First Date with a Man Taurus – Identify the essence

Taurus Love Horoscope

Outwardly Taurus is calm and reserved, his feelings are hidden from prying eyes, but he can not imagine life without a bright love. Romantic; ardent, loyal Taurus seeks a man who can give him and the flame of passion, and tender friendship, and peace of mind.

Taurus is a homebody and conservative by nature. He is more willing to invite friends to visit than go to an unfamiliar place. So, wanting to make friends with Taurus, accept the invitation to one of his parties. Believe me, you will have a great time: a good-natured host will not only lift your spirits, but also a delicious meal.

Where to meet Taurus

Horoscope Taurus says that you can get acquainted with a representative of this sign at a poetry party, a concert of classical or contemporary music, a theater festival, a fine arts museum or an art store. You’ll find it and in a picturesque park – he will stroll dreamily through the alleys, drawing or photographing.

Very often with the Taurus is possible to meet in museums.

Taurus is working hard, and therefore he needs a good rest. He prefers to spend his vacations away from civilization – in the country house, in the forest, on the banks of the river or lake. Taurus gets great pleasure from working in the garden. He manages to grow rare flowers, gather a large harvest of fruits and vegetables. Go to a store that sells seeds and seedlings – the likelihood that you will see Taurus there is great.

Taurus likes to eat well. Look for him in cozy restaurants with excellent chefs and a wide variety of dishes. Sitting in a secluded corner, he will thoughtfully study the menu, ask the waiter questions, and then leisurely savor the dishes brought.

How to win a Taurus

Taurus is unhurried, and even in love, he does not force the events. From the outside it seems that he does not want to get close, but in fact Taurus is just waiting for the right moment to express feelings. If you want to hurry him a little, do it as subtly as possible. Show your sympathy, but do not take decisive steps. Let the initiative come from the Taurus himself.

It is important that you caused in Taurus sincere admiration. And for this not enough to shine with the external beauty. It is necessary to distinguish the high moral qualities, to work passionately, to believe in yourself, to radiate heat and be able to enjoy life. Especially Taurus appreciates the gentleness of character.

You can find Taurus in the coziest places in the city

He is unlikely to get along with a rude or pushy partner who imposes his own rules on him. Nor will Taurus like excessive impulsiveness. He doesn’t like frantic people who act rashly and present dubious surprises. Don’t annoy your Taurus with frivolous antics.

Taurus will support you in any situation, try to do the same. Do not throw your chosen one in a difficult moment, praise him more and criticize him less. Behave in such a way that the Taurus will believe that he will be able to live a long and happy life with you.

Date with a Taurus

Taurus is serious about personal relationships and will not agree to a date with people who are not interesting to him. So, if you receive an invitation from Taurus, rejoice: you have a high chance to join his fate. However, the first meeting may be the last, if you do not produce the right impression on the Taurus.

Taurus likes beauty and neatness in people

First of all, you should look great. Remember that Taurus loves beauty in all its manifestations. Show your special style, be natural, do not allow carelessness, and even more tastelessness in your clothes, hair and makeup. Be sure to add some sex appeal.

Try to bring out your best features. Demonstrate good manners and erudition, smile, listen carefully and don’t get into heated arguments. Respond to questions with all possible sincerity. If you decide to lie, Taurus will definitely feel it and make appropriate conclusions.

Causes of quarrels and ways of reconciliation

Taurus cannot tolerate quarrels. Loud scandals throw him out of balance and make him really suffer. Forcing this stubborn man to do something against his will is almost impossible. But with him you can always negotiate amicably. Understanding the reasons and what exactly what the partner wants. Taurus readily makes concessions. If a conflict could not be avoided, give Taurus to cool down. He calms down fairly quickly and begins to dream about reconciliation.

Taurus does not tolerate quarrels

Representatives of this zodiac sign are secretive. They prefer to solve their problems independently and rarely share their experiences with others. Lack of information can piss you off, but do not put pressure on the Taurus or slyly cause him to be frank. The time will come and he will certainly open up to you.

Noticing that the Taurus is becoming irritable, unsociable and resentful, do not hurry to shower reproaches on him. It is better to give him all the conditions for rest. Remember: good-naturedness will leave Taurus only in case of great mental or physical fatigue.

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Sex with Taurus

Sexual fantasies visit the Taurus quite often, and he seeks to bring them to life as soon as possible. His exuberant temperament does not allow him to relax and at least temporarily forget about carnal pleasures. However, Taurus behaves quite modestly, preferring hidden maneuvers to the obvious flirting.

