Fortune-telling on a man in the tarot: explain the essence

The Tarot for love and relationships – 11 schemes of divination on the cards

Since time immemorial, women and girls do not get tired of wondering about love. Tarot cards in this regard – the best and most reliable assistant. We give not just one Tarot reading for love, but as many as 11 schemes. There will be a relationship and search, an alliance, mutual understanding and much more.

Meet, learn and of course practice.

Divination of three tarot cards – “Threads of Love”.

Another modification of the favorite reading of novice fortune tellers “Three Cards”. Attracts by its simplicity and accessibility.

Lay them out in a row:

first – the history of the relationship, the basis with which everything began (light cards in this position will tell about sincere feelings, but unfavorable – about hidden ugly motives: selfishness, vanity, envy and the like);

the next Arkan – the current life with the partner (if the first and second are different, there has clearly been a change in the relationship);

the third indicates the prospects for further relationships.

The Tarot chart – “Search”.

Divination for people who are in search of his beloved. Help sort out your mistakes, find the cause of loneliness and solve the problem.

Lay out the four arcana in a row:

  1. The card at the beginning of the layout will explain the main reason for single life;
  2. The second – will give advice on how to quickly find a chosen one;
  3. The next – the characteristics of the person who is best suited to you;
  4. The final arcana will point to the pond, in which the fish you need.

Layout – “Love Pyramid”.

Fortune-telling to clarify the feelings of the person in question. The pyramid is erected from the bottom, “from the foundation”, counterclockwise.

Lay out ten cards:

  1. The first causes sympathy or more affectionate feelings;
  2. The second describes what the applicant for the hand and heart thinks of the querent;
  3. The third is what you and the one you love are alike;
  4. the fourth, topics you’ll never agree on;
  5. the fifth will tell you how to get closer;
  6. Sixth – what if you want, can do for the same purpose beloved;
  7. The seventh will tell you more about your loved one (and you should);
  8. The next arcana will show from whom of the strangers to expect help in a delicate matter;
  9. The ninth – about those who will not help, but will hinder with great pleasure;
  10. The tenth is the bottom line. We estimate the likelihood of a serious (or not), relationship.

Tarot reading for love – “Top of Love”.

Rasklad, primarily focused on the inner world of lovers. Allows you to understand yourself, sensibly assess the partner and the relationship with him.

We lay out four cards:

  1. The first of them will explain how you look in the eyes of your partner, tell about your strengths and weaknesses;
  2. The second will help you understand your partner, revealing his motives;
  3. the third is what is happening between you now, including all the inconsistencies and misunderstandings;
  4. At the end, as usual, it describes the prospects of the relationship, the likely development of the relationship.

Tarot cards divination – “The Tree of Love”.

A simple layout for self-analysis, to identify personal problems and find solutions.

Only the Senior Arcanes are used:

  1. Initial clarifies the overall situation at the moment;
  2. The next summarizes the past life, the events that formed the current situation;
  3. The third arkan describes the person of interest to the questioner, his appearance and character;
  4. In the fourth position, one can see the future that will come in the case of passivity of the diviner;
  5. The fifth position is a prospect that opens up after the active attempts of the querent to change something.

Tarot divination for love and to clarify the tangled relationship between lovers. Uncomplicated layout with the use of the form (the card indicating the person on whom the hex).

As usual, first we lay out the blank. The meanings of the following positions:

  1. The first card – the questioner’s person, characteristic, thoughts and feelings;
  2. The second card is also in relation to the partner;
  3. the next will outline the areas of the couple’s common interests;
  4. The next is the future life of the newlyweds.

Rasklad on compatibility

Quick love reading on the Tarot deck to find out compatibility of young or not very people who have decided to join their destinies. Point out the “difficult” character traits of the future spouse, to help avoid conflict. An old married couple will be able to find out the causes of the beginning of a scandal and avoid further escalation.

Arcana traditionally laid out from the bottom up, the right column – female, left – male:

  • The lower cards show the external side of the relationship – how the couple behaves in public;
  • the middle cards focus on the emotional component: hopes and fears, feelings and subconscious feelings;
  • evaluation of the spouse and thoughts about him or her;
  • seventh – indicates the compatibility of the couple and its prospects.


The Love Tarot will be useful to those who wish to know their partner better, by showing their preferences and also the things they wish to avoid.

