Hidden sympathy of a man for a woman – explain in order

The secret sympathy of a man: how to recognize and not to frighten

The latent sympathy of a man will sooner or later become obvious, because if a guy is serious, he will definitely start to seek the attention of his beloved. However, today the roles have changed: women have become so independent and strong that they can simply not notice the modest signals of the quiet admirer. So you can consider taking the initiative on the part of the lady.

In any case, it is not so difficult to determine the sympathy. If a young man does not declare it openly, perhaps he likes to be a secret admirer. So how to reveal men’s feelings and at the same time not to spook a possible fate?

Verbal and nonverbal means to manifest the hidden sympathy of men

Typically, the first relationship begins in high school, college or at work.

Quite often people suffer for a long time because of unrequited feelings and do not even try to find out how the object of their desire is configured, perhaps he also feels sympathy.

It is not uncommon when a guy and a girl have worked for several years in the same team or live in the same house and yet do not know each other.

But there are some indirect signs that can help you understand that you are sympathetic. These are called nonverbal means of communication.

Such means include:

It is worth noting that some of them can be interpreted in completely different ways. For example, if a person is open, he may just smile at everyone around him without reason, and girls in general like to flirt with the opposite sex. Therefore it is very important to correctly recognize these signals.

Consider a few basic ways in which you can understand that a man has a hidden sympathy for a woman.

1. general signs.

A guy is overwhelmed with emotion when he realizes he has found a girl with whom he feels comfortable. She becomes important to him, he tries in every way to attract her attention and show his interest.

You can tell right away by his behavior that something is going on. He changes dramatically. Someone becomes lethargic and loses the power of speech, and someone, on the contrary, opens up and draws attention by all possible ways, sometimes even by overdoing it.

There are several basic signs that a guy is interested in a girl. Let’s talk more about the most important ones.

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2. Outlook.

The way a guy in love can only look like a devoted puppy:

he is ready to eat the object of his affection with his eyes;

someone furtively tries to spy on the girl, and someone, on the contrary, stares intently to catch her gaze;

A guy looks with tenderness and caress;

His eyes shine with happiness.

3. gestures.

The main gestures that indicate latent sympathy on the part of the man:

touches his hair, trying to correct his hair;

rubs one palm against the other;

tries to touch the girl;

gives his hand to the girl as she leaves the vehicle or goes down the stairs;

opens doors in front of her;

holds her hand while walking;

wants to hug her all the time.

4. Conversation.

Guys can be divided into two kinds – nerd and macho:

In a conversation, macho guys certainly do not miss an opportunity to praise themselves. They do so only because they try to attract attention in this way. Talking about it with a girl gives them pleasure.

A nerd prefers to listen, not to talk. He listens very attentively, catches every word of his interlocutor, watching her lips. He tells little about himself, in some cases, out of modesty, he even tries to play down his own merits.

5. Behavior.

A guy can act like a child, regardless of his age;

There are times when he begins to fool around;

If a man feels sympathy for a woman, he will always find time for her;

In today’s world a lot of communication takes place on the Internet, but if a girl is really interested in a guy, he will definitely call her.

6. Meeting.

The guy is a little absent-minded;

he enjoys spending time together;

There is no shyness in communicating with a girl he likes;

tries to surprise her with interesting dates;

does not spare any time for her;

constantly gives compliments, sometimes they can sound quite ridiculous;

All his appearance shows others that he is with the most beautiful girl.

9 signs of a man’s hidden sympathy

There are basic signs by which you can understand that a man has hidden sympathy:

1. Sneaky looks.

A guy doesn’t let the girl out of his sight. But as soon as he notices that she is looking at him, he immediately turns away and is embarrassed.

2. Casual encounters.

He is constantly looking for an allegedly casual encounter with her, for example, visits the cafe where she dines, walks the same streets as she does, etc.