In bed, Taurus observes the rules – he does not pull the blanket over himself and does everything in order to please the loved one Lack of response is usually upsetting Taurus and causes him to close in on himself. In general, he does not like unemotional or too timid partners.

Taurus has a rather turbulent life

Taurus is attracted to variety, he likes unexpected solutions and bold finds. Do you want to constantly keep your lover in tone? Then do not be afraid to experiment.

Sex for Taurus is not only a way to get pleasure, but also a sure way to combat moping and boredom. If you see that your partner drops the mood dramatically, try to distract him from unpleasant thoughts with a nice erotic game.

Marriage and family for Taurus

Joint life with Taurus will appeal to a person who is calm, not inclined to adventures and does not like changes. Romance in such a marriage is gradually fading, but mutual respect and deep-hearted affection are at the forefront. Taurus raises his children wisely, without showing great rigor, but not indulging their ridiculous whims.

A Taurus man likes to feel like he’s the boss in the house

A Taurus man wants to feel like the boss of the house. Working hard for the good of the family, he expects not only care and understanding, but also recognition of his own importance. Such a husband is characterized by reliability, generosity, kindness and generosity. He is not visited by treacherous thoughts of divorce: if he lets a man into his heart, it is forever.

Taurus wives are great housewives. They are ready to work tirelessly for the sake of creating a home comfort. But it’s not only the ability to cook and keep order that pleases their husbands. Taurus wife gives good advice that helps to move up the career ladder and achieve success in financial activities.

How does a Taurus man behave at the beginning of communication?

Beautiful girls, tell me please, who ever did the fate to bring a Taurus man, what are they like in the beginning of communication? how to behave with him? expect the initiative from him or show it yourself too?

Taurus man at the beginning of communication cleans his horns and washes his hooves! Well all this is nonsense! Then if you believe in it is important not only the month but the time and place of birth! Fuff!

At first he looks after you, keeps everything tight, sweet, a little romantic. But then when he is sure that you are his, he relaxes. He fucking relaxes! I began to meet with the, romanticism at me any more and have made it clear not to count, but relations were warm, tender, cared, only care it already not so furiously showed when only began to court… Vooot … Greedy. We meet more than a year, 5 years are known in general, gifts were not)))) Not joking. My girlfriend has a similar situation, I told her how it is, she shakes him herself, for he, too, after they began to officially meet, scored all the romance, which she did not like and she gently told him about it.But again, not for long … If interested stubbornly will achieve, if not, then at most flirt a little bit.

Yes, greedy and stingy Taurus. Only if they love will spend money and not for a long time, then they will be greedy and secretive again. Words of affection will not wait ever. One plus–no loitering in a relationship, if the partner is fully satisfied. Silent in mind, you never know what he is thinking. Bullheaded, stubborn as hell, never apologize. Very fond of a good meal, cooking is sacred for them.

Such bullshit is written insulted / abandoned. If everything is mutual, Taurus wants to see and communicate with his date more often. Romantic, will fit one side, but if not romantic buffalo caught, just the frequency of communication and more tries to be around. The self-confident bull, as soon as he realizes that the girl is his, he slows down so as not to waste energy, but… the thing is that this is often self-deception and in fact, yours is not yet fully yours. I’ve often stepped on this rake myself. The main thing is to get over yourself and go all the way to the end, until the girl herself shows that she “belongs” to you. And so … we are very kind, patient, caring, and loyal, but only if we love, and this love is boundless, until the betrayal happens, after which, instantly, everything ends.

It is not true that they are greedy! Mine always give presents and just give money. Gentle, caring, very affectionate! So, girls, it looks like you are behaving in a wrong way with them.

Yes, mine ran after me like scalded, called me endlessly, missed me, was jealous. That he was greedy, yes, that’s for sure, but he would provide for the house and repairs, everything for the house, and he considers flowers, restaurants to be a waste of money, he would not squander money. If he presents something sometimes, it will be expensive and valuable gift for a century, for example mine did not present me anything for a year, and by New Year’s Eve gave me earrings with a ring, well expensive enough on his income, on clothes too does not squander, neither to itself nor to me. For 3.5 years of relationship he left without a reason probably five times for a couple of weeks, then again ran and achieved. Ridiculous already, the main thing is not to run after him, go and get it. He will come back himself and ask for forgiveness.

Mine, too, because of a trivial claim such as “you do not show me your love, I do not feel loved, you do not want to understand my needs” also went away 5 times and did not call for weeks, did not go to contact, then returned, but did not ask for forgiveness. All my nerves were exhausted, my hair even began to flow from the experience, then I gave up, left and went away good riddance. stopped leaving, but now I can not rely on a man who at any time can bail on the spot.

