Fortune-telling on the cards for free: what you need to know

online divination of cards

In this section contains all our online divination cards. A distinctive feature of almost all of the divinations is the ability to perform them with seven different card decks. This tarot cards, lenorman cards, runes odin, the deck of ijing, gypsy, playing cards and specially drawn for our site deck of the Oracle. For each card divination, there are separate settings, where you can choose not only the cards you want, but also the way they are drawn. Separately want to mention the possibility of randomly selecting a deck. If you check this option, fate will choose cards from all the decks represented, which makes the process of divination much more exciting and intriguing.

At the top of the list are the relationship decks. But don’t limit yourself to them, don’t forget, all your questions about relationships you can also ask absolutely any card divination from our list.

All of our divination cards have been placed in one place, so that you can quickly and with maximum convenience to choose for yourself the most suitable scenario for your case. And you can do this very easily indeed, because the list for each card divination has all its positions.

how you relate to the person how the person relates to you what prevents you from being together with the person what prevents the person from being together with you future, an answer to your question advice, explanation, explanation about the future

what the person is thinking about what on his heart what he wants what the person has in his life the near future of the person unforeseen circumstances in the near future

A popular divination that uses the entire deck of playing cards. In the beginning of divination, it is shuffled, then carefully studied for the presence of cards of the same value. Based on the accrued percentages, you can find out how much you love the riddled person.

whether you had cause for worry in the past whether you have cause for worry in the present whether you have cause for worry in the future whether you will have cause for worry in the near future the distant future

do you still love both of you, or do you lack something? Is money a source of problems compatibility does he/she want to drop everything or wants to fix everything the person’s problems with alcohol or other addictions do you push each other with your negativity situation for the near future outcome

if the person you are thinking of will this person care and love you problems in the coming relationship will this person thrive as a professional nature of the relationship will the relationship be mature compatibility possibility of financial problems what you should do to win this person over

whether your behavior contributes to the fulfillment of the desire how this person sees you potential partners whether there are karma-increasing circumstances advice on what to do to achieve the conceived possible future what kind of character of the future partner financial situation of the person whether you will have children

similarity, what is similar to you, what are your qualities that strengthen the person in what is the opposite of you risks, losses, what you may have to sacrifice where he/she leads you, what peaks helps you reach secrecy, what is hidden from you

the reason the person is interested in you what you get from your relationship what the person is getting from your relationship problems at the moment

what was the reason the person started dating me have these expectations come true what has been damaging the relationship what is helping whether the person will now take the initiative in the relationship relationship outlook

The easiest scenario. You can read about a person’s attitude, future, present, any event or topic.

Not quite normal, but it will be very easy to interpret. The strength of each card will show the corresponding points

Fortune-telling from our instagram. For this reading I personally draw 6 cards at random for each day

whether there is a hindrance in the present whether there will be a hindrance in the future result, future, the answer to your question advice, explanation, explanation about the future

general prognosis for the given period what’s in your personal life during this period what’s in store for you financially

general characteristics of the past karmic influence on the past environment influence on past events what was the main problem what influenced the situation most likely present future

what influences the present situation from the past the best way of doing things the influence and influence of others on the situation interferences and obstacles the result

is there a strong basis in your situation the force that conducts active changes these events manifest most clearly the force that will increase the force that will decrease what is hidden affect the issue what is immediately visible in this situation the outcome why and for what purpose all this happens

what the person is concerned about business and work financial matters and material well-being unexpected events

what affects your question in the present Help or hindrance motivation of the past recent past likely future near future your attitude to the problem your environment your hopes or fears final outcome

whether a positive decision is appropriate whether a negative decision is appropriate the consequences of a positive decision the consequences of a negative decision factors not taken into account factors whose importance was exaggerated the result of implementing the decision (three cards)

General condition of the person in this period (feelings, health) family, relatives, close emotions: hopes and desires doubts and fears plans and goals what is hidden, but will soon become clear more distant future

There are 7 points in the crayon, each of which has 3 cards. But if you choose another variant of the future scenario, in each of the 7 points will be 2 cards. Divination in this case will be more clear.

Only the tarot cards are used. There are two versions of this divination – normal and abbreviated. The normal way of reckoning is very complicated, but quite informative. For the beginning, it is better to use the abbreviated method, which involves only one tarot suit. In any case, this is a very interesting layout, which must be deployed at least once.

Health and mood in the present, which contributes to health than harms general prediction for the future features of health that will manifest themselves in the future

general nature of the trip character of the conditions of stay peculiarities of the place of rest probability of new acquaintances entertainment possible problems quality of the vacation possibility of continuation of the established acquaintances

purpose of the trip nature of relations with officials general nature of the trip personal expectations from the trip how well these expectations will be met new acquaintances general situation in the place you are planning to go material benefits from the trip

whether luck in a new business possible problems in present and near future your predisposition to take this job general nature of the situation: profits, losses colleagues, employees prognosis for the distant future

Numerological descendant on Lenorman cards characterizes your life path according to your date of birth.

The Lenorman card plot is designed to search for lost objects, animals and even people. Many times it helped in difficult situations. Very accurately shows the location of not only the lost item, but also the person.

general description of the person, character description of the past, in what environment the person lived the future of the person in what he sees the problem that lies before him the ideals of the person, in what he sees the moral strength of the material situation of the person further destiny

in what our opinion of ourselves coincides with the opinion of others unknown forces within us hidden in the shadows white spot

Tarot Cards: Online Divination

With Tarot reading you can peek into your future, and find out what you can expect ahead. All the signs are based on specific situations, so be sure to read the purpose of the reading, because the interpretation of all the arcana, depending on the situation, is different. All online fortune-telling are the property of our website, and provided for free.

Fortune-telling on the Tarot cards in the near future, which will look ahead and tell you what you can expect.

With Tarot cards for love and relationships, you can find out the thoughts and feelings of your partner, and understand what is preventing the progress of your relationship.

A simple reading for a short answer: Yes or No. This reading is for a quick answer to an important question or situation.

Fortune-telling will allow you to understand whether your husband is cheating on you, the reasons for infidelity, how long it will last, and what will be the future outcome.

The classic version of the reading on the Tarot cards for young girls, which will clarify the situation with the marriage.

Online plot details about the future of her husband, his nature, and the circumstances under which you will meet him.

A simple love storyline that will clarify whether you will be together with this person or not.

The tarot arcana chart will tell you if you will pass the exam in the first attempt or if you should try again.

Hint: We do not recommend the Tarot cards too often as this could lead you astray.

The Compatibility Horoscope!

A new, more complete and deeper horoscope compatibility. Analysis of expectations in a relationship, the degree of compatibility and a detailed description of compatibility. Horoscope is built for compatibility in personal relationships.

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