Guys don’t like me.

Guys don’t like me, I’m still a virgin.

By the time I was 25, I had never had a boyfriend. My best friend Rita changes boys like gloves, and I’m like a leper, always alone. Still a virgin. I’m not a bogeyman, that friend is objectively uglier.

The other day we had lunch together in a cafe, we work next door, so we often go to the same place. A young man comes up and starts showering compliments on Rita. “May I join you?” She smiles: “Sure, sure!” The three of us chatted, but not for long, and then he turned more to his girlfriend, chirping sweetly, forgetting about me. As a result, took her phone, and I did not even say “goodbye. The most offensive – she does not even need it. She picks them up out of a sporting interest.

And so it is always: wherever I and Rita, and not only her, with any other friend, all the attention to her. I honestly try to keep the conversation going, but I feel like a third wheel. All my attempts are either ignored, or guys look at me with such contempt, as if I am a fly in his glass of beer. More and more often I spend my evenings at home alone. Sometimes I hear accusations from my mother – she thinks there is something wrong with me, that I need to stop being shy and behave more easily, but I can’t do that, making eyes at the first person I meet.

They never get acquainted with me on the streets, they do not write me in contact, even the gastarbeiters in the streets do not squeal. Everyone says “make the first step yourself, get acquainted, write”. I can not, for me it is worse than torture, I can not even ask a stranger for directions. Dating sites will not help, because I am an old-fashioned person and I do not accept sex without obligation. I am already mentally prepared for forty cats and death alone.

Sasha, 25 years old.

Is this your photo? I will tell you straight – whether your girlfriend knows it or not, but she will be luckier next to you. And you should already understand – it’s not her changing guys, it’s them using her as a disposable mask. If that’s what you want too, you won’t get love, even if someone pays attention to you, and you’ll get a baby and regret all your life that you were once an object of attention. Your fate is complicated not only unassuming appearance, behavior, but also stupidity. It is necessary to expose yourself in such a way – at a reasonable girl (young woman) virginity could be an ace trump card, and you are looking for a trash bin, where to throw it away. Leave your girlfriend, you are old enough to live on your own. Among men there are also those who can dare to approach one.

Alexander Radko, open up to guys? she does not have to open up to some dick from the mountain. only idiots open up to guys. this is a privilege for the husband.

I’m not a pretty girl. I’ve suffered from loneliness for a long time too. All my friends change boyfriends, some are married, some have kids. And me? Then I met my future husband. For my sake, he tolerated everything. Not a hint of intimacy before marriage. The old one? No, he didn’t. All my girlfriends are divorced and we’re in our third decade together. I looked prettier, there was, the inner core and pride that I did not give my virginity to the first man I met.

Be easier and you will reach out to people, and men. Her company is beyond your understanding, so you do not find common ground with her friends. Different people go to the restaurant and the library.

What is this nonsense? Have time to take a walk? Such bullshit. What does this have to do with love? Or is the motto: “Get it and use it” closer to you?

What’s your answer? Is she beautiful or not? And it’s not a question of beauty… It’s clear that those who are clinging to her friend, feel that Sasha is morally superior and purer than her friend and those who are clinging… It has nothing to do with love, believe me. And Sasha’s love will come. Love is not a bed, or rather trust and understanding is the first thing in love. And then, as the top, the bed. love!

Sasha, maybe I’m not the best adviser, but I want to tell you that I used to be like you and it was very offensive that nobody paid attention to me. After a while I was so sick of it that I just spat on it all and thought that relationships were not for me. I started not being shy with people, saying what I thought, dressing the way I wanted and not being afraid that it was provocative. And in the end, when I was able to live beautifully without a relationship, I was no longer sitting alone at night, I had a bunch of friends, because I stopped being shy of people, I was no longer hung up on the fact that I was alone, because I was always with friends. And after that I was loved, for real and so was I. I hope you will read my letter and the last thing I want to write, do not get hung up on the fact that no one loves you, do not be ashamed of your feelings, love yourself, you are the best and you have to show people this and then your soulmate will be much easier to find you

Sasha you are good, and you are right to act and do not like everyone else, and you should not look at your friend, changing men like a glove. This does not make a woman beautiful at all. It’s just that the world has changed, and everyone is trying to be like everyone else))) and it’s great that there are still such people who follow their notions and beliefs, and do not adjust to this changeable world))) with you it’s absolutely fine and so, and your man will definitely come, and cats and loneliness will wait))) do not listen to anyone, listen to yourself

This is exactly the reason. You need to remove the “sex only after marriage” poster. People are afraid of the mood of enslavement. And the image of the victim. : -)))

40 cats is too much! All of a man’s problems are inside him! Outside – only conditions! First learn how to smile! Life is preck.

