Friendship between a man and a woman

Friendship between a man and a woman: features of the relationship

Friendship between a man and a woman – is it possible in principle? Many argue that this is a myth and it can not be, because it can never be. Sooner or later all such relationships end in bed, after which people either stay together or disperse forever.

Others believe that such an alliance is quite real, here it all depends on the character of each partner. Moreover, this friendship, if it suddenly happens, will have much more positive aspects compared to banal infatuation. And this view also has a right to exist. But let’s talk about everything in order.

Definition of friendship

Friendship is a close and warm relationship between two or more people, based on mutual assistance, mutual understanding, honesty, affection, common interests and trust. For such ties require more than one year of interaction and most often this friendship develops into feelings of love and affection, but not in the physical sense of the word, but in the emotional sense. The person becomes a relative, as if he were a brother or sister.

Friendship relationships are characterized by:

Unselfishness – everything that is done is from the heart, without seeking personal gain.

Attachment – the feeling that holds friends together.

Duration – the more years you stay together, the stronger and more reliable the friendship is considered.

It is generally said that gender, age and social status do not play a decisive role in a friendship bond, but is this really the case? Usually it is easier to establish contact and attachment to the person who is with you of the same sex, but it is not necessarily a condition. Let’s find out if there is a friendship between a man and a woman?

Is it possible friendship between a man and a woman

Most people answer the previous question that such friendship does not exist. They believe that sooner or later, either man or woman will outgrow the stage of friendship and want something more. Instead of intimate conversations, support and jokes, they will want hugs, kisses and intimate relationships. Most often this is the case, but there are often exceptions where everything remains within the framework of a buddy relationship.

A friendship between a man and a woman is unlikely to develop into something more if they have known each other since early childhood, are used to sharing their secrets, love hobbies and giving each other advice on relationships with their lovers. Any hint of their love relationship seems ridiculous and ridiculous to them. In such cases, the boyfriend and girlfriend position themselves as brother and sister, nothing more. They know each other well, they have no secrets and mysteries. Romance is almost impossible where your partner becomes predictable and uninteresting to you.

There is another version of the relationship between a man and a woman, which is based only on friendship: both parties have a happy marriage bond. If the choice fell on a “busy” partner, then communication will be perceived normally, without any hint of more. When one of the friends finds himself in an active search for a relationship or used to live a bachelor life, then there is a chance that he will begin to give signs of attention or flirting, sometimes without noticing it himself. Not risking to put your family life at risk, you are likely to break off the relationship with your buddy.

Friendship is also possible between a man and his ex-wife. This happens when the spouses separate peacefully, deciding to maintain an adequate relationship, perhaps for the sake of the children, but most likely because they no longer feel love for each other, but there is respect and common past.

The friendship of a man and a woman in the framework of business or labor activity is allowed. We spend a huge part of our time at work and have contact with colleagues. Having a good relationship with them will not only maintain a calm atmosphere in the team, but also increase their efficiency and effectiveness as employees.

Friendship between a guy and a girl in the presence of common hobbies or hobbies, such as choral singing, dancing or art classes, can also be. When partners have a common topic of discussion, they have something to share with each other, it is very likely that an attachment will arise.

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However, despite the above options, friendship between a man and a woman, in terms of relationship psychology – a kind of roulette game. Feelings can both grow into love, and remain at the same level.

Women are more emotional than men, so even in the absence of sexual intercourse with her partner, but when there is confidence in him, she may fall in love or a strong attachment, which will be no less than the spouse. Representatives of the stronger half, however, are prone to polygamy (although not all), so feelings of strong affection for several women can be perceived by them absolutely normal.

5 signs of a friendship relationship

In a friendship between a man and a woman, you can identify a number of signs that will tell you that the relationship will not go beyond something more:

No physical attraction.

When partners do not want each other intimately, there is very little chance that anything more than a friendship will come out. If there is a sexual desire and, moreover, the partners satisfy it with each other, then the actual feelings there are very different.

Friends have personal space, so they can safely build a personal life

Having a lover will not cause jealousy, resentment and resentment in the friend, but on the contrary, will only be a reason to be happy for the buddy. Relationships between friends do not imply romantic overtones, so there should be no difficulties.

