Female manipulation in relationships

“You’re a man, you should”: 5 signs.

A manipulative woman: a skilled schemer or a weak personality?

“Paul, and there are women manipulators too,” I often see such comments on my posts. Of course they do. I do not want to offend anyone, but girls sometimes really overreact when they want to influence a man in favor of their interests. Alas, this discourages decent suitors and attracts weaklings. How do you know that women are manipulated? I’ll tell you in detail.

Women’s manipulation: where do they come from.

I talk a lot with married couples and am always willing to listen to both points of view if the partners have some problems. Sometimes the ladies say they just want to motivate their husband to do something for the good of the family. So they don’t think it’s shameful to attack in the spirit of “you’re a man”. It doesn’t smell like motivation in this case. Sometimes girls press for pity, trying to earn love, while devaluing the man’s emotions.

It all comes from childhood. Many parents often use manipulative techniques. Like, put away toys, you get candy. The girl understands that the relationship between people – a kind of game “you me – I you. It is not necessary to talk heart to heart, to listen to the requests of others. You just have to make your own conditions.

In adulthood young ladies, have not learned how to build a full dialogue, continue to play your favorite game with his spouse. Here are just some of the phrases by which women manipulate men:

  • “Back again at 12 at night. You can not even come near me!”;
  • “No money for vacation? You can forget about sex.”
  • “Until you get a proper job, cook for yourself.”

Unfortunately, such sayings are found in almost every third family. Some of the ladies at the cost of incredible efforts to achieve their goals, and some are on the verge of divorce. Pay attention to your behavior, maybe you do something wrong?

Signs that give away the girls-manipulators

  1. Constant resentment. According to girls, the easiest way to demonstrate their discontent is to immediately take offense. Sometimes a man is confused. Sometimes the reasons are quite trifling: he forgot to call back, sat down wrong, wrong kiss before leaving for work.
  2. The pressure to pity. How do women manipulate men in most cases? Trying to squeeze out of her beloved at least a little compassion. They use heavy artillery. Girls love to hide behind their health, fatigue. “I am sick all the time, and you do not care,” – tearfully begs for mercy unhappy. Her motive is clear: She wants to use pity to get her bonuses from the chosen one.
  3. Doubts, insecurity. “What to take from the blonde, you will decide everything, right?” In this way, the girl wants to shed her responsibility and transfer it to her partner. She may also regularly criticize her appearance, hoping to earn praise from her lover. After all, he is sure to answer, saying that she is the most beautiful. But with time, this technique ceases to work, and the man gets tired of the role of the comforter. He wants to see a confident woman by his side, not a whiny girl.
  4. Trying to make him jealous. When a lady lacks attention, she does not say so directly. But immediately seeks to arouse jealousy in her partner. In a fit of desperation, women even use other men to spite their insensitive spouse. They flirt with strangers, stay up late. In doing so, they make a grave mistake, destroying trust, and with it, the relationship.
  5. Comparisons. “But Tanya’s husband gave him a trip to the sea,” – wryly says his wife to her husband. If you knew, girls, how these phrases hurt even the most confident man. It is important for him to feel your support. And when you are constantly citing examples of strangers, his spouse feels not in the resource. He does not want to try for your sake.
  6. Appeal to a sense of duty. Perhaps the most hackneyed technique in feminine manipulation. “You have to earn, you’re the head of the family,” “You’re stronger, so stop being a wimp.” A normal man knows how to behave without such cries.

I have listed the most popular signs of female manipulators. If you recognize yourself at least one point, try to work on your behavior and start using completely different strategies when dealing with your loved one.

How to stop manipulating?

All of the above manipulations have one thing in common: the desire to get what you want is not directly, and indirect ways. A sort of “multiway”. Hence, there are the opinions of ordinary people, as if manipulators are cynical intriguers who build entire strategies.

But for the most part, these are insecure people who want to feel their own importance. It seems to them that if you just ask nicely, they will not understand, will not appreciate. So it is better to choose the thorny path, resorting to hints or reticence. The way out is simple. Strengthen your self-esteem, learn to defend your opinion, to protect personal boundaries.

Now a lot of people will argue. Like, some ladies are so masterfully cope with their husbands through manipulation and live without disaster. Why do men allow themselves to be under heel? The reasons are varied: the same insecurity, fear of loneliness, just weak character.

I’m talking about a healthy relationship where each partner knows his needs and does not allow to put pressure on himself. So if you notice a bad “brush-off”, discuss the problem with her lover, listen to him.

All difficulties are overcome easily if the spouses act together. By the way, here’s a good idea. Spend a few days together at a Summer Camp organized by the Pavel Rakov Training Center. You will move to a new level of communication and understanding, learn to talk frankly about your desires, feel each other on an energetic level. And finally understand what the ideal relationship of love.

It’s interesting to know your opinion. Admit it, have you ever noticed the aforementioned behavior? How do you think a woman manipulates a man for her own purposes?

How sneaky women manipulate you

How do you fight women’s manipulation, come out the winner of arguments and fuck her at the end? We’ll teach you how to understand manipulation, sex and lust! Girls enjoy feeling power over another person and watching members of the opposite sex fight for a woman’s favor.

