Gemini man how to win – consider in order

How to tame an incorrigible romantic, windy and addictive Gemini man

Fickle and infatuated, cheerful and amorous, Gemini men go through life easily: effortlessly making acquaintances and parting without regret. They become the soul of any company. For these people say – a man-celebrity. They like women. But how to conquer such?

The main steps to the cherished goal

Fall in love with an incorrigible romantic – a real challenge, because to tame the windy eternal boy is not easy. But it is possible! True, to fight for this thirsty heart change will have throughout life.

In order to gain access to the heart of a freedom-loving man-Lazybones need:

  1. To get as close as possible to his dream, to become the embodiment of the ideal idea of a woman. It is Gemini often changes, which means that you will have to change.
  2. Share his interests and hobbies.
  3. Become a friend and companion.

However, to pass all stages, you must first understand what a male Gemini is.

Meet: Gemini

The inner world of any Gemini is rich and diverse, and he himself is attractive and unpredictable. But still some of his traits are constant.


Representatives of this sign are not lacking in intelligence and talents, so a lot of things are easy for Gemini. Positions that others have been waiting for years, they get without much effort, as if playing. Their bosses appreciate them for the fact that they are not afraid to take on new and complex projects and successfully contribute to their advancement. They are helped by the ability to quickly find common ground with partners, attract investors, to establish good relationships with partners.


Gemini is impulsive and changes hobbies much more often than those around him and even himself would like. He won’t pass by something new so he won’t miss anything. Gemini is not just a passionate nature. They are gamblers. They are gamblers in life, and often go all-in, however, after assessing all the risks, and … usually win.


He’ll never be a hoarder. He earns money easily, and easily part with it. For him, it is just a means to achieve something. Gemini will not refuse a friend, is generous with gifts to his chosen one, spoils his children. However, use yourself as a cash machine Gemini allows exactly as much as he thinks necessary. After all, behind the easy attitude to life is a shrewd and subtle intelligence. He may just change his attitude to you.

Attitude towards others.

Gemini usually has a lot of friends and acquaintances. They spend a lot of time in companies where they are always the center of attention. Their optimism attracts people like the light of moths. Communication with the Twins is held in an easy and relaxed atmosphere. However, and loneliness does not weigh them down.

In a relationship with women, like a true grandmaster, they use multi-step combinations. They are attracted to expressive girls. They love to compliment, but they do not know how to listen. But praising them is worthwhile. They will hear and remember praise for their sense of humor, complimenting their sharp mind and broad outlook.

Dating or how to get attention

Gemini men are interested in bright, bold, intelligent and active women. If you have these qualities or are ready to become one, walk confidently toward your goal.

Step one: “Get him interested.

Create a noticeable image “to his taste”. This applies to everything: appearance, behavior, ability to present themselves. But the highlight must be one. If you have bouffant red hair, cleavage will be superfluous, and if you dared to an absolute mini, then the color solution of the skirt should not be appealing. The main thing is not to appear vulgar, because for twins, it is important to mind. A beautiful, but stupid woman will never be his companion.

If you do not know each other personally, do not be afraid to talk first. The pretext is not important. What matters is the first phrase (and the second phrase too). Twins do not like platitudes, sparkle with intelligence. And then pass the initiative to him. Gemini love to talk. Your task is to listen attentively, respond correctly and from time to time (not often!) Admire his intelligence and sense of humor. But it should not look artificial: Gemini does not tolerate falsity and outright flattery.

Step Two: “Consolidate Positions.

Your successful career, exotic hobby, unusual lifestyle can be the basis for the conversation and further communication. But you need to tell the story as honestly as possible. Deception Gemini feel at a subconscious level. If you will have mutual understanding on the intellectual position, then the romantic development of the relationship is ensured.

Step three “overcoming difficulties.

Gemini always feel the need for care, love and affection. However, for some reason they themselves are hiding their feelings. They are difficult to understand. Perhaps because they often do not understand what they want at the moment. Just do what you think is right. They appreciate other people’s opinions, independence and directness. But they can also say directly all what they think, without fear of offending. They believe that really close people need to accept them for what they are. They rely on the understanding of the closest, favorite and loving person.

