How a girl should behave in a relationship?

How a girl should behave properly with a guy.

At a certain stage of the relationship comes a more conscious perception of reality, when lovers begin to get used to each other. Partners see some character traits that they did not notice before or did not pay attention to. Before taking a girl to the registry office, guys look closely at their soul mate. First of all, they want to see a good mother and hostess. Therefore, a girl’s behavior should present itself correctly in order to win the heart of a man.

At a certain stage of the relationship comes a more conscious perception of reality, when lovers begin to get used to each other. Partners see some character traits that they did not notice before or did not pay attention to. Before taking a girl to the registry office, guys look closely at their soul mate. First of all, they want to see a good mother and hostess. Therefore, a girl’s behavior should present itself correctly in order to win the heart of a man.

What kind of girls prefer guys

Inexperienced young girl can hurt herself in a relationship with her lover. She does not show such tolerance and leniency to men’s shortcomings, as women of a more mature age.

Due to his young age she reacts more violently to the words and actions of the guy that she does not like. Can pick on little things, to express much emotionally their discontent where you could pretend that nothing happened. The male sex does not like to listen to criticism in his address, especially if it happens constantly.

Guys are attracted to girls by certain character traits:

Character trait Explanation
Modesty To be moderately modest is always advantageous. Strongly uninhibited people disgust a guy and can lead him to the idea that they are easily accessible. And he should know and feel that he is the only one – the only and favorite.
Vitality and courage A positive thinking girl always brings positive emotions and joy. And bold ideas and suggestions will make it clear that the chosen one is a very extraordinary person, with whom you will not be bored. In addition, a good mood and fun will always be present in the relationship
Emotional . It is important for a young man to see an emotional reaction to his actions, especially when he makes pleasant surprises. For example, organizes a romantic date where he sees that his efforts were not in vain. It is unlikely that a guy will like the same mood of his other half. And for all the action will be one facial expression that does not show a smile or sadness
Simplicity in communication Men do not like cold and unapproachable women to whom you do not know which side to approach to please. More contactable girls make friends faster and get into a long relationship.
Morality Men want to see an honest woman who has clearly formed principles of morality.
Delicacy They like it when their shortcomings are addressed in tactful ways without aggression and hysterics. Especially if the guy has some complexes, with harsh treatment he can simply shut down and distance himself from such a girl
Culture Beautiful speech of your beloved without swearwords and parasitic words is always important. Even during a quarrel or misunderstanding should be avoided strong words. In addition a girl should be able to behave in a cultured manner in public so that the guy does not have to blush for his lady’s antics
Conflict-free . A woman should avoid conflicts with other people in the presence of a man so he will not consider her a quarrelsome person. Let him see that his girlfriend does not want to participate in scandals and quarrels, and know that if there is a misunderstanding within the couple, it will be resolved calmly, by talking and arguments

Much depends on how the woman will behave in a particular situation. You need to show yourself a noble, calm, reasonable, intelligent and wise woman. After all, men like it when they are accompanied by a charming and dignified companion.

Who do you need to conquer?

A woman should choose a model of behavior depending on who she is a man.

Who has to Model of behavior
The guy she has been dating for a long time Talk in a calm manner, do not hide what you do not like in his actions and words, but point it out without scandals and accusations. To add new colors in an established relationship, a woman should periodically change their behavior. Add fun and mystery, to make him want to be around and learn new facets of his beloved’s personality
A young man who is yet to be seduced. You should take light playfulness and openness, but at the same time be prudent and chaste. You can flirt and be mysterious, you should show that she is interested in many modern things and lives up to the times. It is necessary to show the best side of oneself as much as possible, not to allow rudeness in communication
A good friend that the woman wants to see as her man More often than not, he does not see her as his chosen one and shares many secrets of his personal life. For a man to look at a woman with a new perspective, you should let him know that all the information received will not be used against him. You should show maximum respect and understanding for his actions prior to the joint relationship

You should accept and analyze the man’s reaction to his behavior, observe what arouses interest and desire to be together in a girl. But you can not play on feelings too much and translate everything into farce.