3. Smiles.

Over time, the guy will start smiling every time he sees the girl. In doing so, he will expect her to smile back. As soon as he catches a return smile, he will immediately consider it a signal for further action.

4. looking in social networks.

A man will find a girl in social networks: will study the page, will like her photos and leave comments. More determined will write in personal messages and wish good morning and good night. If a young man quickly responds to messages – this is also a sure sign of his sympathy.

5. Taking an interest in his acquaintances.

A guy in love will try to find out as much information as possible about the girl he likes, asking his friends and acquaintances about her. It is possible that through his friends he will hint at his liking for her.

6. Trying to be in general company.

He will try to be in the same social circle with the one who attracted him. This will help him get closer and try to build a relationship.

7. Changes in appearance.

Men pay much less attention to their appearance than women. If he suddenly changed his style, began to look more neat, got a haircut – surely he fell in love and wants to like her.

8. Awkward movements.

Quite often a man becomes embarrassed and nervous when he is near the object of his affection. This can be understood from his movements: rubbing his hand over his arm, fixing his hair or clothes. Sometimes he may even blush and confuse words.

9. Social behavior.

Some guys try to draw attention to themselves in every possible way, and therefore they may loudly talk about how good they are, what they have achieved, etc. This is also an indicator of a man’s latent sympathy for a woman. At the same time in real life, he may even be a very humble man. Sometimes it happens the opposite situation: the soul of the company suddenly becomes silent and shy.

NLP-signs of hidden sympathy of men

The guy constantly adjusts his clothes, it means he wants to look better in the eyes of the girl.

The lover tries to touch the object of his sympathy (hair, hands, etc.) as often as possible.

A man may involuntarily copy some gestures or facial expressions of the girl. This occurs at a subconscious level.

If he puts his hands on his belt, it demonstrates his self-confidence.

Often in the presence of an object of sympathy a man is shy, embarrassed and scratches the back of his head.

To show his physical attractiveness, the guy next to the lady of the heart squares his shoulders and pulls his belly in.

Ajar mouth when looking at the girl indicates that the companion is literally delighted with her appearance.

When talking to a lady who is pretty to him, the man involuntarily tries to be as open as possible: the toes, shoulders and chest will be turned in her direction.

All parts of the body, including the palms of the hands, indicate a man’s latent sympathy. Even if her hands are on her knees, her palms are always open.

Once in front of the object of sympathy, men begin to worry and look for a foothold. For example, this manifests itself in the form of a slightly forward leaning leg.

A natural desire to be as close as possible to a pretty girl induces during a conversation to move imperceptibly towards her.

Confusion and inability to find the right words leads to the fact that he begins to twist the buttons on his clothes.

Often guys fix their hair and involuntarily touch their cheeks and chin, trying to make a good impression.

Another sure sign of hidden sympathy for a man is a slightly raised eyebrows in conversation.

Hidden sympathy for a man by correspondence

Quite differently a man’s sympathy is manifested in correspondence on the Internet. Here you do not see any manifestations of excitement and embarrassment of the man. However, it is also possible to understand that this is a real sympathy. For a girl it is important to know whether she really likes this man. In addition, if you find each other on dating sites, with the help of certain signs you can understand how interested in you the man is.


as soon as he sees that the girl is online, immediately writes her a message, in general he writes a lot and quite often;

Guys do not like to chat (except only by virtue of their profession), but if a girl is really interesting to them, correspondence will be a favorite thing; beau will not be shy, even if he writes illiterately;

a man will try to learn as much information about you as possible, it is not so difficult, because women love to tell about themselves;

In social networks the guy, in addition to messages, likes and comments on photos of the girl he likes, often appears in the news feed.

These are the main signs by which you can understand that a man feels sympathy for you. In fact, everyone can show it in his own way. Everyone has his individual views on life, so how exactly he will show himself is impossible to guess. Here a woman should evaluate the situation well and literally at an intuitive level to feel sympathy.

