Friendship between a married man and a married woman

Does a married woman need friendship with a man? For what purpose, if any?

If a grown woman tells a man she needs a friend. What might that mean? What does she need a friend for?

What is the meaning of this?

There are few friends in our lives. Around mostly colleagues, friends. Of course, if life has brought you into contact with a truly wonderful, talented person who has something to share, learn the right attitude toward life, etc., then this is a real gift. One should learn from this person.

Sometimes, though, women like to choose “friends” to use on occasion.

There is no friendship between a woman and a man! It’s an axiom!

What is called friendship is not friendship at all, but just friendship.

The friendship of a woman and a man is always on the verge of love. If a woman does not perceive a man as a man, she will not be friends with him. It is the same with men. If a man likes a woman, a simple friendship will not work. And if he doesn’t like her, he won’t have time for her. The rest is fantasy and make-believe.

Always one of the two is bound to get carried away and no friendship will work out. Friendship itself is when there are common interests, no common interests – no friendship. And what kind of friendship is it if the man’s interest is caused by the woman herself or vice versa?

And let’s call it what it is. If a married woman often communicates with a man, it means that she gets from him, or thinks she gets, which is not in her husband. There is a complementation going on. Perhaps the husband is passive, and the man as an outlet fills his niche.

In general, a married woman doesn’t need a friendship with a man. If there is such a man, then the woman energetically spreads herself between him and the family. A woman gets attached to communication with a man with her soul. There is a soul and mental attachment. There is an energy leakage, it shouldn’t be like this. The husband’s behavior, his attitude towards his wife depends on his wife, so he has to take care of his family.

What does a man need friendship for? Friendship is emotions, self-esteem and information.

Well, information can be drawn from books, movies, media. And the quality of this information will sometimes be an order of magnitude higher than what you can get from a friend.

Emotions . Clearly, even one (beloved!) husband can be enough to get a lot of bright and pleasant emotions.

Self-Esteem . This is where friends are irreplaceable! The more friends you have, the better you feel, the more confident you are, etc. When you are in demand, popular, loved by many. well, your husband alone can’t give you that! Simply because he is one, and some women need a whole “fan club” of people. To feel that she is no stranger to this celebration of life! That there are a lot of people who share her point of view, admire her style, views, talents, etc.

So why not make friends exclusively?

Personally, I like being friends with men more than with women. Why? Because I haven’t met a single girl so far in my life who hasn’t started competing with me – being jealous, gloating, giving advice that would hurt me, etc. All the women have put sticks in my wheels. Starting with my own mother. Everyone on a subconscious level tried to hurt me and hurt me.

Not one was capable of communicating without barbs, without sarcasm. When women’s groups are called serpentariums, it is, unfortunately, not an exaggeration. Mad hypocrisy, insults disguised as compliments, whispers behind my back, boundless meanness – all these are mandatory components of female friendship.

Women are some evil geniuses of psychological torture. And at the same time, they deftly pretend to be fools, so that they can get away with it. It’s hard for me to communicate with such creatures. Even though I’m a woman myself, I can’t always understand women.

Men are not perfect, but they are softer in communication. It is easier to have a constructive dialogue with them, they are often simpler than women, they do not have a double bottom. If there is aggression, it is often clear and straightforward, not hidden behind flattering speeches.

The alarm should be sounded if a woman seeks to be friends with men alone, without her husband. If she necessarily needs to communicate with male friends in real life, one Internet communication and phone calls is not enough, then you can suspect that the woman is inclined to adultery. Although she may not realize it.

Is there a friendship between a woman and a married man?

Friendship between a man and a woman exists, but it has different “shades”. The reliability of a person is shown in difficult situations – only then can we judge who is a true friend. The psychology of men and women are different, so their friendship may develop differently. If they are free and independent, they are easier to figure out. But what if your friend is married? Break off the friendship?

Love and friendship: where the line?

When a man and a woman get acquainted, in the first place they assess each other as potential partners. The girl takes a man as a “strong shoulder”, protection and support. And he is attracted to her beauty, tenderness and seductiveness. If for some reason people have decided not to cross the line of friendship, it remains respect.

A good friendship between a woman and a man has many positive aspects. A girl in the company of a male friend relaxes and feels comfortable. She does not have to adjust to his emotional background, to catch the mood of the interlocutor. A man, communicating with a girl friend, feels like a leader, his self-esteem rises. When both have decided that intimacy between them will not happen, the friendship strengthens, communication becomes easy and relaxed.

Is there any friendship between people if they are not free?

It’s silly to refuse to communicate, which brings pleasure, if a man has a private life. But when the intentions are only friendly, it is worth completely excluding flirtations and displays of sympathy.

It should be taken into account that the friend has a family, so it is important to observe the rules of decorum. Do not call him in the evening to discuss the news, do not reclaim attention. Friendship should not interfere with the family relationship, because if the wife starts to get angry, the situation will become much more complicated. Regardless of whether you like your friend’s woman, you should treat her with respect.

Do not provoke quarrels in your friend’s family and do not try to seem better than his beloved. Then they will find a compromise, and you will be blamed for all the sins. Do not criticize your wife, do not complain about her and do not discuss her appearance and character.

Can there be a good friendship if the wife is jealous?

It is especially unpleasant when your wife’s claims are unfounded, and she does not want to believe that love and friendship are different concepts for you. Of course, you should not provoke jealousy on purpose. If you know her, try to talk quietly and discuss all the nuances that concern you. Socialize more often in the same company and try not to take a lot of time from your friend.

You do not have to be present in every area of his life. Don’t ask for help too often, don’t try to be the center of his attention. When your wife will believe that you are not interested in another man’s husband and there is only friendship between you, it will be much easier to communicate.

Friendship Rules

Good friendship with a man implies certain rules. If you follow them, the problems and misunderstandings will be much less.

Love and friendship – different concepts, so your relationship with a married man should not be romantic. Make sure that there are no meaningful phrases, gestures, actions. If a man wrongly understand your thoughts, it could provoke inappropriate actions.

Meetings alone should be kept to a minimum, especially if the wife is not happy with your communication. Try to communicate in the presence of others, so there is no unnecessary suspicion.

Do not have intimate conversations. Such topics can set up an intimate way, which is not necessary in a friendly relationship. For communication brought mutual pleasure, control your thoughts – if you play in your imagination intimate scenes, your friend will feel it immediately.

If the friendship is real people should respect each other’s privacy. Do not give advice, do not teach your friend how to build a relationship, if he’s not asking you for it.

Never discuss the man with his girlfriends. Rumors spread very quickly, and not always kept true. If your friend shared problems in his family life or plans for the future, never tell anyone about it. The ability to keep secrets is a valuable quality of a friend.

It is important to separate love and friendship. Do not put pressure on the man, do not try to control and control him. Otherwise the relationship will be like a family relationship, and it is additional problems and underlying resentment. In friendship people have no room for ambiguity and veiled desires.

The fundamental difference between a good friendship and a relationship of lovers is that there is no intimacy between a man and a woman. Therefore, there should not be even a hint of intimacy in your communication. Do not discuss with a friend to buy underwear, your intimate life, do not learn together the world of intimacy. Men think straight and primitive, so they may consider such conversations an invitation to your bed. People’s friendship will be stronger if you do not cross a certain line.

Love and friendship can exist in parallel, if people keep their distance. And perhaps over time, you’ll start to communicate more with your friend’s wife.

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