Guess on the tarot: Describe the points

Simple Tarot cards for beginners

Some beginners of tarot cards give up this activity because they immediately grasp the complex schemes in which they are unable to understand. So we suggest you read the simple and straightforward decklaces that will answer important questions and help you gain the necessary knowledge.

The main rules of tarot divination

Remember one of the key rules – use a personal deck. You should purchase a new set of Tarot cards, study each arcana and hold it in your hands for as long as possible. This is to ensure that the deck soaks up your energy and perceives you as the master.

You may have already guessed that you can’t lend it to anyone or even let it touch, so that it doesn’t “infect” with someone else’s energy. Also, you don’t have to be afraid of falling out answers and predictions. This is neither fate nor destiny, but only a supposed scenario of events that can always be influenced.

It is extremely important to formulate the question clearly. No emotions and negativity, because you need to abstract away from everything unnecessary. What is required of you:

  1. Concentrate on the question being asked;
  2. Treat the deck as a living being with a soul;
  3. Learn to look at the situation from the outside and do not try to interpret the cards to please yourself, distorting their original meaning;
  4. Use and improve your intuition;

Major Arcana

Sooner Arcane: Wands

Lesser Arcanes: Cups

Lesser Arcanes: Swords

Minor Arcana: Pentacles

Simple Tarot card solutions

If you have learned all the rules and seek to master the art of divination on the Tarot cards, then we offer you a few simple and popular layouts.

An experienced tarot card reader will answer your questions:

What awaits you in the future? How will the relationship? What is the right decision?

The reading on a single card

If you need a clear answer to your question, you can perform a reading on a single card Tarot. Experts advise to use only the Senior Arcana. Shuffle them and remove the card from the center, or fan it with the shirt up and choose any one.

Many men are reluctant to open up in love and are not ready for frank and sincere conversations about their feelings. They just weren’t brought up that way. Therefore, it is better not to push, but to use a simple and accurate “What a man thinks about me” layout and find out the whole truth.

It’s amazing how some relationships continue to exist, even though there is no love in them for a long time. It’s just a habit. In order not to find yourself in such an unpleasant position and not to waste time, perform an online divination on a man’s feelings.

Layout on three cards of the Tarot.

This is a very useful and simple variant of divination on the Tarot cards, where the three arcana will help you better understand your own personality and inner world. When you will be engaged in the interpretation, be sure to study how harmoniously the second and third symbol are combined.

Each card position has its own meaning:

Tomorrow hides a lot of secrets and mysteries that will affect future developments. Take back control and make an online forecast for those situations that are just about to burst into your life.

The next 24 hours can go perfectly for you and present a lot of invaluable opportunities if you take the right advice. Listen to the Universe and appreciate its clues that can improve your life.

An experienced tarot card reader will answer your questions:

What awaits you in the future? How will the relationship? What is the right decision?

Classic Tarot card reading

And now let’s look at examples of universal simple Tarot card decal, which can be used for any situation.

The reading of the Tarot for 5 cards.

From the diviner is required to shuffle the cards in a deck well, clearly articulate and ask a question. Take out any 5 cards and arrange in a row. Their meaning:

  • The first one describes the past;
  • The second shows how reality affects your areas of activity;
  • The third is a secret influence. You need to analyze your life and get your priorities right;
  • The fourth is a valuable clue. The arcana will help you decide on actions that will allow you to cope with the problem;
  • Fifth – conclusions;

The Tarot cards are always ready to reveal whether your wish will come true as soon as you click on the deck. You won’t have to study or memorize anything because the system automatically conducts an accurate and truthful layout. Ask a question and look into the future.

If you want to understand your own life and understand the best direction to develop, then the magical Tarot deck will serve as an ideal tool. Accurate and helpful layout of what was, what is and what will be a comprehensive view of the problem and give a detailed description of your situation.

The cross of the Celtic Tarot.

This is a universal method of divination in the Tarot cards, which allows you to explore all areas of the diviner. At the heart of the card is a sygnificator card, which represents the person on which the reading is performed. It can be selected by two methods:

1) choose a card that most accurately conveys your experiences and feelings at that moment.

2) oriented by astrology. First decide with the suit, which is chosen according to the element: Swords (air – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), Wands (fire – Aries, Leo and Sagittarius), Cups (water – Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) and Pentacles (earth – Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn). Now let’s choose a card. If you are a woman who is over 25 years old, you should choose Queen and if you are under 25 years old – Page. For men over 25 it’s a King and for those under 25 it’s a Knight.

A total of 10 cards are drawn, which mean:

  • First – describes the essence of the problem or issue, as well as your place in what is happening;
  • Second – if there are obstacles or not;
  • Third – what influenced the formation of this problem;
  • Fourth – what situations/events from the past influenced reality;
  • fifth – what chances and prospects the fortune-teller has;
  • Sixth – what to expect from the coming in the near future;
  • Seventh – how does the diviner (if on himself/herself) unconsciously relate to the solution of the problem;
  • Eighth – who in the close circle has an influence on what is going on;
  • Ninth – what fears and hopes are awakened by the solution of the problem;
  • tenth – the final, the result;

Tired of the fact that fate constantly hits a sore spot and prevents you from achieving what you want? Well, now you’ll be able to understand what awaits you and what to prepare for, thanks to accurate and truthful Tarot cards prediction.