“I can’t even ask a stranger for directions. ” – That’s the key point. You yourself are depressed on the inside, and you can feel it immediately from the outside. Start changing yourself! And everything will be OK.

All right, everyone has his own stock of strength, his own needs, and to fit them into someone else’s pattern or opinion – is not to put anything in himself. his needs, his opinion.

An acquaintance of mine got married at 27 as a virgin to a divorced man. He didn’t even believe it at first, and then was proud of her, and himself, and his family with her all his life, that he had “not like everyone else” in a good way with her. Lived well. That has a very positive effect on a man, his attitude. There are men now who believe that they can find a virgin 30 years old, and they are not so naive, there are such women – some like you, some “out of principle”, some according to the Orthodox canons. Hair and makeup will only help you to notice, to approach you physically and that’s all, and then a smile, your behavior. And then, I think it will work itself, if you need it yourself (as here correctly said), and not because “need, like everyone else.

There are probably no men with whom you can lose your “honor”. Not every man is ready to be the first because they are afraid of commitment, but you have to catch it in time otherwise it will be 5 years later physically and psychologically painful.

It is better to be alone than together with just anyone.Take care of yourself.And there will be someone who will appreciate it.And to be under anyone, no matter with whom.It is squandered.Do you need it?

Do you really need it? That’s what’s important now, think about it, do you WANT a relationship or do you WANT it now? This is exactly your desire, and not imposed from the outside? Girlfriends, my mother, our culture – all of them are pressuring, trying to convince that without a man a woman – no one. This is bullshit. Among other things, relationships are pretty stealing resources: time, money, effort. And it is not always worth it. Take care of yourself. I don’t mean in terms of your hair, but in terms of your education, your hobbies, your travels. Enroll in some art/music courses, or whatever you’re passionate about (femininity training won’t work, it will only make the problem worse). It’s new people, new acquaintances. A therapist would be good to visit and solve the problem with the fear of asking for directions. Talk to people more often, force yourself, fight the fear, step on your own throat. It will be difficult at first, then it will come out by itself. Don’t be afraid to seem funny, and if you do, make it your thing. Your virginity is not the problem. You need to do something about your self-esteem. It’s too dependent on other people’s opinions (if you care so much about male approval, you want to be as good as your friend and not to disappoint your mother and abstract neighbor’s grandmother Zina). You need a therapist, it will be longer and harder to figure it out yourself.

It’s not in Rita, it’s in you, such a depression reeking from the post, that I even could not resist writing. Look for mistakes in yourself mademoiselle, if ALL look at you like a fly-something must change. For starters, do not be a hypocrite. You do not even know how to appreciate your friends. And it’s not about sex, there’s plenty of that. Mom’s right, you need to be simpler, kinder, happier, more positive. By the way the first step is not necessary to do. See a psychologist-that should help you.

So you yourself answered your own question! It’s about sex without commitment. Well, like: I’ll sleep with you, if you give me this or do that! Remember, nobody owes anybody anything.

You should see a psychiatrist before it’s too late, your anger is really coming out of your ears, you’re obviously changing guys like gloves, ha, but you’re more likely to be lonely, men don’t like shabby hands…

I was a virgin for a long time, too. Didn’t even want to kiss without love. I didn’t want to break up with her) I didn’t have any complexes about it. It was more of a regret that I could not meet the right one. But then I found a man I was passionate about. I decided to let him be. Men liked me, I can’t complain. I’m just a bit frozen myself, I’m very sensitive. I had the most carefree time until men came into my life. Don’t get upset, Sasha. Sort yourself out, understand what you need. Don’t look at- “How are the others?” Be selfish, love yourself. You need a man who will love you. Will pierce your soul, not your body. Don’t be afraid of anything.

What is this stereotype about dating sites? I met my husband there, and we’ve been living together for eight years. An acquaintance got married the same way and a colleague. And before that I also had thoughts like yours, because I didn’t even have a boyfriend. Except that I realized in time that I need in this life and began to move. Understand, the fate that and on the stove is found only in fairy tales, in life to get something to move. And in general, as my husband says of my unmarried 30-year-old friends that they just do not want, that those who want, have long been married, found opportunities.Maybe you do not want? You just think that if everyone needs it, then you need it too? But if it’s not, if you really want to, then don’t listen to the comments below that it’s okay. It is NOT normal to have no experience in a relationship by this age, unless of course this is your holy belief (as far as I understand from the article – it is not). If you listen to such people, who feel sorry for themselves, so you will be in the girls till 40, nothing and having nothing but self-pity. If it suits you, and if not, then pull yourself together, start to work on yourself, develop and move forward in a given direction, rather than sit and sob that I want to, but will do nothing at all.