He was the life of the party. Chicks couldn’t take their eyes off him…but after the wedding and the baby, he became more reserved…more responsible, or something. I don’t feel like drinking and partying anymore.

Terribly jealous, but they do not show it openly. They do not show anything openly, their faces are like bulls without emotion. if something goes wrong, they shut up or leave. they are punished by silence, ignoring, leaving for an indefinite period, tortured by uncertainty. They are so unwilling to be the first to reconcile that they are ready to suffer for a very long time, but they will not be the first to make contact, and if they do, they will pretend as if it was no big deal and he is right. The optimal ratio in relation to them is 30% love and 70% indifference, this intrigues them and spurs their love. If you lick them and talk about your love, then they cool down, turn up their noses and get cocky. But the latter is probably true of all men.)

Mine must be some kind of bad Taurus. The more you talk to him about his love, the more affectionate he is, well, just give his whole soul. That he is jealous to death is the clearest truth, but he does not hide it, he says in plain words.

Taurus is very caring, he does not spend money in vain, but he will always find his girlfriend. If he loves them, he will provide for them and look after them, protect them… It is strange to hear that they are greedy, they never give away money, but they will do everything to make their second half and their close ones comfortable. Love very home comfort.

Taurus man. How to understand his feelings and intentions.

Man Taurus, spent two beautiful days. and silence

Taurus man

Taurus man in friendship

Taurus man

In the beginning of relationships all of this yashka yyashnaya, and call 40 times a day and non-stop flow of SMS, baby, sunshine, and other vanilla) And then when he realizes that you are all in it, begins to show their horns, begins to lead any game closer-further! So never give yourself to him completely, otherwise he will lose interest, and do not dare to confess your feelings first, he finally understands that you are hooked and will start his manipulations!

This is just the situation. We have been communicating for a very short period of time. He writes rarely, once in 4-5 days. conversations are always easy, but not leading to anything. I just wonder if this is the usual communication, maybe I have imagined something?)) so I think, how to behave with him. to show his initiative in communication, to write to him myself?

My first husband was a Taurus. at first we communicated for a week (with calls and sms) over the phone, then we saw each other, behaved modestly, dressed modestly. i did not like him very much and i started to try to merge: busy, sick, i should prepare for exams etc. he became very active to help in something, drive him where i need and so on. He said that he wanted a serious relationship (he was 18 years old), offered to live together, he was working, I was studying at the university. In 2 months we lived at his parents’ place))))))) It turned out he was terribly jealous, but caring. The author, if a guy rarely writes, it usually does not lead to anything good…There were those who wrote, then did not write…I did not understand and immediately stopped communicating with him.

I am a Taurus.There was a Taurus friend (the end of May).sociable, loves to rubbish, could not spend a day without me (in terms of communication on the Internet, SMS, calls).A bunch of beautiful words that I am his close person, how he loves.And so constantly.All his words were.Type is not mine, I treated him neutrally, as a friend.I began to get used to him, I almost fell in love. and he became soon as he started to write that i miss him (he wrote it always, i did not write anything of the kind in the beginning of communication), as he started to write herself…everything, the person was changed! was cold, he was mine.i also think that he was jealous of his was offensive, i stopped communicating, he did not want to come back. There was a Taurus man (end of April).His opposite.Secretive, unsociable, I do not understand it at all.Can disappear.Jealous.Initiative not manifest.

I had three Taurus. So – the first (24 years) met with me himself, he first wrote, but long dragged out the meeting, I compostilo half a year in ernet that I was in love with him, a couple of times we met, had sex in which he spent 15-30 seconds finish, but he me after him silently abandoned and sent to ignore. The second – 25 years old, we met in a group of friends, constantly tried to criticize me – the hair sucks, the dress, in short everything is not so. I ignored him and did not respond in any way to his taunts. Then one day I was sitting in the car with my friend and him, and we got into a terrible fight just because of his taunts about me. I ran away, he ran after me, apologized on the move, said that he admired me and just did not know how to attract my attention. But I sent him away, because I do not tolerate humiliation in my address, and even more so in public. The third Taurus – I met him myself, he invited me on a date, and then he invited me again. In the end he disappeared for a month, then he appeared again and began to write that here he was thinking and decided that he wanted a relationship with me. I first wanted to meet him very much after dating, but after a month of his silence and ignoring him, he then ran after me peredikal – wrote once a month – probed the soil. But I asked him not to bother me anymore. Anyway – they are all some *****… I don’t know if it depends on the sign.

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