There are no barriers in your personal life.

Friends do not set barriers in the construction of their own life, rather, they try to help in its arrangement, introducing the comrade to potential partners.

A good friendship between a man and a woman will be if the man has his lover as his priority and the woman has her lover as her priority.

If she or he drops everything in the world, including his or her date, and runs to a friend/friend, there is clearly something more there.

Alcohol doesn’t affect your relationship

Even after a lot of drinking, you’re still friends and mates, with no hint of romantic feelings.

If any of these points are inconsistent with your situation, you can hardly be called “just friends.”

7 pluses of friendship between a man and a woman

The pros of such a friendship are many, and they can all be individual in nature, but let’s list some of them:

It is an easy type of relationship, not burdened by commitment, as it is in a love relationship. With a friendship, a man and woman can see each other when it is convenient for them, without sacrificing their interests and desires.

Having fun and spending free time with a friend of the opposite sex is always interesting and eventful.

One of the big pluses in the friendship of a man and a woman will be an outside opinion. When a girl has difficulties in her relationship with a young man, the best way to explain the logic of his actions and psychology will be a friend. It’s the same with guys: no one will tell you better than a friend how to be in this or that situation with a girl.

While there is no lover, a friend can help the girl to solve various problems that require male intervention, such as household issues or trivial friendly advice. A man, on the other hand, sometimes needs to be listened to, understood, sympathized with and not judged.

In a friendship relationship, the partner is usually virtually oblivious to negative characteristics, unlike in a love relationship. The fact is that friends don’t have to necessarily deal with domestic problems and financial issues.

Even the bitter truth from the mouth of a friend of the opposite sex will not sound as hurtful and unpleasant as from a mate of your own sex. For example, if a mate tells a girl that she should choose a different dress because it makes her look available and frivolous, it won’t be as upsetting as the same phrase said by a friend.

In a same-sex friendship, however sincere, there can always be room for envy or comparison. Who dresses better, who is better off, who is more successful, etc. There will be no such thing in a mixed-sex relationship, as there is no point in competing with a mate – you are completely different.

3 minuses of friendship between a man and a woman

Just as any coin has two sides, so too in the friendship of men and women have their minuses. There may be more, but we will highlight the three main ones:

1. If one of the partners is in a marital or love relationship, this can cause jealousy and resentment on the part of the friend’s spouse. Quarrels and misunderstandings may arise in the union, leading to a breakup or divorce.

2. a similar situation with jealousy may be on the part of the friend. This does not necessarily have to be connected with love for the mate, most often this jealousy arises from the lack of time and attention of the friend in relation to the mate. Conflicts and quarrels are possible. By the way, such behavior can be observed not only in different-sex, but also in same-sex friends. For example, when a girl has a young man, her friend may be jealous of her boyfriend.

The first thing that cannot be ruled out is that sooner or later, intimacy between different-sex friends may occur, which will put them in an awkward position. It will not lead to romance and serious relations, but it will hardly be possible to return to the former friendly relations. In the end, friends will avoid each other, which will lead to a further breakup.

10 tips on how not to fall in love with your friend

The very idea of falling in love with your best friend is not a good one. There are a number of good reasons, among which will be the common belief that friendship is an indefinite phenomenon, unlike love, so the chance that you will lose a buddy is very high. In addition, knowing every secret and every little thing that you treated normally until you were in love, can now become an irritant that will lead to conflict.

Male-female friendship is actually a fragile substance. If you do realize that companionship is dearer to you than love and you want to keep this relationship, but you’re intimidated by the beautiful emotions and those tumultuous feelings that arise at the sight of a mate, use these simple tips.

They will help you avoid making an unwanted mistake and maintain a beautiful relationship:

1. Line up the boundaries of your relationship. Analyze them again and identify the benefits you get from the friendship, think about what you might lose.

2. limit tactile contact. Kissing on the cheek, hugging tightly, holding hands can only exacerbate feelings of falling in love.

3- Don’t include flirting and flirting in a man/woman relationship based on friendship, unless you want to signal to your mate that the way is open.