Definitely a future cat lady, from such reeks of pee in the figurative sense. I see you didn’t turn out like a mother, you turned out like a father. Daddy’s girl. A man’s figure means you’ll be old and alone. My advice is to give up trying to make a life for yourself. Don’t limit yourself to anything. Get ready to be alone.

It’s called chastity! Good girl! Be proud you’re still clean! Whores aren’t supposed to be idols!

Very cool, well done, Agapova Nona. Oops, sorry, here they call you Emma))) Great publicity, Goga. Aka Yura, aka Goga, aka Georgy))))

If guys aren’t paying attention to you, then there’s no attraction in you. Take care of your appearance, make yourself a well-groomed girl. You can change the hair style, hair color, but only at a good master. Touch up the eyes and lips, buy a beautiful dress, skirt, tempting clothes, learn to walk in high heels. Create for yourself the image of an attractive little thing. It’s hard, but if you try, everything will work out. Smile more often, take an example from Europeans. When a girl has sparkling eyes and a smile, there will always be someone who wants to get acquainted. Sometimes you wonder how many young girls there are with a downcast look, hunched over, with a hostile expression or deadly fatigue. You have to change yourself from the inside out. People who radiate joy and happiness have a lot of friends and admirers. Even if you are sad, still make yourself smile.

Why is the dating site no? You don’t have to run straight from the site to meet someone and make love) find your own, communicate, learn everything as it should be. Well, you will meet yours, 25 is not that many years. Rita may be more seductive – big tits, or something else.

I agree with you. She’s a good girl. A real girl. Everyone’s so “jerky and empty” nowadays. just like her girlfriend. They jump around with men, they’re not serious, just for money and fun. It’s dangerous to start a family with them. They’ll divide up property, and then they’ll jump into another bunk. You’re good. But work on yourself-if you like a guy, “turn on the light” in your eyes, “take your posture, your gait enticing. Take away your woodenness and stiffness. Everyone likes to communicate with joyful and easy people!

Don’t get hung up on relationships with guys. Right now they’re looking for something that’s not serious, optional. Why would you want that? Everyone will have a husband if that’s what the girl wants. There’s a maiden’s prayer for marriage. I’ve experienced it myself. Think how to realize yourself. Then you won’t have time. Then there will be children, sleepless nights. And change your girlfriend, that’s the kind of person who steals husbands because of a sporting interest. Ugh, ugh. And you’ll be fine. Let your mother be patient.

It’s simple– you’re insecure and it reads. Maybe you’re even complex. The solution is simple – love yourself, and others will love you. Maybe the first time just be more confident in dealing with people. Well, do not drag your beautiful girlfriends to where you want to get acquainted. And when you noticed her man – show that you are ready to make contact (we are not talking about intimacy, but the sympathy), or even make the first move (nothing wrong with that). Or at least just try to be more positive. (For when you see a sour face in the subway, even realizing that the girl is cute as that not like to go to get acquainted).

It’s your luck.A lot of men with hiv status and hepatitis C.They will not tell you about their disease. Last year alone the number of people infected with HIV increased by 600,000 in Russia. There are especially many patients in the provinces. They do not get tested and consider themselves healthy.

It could be that you have simply outgrown your environment: you are beautiful, good and serious, the debauchery around you doesn’t suit you; you need a real relationship and a family. That’s why you are right to look for a religious young man. I, too, believe that the strongest marriages are religious marriages. If you are a Christian, consult a priest, if you are Jewish, consult a rabbi. Ask for advice, ask him to recommend a good matchmaker, and go ahead. I got married that way myself, and my mother got married that way, and they found their soulmates.

There’s nothing wrong with being a virgin. Start changing and open up to guys and you’ll be fine!

What can you do, so 40 cats. In general, you have to keep it simple. Why should a man sacrifice something for a woman and you sacrifice nothing? I guess that’s just who you are, with your principles and your bullshit.

