Feelings for the loved one

Beautiful confession texts in your own words to your loved one

My darling, my love, you are the only one in the whole world for me. You know, from the very beginning you turned out to be so close and dear, gave me amazing feelings, allowed me to remember myself. I want to spend time with you all the time, I miss you when we are not together. It’s even nice to miss you, because I know that we’ll still meet, and we’ll be able to experience each other’s caresses again. Regardless of the year, the time of the season, the time of day, I always want to be near my only, unique man. I imbue every spoken word with my bright, special and truly amazing feelings, true love. Darling, I dream of a long and truly happy relationship with you, of being able to enjoy each other to the fullest. We will definitely be together, won’t we? I’m looking forward to seeing you tonight with great anticipation. I’m ready to confess my boundless love.

My dear, beloved and only man, I am becoming the happiest next to you. Thank you so much for what you give for me from the beginning, for the beautiful moments of the relationship. I love you for your tenderness and severity, boundless feelings. Every moment of our relationship, amazing romance and real intimacy give me happiness, which is impossible to refuse. I want to be the only one with you, I want to make you breakfast and kiss you in the morning, take you to work and meet you. I want to know that I’m important for you, that we’ll do a lot together and of course we’ll walk through life together, holding hands, ready to call you my man and confess my true love that cannot be replaced. Honey, we will be together not only today, tomorrow, in a month, but for the rest of our lives, right? Remember: I waited for you alone and hope for the best in our lives.

From the very first day we met, I can attest to the fact that I expect to live with you for many months and years to come. I was able to feel even before the declaration of love and the beginning of the relationship that we will definitely be together, we will be able to give each other tenderness and warmth. How I wish I could say only heartfelt declarations of love and know that they play an important role for you. You know, I no longer want to be silent about the boundless feelings I have for the best man. I won’t hide to anyone that you’re my soulmate, that I’ve been waiting only for you. Honey, I want so much to know that our relationship is just beginning and it will surely please with its duration, mutual understanding, real feelings. In every word I put only the warmest, sincerest emotions. Remember: you are really important for me, because I was looking for a meeting only with you. I love and cherish you, my darling!

My sweet and dear, beloved man, from the very beginning I feel boundless happiness when I am with you. You know, this amazing feeling appeared from the very beginning of our communication, and I want to confess that it does not disappear for a day. May our relationship be long and multifaceted, so that only enjoyment and vivid emotions are received. Honey, I’m looking forward to our date tonight, dreaming that it will surely be special and can inspire us to do something new. Perhaps we can discover new facets of the amazing feelings fate has bestowed upon us today? Remember: I only want to be with you in any case, and even during the first meeting, which was not so long ago, I realized that I was given to you, must be faithful to you. I confess the bright and boundless feelings I have for the best guy.

How I have long wanted to find a man who could stand up for me all. You know, fortunately, I was lucky with this, because fate brought me together with you. I want our feelings to grow stronger and more important. I hope that there will never be quarrels in our relationship, because we can really understand each other like no one else. My dear, I love you very much and I am grateful to fate for the fact that it managed to bring us together, to give us boundless emotions and real feelings. Let the love that the universe gave us be able to successfully overcome any obstacles and surely lead us to real, amazing happiness. My dear, I want to confess: I really have a lot of hopes and dreams about us, I want to realize all my dreams in reality, so I hope that fate will give me such an opportunity. I love you and I am ready to confess it every day!

Honey, from the very beginning of our communication I was able to appreciate your tenderness and sensitivity, amazing care, sincerity and kindness. You know, one can find only the most pleasant and positive character traits in you, which constantly confirm that I can be the happiest with you. I am grateful to fate that I met the best guy, who is my soul mate, who can truly understand and provide worthy support in any situation in life. I live and breathe you alone, I adore you always and want to be together always. I believe that relationships will only get stronger, we can live our whole lives together, pleasing each other every day, discovering new facets and understanding how wonderful relationships can be. I’m ready to declare my love always, putting only the best feelings into my words. Darling, you let me believe that love exists.

