Girl friend relationships – describe from all sides

5 signs that you are more than just friends

Friendship between a girl and a guy is quite common. The reasons for this can be different – some just like to communicate with each other, some are united by common interests. Together, friends go to the movies, art exhibitions and clubs. They like to socialize with other companies and problems in a friendly relationship in principle never appears.

However, there are times when either the girl or the guy begin to realize that their relationship is more than friendship and begin to doubt their feelings, worrying that now they won’t be able to be friends as before. Often it takes some kind of catalyst for this to happen. For example, a friend has a girlfriend and now they spend a lot of time together, and with his girlfriend he meets less and less often. She becomes jealous and soon realizes that the friend is much closer to her and it seems that these are very different feelings, not friendly. Feelings can also be affected by separation. Meeting each other after a couple of months, friends realize how much they missed each other and realize that the relationship has gone beyond friendship. How to understand that between friends really fell in love, and they can no longer just be friends?

Signs by which you can tell if a friend is in love with you

There are big differences between friendship and love. Friendship is objective, it is more rational, sober. Whereas love closes eyes to everything: a person lives captive to their feelings, puts in first place beloved, thinks differently, behaves differently, perceives the world. To determine whether your friend is in love with you or not, pay attention to a few things!

Nonverbal Behavior

Non-verbal behavior appears unconsciously, so it’s easy to determine whether you’re in love with him. Pay attention to your friend’s gaze. An interested person looks at the object of sympathy “vividly,” interested, intently, enthusiastically, tenderly, for a long time. And he does this even when he is not directly interacting with the girl! If he can not stand the return look – a friend afraid to reveal their feelings to you!

If a close friend is in love with his girlfriend, he is always looking for an excuse to touch her: to take off her lint, to fix her hair, to squat closely during a conversation, to put his hand on her shoulder if she is upset (frozen, tired), to playfully push or pinch. If you freely hug each other, you may notice that there are noticeably more of these moments. If before this gesture was present only when meeting, now the friend will become a real fan of cuddling. Also pay attention to the duration and intensity. A hug from a guy in love is getting longer and tighter!

Look at his posture, facial expressions and gestures when you are alone. If a friend feels something more than friendship for you, he will never be calm in your presence. A guy might be rubbing something in his palms, being overly active, cheerful, moving objects from place to place, touching his hair, lips, clothes. The face expresses only positive emotions. The pose is always facing the companion: body turned, arms open (not crossed), head slightly tilted to the side.

Usually a girl notices a guy’s interest when she catches those very romantic seconds. Everything happens like in slow motion: the stare, the cessation of conversation, the feeling of each other’s breath. It’s about time for a kiss. Do moments like that slip through your fingers? If so, it definitely smells like love between you and your friend!


When a friend falls in love with a friend, he becomes a real manic conversationalist. But only with the object of adoration! Have you noticed how your messenger and social media glow every day from his messages and comments? And the phrases do not even have any meaning: “Hello”, “Sleep well?”, “How are you?”, “Go to class?”, “How’s the cat Vasska?”, “What breakfast?” etc.

Also, a friend in love becomes an active humorist. He pokes fun at any occasion, sneers, teases, incites. But he never crosses the line, because he’s afraid of hurting your feelings. Also, he laughs at all of your jokes, even not very good? The guy clearly in love with you!

Pay attention: an interested man is always eager to talk more with his girlfriend. And not just about the weather, but about serious things: what she appreciates in people, what she would never forgive, why she is currently without a relationship, whether there is someone currently in mind, her vision of marriage (the ideal relationship). If a friend asks in detail about the romantic page of your life (how many boyfriends you’ve had, why you broke up, what mistakes they made, which of them your parents liked and why), he’s clearly counting on your favor! Notice – about his relationships and sympathies he is reluctant to share!

A particularly telling sign that a friend is in love will be the fact that you are always in first place among all the others. All jokes, stories, requests, compliments are addressed only to you, even in spite of the fact that you are in a large company at this moment! Speaking of requests: it is especially nice to get help from the person you love, so do not be surprised if you are asked to help with homework, keep you company when watching a movie, play a song on the phone, go together on Saturday to buy new clothes, etc.