What kind of relationship in the long term

If the goal is a long-term relationship, the woman’s behavior plays the most paramount role in their prospects. As, indeed, and the response from the other half. If a girl is serious, she will have to work on herself and show all her good sides. Do not be pushy and arrogant, be more caring, restrain your resentment in some individual situations.

It is desirable to study your partner emotionally in order to understand his reaction correctly and to be flexible in conflicts of interest.

Desirable behavior on the part of the girl

How a girl should behave is up to her to choose, but there are general tips on how to do it right to strengthen the bond with the lover:

  • Don’t make blatant scenes of jealousy.
  • Give a man the right to personal space.
  • Take care of yourself and be in shape.
  • Watch your speech and intonation.
  • Have interests and a social life outside of the relationship.
  • Be honest in communication and be open about your feelings.
  • Don’t nag or criticize over little things.
  • Appreciate all the efforts of your partner, even those that are not very successful.
  • Don’t be a spiteful grump who is always unsatisfied with everything.
  • Do not try to re-educate or change the man. His shortcomings can be addressed by hints and persuasions, a calm tone.
  • Be as fair as possible, show kindness and concern.
  • Show your femininity and weakness. Men like to show their strong qualities and protect their partner.
  • Show interest in the guy and his affairs.
  • Do not forget about coquetry and flirting. However, use these weapons carefully – do not overdo it.
  • Keep a mystery and not to open up completely at once.
  • Adhere to an individual style and be yourself, not to copy the model of other people’s behavior.

You should put a taboo on those things that irritate the guy, avoid conflict situations as much as possible. More flexible and cunning girl, will be able to quickly build the relationship that he wants, and to achieve harmony in his family.

How a woman should behave with a man – what is better to avoid.

Do you want great relationships, and tenderness, and romance, and confidence in a man, and as a stone wall? So who doesn’t want one. And here comes the dilemma, what to do then, how to behave properly.

You know the ultimate psychologist question for all occasions? “How would you like it?” This is to say that the question as it should, implies a kind of insincerity and in relation to the man and falsity in relation to themselves.

For example, the currently fashionable topic of wisdom – it is necessary to be an affectionate kitty, a man to stroke his fur and all that pur-mur-meow-meow-meow. Super of course! But if you’re not a natural kitty? If you’re a naturally impetuous cheetah, or a cheerful monkey (well, what) or a sleepy koala? Well, you’ll make yourself what you need – a day, two, a month, a year … Will not get tired? All life on tiptoe will not stand. And if we also assume that men are also different… It’s a dark forest.

The need for a relationship

Have you ever seen the movie Eat, Pray, Love? Love!”? It’s so cool in the beginning, when Julia Roberts’s character gets to the enlightened guru and laughs herself, she wants to ask him not about the meaning of life, higher values, the search for God, but about her relationship. There’s something about it that sometimes women are painfully centered on finding that very prince. Only why? What is it that a man will give you? And what do you miss so much without him?

  • The euphoria, the butterflies in your stomach are great, but it’s a temporary phase. Let’s go deeper.
  • Feeling loved.
  • To know that you are wonderful, unique, exceptional
  • Being able to give the other warmth and love – to give back in this relationship
  • If everyone is in a relationship and you’re not, then there’s something wrong with you, you’re something different.

With a bouquet like this it’s easy to fall into a co-dependent relationship, when he is the light in my window, and without him I am nothing. It’s the fixation on the other person and not on yourself that’s typical for codependency.

What is a co-dependent relationship?

It is a relationship in which there is such a strong emotional involvement in the other person that your personal development is threatened. The hallmark of such a relationship is the need to earn love (and this is what is reflected in the title of the article, and it attracted you – “How to behave, what I need to be, so he would love me and not leave me”).

