How a guy likes you if you’re not pretty?


Why ugly girls have a better chance of attracting a man

Sometimes it is unclear how it happened that men have absolutely everyone around you, even those whom you used to consider unattractive. Why do men pay attention to those who absolutely do not take care of themselves?

It can be very frustrating when you literally bend out of skin to attract men’s attention and make the opposite sex to admire you, but nothing comes out, while your ugly friends are happy in relationships and marriage. Why are men completely indifferent to the beautiful woman caring for themselves, but give all the attention to the one who, it would seem, absolutely do not care about their appearance? She is not trying to lose weight, dye her hair a different color or learn to use makeup products, but it makes her happier than you. We found out why ugly girls have a better chance of attracting a man.

Different tastes.

The first and main reason is that there is no such thing as an ugly girl. It is possible that the girl you know, whom you think is “far from beautiful,” attracts many men because of her appearance. All male representatives have different tastes: some people like chubby, some people like skinny, some people like blonde, some people like dark-eyed, some people like natural appearance, and some people are suspicious towards those who can’t draw the same arrows on their eyes. So it is possible that your tastes and ideas about beauty just do not coincide with the tastes of your chosen one, and in fact she is not less beautiful than you.

Men love imperfections

Beauty – a subjective concept, and often it consists of minor imperfections: the bump on his nose, a mole on his cheek, too big eyes. It is in these imperfections first of all fall in love with men – a little zest, which clings to their eyes. A smart woman does not try to hide her flaws – she turns them into advantages that attract men’s attention. Each imperfection makes a woman special, and therefore most desirable and seductive in the eyes of the opposite sex. It is the imperfections of the “ugly” woman most often become the reason for which she had a suitor, but nobody wants an ideal woman. Look at yourself: if you still can not get men’s attention, perhaps the fact that the male sex simply do not latch eyes?

Inner Beauty

Appearance is not the most important thing. Even the most ugly appearance can get used to. And it is possible that this is why men pay attention to the one you used to consider unattractive, because she has another trump card. People who are not very lucky with the appearance, most often pay more attention to their inner beauty: charisma, charm, charm and other secrets of female attractiveness. In addition, they are kinder to others, do not differ too narcissistic and selfish, do not believe that everyone must love them just for the pleasure of seeing a beauty next to them. Men do not like too arrogant women, so the external beauty of the male sex often prefers the inner meekness and charm, which can often be found in those women who are considered ugly in society.

Win a man’s heart can be different ways, and every woman has a chance to pick up the key to him. No need to be ashamed of their shortcomings – they can make you beautiful in the eyes of the male sex. Unattractive women do not exist, and every girl sooner or later will meet the one for whom it will be most desirable. To do this, do not necessarily put tons of makeup on your face or dress only in expensive dresses.

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6 reasons why men might like an ugly woman

Beauty and the Beast is a well-known story. The Beautiful Man and the Beast is a totally different tale, not understandable to everyone, a strange, seemingly ambiguous one. But there are no ugly women! Any self-respecting and, more importantly, lazy representative of the beautiful half of humanity knows how to throw off the frog’s skin and turn into a beauty. Leaving aside the taste preferences, individual for each man, let’s try to highlight the reasons for his choice of an unattractive lady.

It women

Realizing and accepting her unattractiveness in her youth, the ugly girl may be disappointed in life. And then every gray mouse makes her own choice: either she turns into a rat Blue Stocking by a mature age, or she picks herself up and makes herself.

The woman likes to scandalize, but her man is indifferent to it, because he likes it: it’s luck or ill-omened and we have to split up.

Went through a thorny path of trial and error, ridicule and misunderstanding, pain and suffering, self-discovery, self-improvement and self-realization, before the astonished gaze of family and friends of the former ugly duckling will appear well-groomed, stylish, spectacular lady. She alone will know what efforts it cost to make this wonderful transformation.

Together with a mind-bogglingly attractive appearance gained self-confidence and self-regulation, improved intellect, polished charisma, developed discipline. Here they are – the tricks that can turn men’s idea of an ugly woman. Man subconsciously feels the attraction and is not able to resist.

Sensual-emotional background and IQ

An ugly woman, as opposed to a brilliant beauty, has a more considered and wise attitude towards life. She appreciates what she is given, and what she is not given, she tries to get by all possible means.

Four common female rules in relationships that men most often resist

By definition, a dorky girl does not need to maintain the image of a cold beauty. More often than not, they are charming fun-loving women with a good-natured disposition, a heightened sense of humor, sparkling eyes, and a ringing laugh. Such women are easy and pleasant to talk to. Most importantly, she doesn’t draw. She has learned to accept and love herself as she is. And what could be more attractive than naturalness?


She is most likely intelligent and erudite, because instead of parties and dates (to which she was not invited) she read books. Literate speech and a general level of knowledge make her a pleasant conversationalist. The benefit of studying women’s magazines is also evident – she has thoroughly studied the psychology of men and knows exactly what he wants, how to please him, what to say and what words to express.

Liked the married man, but she was in the role of the deceived wife: how to act, understanding the situation.

In addition, she knows how to listen and empathize. She will definitely support if necessary and let you know that the man is interesting to her, she cares about everything he has to say. Any man in a dialogue with a charming woman will make sure of his uniqueness, forget about her external data and focus on his positive feelings.

Attitude to the Man

In contrast to the demanding, spoiled, selfish beauty an unassuming mouse clearly knows his place in life and does not pretend to more, being content with the given. Her man is the center of the universe. He chose her, gave her a sense of certainty, led her on. She treasures the relationship and tries her best to create a man of comfort and convenience, which he does not want to leave.

Man “easier”: will he make a woman happy, or should not compromise in the choice of a suitor

The dullard is aware of his own unattractiveness, not capricious, not demanding, not quarrelsome, not allowed to scandalize and indecent language. She will never give a reason for jealousy and will try not to allow reasons for upsetting and worrying her man.

Domestic adaptability

An unattractive woman may not shine externally. But according to statistics, it is the ugly women who are the most accommodating and hospitable hostesses. The primary goal of a girl who is unsophisticated in male attention is to build a family and create comfort and prosperity in it. She knows how to set up a household, how to run a household, how to win a man through the stomach.

Home care and attention men associate with the mother. And so, having taken it upon herself to organize a comfortable existence for her man, the chances of a dorky woman increase. The main thing is that she knows how to wait, unforgettably, without claims and accusations.

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All the described positive characteristics of an ugly woman definitely point to one thing: despite the confidence gained by self-improvement, the ugly woman all her life lives with an inner fear of being rejected. And only an atmosphere of love, respect and trust, created by her hands and supported by her man, gives her a sense of stability and peace of mind.

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