To figure out if a friend has a crush on you or not, tell them you have a crush on one guy in the group. A man in love will immediately show displeasure, jealousy, irritation, or sadness!

Attitude towards you.

To find out your friend’s true feelings, look at his attitude towards you. A loving guy tries to pamper the girl with attention, care, help, gifts, affectionate word. A friend in love comes at the first call, sacrificing his own interests, cares if you have the first signs of a cold, rushes to help get the bike down from the fifth floor, gives gifts without reason? Well, be sure, a friend clearly in love! Only favorite want to constantly pamper, please, support, shower compliments. It is important for a man that a woman saw in him the only one!

If a friend carefully hides his love, check his feelings with a little trick: pretend to be offended. If the guy will just try to figure out the reason and hold out the chocolate – most likely, you are really friends. And if he takes it as the end of the world, a thousand times to apologize, will scroll through the situation all the time – the case is more serious! Because people in love is extremely important to the location of their halves!

Attitudes toward your environment

In order to understand whether your friend likes you as a girl or you are just a companion, look at how he treats your surroundings: parents, friends, acquaintances. A person in love always tries to get close to the family of the object of affection. Not just say hello, and ask about the affairs, how are you, to compliment his mother, help your sister cope with the computer program, ask your father for advice, etc. Happy to agree to the proposed mug of tea, with interest to hear a story about your childhood, with admiration eat a piece of mom’s cake? Well, he certainly doesn’t have friendly plans!

It’s the same with girlfriends! He understands that he has to like your surroundings, so he tries to find common ground with everyone. However, if you quarrel with someone, a friend will always be on your side: his goal is to protect you, comfort, support. “They are unequivocally wrong, so calm down!”, “You don’t deserve that kind of attitude”, “Never mind, it’s not worth your tears”. Love makes you look at things and people subjectively, remember?

It’s going to be a different situation with guys, though. If a friend is in the mood for more than being friends with you, he’ll become a kite to beat the male entourage away from you. You will constantly hear about the shortcomings of potential rivals. Appearance, character, habits, attitudes toward you, manner of speaking, lifestyle – everything is not suitable! By the way, you may also notice such a disdainful attitude towards your former suitors!

What is love

Talking about love from the side of science is very difficult. But without science, it will be impossible to make sense of feelings. For everyone, love is characterized by its own judgments. But in any case, it has 3 defining characteristics that are related by common traits for each case individually.

Initially, the feeling is related to the degree of frankness. The presence of trust between partners is a complex psychological process that is conditioned by shared views and feelings. During love there is no fear of the manifestation of the true self. On the contrary, under the influence of this beautiful feeling, you are motivated to express yourself. You are ready to be yourself and are happy to show the real you.

The next important factor is physical attraction. You look at your partner and you are madly attracted to him, regardless of his external data. This form of communication is only appropriate in a romantic relationship. You can say that attraction fuels feelings, which stimulates in your mate the mutual embodiment of sympathy.

And the final, but no less important factor, is fidelity. A real desire to share your time with your partner is a very important moment in a love relationship. Also, there is such a nuance that the couple does not break up when they meet with difficulties. On the contrary, they become stronger, helping each other to overcome them. No one else from the environment is perceived by them as an object of lust.

Other screaming signs of falling in love

In addition to the above signals to know that a friend is in love with you, pay attention to the following points:

  • adopts your habits (gestures, words, facial expressions, manner of behavior, hobbies) – sympathy subconsciously pushes us to “adjust” to the partner;
  • Attends all events (even the most boring), if you are there;
  • Has long been in a free status, refuses to get acquainted with new girls;
  • behaves inappropriately with you (suddenly becomes shy, embarrassed, nervous, awkward, silent, swaggering, vulgar, dreamy, etc.);
  • feeds you (takes you to a cafe, brings home goodies, knows your taste preferences): a man takes great pleasure in feeding his beloved;
  • Starts to watch his appearance (takes off a stretchy sweater, uses expensive cologne, changes his hair style): Guys are trying to please their potential girlfriends;
  • actively observes your posts, statuses, photos on social networks;
  • is interested in your plans for the future;
  • Under the influence of alcoholic intoxication admits that you’re cool, beautiful, charming, etc.