  • The first three cards will tell how the person sees the ideal relationship, show his preferences, and make it possible to determine what she now lacks;
  • The fourth, fifth, and sixth positions reveal the person’s aversion to certain nuances of family life (and it would be wise to consider these nuances);
  • The seventh will tell you where these particular preferences came from (an excursion into the days when this person was just forming);
  • Eighth, serious “inconsistencies” in personalities that are hard to circumvent;
  • The ninth is further perspectives.


Another Tarot reading for love. A way to find out the feelings of the person of interest and his likely behavior. Lay out the nine cards in a rhombic pattern:

  • The arcana in the second, fourth, sixth and eighth positions will explain the person’s emotions;
  • In the first, third, fifth, and seventh positions are the cards that tell about the person’s behavior toward his mistress or spouse;
  • The ninth reveals the reasons for feelings

Problems – Understanding – Solutions.

Over time, problems accumulate in married life, stemming from a different understanding of life. The Tarot Layout for Love and Relationships is also designed to clarify “difficult” issues and resolve them in a timely manner.

Lay out ten cards:

  1. The top three Arcana – purely intellectual evaluation “only logic and nothing extra”;
  2. just below – relationships at the level of feelings and emotions;
  3. The cards at the bottom level will give advice on how best to use the information received;
  4. The last, tenth, is the bottom line and the promise of perspective.

Aspirations and Goals

The purpose of the reading: to clarify the true goals of the person concerned and his real intentions. Used in cases where the questioner does not trust the new acquaintance and doubts his sincerity. It is a rather cruel method – not everyone is ready to find out the truth.

The deck consists of eleven cards:

  1. The top row indicates the real desires of the person being asked, describing his feelings;
  2. The two below tell about the volitional correction of such emotions (if the cards in these rows “do not fit” the person makes an effort to keep his desires in check);
  3. Below are the questionable person’s “wants,” what she wants to achieve from the querent;
  4. The next row – the declared intentions, the very ones she is not hiding and demonstrates in every way (a discrepancy with the row above suggests that she is insincere);
  5. The last card – the outcome, how the relationship will end.

Video online divination for love for women – Tarot cards for kings

Choose your card and listen to what to expect from your king.

Here each Tarot card reading for love has its own meaning and characteristic. To get a detailed answer to their questions are used chaotically selected cards that are laid out on the table in a certain order. These methods of divination are called “divination”. And you are familiar with them.

Online fortune-telling on the tarot cards on a man.

Unfortunately, people do not appear to us as open books. On the contrary, every year it becomes more and more difficult to understand those around us, their goals and intentions. Even worse, if you have been burned several times with a beau, or you were frankly betrayed, because of which you have stopped trusting guys and can not get rid of suspicions.

And let’s not forget that we are talking about men who have been taught since childhood to be restrained and not to show their emotions. Then how do you know how he feels about you, what are his thoughts, what he feels for me, whether he loves me and whether he is not manipulating you secretly?

Cope with these and many other questions for free online fortune telling on the Tarot cards on a man: the future of relationships, feelings and love. Before you is the most accurate and truthful layout on 1, 3 or 6 cards, the combination of which tunes into your energy, reads the information and gives an accurate answer to the riddled man. Just interact with the symbols and get a clear prediction for your loved one.

Online fortune-telling on the tarot cards on a man.

Since ancient times, the magical Tarot deck allows not only to predict upcoming events, but also to understand the personal life. Many girls are constantly interested in the topic of relationships, because we instinctively seek to form a strong and happy couple. At any time you can solve all your problems, if you use a free online fortune telling on Tarot cards for a man. Get accurate answers to any question.

Men, even in a close relationship with the girl they love, do not plan to instantly reveal their soul and pour out their feelings. They are used to keeping everything to themselves. Therefore, you will need a handy raskladka to the question “What does a man think of me?

Is the guy really in love with you, or behind the beautiful words hiding far from the most peaceful intentions? Now, representatives of the male sex will be like the palm of your hand thanks to an online prediction of a man’s feelings.

Girls is extremely important to understand how they feel about the opposite sex, otherwise you will not be able to make the first move and put yourself out to save the family. To understand will help you to figure out an accurate and truthful reading of the attitudes towards you man. Tarot cards know all the answers.