From the very first moment when I saw you, I realized that there was no force in life that could destroy my feelings, become a barrier to our rapprochement. I feel the happiest only with you, my only, precious one. Every moment we spend together, the beautiful dates, the days and nights, are Cupid’s amazing gifts. I don’t want there to be any problems or disagreements in our relationship. In fact, I know that negativity is impossible, because we can’t have it. How many affectionate and supportive, inspiring words I want to say to you, my dear. How I want to show amazing feelings, given by the fate itself. But always you give me more. Thank you for hope and support, brightness of emotions, romance and passion, the opportunity to feel desirable. Honey, I find myself in you, hope only for the best, and say “I love you” tirelessly.

Darling, my only one, you are a gift of fate, of life, and can be a companion to a wonderful world of happiness, which cannot be described by ordinary words. I believe and know that we will definitely spend our lives together, because this compatibility is not a joke of the universe, but a direct proof that we were created for each other, sought constantly relationship, which finally becomes a reality. Honey, I want to take care of you and give real happiness, show tenderness and affection. Let my sincere love always warm you and protect you from all kinds of obstacles and adversity. We can support each other in any situation in life, inspire each other to fight further and, holding hands tightly, step over any obstacle. Honey, let’s make a little effort to acquire amazing happiness with each other, shall we? Love!

Darling, my only one, you have managed to be the best gift of the whole universe to me. How I want to know that we will be together for a long, long time, we will be able to give amazing, boundless happiness. Remember: I was looking for you alone, and I will always hope to keep all the brightest, most positive things, despite the many nuances. Honey, every day my love for you is getting stronger, because our beautiful moments, which cannot be described with ordinary words, are multiplying with amazing speed. Tonight we are going to have our beautiful date, which will be a reflection of the feelings given by life. A walk in the evening city, a romantic dinner, many hugs and kisses will warm us, will make us feel that we are two halves of one whole feeling called “love”.

How long I have dreamed of finding the best man in my life. You know, surprisingly, I was lucky, because I managed to find you, my one and only, precious one. I adore and idolize you, I only hope to keep our beautiful relationship alive, making it stronger and more wonderful. The love given by fate is becoming more precious and sincere every day. Thank you so much for what you give me, what amazing facets of life you reveal. My dear, I understand that true love, happy relationships, the opportunity to grow closer and to understand that compatibility can be seen in everything – these are the most important things in our lives. I sincerely hope that every day we spend together will resonate only in the best way. My dear and only one, I want to constantly confess my love to you, to hear your wonderful voice. I love you and I know that we will be together for sure.

I want to sincerely thank my destiny for a wonderful acquaintance with you, my only, precious one. From the first day of our acquaintance you have been near me all the time, you give me amazing happiness and let me understand how beautiful a relationship filled with feelings, mutual understanding and readiness to come to my aid can be. My love turned out to be sincere and pure, strong and beautiful. You know, I used to think that such feelings can only be in fairy tales, but you allow me to change my opinion dramatically and understand that everything happens in reality. How many bright and special words I want to say for you, to be able to show that everything in our lives is interconnected, that you and I think about the same things, we can be together forever. My beloved and only one, may we spend tonight a chic evening, as we dreamed this morning? Thinking of you and waiting for a call.

How many loud words can be spoken, but, you know, they all pale before what I want to say to you. Besides, in every word I put only the most amazing feelings for you, sweetheart and darling. You know, when you are near me, any words become extremely difficult to say, because I feel real, boundless love for you, which drives me crazy, my soul flies far and wide. Honey, you have managed to become a real prince for me, you made me believe that everything can be as I want it to be with you. It’s nice that all the novels and melodramatic movies, songs about love find realization in life thanks to the best guy, who managed to become for me both a chosen one and a worthy friend. I love you very much, my only one, the best and most precious. I feel that I am dear to you too, because such attention, such amazing care from my ideal is the best gift.