To reciprocate the sympathy of men, if it was obvious

Often there are situations where a man is waiting for the response from the girl, that may well accept the desired for reality.

There are people who are always in a good mood and are open to the world. They always have a smile on their face, they are always ready to help and give advice. This is their attitude that can be perceived as reciprocal sympathy.

To begin with, it is necessary to observe the person. If you find that he acts like this all the time, then you can conclude that the case is not in love.

Sometimes it is simply profitable for people to show a reciprocal interest. For example, a man may cheat and show sympathy for a colleague, so she did his report. When a woman receives attention and compliments, she is ready to melt into a man. This is often used by cheaters and gigolos.

It should be noted that girls also excel in their “tricks”. They are happy to resort to different tricks to get the desired man.

Of course, if the communication only takes place on the Internet, it is quite difficult to understand the man’s true intentions. Perhaps he is just bored, and he decided to have fun this way. Or maybe it is a way to get back at your ex.

It happens that a person purposely tries to seem indifferent. So he also shows his sympathy. Just the fear of being misunderstood and rejected is much stronger than he is.

Some women tend to seem unavailable, so that the man was trying to achieve them in every way. Representatives of the stronger sex are used to an obvious display of emotion, so this behavior of girls is interpreted as an unwillingness to communicate.

The first step to dating is always difficult. It is much easier to do it if you have confidence that the sympathy is mutual. To understand this is not difficult to do, behavior and attitudes.

You can watch and analyze for a long time, but you can just take it and do – get acquainted. Making such a step as quickly as possible, you will not miss the time you can spend with an interesting person.

Is it worth making the first step yourself if a man’s sympathy remains hidden?

It is great when the guy is not out of the woods and takes the initiative to introduce himself. Even better, if there are common friends, through which you can greatly accelerate the moment of the meeting. But it does not always happen in such a perfect way.

Women are used to waiting for the first step of men and consider them more decisive. But is it so? Man also worries about what will be the response, and afraid of rejection.

Sometimes reciprocal steps towards each other makes things a lot easier. Sometimes a man just lacks a slight sign of approval from the girl to take action. So how to start a conversation? Being in the same company, the easiest way to approach and get acquainted.

But shyness and timidity sometimes take over, and it is difficult to cope with them. So, you need to look for the right moment. The easiest options: at university – ask a fellow student about the schedule, at work – ask a business question, on the street – ask what time it is or ask for an address.

If a guy really has an interest in you, then he will definitely undertake something to make a closer acquaintance. You don’t have to worry about a failed attempt. If even the romance doesn’t happen, it is likely that you will simply gain a good friend or leave a great impression of yourself.

Hidden sympathy of a man: how to identify his feelings

It’s no secret that many young men are simply unable to openly confess their feelings to a girl.

At the same time, there are nonverbal signals of affection, which are easily determined if you know what they mean. Signs of hidden sympathy of a man for a woman are quite diverse, you can always easily identify an admirer in love.

It is widely known that the ladies absolutely do not know how to hide their feelings (with rare exceptions). Women’s sympathy manifests itself brightly and eloquently – a slight blush on the face, close contact, play with the hair, shyness or even shyness. Some individuals even lose sleep and lose their appetite for love. But how does a man’s latent sympathy manifest itself through outward signs?

In fact, male affection may also be detected by some gestures, and so obviously that it is impossible not to notice.

People in love are quite difficult to restrain their emotions, and everyone knows it. When a person is passionate, he feels excitement, inner growth, a sense of euphoria. Undoubtedly, all this range of emotions is very difficult to hide from prying eyes. And the behavior of men in such circumstances, in fact, little different from that of women. For this reason, to notice signs of male sympathy for an attentive lady is not very difficult.

What are the actions that may give a man in love?

A man which is infatuated always looks at the object of his desire in a special way. And even in a large group of pleasant girls, he is constantly looking for her. However, it is worth you to answer his gaze, a man often dumbfounded and turns away his eyes. But an astute woman will have time to notice in his eyes the tenderness, warmth and awe, which are written about in lady’s novels. Natural intuition helps the fairer sex to catch subtle signs when a man hides his sympathy.