But what to do with it all? Psychologists say that if a girl understands that her friend is in love with her, the only thing she can do is to be sincere with him. Do not deceive yourself or your close companion, do not give false hopes, do not use other people’s feelings. Say everything honestly, only as gently as possible. And if you yourself see your friend as a potential man, why not give yourself the right to happiness?

How to distinguish friendship from courtship, sympathy, displays of romantic feelings?

But can you say with certainty that your feelings for a friend are not romantic in nature? Sometimes it is hard to distinguish platonic friendship from love, and vice versa: people take for love strong friendship of two cronies.

If you doubt the feelings between you and your friend, it’s worth thinking and analyzing your relationship. Do not hurry to jump to conclusions about you. Let’s talk more about what are the concepts of friendship and love, and how to distinguish them from each other. Maybe you should take it to the next level with your mate. Or shouldn’t you risk confusing friendship with a romantic relationship?

Behavior in His/Her Presence

Do you behave calmly in the presence of your friend or with his/her appearance in your company do you feel embarrassed?

In a friendship relationship with the appearance of a mate, you feel free, no matter what condition you are in, no matter what you look like. With this person you feel comfortable, even if you’re flaunting in a nightie, one slipper, disheveled, with a thermometer and a snot bucket in front of you.

If you do fall in love, you try with all your might to look better than you are. You care about your appearance, you wonder if your friend will like your new sweater or hairstyle. You are embarrassed to receive compliments from him, they cause you extraordinary feelings of joy and embarrassment.

The psychology of girlfriend relationships: it’s not that simple

As they say, friendship – a sacred thing, and happy is the man who has a true friend. But for some reason it is believed that if we are talking about friendship, it implies a male friendship. No one denies that men are very different from women in nature and, therefore, male friendship is different from female. Some believe that … Read more →.

It is said that friendship – a sacred thing, and happy is the man who has a true friend. But for some reason it is assumed that if we are talking about friendship, it implies a male friendship. No one denies that men are very different from women in nature and, accordingly, male friendship is different from female friendship. Some people think that “there is no such thing as a woman’s friendship.

However, women’s friendship does exist. And of course, like everything that concerns women, has so many facets and shades. In practice of relations between women, girls, girls such a masculine word “friend” is replaced by another, more generalized, word “friend”. As you know, a man’s friend is a person close in spirit, with whom he is in the fire and in the water. And for us girls, a friend – a friend.That is a friend, and the vest, and my second “I,” and “guardian of my secrets. But sometimes it can be just an acquaintance or even a rival. Let’s try to understand the psychology of the relationship between girlfriends.

1. We all come from childhood,

And all of our relationships with different people begin in childhood. Each of us remembers how carefree played in the sandbox with other children in the yard or kindergarten. But among this noisy flock, we gradually developed a closer relationship with a single girl. And now it does not matter other children: we go for a walk when her friend walks, we play the games that we both enjoy, we miss when we can not communicate with her. This is how a woman’s friendship is born. Some manage to carry it through life, and some outgrow it. Relationships between friends are tested by time and circumstance. And it’s all good because when we get acquainted and communicate with new people, we better understand ourselves, evaluate our new and old girlfriends and our friendship with them.

2. Why we are friends. “Though I have no sister by blood, I consider you my sister.”

It is not always the case that sisters have a benevolent close relationship. At the same time between true girlfriends there is a reliable, almost familial relationship. Friends have something that unites them, something that creates the prerequisites for friendship. It is important for them:

  • Having common interests. For girls to become friends, they must have common interests. As the saying goes: Tell me who your friend is and I’ll tell you who you are. If they look at the world the same way, if they have the same values and priorities in life, if the nature of the two fit together, then the friendship can be permanent and successful. We girls are mostly very sociable and so we have a lot of girlfriends. But still, among all there is one single best friend, the most reliable and loyal. It often happens that one of her friends is the leader in the relationship, that is, she is more active and effective by nature. If the other suits this friend, then friendship be. If not, then there is no friendship.
  • Communicate. For girls it is very important to communicate. The slightest impression or news is discussed with his best friend or in a circle of friends. And girls really need to gossip, or just chat “about nothing. Even be among friends, not actively participating in the conversation, it’s also a certain experience, a kind of ladies meditation. Well, and talk about fashion trends or romantic adventures – this is a barrel without a bottom.
  • Share secrets. Naturally, no one will share what’s in your heart with just anyone. In this matter means a closer contact between friends, mutual trust, tested by circumstances and trials. If one of her friends do not know how to protect the secrets of others, then the friendship is ruined forever on the principle of a broken cup: you can glue something, but not that …
  • Advice. Girls are very fond of giving and in turn listening to someone else’s advice. In any – both simple and complex situations – we need an outside view to make a decision. Of course, the authoritative point of view for us is the girlfriend, as someone who knows us well, loves and is willing to help, advise, encourage a decision.
  • Spending time together. This is one of the most important prerequisites of the relationship between girlfriends. After all, joint shopping, recreation and walks are a necessary and indispensable part of every girl’s life.

3. The seven colors of the rainbow of relationships between girlfriends

Friendship between girls or girlfriends can occur at any age and under any circumstances, but the relationship develops differently, and, unfortunately, not always rosy. In life we encounter different people. Some of them can become our true friends, and some teach us lessons of fake friendship. How to make sense of it? The psychology of girlfriend relationships identifies some common characteristics.

1) A friend for companionship

Each of us has such a friend with whom we can go somewhere together from time to time, about something to chat about. But the friendship does not become close, we do not miss each other, do not worry about each other, do not share secrets. There is not yet the necessary degree of trust. This feeling will either develop over time, or it won’t exist at all.

2) A friend by coincidence

This kind of friendship occurs when we find ourselves in a certain place for a while. For example, during vacations, vacations, business trips, or while studying in another city. Under such circumstances, we have new friends with whom we can go through life together, or we will separate at the end of the time together. Friendships can be both strong and superficial, we can share problems and secrets, be “thick as thieves. Over time, time takes us to different parts of the world, we still correspond and call each other for a while, but then, unfortunately, all relationships dry up.

3) Rival girlfriend.

And these are the dark sides of female friendship. They manifest themselves in cases where in the circle of friends there is a guy that both of them like, or one of the girls is going out with him. The situation is explosive! Sometimes you have to choose: either a girlfriend or a young man. The only positive way out is to introduce the girlfriend to another guy she likes. Otherwise, the rivalry will destroy the friendship.

4) Envious Girlfriend

Sometimes we meet such a girl among our friends. If we do something well, or we are lucky in something, the friend, unfortunately, does not rejoice in our successes, but tries to belittle them. “Come to think of it,” “nothing special,” “nothing you did well,” and other similar exclamations disappoint us and take away our self-confidence. And even if everything was “okay” between you before, you should think about whether you need such a friend.

5) Gossip Girl Girlfriend

This option in the relationship between girlfriends is also possible and no less unpleasant than the above. Imagine that the secret that you confided in only one person became known to many. Terrible condition! It becomes clear that friendship is over. But in this case, and your fault – before trust, you should know the person. Learn a lesson for yourself.

6) Manipulative girlfriend.

If the relationship between the girlfriends one of them is the leader, it is probably not bad. However, it happens that one girlfriend with her authority, ego, narcissism suppresses another. And it’s not friendship, but the usual manipulation. It should be time to notice the behavior of a friend, so as not to get into dependence, and time to get out of this situation. Have an opinion, know how to insist on their own, and maybe everything will work out. Otherwise, we have our own moustaches…

7) Guardian Angel Girlfriend

Finally, we’re at the finish line. That is to say, we have gotten to the real selfless true friendship. Often in life you meet different friends, but forever remains only the one (or those, in rare cases) that is real. How do you determine that? Yes, each of us knows how, especially since the answer is in the title: guardian angel. So, take care and love such a friend, if you have one. And if you do not yet, then try to find one. To do this, become a real friend and a real friend.

Also remember that any relationship you have to work on, improve them, learn to take with love and love to give. And then you will be fine!

As they say, friendship – a sacred thing, and happy is the man who has a true friend. But for some reason it is believed that if we are talking about friendship, it implies a male friendship. No one denies that men are very different from women in nature and, therefore, male friendship is different from female. Some believe that … Read more →.

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