If you want to do a reading of the Tarot deck on a man’s love for himself, then this is ideal for the arcana of the Tarot deck. Perform an accurate and truthful layout and find out what your other half or sympathy feels for you.

No need to worry about whether your partner will write to you or not. Just click on a deck of magic cards and the system will answer the question for free. You’ll know whether or not to expect a message at all.

We all like to think that the person we like or love misses us when we spend time apart. After all, it’s another hint that he’s in love with you. Find out when guessing on tarot cards for a man.

For girls, issues of intimacy are always important, because you want to be physically and mentally ready for this moment (even in a spontaneous manifestation). Layout on the Tarot cards for a man will tell you if you will have sex.

Quite often, the breakup of a relationship is only a transitional stage to stronger feelings. But partners need time to recognize this and make up. If in doubt about whether or not to make the first step, then find out if he regrets the breakup.

An experienced tarotologist will answer the questions:

What does the future hold for you? How will the relationship work out? What is the right decision?

Waiting for the call can be excruciating, especially if you dream of talking to the person you love. But it’s much more frustrating if he forgets to call and you’ve wasted your time. The Tarot cards let you know if he’ll call you today.

The euphoria of falling in love leads people to believe that their romantic union is indestructible and will last forever. But will you be together or will you be destined to separate in the near future? The Tarot arcana of divination on a man knows the answer.

Men do not tend to open the heart of the first encounter and even in a long-term relationship can hide the true motives and goals. But how to understand how a man treats you and whether you can build a joint future with him? Arcanes layout will give insightful advice.

Dating is always a risk, because sometimes a person may not call back the next day and even disappear. Then there is a fair question: “Where has he gone? In order not to torment guesses and not to repeat possible mistakes, use a truthful and sensible layout on the Tarot cards on a man.

It’s frustrating if you still strongly love a man, and his feelings and passion for you have faded. But why has he fallen out of love? Is it your fault or are you just not meant to be together? Tap the deck and find out the answer.

Even in the strongest of relationships, the level of love and commitment can change for better or worse over time. Therefore, it is important to periodically ask yourself how a man feels about you now. Tarot card divination is ready to tell you how things are.

If you are interested in questions related to emotions and feelings, then for divination on the cards for a man, the Tarot Manara arcana are ideal. Use them to conduct a reading of your loved one’s feelings and find out what is hidden in his heart.

An experienced tarotologist will answer the questions:

What does the future hold for you? How will the relationship work out? What is the right decision?

Sometimes a relationship with a man can turn into a very confusing story, especially if you ignore minor clashes, do not resolve conflicts or he does not reveal his soul. But the free Osho Zen Tarot reading will help clarify the situation.

Tarot divination for love and relationships will come in handy for any member of the fair sex who is used to guessing on the cards for a man. This is your opportunity to free your personal life from any problems and achieve 100% harmony in communication with the opposite sex.

What is in his heart? Many girls can be tormented by this question, especially if you live with an emotionally closed person who does not share his experiences. Talking doesn’t help? Then it’s time to use the help of cards.

Online divination for an ex-male seems to be very useful if you still have some feelings for the riddled man. A Tarot card reading is ready to satisfy any of your requests completely free of charge.

Layouts on the beloved man continue to enjoy great popularity, as they help the beautiful sex better understand their companions and prevent various quarrels and conflicts. Interact with the deck and get competent advice.

Online prediction on the tarot cards on the situation with a man will certainly be useful to the fair sex who seek to preserve the relationship. The main thing is to trust the clues of the arcana.

Do the thoughts of the riddled man seem vague and incomprehensible to you? Or is he trying to hide something from you? Then it’s time to turn to the magical arcana of the Tarot and find out the truth.

Does he love me? If there is a similar question, and my heart is drowning in doubts, it’s better to perform the reading on the tarot cards and find out the truth. Detailed prediction will give an unambiguous answer yes or no, confirming doubts or remove all fears.

Will he write to me today? Stop worrying about this question and put off all the important things waiting for a text message. Right now, a truthful and accurate reading will give a definite answer yes or no.

It may be that you are expecting an important call from a loved one, or you need to get some valuable information. But will he call you today? An unambiguous answer to yes or no will provide an online fortune telling on the Tarot cards.