4. Try to use only your first name in your address, without cute nicknames or diminutive expressions.

5. Don’t try to restrict your friend/girlfriend from communicating with the opposite sex. You shouldn’t put conditions on them and make claims if their personal life has started to build. Jealousy is the first sign of a move toward falling in love in a man/woman friendship. Get over yourself and try to overcome these feelings.

6. Control your calls and correspondence. You don’t have to call every day, but if you still can’t go a day without exchanging news, then watch what you say. The conversation should be meaningful and specific.

7. Do not try to devote all your free time to spending time together. Allocate a certain amount of time that you are willing to give to this person, communicate with other friends as well.

8. Publications on social networks should also be controlled. Do not post photos with ambiguous captions and statuses that can provoke your love affair.

9. Remind yourself as often as possible that your friend/girlfriend is just a simple person who has his/her flaws that you know about. In a relationship, they can become a kind of stumbling block and alienate a potential lover from you.

10. Friendship between a man and a woman should not be their only concern. There are many other events and people waiting for attention. It is worth giving a little more time to work, study and hobbies. A great method of not falling in love with your friend is to find yourself a lover/lover.

The difference between friendship and falling in love

Any friendship requires a common interest and common points of “contact. The latter can be work, a club, courses, studies, pets, plants, etc. When the bonding thread between buddies is lost, the need for regular contact disappears, and with it the strength and attachment can lose its power. This can happen to both different-sex and same-sex friends.

Such a situation is not an indication that the friendship was not real. It’s just that regular dating will be replaced by infrequent meetings and calls. These people have a common past and memories, but perhaps some life circumstances forced them to separate. Such a situation in terms of relationship psychology – the norm in the friendship between a man and a woman.

However, if the mixed-sex friendship over the years began to fade and turn from a permanent joint pastime into a rare meeting, and one of the friends is trying by all means to keep communication at the same level, most likely there have always been some deep feelings and love. It is not points of “contact” that are important to the person, but that the object of his infatuation was there. It’s possible that he hasn’t abandoned thoughts of a sexual relationship with this particular woman/this man.

Litmus paper in a friendly relationship between a man and a woman may be the appearance of a third person – a boyfriend/girlfriend. You don’t have to build a relationship to reveal a sincere reaction, just tell your buddy that you have strong feelings for the other person. If his mood has noticeably deteriorated, most likely, he was seized by jealousy and fear of losing his object of admiration.

However, where there is a real friendship, checks are not necessary. At the heart of this relationship should be based on trust, understanding and openness. If you have something to hide, it is unlikely your companionship can be called sincere, because you have to hide and hide a lot.

In fact, friendship between a man and a woman is possible, although it may balance on a fine line. However, there are a lot of pluses in this relationship, and their number noticeably exceeds the minuses. In what direction will develop further communication depends on the very participants in this tandem. In any case, regardless of gender friendship is important qualities such as loyalty, honesty, support, understanding, patience, kindness and care. The rest will not be so important.

Is there a friendship between a man and a woman?

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On whether there is friendship between a man and a woman, people are arguing for a long time. Some believe that such friendship is possible, while others are foaming at the mouth to say that the factor of physical attraction can not be discounted, and sooner or later the friendship will lead a man and a woman in the same bed.

To questions about what the possible causes and consequences of friendship between a man and a woman, the reader will find answers in the following article.


According to VCIOM (All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion) 43% of people living in Russia have friends of the opposite sex. At the same time, 46% of men said they have female friends, but only 40% of women have male friends.

We should not overlook the fact that even in the absence of friends of the opposite sex one can sincerely believe that such friendship takes place, which means that the percentage of those who are confident in the possibility of different-sex friendship is even higher.

It turns out that even with a fairly widespread opinion that friendship between a man and a woman is a myth, about half of Russians hold a modern view of friendship relations. Friendship between a man and a woman is possible, and here is why.

Why is such a friendship possible?

The famous financier, Otto von Bismarck, said: “The friendship between a man and a woman weakens as night falls. The writer Guy de Maupassant was of the same opinion when he spoke of friends of different sexes as “either former lovers or future lovers. The skepticism of these influential figures is understandable.

First, it is not uncommon for a friendship between a man and a woman to actually end in sex (and sometimes sex is even inserted into their relationship, but both persist in calling it a friendship, even though it is no longer true). Second, both Maupassant and Bismarck were men of a very different generation. In our realities, however, things are a little different.