Love Relationship with Gemini

Gemini is the perfect partner:

  1. He knows on an intuitive level what to say and what actions a girl expects from him.
  2. He tries to be the best and it is impossible to be angry at him for a long time.
  3. Male Gemini is able to win a woman of any psychotype, but only a wise and experienced woman will be able to tame him.
  4. Gemini appreciates if a woman surpasses him in something.

In a love relationship Gemini, first of all, the player. And the game is one-way, because you will play by his rules.

Couples in which one loves and the other allows himself to be loved are considered more solid. So, the Gemini is one of those couples. He will create all the trappings of a beautiful and even unusual courtship, but his feelings are shallow, and it will take a lot of effort to keep the relationship with him.

Gemini in sex

Gemini is quite a temperamental sign. But in sex he is more attracted to the intellectual side, the search for new sensations, new roles. In a loving relationship, he is both a participant and a beholder.

The duality of this sign manifests itself in the process:

  1. Everything can happen rapidly, and perhaps the act of love will be preceded by a long and beautiful foreplay. It all depends on the mood of the Gemini.
  2. He is able to persuade any partner, but it is impossible to classify Gemini as an inventive lover. After all, above all, he is interested in his own impressions and experiences from the relationship, and the feelings of his partner are in second place for him. But meanwhile, girls remain satisfied with what has happened, because Gemini sincerely says compliments (at this time he believes himself), and masterfully creates a romantic environment at the moment when a woman needs it.

Gemini is always ready for experimentation, forbidden topics for him do not exist. He is ready to fulfill any fantasy of his and his partner. He can even use the services of prostitutes, but only because they are willing to translate his erotic dreams into reality, up to elements of sadism.

Family life with Gemini

He approaches the choice of a spouse very seriously. He will stop his choice only if:

  1. The woman is intelligent, attractive, familiar with etiquette.
  2. He will be able to fully control the future spouse. However, he is not possessive, and when he finds out about cheating, he will simply wish you happiness with another man instead of holding on and trying to win again.
  3. He will always have the deciding word. That said, you can’t expect him to help you all the time.
  4. The girl will never undermine his trust.

Gemini will marry either early or late, realizing that marriage will not only threaten him, but will also bring noticeable benefits: the wife will take care of the comfort of the house, put in order, cook dinner, deal with the children and only occasionally disturb him when you need a really solid male hand, for example, to nail a shelf.

Compatibility with other astrological signs

Of great importance in a relationship with Gemini is their compatibility with other zodiac signs. You can get exhaustive information about this by watching the video by following this link:

The four cardinal rules in a relationship with Gemini

In order not to lose a Gemini while dating, during a close relationship and already married to him, it is worth following a few rules:

  1. Support his endeavors and new hobbies.
  2. Be with him everywhere, do not refuse to visit new places.
  3. Do not criticize the Gemini and never doubt his masculinity. He will accuse you of betrayal and will never be able to trust you again.
  4. Do not even try to force a freedom-loving Gemini to get married because you may receive a backlash.

Such a man can not keep on a short leash. With him not easy to have to reckon with. His opinion should be decisive.

An affair with a Gemini will certainly bring a series of vivid emotions and a lot of unforgettable experiences. He will certainly unfold your feminine sensuality and help you realize the most incredible sexual fantasies. But if you value more a quiet idyll of family life: tea parties at home, television or a bedtime book, then a relationship with him is better to forget.

How to win a man Gemini: characteristics of the sign, features of behavior

With Gemini men is never boring. Such men attract the attention of the opposite sex due to their spontaneity and ease of communication. Men of this sign are windy and freedom-loving, so it is important for a woman to know how to win a Gemini man, and what to do to keep him. Here to help come to the aid of advice from psychologists and astrologers.

What kind of women attracted to Gemini?

A woman should be bold and self-sufficient, Gemini does not like the modest

To understand how to charm a Gemini man, you should know what kind of women he is attracted to. Men of this sign are very communicative and like to be the center of attention, so they prefer women with whom there is something to talk about. In terms of appearance, Gemini men have no exact preferences. “Gray mice” Gemini do not like, but not for their appearance, but for the fact that they usually behave too modest and constrained, and good conversation and a great joke – this is what so appreciate men of this sign.

