From what women men go crazy: set forth in order

Take note: 11 truly feminine habits that make men go crazy

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It’s no secret that men not only love women, but also love to watch them. The weaker sex are funny, sweet creatures. One minute she was acting like a majestic queen, an hour ago like a capricious child, and at the present moment like an angry Gorgon Medusa. Women are unique and interesting creatures. Men replenish their ardor and passion by watching her actions. Many female habits and gestures drive members of the stronger sex crazy.

Seductive mouth.

A girl is talking to a guy, automatically licking her mouth or biting her lower lip while looking into his eyes. She does not understand what a seductress appears in front of men’s eyes. His eyes will certainly stop at the lips, in addition, there will be an unexpected desire to kiss the companion.

Fooling with hair

A luxurious head of hair is a matter of pride for women and the envy of her friends. At the same time hair is a great tool to attract guys. They are so fascinated by a woman’s careless play with loose hair. A girl spends five fingers on her hair, twisting a lock of hair on her finger, fixing a lock of hair or curl behind the ear – a man will not miss this procedure and will remember every movement.

Playing with his strands

The partner gets a great pleasure when his chosen one runs a gentle palm in his hair. She has no idea what pleasure gives a simple manipulation: stroking the head, ruffles short curls, ruffles short hair. And the man enjoys, like a cat, satiated with sour cream.

Charming “mousy.”

Well-groomed painted face, impeccable hair girl causes the admiration of the gentleman. But how cute and sexy appears favorite in a careless form after a good night’s sleep or a sexual battle! Hair disheveled, lips puffed up, eyes squinted and lazy… The woman wraps herself in the bedspread and glides smoothly out of bed. She doesn’t care about her own appearance or the opinion around her. And with that she conquers the man.

Barefoot and in a man’s shirt

A popular Russian hit said: “I like it when you walk around the apartment naked…” It’s undeniably true. But guys are more excited when a young lady puts on a man’s shirt or a stretched t-shirt over her naked body. Putting on her partner’s clothes, a woman identifies herself with him, which brings great pleasure to a man, both visually and morally.

Where it is cozy and not scary.

Guys like it when a girl sees him as a source of safety and warmth. In cold weather she jumps into a tight hug, during a horror movie she hides her face on a man’s shoulder. The man gets high and realizes how desperately she needs his patronage.

Idle in bed.

Men are undeservedly accused of being dry and anti-romantic. Women claim that “all males want from them is sex” But this opinion is a mistake. Men are very fond of lying on the couch with their other half and watching television in their arms. Perhaps the constant comments from the lover somewhat tiresome, but it’s so nice when her head rests on his shoulder, and her hand rests caressingly on the man’s hairy chest.

Oohs – sighs.

Many female gestures cause a flurry of positive emotions and a burst of violent fantasy in men. A girl bends down to pick up a heavy object, grunts and groans, and a guy’s mind runs a scene of a different nature, involving his girlfriend. Men like to feel and hear their partner shuddering in her sleep, snuggling and moaning. He wants to hold his beloved, to calm her down or to pounce with passionate kisses.

Pulling – pulling.

Perhaps in the past life every woman was a cat. How else to explain her favorite habit to pull up and smoothly curve back, after a long stay in one position. Guys are madly attracted to this manner. Cat-like grace and bliss glides over a woman’s body as she pulls up. Even if the lady’s physique is extremely lush.

Like a ballerina.

The partner enters the kitchen and is about to have a mug of tea. She asks the guy to get the mug from the high shelf, but the beau continues to sit still. The young lady turns away angrily, gets on her toes and reaches for the dishes. The guy does not take his eager eyes off the woman’s figure, the way her round ass bulges and her shapely legs stretch out. Girls are very seductive to men at these moments.

True tigress.