The reading of the Tarot cards in the near future will give clues to the future. From now on you have the opportunity to make good decisions and see how they affect the further course of events.

An experienced tarot card reader will answer your questions:

What awaits you in the future? How will the relationship? What is the right decision?

Layout for love on the Tarot cards

Quite often people are interested in the topic of love and relationships, because it is important to find a soul mate or to solve the problem and save the marriage. Let’s take a look at popular and simple layouts.

The 5 card Tarot tableau for help in love

With the help of this Tarot card reading, you will be able to understand why you are having problems in your romantic life. You will understand what changes you should make to improve the situation and meet the right person. Five cards are drawn from the deck, which are interpreted in this way:

  • one – how ready you are to build a serious relationship, do you have a focus on reciprocity;
  • Second – what obstacles are preventing you from meeting your soul mate;
  • Third – what actions you should take to meet the right person;
  • Fourth – who or what is keeping you from being happy in your personal life;
  • Fifth, the conclusions and the bottom line;

If you’re going to analyze your life, you need to approach this question holistically. This free variant of the ancient arcana of the Tarot allows you to determine what was, what is and what will be.

Is there a future with a man? It is necessary as early as possible to use online divination on the Tarot cards, because your personal happiness may depend on a positive or negative answer.

Fortune-telling on tarot cards

The topic of the future also raises many questions, because the unknown is frightening. We propose to use one of the most simple and popular options for divination of the future.

Tarot Seven Card Layout “Serene Days”.

The diviner, by analyzing the energies that influence fate, will be able to assess their own life from a different perspective. In addition the reading on the Tarot cards also give valuable tips and hints that can improve the future and achieve the desired development of events.

Draw 7 cards and interpret their positions in the following way:

  • A brief description of destiny. Lists situations in a particular time period, and displays the main influencing energy. Helps to analyze thoughts and actions from the past;
  • What to leave behind in the past. All aspects of life are analyzed, including with work, feelings, thoughts and objects. Anything that prevents you from moving forward is pointed out to you;
  • What experiences have been gained from the negative side of the past. You will understand what aspects of thinking you should get rid of;
  • What positive factors will help you plan for the right future;
  • What positive opportunities will arise in the near future;
  • what difficulties and negative circumstances are expected;
  • valuable information from the deck that will prompt important reflection;

In today’s world, you can do without fortune-tellers and sorcerers, if you have a desire to understand your fate and know the future. Even if you have never used magic cards, the online Tarot forecast will tell you what will happen tomorrow.

Magic Tarot always comes to the rescue when you want to plan for the future and understand exactly what situations will be encountered. All you need to do is click on the cards and get a forecast for the week.

Fortune-telling on the Tarot cards on a wish

Even the most skeptical people, devoid of fantasy, still have desires that they dream to fulfill. Tarot cards will tell you how realistic it is, and even help you take the right steps.

6 card Tarot spread on the realization of desires

With this method it will be possible to analyze all kinds of energies that help or hinder to achieve the desired. Such a layout tells you what you need to do to realize what you want. Take out of the deck 6 cards, which interpret in these positions:

  • The first is what drives the scenario and will help you realize your plans;
  • Second – how to achieve your plans and what to pay attention to;
  • the third – what obstacles you will face;
  • Fourth and fifth – what events will help achieve the goal;
  • Sixth – conclusions and results;

Is there a future with a man? It is necessary as early as possible to use online divination on the Tarot cards, because your personal happiness may depend on a positive or negative answer.

Will I have a new love? Many people want to know the answer to this question, because this will dramatically change your personal life, or get rid of compulsive fears. Tarot cards are ready to help.

Tarot five card roll “The Horseshoe”.

With the help of this divination on the Tarot cards will get to understand whether you have a chance in the future to realize the desire. It will also describe those factors that influence the development of events. Take out of the magic deck of 5 cards, lay out in the form of a horseshoe and interpret by position:

  • How rationally you feel about the desire;
  • what your inner voice is telling you;
  • How the wish will be reflected in the future events;
  • what is keeping you from reaching your goal;
  • How to realize what you have planned;

At your disposal is simple and clear layouts on the Tarot cards. Master them and you can gradually move on to more complex schemes.

How to learn to read the Tarot cards yourself

Tarot, like any system, is similar to the layered cake. In order for you to have a cake, the various elements of the system must be stacked layer by layer, and the divination process itself will only be a decoration – a beautiful rose. Well, or a cherry. On this topic “how to learn how to read tarot cards yourself” you could write a book and not one, but I will try to limit myself to brief excerpts.

