you say that”. If such instructions and questions come continuously from women, then sooner or later they run away from such a relationship.

How to understand a man’s attitude

Women in relationships with members of the stronger sex should realize that they are constructed differently, so it is very difficult to understand men and their attitudes. They understand and feel women’s actions far differently than men do. It’s all about the peculiarities of male psychology. For example, the day of acquaintance, wedding anniversary representatives of the stronger sex do not belong to the significant dates. But forgetfulness in the little things does not mean that they are indifferent to his beloved. The stronger sex is driven by great achievements, and reverence for tradition is not so important for them, so the fair sex should just accept this fact, not be offended and remind in advance of the upcoming anniversaries to their loved ones.

Do not make a scandal, to reproach about inattention, it should be explained calmly that this is very important. Having received the desired, it is necessary from the bottom of his heart to thank your loved one, so he realizes how important for a woman to fulfill small requests and feel sincerely loved. Women’s patience and love over time will instill in her husband an understanding of the importance of these little things.

Author : Practical psychologist Vedmesh NA.

Speaker of the Medical-Psychological Center PsychoMed

How to understand a man and make the relationship easier

One woman is able to understand a man without making any effort, while another can not understand his desires and needs. The ability to understand the feelings of another person psychologists call empathy. Women are a natural gift of this property. Fear and insecurity hinder understanding the man’s attitude towards his beloved. The girl is afraid to make a mistake or subconsciously or consciously does not want to know the truth.

What he is silent about.

Everyone at least once in your life had to hear the phrase: “Women love ears. Compliments and caressing words are perceived as a demonstration of love, sincerity. But what if the guy is silent? How to understand his silence? Does it mean that the chosen one is indifferent to him? There are several reasons for such behavior:

  1. The presence of complexes. Men are prevented from expressing themselves and speak out low self-esteem and the wrong example of family life of parents. When Dad never said affectionate words to Mom, it is unlikely that the son will fill a woman with compliments. Perhaps at the beginning of the relationship, when everyone wants to seem better, the guy is more talkative and generous with affectionate phrases. When the relationship moves into the category of stable, the risk of a breakup disappears, so the behavior changes, the man becomes himself.
  2. Character peculiarities. There are guys-babalobolas, ladies’ man, and there are serious men who are not used to showering compliments, but prove their tender feelings with deeds. If your favorite sparingly on caressing phrases, but gives flowers, gifts, supports in difficult times, then you should not doubt the sincerity of his feelings.

If a girl is waiting for a serious step, but the chosen one is silent, you should also not rush to judgment. There are several options: the guy is not sure about his feelings, does not want to burden himself with a serious relationship, is waiting for the right moment.

Differences from women

Men differ from women in thinking, behavior, attitude towards life and many other things. They are completely different “beings” who often find it difficult to understand each other. To understand what men want, how to make them happy, you should remember some commonplace truths.

A different way of thinking

Guys are used to specifics and logic, but women are guided by emotions, feelings and their own feelings. Actions of young ladies sometimes do not lend themselves to common sense, and guys can not understand the basic desires of the chosen one. To avoid conflicts and absurd situations to do the following:

  1. Do not guess for a man, but ask specific questions.
  2. Make clear claims without beating around the bush.
  3. Girls want to be listened to, understood, and supported, without much demand for active action to solve problematic issues. Men find emotions unnecessary and immediately look at the heart of the problem. When mental tosses are empty, there will be no reaction, and the woman will continue to suffer because of the misunderstanding.
  4. Guys get excited when they feel sexually attracted and see an object of lust. Girls experience similar feelings after affectionate and gentle words, touching, emotional intimacy. In other words, to provoke a man for sex, you need to clean up, wear seductive lingerie. Woman be turned on by stories of tender feelings, mental anguish and burgeoning passion.

When the chosen one knows why his partner behaves in a different way, and does not require him to do the impossible, the relationship goes smoothly.

Guys do not change.

Many girls mistakenly believe that the partner can be changed over time. But men don’t change. You can only slightly tweak their behavior and views on life. In this regard, you should initially choose a partner of whom you want, but not in vain hope that he will change.

Men love with their ears.

The common statement “Men love with eyes, and women – with ears” describes the essence of behavioral and thinking activity of all representatives of the stronger and weaker sex. However, do not assume that guys do not need compliments, caressing words, flattery and approving phrases. Men also love with their ears.

On the first date guys assess the appearance of the girl, but the final portrait is drawn after she begins to talk. The timbre of the voice is not important, but the meaning of the phrases that she voices. Beautiful outside, but unattractive inside repulses guys.

Representatives of the stronger sex need praise and support more than women. Evaluation of the merits and exaggeration of the elected one – the key to a strong relationship. Compliments and caressing words should be said periodically, and in some cases it is worth openly flattering.

He takes advantage of what they allow.