Another obvious sign to determine the sincerity of her partner’s feelings. The gait of a person in love is a little bit flying, sometimes even slightly dancing. Often a man in an excess of feelings begins to play music or whistle, which is usually not typical for the representatives of the stronger half of mankind.

    • Perception and outlook on life.

    The enchanted young man in the eyes of others begins to look completely different. In the character there appear uncharacteristic to him previously: cheerfulness, lightness, mobility. The condition is usually always uplifted, the mood – the fighting spirit. They say that men in love can “move mountains,” and in part this is true. In such aroused state they often commit risky and reckless acts, quite uncharacteristic for them, causing amazement and confusion to others.

    Even in teen magazines for girls says that a boy, if he likes some young lady, always put her in the direction of the sock shoes. This makes sense – a man intuitively turns to where the object of his lust is.

    When he meets you, he tries to tidy himself – stroking his hair, shaking off his clothes. Another significant confirmation of strong infatuation is sticking his thumbs behind the belt of his hands, as well as putting his palms in the front pockets of pants with his thumbs out. In this way a man is trying to demonstrate to his partner his self-confidence, strong will, and firm character.

    The admirer in love seeks to show his beloved masculinity and natural strength. Straight posture, squared shoulders, a handsome figure – a must for all winners. Wide legs and hands on the hips as if to expose the courageous prowess of your admirer. During the conversation with your partner turns to her with the whole body and listens with great interest.

    In contrast to the fairer sex, the gentlemen express their sympathy more cautiously. Women are often lost in the presence of men they like, begin to confuse, stutter, and just talk nonsense. Male representatives, on the contrary, concentrate as much as possible, trying to look poised, sensible and smart. Nature appointed them to be leaders and hunters, so such weaknesses have no place in their lives!

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    Other hidden signs of male sympathy

      • He shows sincere interest in everything you tell him.

      If a man is fascinated, he will listen carefully and remember all the information related to your life: your favorite flowers and books, what is the name of your cat, what he was fond of as a child. He will want to know everything about his beloved, literally every little detail.

      To be sure to determine what interests your beau more – you or the topic of the conversation, pay attention to the turn of his head during the conversation.

      When a man listens intently, he tilts his face slightly sideways. If he turns his head during the conversation, try to change the subject quickly.

      Modern means of communication make life much easier for young men by providing a lot of opportunities for contact. A man’s activity towards you in social networks surely confirms his sympathy. He certainly will subscribe to all your accounts and will put all the likes under all the photos, just once to remind yourself.

        • Blurts in a smile when you meet you.

        How else can manifest the man’s hidden sympathy? If a man looks at something that causes him joy and pleasant emotion, he smiles and becomes more attractive.

        A sincere, joyful smile in most cases is not difficult to distinguish from an on-duty and artificial one. Look closely at how tense or relaxed the expression on your partner’s face when he smiles at you.

        If a man touches his face while talking to you, it actually means that he would like to touch you at this moment. Thus, to relieve stress, he transfers to himself the actions that he really wants to do, but can not. So sometimes there is a hidden sympathy of the man.

        But there is a nuance: the desire to touch the face may be due to the habit or a nervous temperament. To understand the real reason for these gestures, you should observe his behavior for a while, whether the man does not do so in other circumstances.

        This gesture in most cases indicates that a man shows a clear interest in the interlocutor.

        In addition, it happens that a man unconsciously raises his eyebrows, trying to open his eyes wide when he is pleased with something to look at.

          • Shows interest in your hobbies.

          Perhaps this is the most unconditional sign of a man’s deep affection for you. He begins to read your favorite book, at the cinema buys tickets for movies that you like, tries your recommended dishes – these are sure signs of a special disposition.

