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How to make a man fall in love with you?

Today I want to tell you about how to learn to speak the language of love. No matter how strong, independent and self-sufficient people are now, in this modern age, they still continue to look for love. There are people who even themselves will not admit it – after losing a few failures, they give up on his personal life and try to dive headlong into a career or self-improvement.

Still, when they see happy couples in love, their heart sinks and they think that there is love after all. How one would like to give someone a card with a heart on Valentine’s Day, and how one would like to receive such a card.

But days go by, and the ideal partner does not meet, no one wants to understand and accept us as we are. There have been many different studies on love, what is it, why do people fall in love, what happens at such moments with our brain and with our emotions? The answers have been found. Today I will share this information with you.

I get a lot of emails in the “Question to a Psychologist” column asking, “How to make a man fall in love with you, give me some psychological techniques, please!” Yes, there are such techniques, but you have to work primarily on yourself and your ability to communicate with people and make them feel comfortable (today we will talk about this). Yes, you can learn the methods of NLP and begin to manipulate the will and consciousness of other people, but it does not lead to anything good, because such actions are punishable.

Think about it for yourself – for some people it’s God, for others it’s Karma or Fate, for others it’s Life or the Universe, but the payoff will come – you can be sure about that. Besides, manipulating other people requires an enormous expenditure of energy! So is it not better to spend your vital energy on their development and self-improvement?

How to make a man fall in love with you

If you are a man and you are reading this article, please do not be offended that I am only addressing women, after all, they are the main and regular readers of the magazine “lucky ticket”. Read on, too, as the information I give below will be of interest to both women and men. The conversation will focus on how to attract the opposite sex. And not only the opposite sex! So you can learn how to make a contact and how to make people like you.

We are not going to talk about increasing sexual energy, various rituals and techniques. This you, my wonderful, magnificent readers can read in the articles “The Power of Female Energy” and “Woman – Dream. What is she like?

Stage One. How to make the right first impression

It does not matter where and how you met a man – on the street, on the bus, on the Internet. Although the difficulty of dating on the Internet is that your first date will be almost blind. After all, a photo doesn’t convey energy, voice or smell. But still, let’s get back to the main point. The man you like. asked you out on a first date.

You can read about how to dress properly and how to hold yourself here. And now we’re going to talk about the power of the gaze. Let me tell you a big secret – strong eye contact generates a strong, unconscious feeling of affection. Look at couples in love, they don’t take their eyes off each other, they look at each other constantly. Close eye contact can ignite a fire of love.

And the point is that when you look closely into each other’s eyes, you experience excitement or fear. In doing so, the body begins to produce chemicals similar to phenylethylamine (PEA), which cause feelings of falling in love. Why psychologists often advise first meetings and dates to take place in unusual places where people can experience intense excitement and emotion.

It is precisely because of this very FEA, when there is excitement and strong emotions, these substances begin to be produced intensively, adrenaline rises…. and a person falls in love! Not every man can look into the eyes, modesty and shyness prevent to do it, but we must overcome yourself and learn to look directly into the eyes of interlocutor. Not the bridge of your nose, but in the eyes!

In his Measuring Romantic Love, Zeke Rabin concluded that people who are deeply in love look at each other much more when they talk and look away more slowly when someone invades their world. He confirmed this with a clever experiment. He asked dating couples a large number of questions to begin by assessing how much the couples loved each other. Then the couples, regardless of the results of the assessment, were placed in a waiting room, where they were told, “The experimenter will be along shortly to begin the experiment.”

They had no idea that this was the experiment. Hidden cameras recorded how much time couples spent staring intently into each other’s eyes. The higher the couple scored on the first test, the more time they spent looking at each other. The less in love they felt for each other, the less time their eye contact lasted. So while talking, look into the eyes of your conversation partner as much as possible. Your eyes should be warm and gentle, then the man will fall in love with you much faster.

In many women’s trainings or courses it is advised to look a man in the eyes for at least seven seconds while saying, “I am great, you are great, love is great!” Or something in the same vein, you can replace the word “love” with the word “sex”, it already depends on your desires and preferences. It’s important to learn how to talk with your eyes, you can even practice in front of a mirror. Of course, I’m not saying that you have to stare into the eyes of a man and not look away, this is more likely to scare him. There are different types of looks, and we’re going to break them down.