Gemini is characterized by fickleness and a certain windiness. This explains the fact that a man of this sign can like a completely different women. The main thing for them is the originality. Gemini do not like all the boring and mediocre, so a woman should make many efforts to interest this man.

Astrologers recommend to pay attention to the male’s ascendant. This is an ascendant sign, which is calculated according to the table, depending on the date and time of birth. Ascendant largely determines the peculiarities of behavior of a Gemini man:

  • The Water element ascendant makes this man even more fickle, so he is attracted to slightly unpredictable and flighty women;
  • A rising Earth sign makes Gemini men more relaxed, so they are attracted to reliable women with an analytical mindset;
  • The rising Air sign in a man’s natal chart makes him look for a woman who is a mystery and difficult to solve;
  • The Ascendant in the Fire element makes the Gemini more temperamental and passionate, so he looks for a woman who is bright and strong.

Ascendant should only be considered if the man’s time of birth is near noon. The weakest influence of the rising sign is manifested in people born at night.

In any case, regardless of the ascendant, the Gemini man is looking for a woman with whom he will not be bored. Ideal partner for Gemini is a man who can share his hobbies and interests, has a great sense of humor and also appreciates the freedom and independence. At the same time Gemini hates boredom, so a woman should be bright and interesting, regardless of hair color, clothing style and body features.

How can you win a man Gemini?

To understand how to win a man Gemini forever, you should understand in detail the characteristics of this zodiac sign. Gemini men are very amorous, restless and winded, not all women can match them. According to statistics, men of this sign often break the hearts of their partners, so a woman should carefully assess their own strength before entering into a relationship with Gemini.

Attract the attention and interest in Gemini is not difficult, but here keep a man in a relationship or family is not every woman.

The problem is that it is easy to win as a free and married man-Bliznets, so women who are married to a representative of this sign, you must always be alert and maintain relations at the right level to prevent infidelity. Despite the fact that representatives of this sign are known as honest people, monogamy is not inherent in them, so the Twins are often cheating wives.

To seduce a male Gemini and conquer his heart, you must:

  • Share his hobbies;
  • Have a great sense of humor;
  • Be unpredictable;
  • Do not be jealous or limit his freedom;
  • Do not expect too much.

We need to look into all the nuances to understand how to build a model of behavior with a man of this sign.

How to fall in love with a man-Blyzna: behavior on the first date

A girl must have many admirers and not be alone; it is much more interesting to him to win the girl, for example, to wrest her away from another man

The first impression cannot be made twice – this simple truth works 100% in a relationship with a Gemini man. The characteristics and characteristics of men sign Gemini will help both to win the man you like and keep him.

It is important to conquer the Gemini at first sight. To do this, a woman should be as careful as possible to approach their own appearance. Gemini love bright, flashy and unusual. For example, a girl of simple appearance, but with an unusual hair color, rather attract the attention of a man than the universally recognized beauty. We are talking here about the first impression. If you liked the man belongs to this sign, you should act quickly and unusually. A woman can attract the attention of Gemini unusual clothing, interesting accessories or extraordinary behavior. Such men love surprises, and this weakness should be taken advantage of.

If a woman can not boast of an extraordinary appearance or is not brave enough to behave assertively and unpredictably, psychologists recommend creating the right atmosphere for the first date to interest this man. An excellent choice would be a date in extreme style – it can be a parachute jump, a walk on the roofs, go-karting or a trip to the shooting range.

Men of this sign love movement, they need real action, so a woman who will provide them with new impressions, Gemini just won’t be able to forget or let go.

Choosing the topic of conversation

Gemini men are excellent conversationalists. This is the most communicative sign of the Zodiac, with whom you are never bored. At the same time Gemini are very curious, and not only talk, but also listen to the interlocutor with pleasure. You can talk to them about anything. The only taboo is anything to do with his freedom. If a woman on the first date begins to describe in detail the wedding of her dreams, the names of future children and plans for a life together, you can be sure that the second date will not happen. Twins are very jealous of their freedom, so this pressure simply can not stand.