Loving cavaliers love to make their chosen ladies laugh. Seeing their happy faces is a super pleasure. Men give flowers, fluffy kittens just to please the fair sex. They are delighted when the other half looks naive, trusting eyes and what – something asks his “smart”. At this moment, the guy feels his intelligence, strength and importance. But most of all, guys excite the furious look of the beloved woman. At such moments, her eyes lighten, her cheeks blush, and her whole appearance is filled with the charm of the Amazon. Perhaps this is the reason why men like to make their girlfriends angry.

It is worth noting that, if repeated frequently, the angry look of women, tires men and, on the contrary, causes frustration and irritation.

From what women men go crazy: psychologists share their opinion.

From what women men go crazy, this question has long been of interest to the beautiful half of humanity. Psychologists have deduced the rules of behavior of a real woman who can easily conquer a man. These truths every girl should know and take note. After all, a man must keep a man near her.

We must make sure that he will appreciate the virtues of women. This recipe for happiness will help many women to find themselves again and become a real heartbreaker.

When a man goes crazy for a woman

First of all, men are attracted to a woman’s appearance, so all girls should be able to look after themselves, you can never show their slovenliness, because it repels men. A really attractive woman’s hair must be well-groomed, her hands must be neat and her face must have a neat makeup, she should wear rings, bracelets, do manicure, because these little things make up a life. The secret is that a woman should feel beautiful, because her manners will depend on it.

You have to love and appreciate yourself, because that’s where it all starts. When a woman thinks she is beautiful, she walks and acts differently, it makes her relaxed and sociable. And most importantly, she is neat in everything, eats beautifully, speaks beautifully, wears things, smiles and generally looks after herself. Self-love is a kind of incentive to take care of yourself. Such women men do not miss and very much appreciate.

The second basic rule of behavior of a desirable woman – it must be feminine, for example, not every man can appreciate the nose piercing or wild hairstyle. Makeup can also be wild, you must know how to feel what is appropriate and what is unnecessary. And as the experts say: the main thing in a woman – is the gait, it should be smooth and graceful.

What should be the inner world of a woman

The next thing that men pay attention to – the inner world of women, it should be rich and complex, and what is important – harmonious. The spiritual component is very important, it is good if a man and a woman are soul mates.

If a woman does not love herself, then the man will be a real salvation and consolation for her, his love will be a balm for her soul. But if a woman does not love herself for some reason and there is no loving and caring man beside her, she will suffer severely. That’s why you have to love yourself in order to find true happiness.

A woman must feel that she is a gift of fate to a man, she must think that way, not that a man is around her just to avoid being lonely. If a woman feels that the man for some reason began to adore her less or never did, then the reasons should be sought not only in him, but also in themselves.

Another important rule for women is that a man next to his soul mate should feel comfortable. If a man in the company of a woman feels irresistible, he is happy.

What should be a woman that a man was crazy about it.

Knowing the weaknesses of men, you need to be able to play along with him and thereby bring pleasure, and not to cause discomfort. A woman must show that a man is a fragile, sophisticated and elevated creature, which you want to protect and cherish.

Women in order to find love men, you need to be itself ready for love, because there is a situation where women have mental trauma, which prevents her from loving and generally adequately perceive reality. Such people need to look for a new meaning of life, but you should never give up on yourself.

For a man to love a girl, she must be cheerful, not melancholic, a man should be with her easily, fun and interesting. A man should never be tyrannized and nagged, because it kills love.

A woman, in order to drive a man crazy, must be able to live love. She must be able to give love and breathe it. Love must overflow her heart and fill her whole being. Such women are especially valuable in the eyes of men.

A real woman will never compete with a man, who is perfect, and if she wants to point out any shortcomings of men, you need to do it subtly, with cunning, not to offend and make feel himself.

What women inspire men

To inspire the man she loves, a woman herself should feel inspired. To be enchanted, you need to be enchanted yourself. If a woman has an inner fire inside, then she is able to kindle the flame in a man’s heart.

However, there are women who are able to pretend, but this requires a special flair, to anticipate the thoughts of men. A real woman should be mysterious and romantic. The state of enchantment generates inner light, which is the most attractive force for men.

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