So, the look can be:

– deep and intense.

So what do we do now? Practice each look in front of the mirror, learn, take it as a rule to look at men this way, and soon you will seduce men unknowingly and out of habit. You will have a lot of admirers, and a woman around whom men flit is always interesting to all the same men.

About the deep and intense gaze, I think there is no need to explain. The words speak for themselves, exactly “deep” and exactly “gaze”! But once again, not the gaze of a maniac or a schizophrenic, but warm, loving and penetrating! Eye to eye!

Do you want to easily make men fall in love with you by including the right states in yourself? It’s actually VERY EASY! And it’s really easy to build a really happy relationship, too! No manipulation, no emotional swings or tension – only happiness, only highs and joy! You can learn about all this and more HERE…

What makes a look seductive? The father of the science that became known as “pupillometrics” (pupillometry), Dr. Eckhard Hess, demonstrated that larger pupils are more attractive by showing two photographs of a woman’s face to a group of men.

The photos were identical, except that in one of them, Hess had retouched the woman’s pupils to make them larger. The men’s reaction to Miss Big Pupils was twice as strong as to the same woman with small pupils.

There are two ways to make your pupils bigger:

Method one, you should look at what you like best about the person you are talking to and avoid looking at what you don’t like. When we look at what we like, our pupils enlarge. If you like his lips or dimples on the cheeks, then look at them often, but at the ugly birthmark or gap between his teeth, try not to look, otherwise your pupils rapidly narrowed and the view will be cold.

The second method is much more pleasant and effective than the first. In addition to dilating the pupils, it creates an energy field of sexuality around you. When talking with a man, looking into his eyes, begin to squeeze and unclench your crotch muscles. Your eyes will light up, pupils will dilate, and your cheeks will turn pink! Just don’t strain too hard, make everything easy, effortless and not noticeable!

Now let’s move on to the sticky look. For the most part, in conversation, people look away after the end of a sentence and at pauses. But according to observations made by scientists, couples in love don’t do that! They look at each other almost always. Imagine that you are literally bogged down in this man, and even when you have to look away – do it slowly and as if reluctantly. Delaying your gaze on the man, even during a pause, awakens exciting, primal sensations and the production of those very FEAs.

“Visual Journey” is also one of the most exhilarating and arousing gazes. You can’t keep staring at your interlocutor, so alternate between staring and visual travel. Slowly slide your gaze over his face, then you can go lower, but do not forget to constantly return to the eyes of your interlocutor!

It often happens that outwardly beautiful people have the look of a dead fish or something worse. It is the eyes that mirror your soul, so make sure that your eyes shine and radiate tenderness and love, and your man will definitely feel in return the same feelings.

Practice in front of a mirror all the time and make your look expressive! In the next article, you and I will move on to the second step, which is called “synchronization”. Read about this method in the article “Secrets of Charm”.

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How to win a girl’s heart?

How to get the girl you like, many guys are interested in. In fact, in order to attract the attention of the opposite sex, it is not enough to have money, an apartment and a car – we need manners, courage and strength.

The main ways and rules

It has long been proven in psychology that women are much more romantic, impressionable and emotional than men. If a girl feels romance and a fairy tale in a relationship, she falls in love very quickly, which is why a young man has a much better chance to win his chosen one, if he admires, shows signs of attention and demonstrates his best masculine qualities. The ideal man in the eyes of a woman should meet the following qualities:

  • cleanliness and neatness – representatives of the strong sex should follow their appearance, be neat, clean and smell good;
  • A sense of humor – women do not like those men with whom they are bored, besides everyone knows that the owners of a good sense of humor, as a rule, and not stupid people, so she can always find them to talk about;
  • Responsibility – a man should keep his promises, you are unlikely to attract a girl, if you are constantly late, avoid commitments or do not keep their words;
  • Honesty – the relationship should be transparent and open, trust is a basic component of any relationship between two people;
  • Reliability – as they say, to be married means “for a husband”, a girl should understand that her beloved is the one whom you can rely on in everything;
  • The ideal man – must be kind, faithful, generous and not lazy in any case, he must constantly admire, make presents, arrange surprises and pay compliments to his beloved.