An experienced tarotologist will answer the questions:

What does the future hold for you? How will the relationship work out? What is the right decision?

Will he come today or will there be trouble and the meeting will break down? Now you can find out the whole truth at any time, if you perform online divination on the tarot cards. Accurate and truthful layout ready to give an answer.

Is he thinking about me? Perhaps you are talking about the other half, an ex or an unattractive stranger. In any case, online divination on the Tarot cards is able to reveal all the secrets and tell you how things are.

Does he want me? Such a question may be dictated by banal curiosity about a stranger or ex. Or it may be caused by problems in your personal life. Either way, you’ll find the answer with the Tarot cards.

If you need an unambiguous answer to the question “Should I trust him?”, it is better to ask the magic arcana of the Tarot for a clue. The ancient cards catch the energy of a man and bring him out in the open.

In a romantic relationship, it is important to know that the man really likes you. After all, no one wants to be deceived or waste time in a meaningless relationship. Ask for advice to the magical reading of the Tarot.

Not every man is ready to leave his wife and family to be with you. But girls are waiting, desperately spending their youth and the best years of their lives. To avoid falling into a trap and find out if he’s going to leave his wife, use online divination on Tarot cards.

Will he confess his love? You really care about this question, if you ask and have sympathy. In that case, just do a simple reading and get a definite answer yes or no.

Will we get back together? Perhaps you have recently quarreled with a loved one, or we are talking about someone whom you have not seen for years, but still love. Whatever the case may be, but the magical prognosis is ready.

What does a man think about you? Surely you would like to find out as soon as possible, so as not to have false hopes or to have time to take the initiative and initiate a relationship. Then just do the reading on the Tarot cards and get a truthful answer.

It is not always possible to figure out the romantic relationship on your own and understand the man you love. In that case, you should rely on the Tarot cards, which will analyze what is happening and will give you the truth. Now you will be well aware of the situation with your partner.

Online divination on the Tarot cards allows you to conduct a reading on a married man who you attracted. You will be able to understand what he feels to you and whether there is any chance to be together. Just think about it, and the arcana will reveal the truth.

Tarot cards are ideal if you need to analyze the feelings of a man and get into his head. With the help of a three-arcanons layout, you can understand the feelings he is showing, what he really feels and what his intentions are. Now he won’t be able to hide anything from you.

Tarot cards are literally created to help you cope with the most difficult situations in life. For example, with their help, you will be able to understand why a loved one or a sympathizer is silent. Just perform a truthful and accurate reading and find out the truth.

Do not get upset if the other half or liking never dialed your number and did not contact you. There may be a good reason for this, or there may not be the connection you hoped for between the two of you. If you are ready to find out how things really are, then use the magic of Tarot cards.

Messages are a traditional and quite usual practice of communication between lovers. Texting is especially important at the beginning of the relationship. But why doesn’t the guy you like text you? Tarot cards willingly reveal the truth if you perform an accurate reading.

Why did he do it? Usually ask yourself this question in response to some strange behavior from someone important to you. The tarot cards will help you figure it out. Just do the layout and do a free online divination.

If you strongly love a man, then strive to get into his heart and understand how he feels in response. But with men to pull it incredibly difficult, because they are closed. Can help the Tarot cards, which will be a guide to the emotions of the riddled man.

What is going on between us? Sometimes this question arises in a relationship when you are not completely clear about your partner’s feelings. What does the man feel for you and what are his intentions? Free online fortune telling on the Tarot will give a truthful answer.

The tarot cards are always ready to lend a helping hand and pull you out of the clutches of hopelessness. If you are confused and do not know what to do, just use online divination. The ancient arcana know the answers to all questions.

Romantic relationships do not always end positively. Life circumstances or divergent characters lead to breakups. But what if you still love someone? The Tarot cards will tell you if he will return or if you should move on.

Will you have a relationship with this man? If you want an accurate and truthful answer, then use online divination. The Tarot card reading will instantly predict the future and describe whether you have a chance for a harmonious and happy relationship.

With Tarot cards, you can not only make predictions about the future, but also analyze the relationships of people you care about. For example, you may need online divination for your ex and rival, if you want to return a man.

What does he want from me? There is nothing surprising in such a question, especially if the man’s motives do not seem clear to you. Then it remains only to conduct a free online divination on the Tarot cards and find out the whole truth.