Choosing a Tarot deck for beginners.

The first thing to do is to choose a deck. Since you’ve decided to learn tarot divination on your own, I advise you to choose a deck that is popular, that has enough material and whose symbols are clear to you at the first glance at the card. I will refer in this article to the “Ryder Waite Tarot” and similar decks (“Universal Tarot” and the like). Later, when you learn the system, you can change to any deck you like. If you choose “Enchanted Frogs in the Ryazan Forest Tarot” right away (I’m fantasizing), keep in mind that you’ll have to invent your own system of interpretation.

The simplicity of the plot in the picture will be a clue to you if you completely forget the description from the interpreter. However, you will need a firm attachment to the interpreter only at first.

Eliminate 10 key beginner’s mistakes and start reading Tarot cards easily, without any prior knowledge

5 steps from the love of the cards to financial independence from the founder of the Russian School of Tarot Sergei Savchenko

How to properly apply the Runes? Get 3 gifts that will help you quickly apply the runes to achieve their goals

Ways of Interpretation

Next, you have to decide on a method of interpretation. Globally, there are two + a third subspecies.


When you have a certain system that you adhere to. And you, in principle, enough to know the serial number of the card and suit, in order to give an answer.


When you look at a picture depicted on a card and images are born in your mind, which you verbalize.

Synthesis of systemic and intuitive approaches

This method to any person who has chosen the first approach to the tarot comes inevitably over time.

I suggest using the third, but leaning, especially at the beginning of practice, on the first. I will stick to the theory in this article that you want to learn the tarot as a system. In order to divine the tarot, you must have the meanings of the cards in “firmware.” And, unfortunately, rote interpreters won’t help. Still, I want to allay your fears that tarot cards are hard, and I want to tell you that you already know a lot about the meanings of the cards.

How to Learn to Do Tarot Reading by Yourself. The First Test

A deck of tarot cards

If you want to learn how to read tarot cards from scratch, that’s exactly what you should do right away. Ask some question that interests you, not too important, about the answer to which you more or less guess. Take any card out of the deck, look at what’s in the picture and interpret what’s in the picture, don’t be afraid to make a mistake.

For example: “How does Petya feel about me?” Pull out the King of Wands (in my example, it’s the King of Wands from the Universal Tarot). And describe the card: It seems to me he is an active person, he is upbeat because the colors on the card are bright yellow and orange, and it feels like he wants to get up and do something, go somewhere, maybe do a deed. Most likely he is a leader, the crown on his head speaks of power, etc. Next, relate this description to the question about Petya.

Well, for example, Petya is determined towards me, interaction with me gives him a burst of energy, maybe he wants to do some deed. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake. Practice has shown that card values can be easily read from a drawing. In one of my classes I asked them to describe the qualities of a character and the feelings that a depiction on the card evoked to people who were completely ignorant of the Tarot. Practice showed that two or three people worked together to produce a description very similar to the meaning of the card from a tarot interpreter.

And then – this is an important point – you open the interpreter and read the description of the card. Notice how accurate you were in the description. And, of course, notice where you went wrong. How well does your first interpretation correlate with the meaning of the card? Approach this analysis critically, but don’t berate yourself for not getting to the heart of the card.

To the meaning of the card that you have understood and verified by the interpreter, you need to gradually add various elements of the system. Remember the cake analogy? Let’s now understand what layers it consists of.

The basics of tarot divination. What is important to note

Signs and symbols in the Tarot

The Elements

Tarot, astrology and alchemy are believed to be based on the concept of the elements. The minor arcana are divided into four elements. In order to understand the tarot, you need to understand how one element differs from another. And in that these differences are fundamental. Fire is Wands, Earth is Pentacles, Air is Swords, and Water is Cups (but not all systems have these elements, so watch out).

Fire and Air are conventionally considered as active and masculine elements, and Water and Earth are conventionally feminine and passive. Water and Fire are emotional (Fire is outwardly emotional, Water is inwardly emotional), and Earth and Air are intellectual or rational. You can find descriptions of the elements in any tarot reference book. But in order to learn tarot card divination for beginners, it is important to connect your book knowledge with real experience.

Take the suit of Fire, which was the card in our example about Petya. What associations and word-symbols do you get when you think of real fire? Bright, fiery, impulsive, active, hot? Add gradually your knowledge of the elements to the interpretation of the card.

Numerology .

From one to ten. What is your understanding of the one? One? Ego? Self? Self? The indivisible? The whole? Beginning? I suggest that you first refer to your rich life experience and knowledge, and then study the interpreter, correcting yourself, of course, in those moments where you were wrong in your understanding of what is, for example, “one. And pay attention to the card now, not only on the suit, the associative series, which causes the image, but also on its serial number.

The color yellow, on any card. What does it associate with you? Joy, sunshine, activity, energy. So on and so forth. What characteristics does it add to the value of the card? Do the same exercise with the other colors.

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