          Man all the time as if casually trying to touch you. These touches may be carried out not only with the palms. May also be involved forearms, shoulders, even legs. Back in high school, teenagers, inept at courting, tried to step on the shoe of the girl he liked. Time passes, and men’s behavior has changed little – they still need to touch their chosen one.

          In addition, if possible, the gentleman will not miss the chance to embrace his conquered lady, and the reason for this can be absolutely any.

            • Do not respond to phone calls.

            If a person is really occupied with something, it’s very difficult to distract him from the object of attention by extraneous sounds. For men, this behavior is especially typical. If a young man is truly interested in you, he will try to reset any phone calls, switch to silent mode, or completely turn off his cell phone.

              • Writes messages in the morning hours or, conversely, before going to bed.

              The time when the admirer sends you a text message may also indicate his hidden sincere sympathy. The message, which came on the phone in the early morning, indicates that thoughts about you were the first in the man’s head after awakening. And similar conclusions can be made about the evening messages.

              Pay attention to his reaction to your messages. Lightning-fast responses indicate the importance and value of these messages to the recipient.

                • Crossing or spreading his legs.

                In a seated position, a man may do this unconsciously in the presence of a sexually attractive person. This position has evolved evolutionarily and is intended to demonstrate strength. The same observation applies to the legs crossed at the ankles.

                Do you want a decent man? Then remember this phrase: “I like you, I’m interested in you.”

                There is a myth that you do not have to confess to a man in sympathy, he himself must make the first step, the first step in no case do not do. That’s when someone chooses you, then you’ll choose him. You don’t have to choose anybody first. And I like that because a lot of girls think like that. It’s very scary for them to make the first move. And providing for a man when he lives at her expense, when he’s an alphonse, when he lies on the couch, can’t provide for his children – that’s okay. But the first step is no, you don’t. So if you want a normal man, you have to be able to say that phrase, or at least write it on social media: “Hi, I like you,” “Hi, I like you as a man,” “Hi, I’m interested in you as a man.” That’s the first phrase, write it down for yourself, and of course, try it. Right now you can apply it somewhere on social media, in texting, in messenger, in Viber.

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                10 tips for women if a man is hiding his feelings

                1. If a long time acquaintance suddenly changed his behavior abruptly, talk to him, ask what happened. It will become clear that you noticed his condition and may dare to tell everything.
                2. If you haven’t known the person long enough to get him or her to talk openly, encourage him or her from your side – let him or her know that you like him or her too (if, of course, this is true).
                3. Don’t joke about his strange behavior. If a man hides his sympathy for a woman, he probably has a reason for it, and your irony will only alienate him.
                4. Do not ask mutual friends to find out from the young man his attitude towards you. He may not understand or disapprove of such insistence. Be patient.
                5. Don’t try to make him jealous. Your flirtation with other men he may regard as frivolity and carelessness, and this is not the best qualities for a lady.
                6. If a man you like shows an interest in you, give him the opportunity to open up as much as possible. Encourage him to look, a friendly smile, and he will carry you away.
                7. Listen to his detailed story about himself, if the excitement on a first date he dares you to tell all about his life. Pretend you are very interested, even if it’s not. Let him talk. Maybe this will help him not get lost in your presence later.
                8. If a man manages to hide their sympathy so that absolutely does not go to you in contact and even avoids meetings, leave him alone for a while. Chances are, he is not yet ready for a serious relationship. Be patient.
                9. What to do if the man though and shows obvious signs of hidden sympathy, but continues to resist his feelings, even in spite of the obvious interest on your part? Perhaps he is a dreamy romantic and fell in love with a certain lofty image, which he invented himself. If so, a serious relationship will not work.
                10. And what if he deliberately hides his sympathy, although you gave his partner to feel his affection? There may be two possibilities: either he has problems in psychological terms, or he is waiting for you to start pushing it. From such a gentleman in both cases, it is better to stay away.

                Thank you for reading this article to the end.

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