Funny. I – a doctor. i started my career with a nurse that is, with nurses in the department of gynecology. those who change men-early go not to retirement, and to the cemetery (sorry) – cervical cancer. And even if the cancer does not end-end with alcoholism. become a psychologist and keep statistics.Whoever said what, but a man can only be happy when the relationship is built only with one partner. But in the Soviet Union did not learn how to build a relationship, and even the role of men and women they did not teach. Be glad that you are a virgin. Look slowly for the only one. And less affeshiruyte about his purity, honey. So do not have to put on the cemetery ground guardian of the freaks. My advice. Happiness to you!

girl, you should decide what you need and why))) maybe you’re a co-pilot with a friend? find another, in front of which you’ll be a queen )))

Honey, there are more women than men. Not everyone has to give birth, someone has to take care of cats too ) You know what I mean?

Honey, expanding the range of interests would be nice, and being a virgin at this age, does not mean there is something wrong with you, you’re honest with yourself, and for this will be rewarded, it will appreciate the real man. I advise to listen to Vedic psychologist Satya Das, how and where to meet decent men, how to raise a girl’s self-esteem and not to listen to stupid and harmful advice.

Why Men Don’t Love Me: 10 Problems of Single Women

You admire your friend’s ring again – she has been dating her lover for only six months, and he has already proposed to her. But your relationship does not get to at least the third date, not to mention the fact that the hand and heart to you no one offers. And you’re always asking yourself: “Why don’t men love me?” Why do men carry some women in their arms and ignore others?

A course in cognitive psychology.

You’ll learn why our brains lie to us. You’ll get rid of attitudes that are ruining your life. You’ll understand how to boost your self-esteem, recognize depression, and deal with anxiety.

I want to get married, but relationships end quickly

An obsessive desire to get married can put men off. Even if he fully shares your life views, he prefers to make decisions on his own. In addition, men often worry about their partner wanting to get married because it’s the right thing to do, all their girlfriends are already married, and their parents are demanding grandchildren, not for the sake of a life together with him.

A man is supposed to take care of a woman, but he shows no interest in me

Forget the word should. Men are very appreciative of their independence. If he feels that his freedom in the relationship will be limited, your romance will never continue. One of the main problems many women have is that they make too many demands on a potential candidate.

I try to dress brighter, but men are in no hurry to get acquainted.

There is an opinion that men like beautiful women. And they are, but with a small caveat: beautiful and well-groomed, not beautiful and provocative. While dressing up for men, the most important thing is not to overdo it – an overly bright and vulgar outfit will only lead a man to ambiguous reflections about where you work. Such women scare men away, and they try to stay away from them.

The men I talk to don’t need a relationship.

Actually, of course they do. Normal, established men want a relationship – they value comfort in the home, regular sex and having a close and understanding person around. But in order for a man to decide to have a relationship, you need to meet his criteria. Learn to be an interesting conversationalist and a promising partner in the eyes of men.

Men pay attention to other women, but not to me

Have you noticed that other women in your environment are literally bathed in the attention of men, and your share of it almost never falls out. Most likely the fact that they think they are attractive and sexy – it is this confidence in themselves and in their merits attracts men as a magnet.

I can’t interest a man on the first date

Pay attention to what you say when you meet him and how well you know how to listen. Tell him what you like, your hobbies and work – let him know that you are a serious and interesting woman. Don’t ask a man how much he earns and how – this will paint you as a mercenary who wants to make a comfortable living.

Men like dumb women, but trying to play dumb gets you nowhere.

Stupid women only like insecure men, or those who only want to satisfy their sexual desires. If you want a serious man, you have to get him interested. Men like women who want to achieve something in life and are interested in more than just themselves.

I don’t know where to meet an interesting man

Today you can meet a worthy man practically anywhere. If you hesitate to approach a man at a party, find places where your potential partners spend time – for example, sign up for a programming course, motorcycle school or do any extreme sport. Finding a common language in a relaxed environment is much easier.

Ask your friends to introduce you to people they know who might be a good match for you – there’s bound to be a lot of interesting men out there.

Your first step is to get to know one another on the internet. If you’re not confident and self-conscious about meeting a man “in person,” try starting a conversation with a man you like online.

I can’t meet a man on my own.

If you lack confidence and hesitate to approach a woman for yourself, make sure she comes to you. Try to attract his attention – straighten your back, make sure your movements were graceful, and behave with dignity. Smile at him, hold his gaze – so he’ll know he’s interested in you, and it will be easier for him to decide on specific actions. Remember that men can be insecure too.

I seem to myself enough attractive.

To attract interesting men, you need to love yourself. Treat yourself with love and respect, defend your principles of life and do not settle for less than you deserve. Improve yourself – learning new skills, expanding your horizons and working on yourself will help you feel more confident and attractive – men will feel it and appreciate.

To become even more confident in your attractiveness, it’s important to know what men notice when they look at you. Find out in our article about what men love most about women.

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