You came into my life unexpectedly, captivating me at once with yourself, tenderness, and affection. I felt like a truly beautiful and charming companion of the best man in the world. My darling, I want so much to be near you, to give amazing emotions, wonderful feelings and assurance that I will definitely be near you. From the very first day of our beautiful acquaintance I have only the most real and boundless feelings for you, the description of which is impossible to leave unnoticed. I give myself more and more to true love and dream only of one thing, that we would be near you, together, no matter what. Beloved, I am sure that we can go through many trials together, supporting each other, because, in fact, love is capable of working miracles. How can I find the words to show my amazing feelings for you? Only you know the answer.

Our meeting was an amazing awakening for me, when I was able to understand how beautiful and wonderful life together can be. You managed to become a truly important, main man in my destiny, giving me amazing and real feelings. Honey, I want to be only with you, because I know how valuable is the gift that the whole universe has prepared for us in collusion with Cupid. I don’t care now how my life was before we met. I am sure that every day is sure to leave the best impressions and present bright emotions, allowing me to believe that everything will only work out in the best way for us. Beloved, please remember that I love you very much, dream to be near you, to give infinite love, to strengthen your feelings. You are the most beautiful man, an amazing man. I love you, precious one!

I want to thank my destiny for managing to meet you, to find true, truly amazing love, for which only real words can be chosen. Honey, I love you more and more every day, and I really want to spend my life with the best man in the whole world, you. How do I manifest the feelings that have been given to me by the universe? How can I find the words to describe the wonderful love, sincere and boundless? Honey, your appearance drives me crazy, and I never thought that a man could be so handsome and attractive, charming. Your amazing character causes only admiration in me. Thank you very much for your tenderness and caress, true feelings and the opportunity to understand that romance can be found even in the XXI century, to discover truly female character traits. Please remember that I love you very much and am ready to be by your side no matter what.

I want to confess that I love you very much, infinitely, I dream of spending all my life only with you. My love, such amazing feelings have appeared since the first day of our acquaintance, and you know, they don’t want to leave, because they are getting stronger every day. How can I live at least a day without your look, voice and laughter? Beloved, how can I give up on my own to see your eyes and smile, to feel your strong hands? You know, it’s impossible, because I’m already overwhelmed with real love for the best man. I want to hope that we will be together, no matter what happens. I am ready to cherish you with affectionate words, showing bright and boundless emotions. I believe in the fact that fate will surely give only the best and true feelings, not just for a month or a year, but for life. I searched for you, my best man, and I could find you.

Honey, after I met you, I immediately realized that it was you who was meant for me by fate. How I want to say truly worthy words and declare my love, to show that you are the best man that life has brought me together with. I have been in love with you from the very beginning, and I feel that I am your companion. The door to happiness opened the moment I started talking to you, when I heard your voice, saw your eyes and knew I was missing. You know, I do not even want to prevent what turns out to be a gift of fate, because every time I find myself close to you, everything changes dramatically in my soul, in my beating heart. Thank you very much for the wonderful moments of happiness that you give me, for the opportunity to feel beautiful and desirable. You reveal to me the best facets of love and show me that real, truly amazing feelings can still be with us.

I’ve been looking for you for a very, very long time, dreaming of getting to know you and starting a relationship. How many doubts I had: would I meet my soulmate, would I be able to start a full-fledged relationship and find my share of such necessary, important happiness. Despite the fact that I waited for you for a very long time, I still waited for our meeting. Now I can enjoy romantic moments and understand how much true love means. My dear, I don’t want to find the words to explain how hard and lonely it was for me, because it turned out to be in the past forever. The future I imagine only with you, my best man. I want to know that there will be many days and nights in front of us when we can fully enjoy each other. I confess my love for you and tell you that we are destined for each other. I need you. Words are not enough to emphasize how important, dear and necessary you are.