The influence of time

A hundred years ago it was difficult to imagine a situation in which a man and a woman could become friends. They both existed in different worlds, and each had a number of responsibilities, so the lives of men and women overlapped only in relation to the creation of the family. Friendship in those days was extremely rare.

With time came a new understanding of what activities corresponded to which sex (hint: any and all), and man and woman were able to communicate not only in terms of marriage union, but also for their own pleasure: on the basis of common interests and similarities in character.

The Norwegian philosopher Helge Svare believes that the need for friendship in the current generation is much more acute than in previous generations. A completely different pace of life and a significant change of environment makes it possible to establish emotional closeness between people, and the attraction in communication between a man and a woman goes into the background, although it does not disappear altogether. That is, such friendship is devoid of eroticism, but it still arises on the basis of attraction to each other.

Friendship as a kinship.

Many friends, in an attempt to justify their friendship to skeptics, say that they are united almost by kinship. Friends perceive each other as brother and sister and say that there is no attraction between them.

Experiencing sexual desire for a person, people are looking for satisfaction, a partner to fulfill fantasies, and, in the end, someone who can be felt on a physiological level. In the situation between friends it is different: both men and women in such friendships are interested in experiencing again the tenderness and care that they felt in relationships with their parents or siblings, and therefore leave the field of sexuality in order (in the figurative sense, of course) to avoid incest.

When is such a friendship possible?

At the heart of any friendship (and human relationships in general) is interest. What it is: mutual benefit, the desire to have a companion or like-minded person is an individual question. One way or another, friendship is born from a common idea, and this applies to the relationship between a man and a woman.

  • Friendship of interest

It does not matter how such a friendship emerges: out of a shared love for movies, hamsters, fishing, or philately. The important thing is that such people have a common interest and, most likely, views on it, which means that their communication is interesting for both of them.

It is not known how long such friendship will last. Some people rather quickly lose touch, fascinated by something else or just stop visiting the intersection of their activities, while others in the process of communication can find each other much more in common and make a really strong friendship.

  • Work Friendships

Now that men and women have roughly equal career opportunities, many more people of different genders cross paths at universities or at work.

These friendships can be completely different in nature, from the search for financial gain in the form of a “useful” connection to the desire to have someone on the team with whom you can have a few words during a break.

Again, it is unlikely that such friendships can be considered long-lasting. It exists until the first change of work or promotion, unless during communication a man and a woman have not found more points of intersection, rather than mutual career interest.

  • Online friendships

This is a “hybrid” form of friendship that develops between a man and a woman during conversations on forums or in comments to various posts on social networks.

As a rule, these friendships are of the nature of a total lack of attraction, but only because often these people have not even seen each other beyond their avatars.

  • Friendship since diapers.

This friendship between a guy and a girl is the longest, but also ends, as a rule, in a loving relationship. Psychologists consider such friendships self-deception and claim that 70% of former childhood friends in adolescence begin to feel attracted to each other.

As children, they do not realize that their close communication is tied to attraction, and only growing older (and noticing the physiological changes of each other), guy and girl begin to feel jealousy of “friend” and intimate discomfort in communication.

  • Fake friendship

Not always the friendship between a man and a woman is reciprocal. And as a rule, indifferent in this relationship is a man.

Often men believe that this way they care for a woman, and then very offended when she does not reciprocate his romantic interest, and grudgingly complain about the Friendzone.

Caution for men: many girls really don’t recognize the sexual signals of a man they consider to be their friend (and quite sincerely, too).

Caution for women: the man next to you may very well be a “secret agent” who is looking for sex or love, not just a friend.

9 signs of imaginary friendship

We will talk here specifically about men who pretend to be friends, although it makes no sense to deny that there are such women.

Recognize sham friend you can, if you look closely at him: what he says and what he does “from his heart to please his beloved friend.

Expensive gifts or frequent surprises without reason – a sure sign that a man does not breathe smoothly to the woman.

Hardly any man would make a fancy gift to his friend, let alone a pragmatic man. They will give a friend something symbolic or useful, but they will not be generous with a grand gesture.