Also, men of this sign do not like to talk about past relationships, so it is not recommended to bring up such a subject. Nevertheless, it will not be boring with them. Gemini will always find something to talk about, and their sense of humor is something to envy. Men of this sign always know how to make a woman laugh.

How to permanently conquer a man-lazy?

To win a man-lazy, you need to become his closest person

Gemini people are called “man-celebrity,” but their nature is multifaceted. To conquer a man of such a sign is not easy, but to keep sometimes much harder. The fact that the inner world of Gemini opens only to the closest people. Quite often this sociable person who needs to always be in the spotlight, it is quite vulnerable, forcing him to hide under the mask of this “shirt-boy”.

What do you need to do to keep Gemini?

After figuring out how to fall in love with a Gemini man, you should know what to do to constantly keep him in love. Psychologists recommend:

  • experiment with your appearance;
  • Find an interesting and unusual hobby;
  • develop intelligence;
  • not to get hung up on a man;
  • Be self-sufficient.

Men of this sign of the zodiac are very fond of variety. A woman who boldly experiments with her appearance will conquer his heart for a long time. With conservative women men of this sign do not get along. At the same time beloved Gemini should admire and attract the eyes not only his man but also those around him.

Gemini appreciate new information and is happy to learn all new things. Thus, if a woman has an interesting hobby, she will never be bored, but it is boredom Gemini are afraid of everything in the world.

In addition, intelligence plays an important role for them, so in a relationship with the Gemini woman must constantly evolve to be able to maintain a conversation on any topic.

In general, Gemini are looking for a partner, a like-minded person who will be with them “on the same wave”. They need the support of a woman and readiness at any time to share a new passion or plunge into the next adventure with Gemini. If a woman manages to become a like-minded man, the strength of this relationship will be the envy of many.

What should not be done in a relationship with Gemini?

Do not limit its personal space, because he appreciates independence and is quite free-spirited

To conquer a man with a Gemini is not easy, but to keep him even harder, and here to help some feminine wiles and tricks. Gemini is difficult to present a good family man, but his family, he appreciates and protects. However, in a marriage Gemini always remain true to themselves, their bachelor habits can not be eradicated. And here a woman faces the first serious danger: it is impossible to change the man of this sign. You cannot enter into a serious relationship with a Gemini wanting to fix or change him. Not only that a woman will not succeed, but also the attempt to impose their way of life will turn out to be a complete failure and parting.

Gemini does not tolerate:

  • Women’s tantrums;
  • groundless jealousy;
  • constant control;
  • pressure.

Representatives of this sign are difficult to manage with feminine tears. Blackmail or give ultimatums to the Gemini must not be allowed, because it will certainly lead to separation. This man should be accepted for who he is.

Relationships with Gemini: pros and cons.

Relationships with a man of this zodiac sign will never be boring. Gemini knows how to win a woman and is capable of significant actions. It is impossible to call a Gemini a knight in full measure, but he knows exactly how to make a woman laugh and make her happy. At the same time, the relationship with a man of this sign is always difficult and unpredictable. The problem is the fickleness of his mood.

From Gemini always make excellent fathers. They are always very friendly with children, but practically do not deal with the education of children, becoming more of a partner in games and a great friend than a formidable and strict father who scolds for bad grades.

Life Story

Irina, 31: “I met my Gemini at a concert of my favourite rock band. We had a great time. A few days later he found me on social media and a conversation ensued. I realized that the situation urgently needed to take control, so I began to actively study the characteristics of this sign of the Zodiac.

I will tell you that horoscopes do not lie, because I was able to conquer Gemini by following the recommendations of astrologers. First of all, I began to think carefully about my free time. Despite the fact that the initiator of the meetings was him, the place I always chose. Our dates were at the go-karting, bowling, in an aqua park. We went to museums, cinemas, non-standard art cafes, often attended concerts. Not a single date was boring. In between meetings I always “disappeared” from his sight for a couple of days. I liked to watch him write and worried that I did not immediately respond to him.

As a result, my clever tactics quickly had an effect, and after six months of dating he proposed to me. Two years happily married to my Gemini.”

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