You know, I was alone for many years, focused on my studies and work, striving to develop, but everything was so ordinary and boring that no words can be found. Beloved, after that I met you and realized that I would fall in love more and more every day. Surprisingly, I can discern in you only real and worthy qualities of character. You have managed to become a truly important and close person. I want to confess that I love you very much, I dream of our relationship being able to last forever. My beloved, I cannot and am not ready to give you to another, to cheat, because I am your other half. Even now I want so badly to hug and kiss the best man in the whole world, to confess my love, to inspire me to new feats. Please believe that everything will turn out well. I love you, my dear, dear and only one.

Life is not a fairy tale, but sometimes amazing miracles happen. I finally met an amazing man with whom I am ready to spend the rest of my life. I had been looking for you for a very long time and wondered if such an acquaintance, for which it is difficult even to find the right words, would take place. I dreamed of love and affection, to feel desirable. But now my wishes and dreams find an opportunity to become a reality. Beloved, let everything in your life be on the highest level and, of course, remember, I’m always there for you. I want to inspire you to accomplish feats, make you happy with my attention, and show you how important our amazing, truly limitless relationship is to me. Honey, I know that we will always be together, no matter what fate has in store for us. Let’s keep such wonderful and boundless love for each other, shall we?

What are the feelings and emotions for the loved one, boyfriend, girlfriend, between a man and a woman – a list

Many people ask what are the feelings and emotions for a loved one, boyfriend, girlfriend or between a man and a woman in psychology. Since it is very useful to express and show your feelings to the person you really have loved for a long time. Of course, you should not express your feelings at the first 2-3 meetings, as it will seem strange. But keeping your feelings locked up for a few months with a person is dangerous, because he or she may think that you have fallen out of love.

In this article you will learn what feelings and emotions there really are for a loved one, between a man and a woman, and for a guy, a girl. Learn to show your feelings, because no one but you knows what you have inside. You can love a person very much for several years, but by withholding it from the person, it can eventually lead to a breakup and divorce. Take care of the relationship and express your feelings in time, but also not too early.

What are feelings and emotions – a list

Feelings are different, but to know the whole list of feelings and emotions, you need to study practical psychology. We will list you only the most basic feelings and emotions. The first thing to know is that feelings and emotions are divided into two groups, positive and negative.

Positive feelings and emotions

Positive feelings and emotions include: love, happiness, joy, laughter, pleasure, gratitude, laughter, fun, surprise, reliability, success.

Negative emotions and feelings.

Negative feelings and emotions include: fear, resentment, anxiety, depression, discouragement, sadness, frustration, stress, pessimism, anger, hatred, selfishness. Learn: what to do online .

What are the feelings and emotions for a loved one, boyfriend or girlfriend

Of course feelings and emotions for a loved one, boyfriend or girlfriend can be different. It can be simple infatuation, when there is some sympathy and interest in each other, but no more than that. There is also attachment, when people have been together for a long time, but do not like each other, but can not disengage. For example, they may be held back by the opinions of others, children, fear, habit, pity for each other.

But the strongest feeling is of course love, which is given to a few. Today more than 90% of couples do not have love, or, for example, a guy has love for a girl, and she does not, and loves the other guy. Unrequited love or its complete absence is inherent in modern people and young people. That’s why there are few successful marriages today that divorce within 2-3 years, but, and children are left without parents. Find out: how many senses there are .

What are the feelings and emotions between a man and a woman

If you want to know what are the feelings and emotions between a man and a woman, study psychology. But the most common feelings are: infatuation, sympathy, passion, love, affection, attraction, falling in love, treason, betrayal, quarrel, deception, selfishness.

After all, there are both positive and negative emotions and feelings between a man and a woman. Alas, but today it is treason and betrayal that is more common than love. People often compare each other and therefore begin to cheat, hoping to find someone better, which in the end leads only to suffering and problems.

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