There is a statement that every woman deserves the man who is near her. You can argue with this, but the truth remains true. The way a girl allows herself to be treated, and so will behave the chosen one. Partners in the first time of communication to assess each other, find out the interests, capabilities, needs and requirements. Then they gradually begin to do what is permissible.

A woman’s word – a reason for action.

When men do not understand the behavior and desires of their chosen one, they are waiting for accurate instructions. After hearing a clear explanation, they begin to take action. But we should not forget about the accuracy of statements and choose the right moments.

Dangerous nuances of misunderstanding

When there is no understanding between partners, there is no trust, there are doubts, suspicions, quarrels, conflicts, nervous worries and unnecessary clarifications of the relationship. Often the inadequate behavior of the girl becomes the cause of the same reaction from the partner.


On the one hand, this feeling is taken for granted when people love each other, on the other – is destructive if jealousy is unfounded. Everyone has heard the phrase: “Jealousy means love. Here it is more about a sense of ownership. In this case, some women are clearly demonstrating jealousy, while others restrain feelings, draw conclusions and make the right decision.

Jealousy torments girls with low self-esteem, who are not confident in their partner and can not allow the thought of separation, if he finds another chosen one. In a love relationship, you will not be nice by force. If the guy is looking around, it means that he lacks something or he does not have a sense of responsibility. Do you need a favorite to wear out your nervous system, it is up to each woman to decide.

Suspiciousness, constant complaints, accusations, suspicions and scandals based on jealousy ruin the best relationships. Smart women make sure that they were jealous, stupid instead run after guys themselves. You can identify betrayal in many ways, if there is one. When there is no cheating, there is no need to spoil the mood for yourself and the person you love.


Some couples have a pattern of behavior in which the woman plays the role of a mother and the man plays the role of a spoiled child. There is a statement that good wives do not leave, for a man to be comfortable, it is necessary to feed and clothe him. The woman you love turns into a second mother, but becomes uninteresting sexually. The chosen one develops a psychological barrier, because the son can not have sex with his mother. Hyperopedicism makes a grown man’s henchman. In a normal relationship, a man acts as a leader, with excessive tutelage – a helpless creature.

Repriminations and admonitions

Representatives of the stronger half of society do not like to be taught and advised. If the chosen one will need help, he himself will say so. Men should not be reproached for the following:

  1. Lack of understanding. No guy can understand a girl. The reason is not at all in coldness, insensitivity or indifference, but in physiology. Men accustomed to analyzing everything, to build a logical chain, can not understand the plexus of feelings, mental lamentations of women.
  2. In the departure from the problems. Often, hearing reproaches chosen, the partner shuts up, closes in on himself. This way he saves self-esteem and stalling for time to make a decision. Before concluding, he needs to think, weigh the pros and cons.
  3. In sexual sameness. Men have sex to satisfy natural needs, women have sex to be loved. The partner longs for a woman’s body, and the partner longs for caresses and tenderness.

Reprimands should be appropriate and based on facts.

Reminder of mistakes.

It is inherent in every person to make mistakes. If the situation has already been discussed, and the partner realized his guilt, it is not worth remembering and going back in time. Forgive and forget. If the woman will constantly bring up past mistakes, her partner will want to run away from her.

Understanding through body language

A man can hide the thoughts and feelings that he is experiencing, but the truth can be learned through nonverbal methods of communication. Gestures, facial expressions, movements, as well as the timbre of the voice and the way of giving information give away the truth. During the communication psychologists advise to pay attention to the following points:

  1. Looking down – to the right – up – to the left gives out a liar, who on the fly comes up with the necessary phrases and favorable versions.
  2. A man who wants to attract the attention of a woman he likes either starts to make noise to be noticed, or behaves too quietly (sits apart from the others, makes a sullen look).
  3. If in the presence of a lady partner rubs a button, adjusts a tie, crunches his fingers, then he worries. Going through small objects, shaking dust from his jacket are signs of lying.
  4. The eyes of interested or in love guys become “bottomless. This effect occurs due to the dilated pupils. Additionally there is a shine, which gives away the true feelings.
  5. Otudayut man’s eyebrows, which fly up at the sight of the object of sympathy. Only an attentive woman can notice this trick, and it is almost impossible to control this gesture.
  6. Accidental touches to the body of the chosen one indicate that the partner likes her company.
  7. At close range, the man casts a glance at the chin, breasts, catches her gaze, and repeats the movements of the body. This happens arbitrarily. If you observe the guy’s behavior, everything becomes clear.
  8. If a man is in great physical shape, he will certainly want to demonstrate it to his girlfriend: unbutton his shirt, take off his shirt while playing soccer, wear tight jeans.

Understand the true intentions of the chosen one through correspondence. It is much easier to write about your desires, feelings than to say it in person, looking into his eyes.

To understand a man is not difficult. Girls look much more mysterious and incomprehensible in the eyes of the stronger half of mankind. They tend not only to apply certain knowledge, but also to feel the inner state of the partner.

Journalist, editor, author of numerous articles on family and social psychology. Participant in conferences on psychology and pedagogy .

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