When you don’t feel your own self-worth, that you are good and wonderful on your own, then that’s the question: What should you be? Or maybe you’re already in a relationship, but you constantly bump into your partner’s coldness, that he’s always pointing out your imperfections, flaws, dismissing or criticizing you. And you start unwinding what you’re doing wrong, what you’re guilty of, and how to fix yourself.

Signs of a co-dependent relationship

  • Discomfort. It’s bad in the relationship, but it’s even worse without it
  • Lack of open dialogue – inability to resolve conflicts by negotiation
  • The need to earn love
  • Focusing on your partner – you care a lot more about him or her than you do
  • Control – there’s a lot of control in a relationship in both directions – who, what, where, with whom, what they’re doing…
  • Violation of personal boundaries – it’s like the boundaries of each are erased and there is a common “we”.
  • Anxiety – it seems that there are no special reasons, but the soul is always not calm
  • Frequent quarrels
  • The problem of responsibility: either no one takes it in a couple, or one takes responsibility for the life of the other, but not for his or her own.

How does a woman behave with a man?

  • Confidence that the problem is in the other – and he should just change and everything will be fine.

The secret of a good relationship.

A good relationship must be good – and this is the main criterion. They should be easy, free and happy. They should be open and honest. And if you filter every word, constantly analyze your every move (from the perspective of how a woman should behave), it can and will strengthen the relationship, but eventually destroy you.

Yes, over time, the relationship – resentment, dissatisfaction, irritation – will accumulate and accumulate and accumulate. And one day they will pour out of you (and then – poor man, he had no idea about anything). Or you’ll be able to repress them, to suppress them, to wipe them out… And at the same time you’ll be sad, sick, depressed, taking pills or just drinking, binge eating or being sick. For what? In a good, real, sincere relationship:

  • Problems are discussed and solutions are sought
  • Partners are free – they can have their own feelings, thoughts, desires, personal space
  • Differences and otherness are valued in the couple
  • Each can meet their own needs without detriment to the other
  • Mistakes are forgivable
  • There is flexibility in rules, laws. There is room for discussion

Why are we afraid to be alone

It turns out that the topic of this article is closely related to the question of self-esteem. That is, if you wonder how you should, and how right, then you probably have insecurities and somewhere deep-seated conviction of your own badness. That no one will love and tolerate me. And what is that, if not low self-esteem! And then the speech in this article should be about manipulation and pickup techniques. Something from the series

  • If you are invited to a weekend later than Wednesday, then you are already busy and you already have plans. To keep a man on his toes.
  • A woman should have two caprices and one ultimatum per day
  • Do not pick up the phone until the third ring.
  • Do not write first
  • Arrange emotional swings – get close, then suddenly disappear for a few days

Manipulation can build a relationship, pull a man into it, keep him in it. It’s a question of price.

Loneliness can be difficult to endure, there is usually a childhood trauma behind it. When a child has not received a portion of unconditional love, acceptance, security, or then growing up – has not passed the stage of separation from the mother. It all drags on and on into adulthood.

Good news! You’ve grown up! You are no longer three, five, or ten years old. Your life, and happiness do not depend on having or not having someone around. By betting everything on him, you inevitably lose yourself. Let yourself be real! Say what you think; ask if you don’t understand; laugh; defend your point of view, etc. Of course, not everyone will like you! But you’re not $100. And then the answer to the question, and how to behave with a man, yes as with any other person

  • Talk about yourself – not in the format of endless self-praise. And about what you are interested, like, enthusiastic. About your feelings, doubts, plans, aspirations.
  • Ask about him – genuinely interested in him, his plans, goals, desires, aspirations. Try to make sense of it in your own frame of reference.
  • Ask for help – it’s important to make steps towards each other in a relationship. It’s a risk on your part, to discover your weakness, your need for something. But it also shows how ready the other person is to respond.

It may not be the fastest way. But in the long run, it’s the most self-caring.

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