How sneaky women manipulate you

1. a sly woman manipulator avoids an argument rather than asking for forgiveness

“The crying woman is a manipulator” Antichrist

You want to exhaust the conflict, discuss and figure things out. But that’s not the case. When there are no decent arguments, the argument is lost, and the girl is guilty and lost. Do you think there will be an honest apology and a plea for forgiveness? A normal girl would do that. But not a sneaky chick. She won’t give up. “Oh everybody!” Have you heard such a hackneyed phrase from a girl before? A skilled manipulator doesn’t give up. A sly broad will walk away from arguments, demonstrating that arguing is useless. The cunning woman can get angry, silently offended, or cry. The result is that you are the despot and tyrant and she is the victim. This girl in front of you is a sly woman manipulator.

How do you fight female manipulation? Offer her an honest admission of a mistake. Let her ask for forgiveness and then suck her forgiveness. Let her learn to atone for her mistakes correctly and with a smack.

2. the sly manipulative woman solves everything herself

You’re a grown man who can decide for himself how to live and what to do. Your hair, stubble, style, communication with friends, relationships with relatives, pastime, hobbies and desires are all yours. Why did she decide she could impose her opinion?

How do you fight female manipulation? The stick always has two ends. The cunning woman manipulator must get a symmetrical response. Hair color, skirt length, hobbies and weekend plans. Put her in front of the fact that you like her specifically. Now, when she resents loudly, suggest that she think she does the same thing. A smart and good girl will figure it out, but a sneaky manipulative broad will twist like a snake. Why do you need a viper on your chest? And while she’s confused, take advantage of her.

3. the sly woman manipulator rebukes.

“The main component of love: helping others to be themselves. If you seek to force and manipulate, there is no love in you” Osho

3. the sly woman manipulator compares to other men

The sly woman manipulator compares to exes, other men, or made-up characters. “But Svetka’s friend gave her a fur coat and a phone,” “My ex did not allow himself such a thing,” “Lena was proposed to, and you are still dragging it out,” “All the girls get rings, but my boyfriend is a stingy.” Sly woman manipulator gets his way by comparing you with others.

How do you fight female manipulation? This endless competition resembles cutting the heads off a dragon. In place of one severed one grows two or three. Competing with the mythical man of her dreams is useless. You’ve already lost. Suggest that she stop doing it. And if the sly manipulative broad doesn’t get it, tell her your exes had bigger boobs, never had a headache, better figures, and gave blowjobs extravaganzas. The sly fool will try to throw a tantrum. A good girl will realize her mistake and prove that she is the best in bed.

4. the sly manipulative woman complains about her health.

You socialize a lot with friends or girls you know. You devote your free time to hobbies, games, hobbies. You smoke occasionally and drink a beer once a week. Alcoholic! As soon as you don’t do what the girl wants, she starts complaining about her health. That your antics make her sick and nervous and drive her to her grave. As soon as you make concessions, stop talking to your friends or drop your hobbies – she instantly “gets better”. The cunning manipulative woman has achieved her goal and can continue to enjoy life.

How do you fight a woman’s manipulation? Call her an ambulance or make an appointment with a doctor. Tell her that a sick woman in the family is unpromising. You need a healthy girl for a family and offspring. A cunning manipulative broad will realize they’re trying to flush her out and calm down. Now fuck her. She’ll be afraid to complain if she’s sick in the head.

“Lady’s desperate. Are you really that predictable? It’s all alphabetical. The promise of happiness, the pain of loss, the delight of redemption, and then… Give him a riddle and watch him dance…” Sherlock Holmes

At the slightest quarrel, the girl tries to break up, packs her things or leaves for her mother. She throws arrogant phrases about the end of the relationship. The girlfriend is tired of you and wants to leave. The sneaky manipulative woman is doing everything she can to scare you into backing out. Apologize and beg to stay. Forgive her if she was guilty, otherwise you won’t see her around.

How do you fight a woman’s manipulation? Fuck her in small steps. Ask her to leave if that’s what she wants. You shouldn’t threaten you with separation. Otherwise you might decide that’s the best thing for both of them. They say the best sex is on scattered suitcase stuff after trying to separate. While emotions are at their peak, have sex.

6. The cunning manipulative woman often brings up love.

“Love is the desire to limit someone. To possess someone and want him to possess you. It’s very selfish. I don’t think it all makes sense. But if you decide to use someone’s love, it’s the best weapon of all.”

How do you fight female manipulation? Turn everything into a joke. Say you love her, too, and ask her to buy you a boat, or better yet, a yacht. If the girl talks about love instead of forgiveness, remind her that the word “sorry” is more appropriate in this situation. You are ready to forgive her, but you have to punish her for her bad behavior. Let her take her clothes off. Now you’re going to show your girlfriend 50 shades of gray.

You behaved badly in her opinion. Now you do without the kissing, cuddling and sex. She has a headache, no desire, she’s hurt, and it’s your fault. A sly manipulative woman will pull your balls and cock until you bend over for a stick to her.

How do you fight female manipulation? Sex is a physiological need. Is she not afraid to let you go out in arousal? The world is not without good whores. Give her a subtle hint about it. A sly manipulative woman can stop cooking for you. Tell her, “A man should leave home with a full stomach and empty balls. A smart broad will understand, feed you, and have sex with you. And the fool will bring up 40 cats.Don’t let the girl control and manipulate herself. A smart broad should understand that all such attempts to manipulate will either end in her loneliness or with your dick in her mouth and sucking forgiveness. Every broad should know her place.

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