Of course, mutual assistance is an essential component of a friendly relationship, and a man’s willingness to come to her aid at any time of the day or night does not indicate a friend’s wicked intentions. However, if it is the fifth time in a week that a man has gone to help a friend at five o’clock in the morning, it hints at his true attitude toward her. “Just a friend” is unlikely to spend so much time and effort on an unhelpful friend – he has his own woman, after all.

If a man is ready to spend as much time as he wants in the mall and wait for her for hours in the handbag department – he probably just wants to please her. A friend, on the other hand, will spend exactly as much time in the store as he can stand, and will leave as soon as he gets tired.

Friendship is the ability to accept each other for who they are, in friendship a man does not pursue the goal of making an impression, he just wants to be himself.

His interest in what kind of men she likes and what she thinks of her suitors indicates that the man himself does not mind taking a turn for her heart.

In addition, the “cheater” will also agree in everything with the woman who will complain about the men in her emotions, nodding his head and assenting to the words that he does not deserve such a woman. Just a friend will assess the situation objectively and impartially, and if he thinks the woman is guilty of love failures, he will definitely tell her about it. The “cheater” will do everything to become a comfort to the friend.

Here it’s simple: just a friend will not miss the opportunity to flirt with girls and will not give up the idea of a woman to bring him down with some of her pretty acquaintances.

“Cheater” will find a bunch of reasons, but still gently but irrevocably refuse.

Everyone makes mistakes, but only the man “undercover” will apologize as if he wants to make a hole in the floor with his forehead. It is important for him to keep a good opinion of himself and to be in good standing with the woman, to lose her trust and communication for him is a real disaster.

A friend will be equally interested in talking about a woman and talking about his own affairs, but a man in love tries to pay all his attention to the woman. First, he probably knows that women are flattered by attention to their person, and second, he really wonders what she is like outside of their buddies.

A fake friend is ready to spend as much time as possible in a woman’s company, prefers face-to-face meetings and often invites her to spend time one-on-one.

A real friend, who is up to his ears in business and probably has other friends and is in a relationship, will cross paths with a friend in messengers and social networks, rarely in the company of mutual friends.

What’s on the sober man’s mind is on the drunk man’s tongue. Drunken man somewhere, but be sure to crack on his true relationship to the woman: will shower her with compliments, talk about what he thinks about her at night, or even climb kissing. The next morning he will try to explain his behavior through drunken rage, but there it will be obvious – he has an attraction and sympathy, even if they are sitting deep inside him.

Stellar Friendship

Regardless of form or reason, a mutual and reciprocal friendship between a man and a woman exists. And if anyone still doesn’t believe what psychologists and people themselves say about being friends with someone of the opposite sex, let them pay attention to the “stars.”

These people are always in view of the crowd of their fans and the press, and if their friendship with the opposite sex was insincere and had a romantic bias – the all-seeing lens of the paparazzi would certainly notice it.

Hollywood knows at least two examples of true friendship between a man and a woman, tested by years and close public scrutiny.

  • Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet

After working together on the fateful film Titanic, in which Leo and Kate played perhaps the most infamous couple in movie history, the actors have not stopped communicating. But despite the fact that in the movie they had to play lovers, for 20 years the actors maintain a warm and extremely friendly relationship.

DiCaprio and Winslet often cross paths at social events, and during the awarding of film academies sincerely care about each other.

In 2012, Kate Winslet got married. It was Leonardo DiCaprio who walked her down the aisle. It seems that such a gesture speaks for itself and leaves no doubt that the actors are just friends, although very close.

  • Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock

These two became close on the set while working on the movie “The Proposal” in 2009. Ten years have passed, and the actors continue to genuinely cheer each other on at each other’s movie premieres and events.

And while fans have dreamed of seeing Sandra and Ryan as a couple one day, they maintain only a friendly relationship.

Friendship between a man and a woman is possible, and the stars’ inspiring examples are proof of that. Of course, this friendship is not always unselfish and reciprocal, and often it is not without romantic attraction, but if it is important for friends to maintain their close contact without interfering with eroticism in their communication – both will do everything possible for this and put aside the idea that they are attractive to each other.

And even though some people think that sex is no barrier to friendship, these two know: true friendship is more than the sex and dating they can get from other people.

But whether there is a real friendship between men, you can find out in our next article!

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