Goodbye texts to the guy: set out in order

Farewell SMS loved one

If the word WE no longer exists in your relationship, then this soulmate was definitely not yours. Chase the unfortunate sadness away, and send your ex lover your last goodbye text message.

  • As much as it pains me to let you go, I’ve already made up my mind. Our boat of love has ceased its voyage on the waves of sublime feelings!
  • We will no longer wake up in each other’s arms, and we will each have our own sun now!
  • It is very sad to realize that this is the end of our relationship, but my heart emptiness will surely fill up in time!
  • Breaking up now would be the best way out of this difficult situation. I command my heart to forget your name!
  • The shine of our eyes toward each other was replaced by a dim expression. Love story was scattered with small beads and we were destined to live apart by fate.
  • The future does not exist for us, and the past is too painful to remember. Tomorrow I will wake up and take a different path towards my happiness!

Goodbye texts to a man.

A stagnant relationship must either be revived or terminated. If yours do not lend themselves to resuscitation, then it’s time to break up. Do it beautifully – send a man a farewell text written in your own words.

  • I will not go back to you, and do not even try to change my mind that we are two halves of one!
  • I’m very tired of the endless waiting and no longer want to cherish hope for
  • I no longer want to cherish the hope of a phantom happiness. For me you no longer exist!
  • The fire of love in my heart is already extinguished and I no longer wait for your embrace!
  • Let us not hold grudges against each other, and time will heal our wounds of the heart!

  • If our puzzle has not been put together for a long time, then parting is inevitable. Heaven has decreed that we should live on different shores.
  • I want to wish you goodbye and confess that I don’t regret our past together at all.
  • The door to the world of our love is closed forever! I may miss your embrace at first, but I am strong and I will cope with everything!
  • Yesterday I could call you “beloved” and today I am trying to forget your name. Our breakup is inevitable, and the recent joy has drastically changed to sadness. The loneliness will be painful only at first, but we’ll get through it!

Farewell texts for your loved one

Your relationship has moved into the “meaningless” category and the boat of love is already looking for a berth? Then rip out this unfortunate chapter of your book of life, sending a farewell text message for your loved one.

  • Not long ago you were my soulmate, and now you are yesterday’s day. Let me lose a part of my soul that went with you, but I believe that the reward for suffering is ahead of me!
  • I don’t want to know or hear any more about you! After you read this text message – WE are gone!

  • I don’t want love shackles, And I’d like to ride free as a horse into meadows! But in my fantasy no longer have you, and you know very well the reason.
  • Our love has run out of steam (( Let’s not break the glass, but let the relationship go like thawed water into the ground – quietly and quickly.
  • There’s no need to try to restore faded feelings! Why kiss cold lips that no longer burn with desire?!
  • Get out of my life’s horizon! Fade into the fog forever!
  • A chance is given once and you’ve already wasted it. I will do today what I have already promised. I’m leaving you!
  • I may be uncomfortable waking up alone in bed, but it’s better than putting up with your indifference!

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I recently broke up with a guy I was with for 2 years. I still love him, so I wrote him this – you know how I feel about you. As long as my love burns inside me, there’s a chance to get it all back. As soon as the candle of my passion burns out, it will be too late. I hope and wait.

I wouldn’t write anything goodbye, why should I? So the man may think that you have not yet let him go, of course, if you have hope to get him back, then feel free to write.

Farewell SMS man

SMS-messages to men

How to write a goodbye text message to the guy? It’s not as easy as it seems! On the one hand, you do not want to offend him much, but on the other hand, you do not want to leave him the hope to continue the relationship. When it is difficult to find the words – use a ready-made solution! A selection of goodbye messages, which will certainly find the very thing.

It’s over!

Set the record straight – send a farewell text message to your loved one.

  1. By the time this text message reaches you, you will already be out of my life … I will survive this pain! I’ll be able to open up my future, and you go away…
  2. Not so long ago I was burning with your touch, and now I can’t even think about it… Dreams will remain dreams, my boy. It’s over!
  3. I’ll get over it. I’ll get bogged down in my work, as usual. I’ll get over it and forget it. Thank you for the time when we were happy. But there won’t be a second chance, goodbye…
  4. This text is my last link to you. And it has already been cut. Goodbye and be happy… without me.
  5. I don’t know why we have a relationship anymore… I guess it’s time to end it.
  6. I’ve been blessed with a lucky ticket to realize there’s no future with you! Goodbye.
  7. Let the other fool suffer with you. I’m getting too tired of it. Good luck finding another soul mate…
  8. You ripped my wings off and stomped them into the dirt … I don’t know what I was counting on when I gave you a second chance.
  9. When the desire for loneliness defeats the desire to be with you, that’s the end!
  10. Our air castles have broken… goodbye, kitten.
  11. I remember the fire burning inside me when it all started… Damn your fire extinguishers.
  12. Any past is just past. You’re my past now…


Texting a man goodbye is kind of a nice gesture to remind him of what he’s lost.

  1. Why fix what can’t be fixed? I’m sorry for everything… and goodbye.
  2. You know I don’t hear music anymore… You used to, you always brought music with you. Farewell…
  3. The magic is over before it starts… Don’t call me again!
  4. All good things come to an end sooner or later. Too bad you’re not good, but you’re over too!
  5. Not only have the flowers wilted in my garden of love, the hedgehogs have already set up their own state and are making sacrifices in the name of the gods of hate!
  6. You promised to take me to a rainbow that never existed… Goodbye!
  7. Enough already! No need to call and write to me. Stay calm and get the fuck out!
  8. Your path has gone the wrong way… to the red light district, by the looks of it. I’m not going down that road with you…
  9. I don’t see a future where you can be. I’m sorry…
  10. It’s time for everything… and it’s time for us to break up!
  11. Well, it happens… you’re not the hero of my novel. I’m sorry…
  12. Nothing lasts forever. Including feelings. Let’s just enjoy what we had without thinking about what we won’t have…
  13. Reality was more brutal than that. I’m not ready for that. I’m sorry. We have to break up…
  14. I’m eternally grateful for everything… but please let me go.

The past is in the past

Send your man a goodbye text message – let him abandon his hopes of mending your relationship.

  1. You were an amazing book! Detective, erotic, mystical! But every book ends…
  2. I had imagined it to be completely different. And I’m not ready for this kind of crap… sorry.
  3. Nothing has ever hurt me as much as being disappointed in you…
  4. One last text message to a man I’m no longer going out with… I love you, but I’m saying goodbye…
  5. No need for big words. Just go away. Please…
  6. It was an interesting experience… but it ended in failure. Goodbye…
  7. You succeeded… you broke something in me. We have to break up…
  8. I don’t know how yet, but I’ll learn to live without you…
  9. The point of no return is passed, and there is only gray sky to the horizon ahead. This relationship was never meant to fly, you know that.
  10. # We’ve crossed the last line before the abyss # I’m not going there for you, I’m sorry
  11. One more text won’t make it worse, will it? Thank you for everything…
  12. I’m in so much pain that I’ve poked my eyes out of your pictures… Leave me alone!
  13. We’ll get through this. We’ll both get over it. You’ll have your life and I’ll have mine…
  14. It’s sad that it’s over, but you know that, don’t you?
  15. I can’t take it anymore. Get out of my life… for good.

It’s time.

Not everything that’s broken can be repaired. Hint about it to your boyfriend – farewell text message to your lover who does not want to admit the obvious.

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