What does the riddled man think about you? Of course, you can ask the question, but there’s no guarantee that you’ll get a truthful answer. In that case, a free and willingly truthful reading of the Tarot cards, which reveals the whole truth, will help you.

Create a strong romantic union can only be if the other half of you love. But is it true, or are you being misled? Find out the truth with an accurate and truthful Tarot card reading online.

Some people find it incredibly difficult to confess that they feel love and affection for a sweetheart. Do you have a secret admirer? You can find out now, if you perform a simple reading of the Tarot cards. Online divination will always indicate the possibility of starting a relationship.

It may be that you strongly like a man, but do not dare to make the first step, because you are not sure reciprocal sympathy. Then to the rescue rushes to you online divination. Facial reading on the Tarot cards will tell you what he thinks about you riddled man.

What kind of person is he? This question should be asked when you first met, so as not to get into a toxic relationship. But how will you know the truth? The truth will reveal the Tarot cards, if you perform a truthful layout of the feelings for you of the riddled man.

What kind of person is he? If we are talking about a soul mate or a sympathy, it is better to find out as soon as possible, so as not to bind yourself with the bonds of a toxic relationship. The situation will clarify the magical Tarot card deck.

Surely you want to be sure that your significant other adores and loves you as much as you do her. But how do you find out? It’s enough to do a free reading and do an online divination on the power of love.

In love, quite often there is a threat of losing your other half because of the cunning and cunning of your rival. How can you resist this? You can reveal all the secret plans and act proactively thanks to the online divination “Love Triangle” on the Tarot cards.

If once another woman tried to ruin your personal life, now you have to keep an eye on her actions. But how do you know that she does not intend to make another attempt? The online Tarot card divination “What’s the rival in your life?” will answer.

The other woman has every chance of stealing the other half if the man has feelings for her. But is it there or is he 100% faithful to you? Understand this for free online divination on his feelings for a rival on the tarot cards.

What to do if in your personal life increasingly began to quarrel with the other half and it’s coming to the parting? You can still save! The main thing to start a free online fortune telling on the family on the tarot cards.

Relationships will be strong and happy if the partners are faithful to each other. And what if there are doubts about the loyalty of a man? Everything in its place will put online fortune-telling on the Tarot cards “Was there an adulterous husband?

The tarot cards – a great tool for making predictions and analysis of others’ feelings or intentions. Therefore, you can now conduct a free online prediction of treason loved one, performing an accurate and truthful layout.

Does your ex have another? Surely you are tormented by this question, if you dream to renew the romantic relationship with the riddled person. In that case, do online fortune-telling on Tarot cards and find out the truth.

Will I get married? This is especially worrying for women who are already living with men, but do not see from them decisive actions or at least hints of them. The truth will clarify the online divination on the Tarot cards, where accurate and truthful layout dot all the “i”.

It is logical that any romantic relationship should end in marriage. But not every man is ready to take such a step. How are things with your beau? Understand this for free online divination on the Tarot cards “When I get married.

If your beloved man began to behave strangely and raise suspicions, then you should use a free online fortune telling on Tarot cards “Does he have another woman? This powerful tool will get to the bottom of the truth.

Even the greatest love will not insure against infidelity, which can lead to separation. But no one wants to live a life of deceit either. So it is worth engaging a free online divination on the Tarot cards “Does my husband have another woman?” and sort out the situation.

Compatibility – an important factor in any relationship, which can be calculated even at first acquaintance. You only need to use the Tarot cards. The exact layout will describe how harmonious your couple will be and whether you should fall in love at all.

What if you fall in love with a person but he lives far away or has to move to another city or country? Is long distance love possible between you or will not pass the test? Find out in online divination on Tarot cards.

Will he pursue me? The answer to this question can be decisive in terms of the potential to develop a romantic relationship. In order not to miss your chance for love, we suggest a free online divination on the Tarot cards on the riddled person.

Will the date take place? It is better to know the exact answer to this question, so as not to miss your opportunity or waste time waiting. To understand and dot all the “i” for free will help online fortune-telling on the Tarot cards.

At any time there may be a need to know what is happening in the life of a man. Perhaps it’s about a loved one, a sympathy or a friend. In any case, you will be helped by a free online fortune telling on tarot cards with an accurate reading of the riddled man.

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