To win a girl, a young man should have confidence, manners and information about his beloved, her tastes, preferences and hobbies.

In order to win sympathy, a man must first show respect for both the woman herself and her surroundings. Very often young men behave gallantly to the companion, but to all others demonstrate the coldness and disregard – a mistake, any woman would immediately notice it, and then the chances to get her sympathy you have little. The man who dreams of seeing the girls as a companion, be sure to treat well his parents, children, friends and elders.

A man should strive for self-fulfillment in his profession, he should make every effort to gain recognition in business. Even the kindest woman will have much more confidence in a man who has a certain amount of wealth. Everyone knows that the candy and bouquet period sooner or later ends, and then the couple begins to face domestic difficulties, which often lead to collapse. Weak and lazy guys without goals and aspirations are unlikely to keep a girl.

Certainly need to show care and attention, especially appreciate such signs made without any reason, and the reaction of the girl will be easy to understand whether it makes sense to continue to conquer her. Women need to help, and it is better to do it without waiting for her request, she will certainly appreciate it, because in her eyes the guy who feels and understands her – a real diamond. And if he can be a real support and encouragement – then they will try not to lose such a man.

How to win a girl on the first date?

So, you met the woman you like, overcame all your doubts, started communicating and finally asked her out on a date. It is extremely important that your first meeting was perfect, because it largely depends on it whether your couple has any chances for the future together. According to statistics, about 50% of first dates turn out to be the last, so it is very important not to make mistakes. Everyone knows that you are guided by the mind, but also met by the clothes. Do not underestimate the importance of your appearance at the meeting. Young people should certainly look good – stylish, neat and noble, girls appreciate guys with good taste.

Before the date you should use deodorant, even if it says that it protects for 48 hours – nevertheless use it just before the meeting. And, of course, do not forget the perfume, its delicate scent always has a magnetic effect on women. Be sure to take accessories that can create a sense of wealth, it may be a stylish watch, an expensive lighter or fashionable sunglasses. And now to the most important topic – no matter how well-dressed you may be, the way you look alone will not be able to captivate the girls on your first date, you will have to use another instrument – your tongue.

With a woman you should talk, there is no place for awkward silent pauses and frantic search for topics of conversation on a first date. First, try to talk about her, all people are selfish by nature and love to talk about themselves, and beautiful women are no exception. Ask her questions, listen and remember everything she says, and be sure to nod and nod at the right moments. About yourself, you can also tell, but so as to present yourself in the best possible light. However, and about the extraneous topics of conversation do not forget – dream together, recall your childhood, discuss dreams.

In fact, you can choose any topic, but there are a few taboos:

  • Sports, weapons and war – these are exclusively men’s topics that interest women quite rarely;
  • Computer games – this subject is interesting only for people who play the same game, in all other cases it causes nothing but boredom;
  • Technical topics related to your profession, studies, or work – believe me, in this case the girl’s reaction will be the same;
  • Relatives – no one can know on the first date how the woman’s relationships with her relatives and close people are, the topic is too personal, and you can easily step on slippery ground and spoil her mood and yours (if she wants to tell you about her relatives – she will certainly do this).

Well, of course, the girl should say nice compliments, but you should do it correctly.

First of all, to admire a specific detail, such as style, as well as a smile, legs, hair, eyes and so on. A compliment may not just relate to appearance, for example, if a girl often jokes – tell her that she is very witty. However, do not dwell on any one thing and do not shower “nice” without stopping – over time it will be terribly infuriating. Any girl, even the most shy and modest, likes to be touched, even if she claims otherwise. The main thing is to touch in the right way. You can hold her hands, slightly embrace – you need to do this in the first minutes of your date, but, of course, without rudeness, the movement should be gentle and delicate.

On the first date, the touching should be kind of “casual” – from time to time touch her with your shoulder or hand. You can, for example, fix her hair, and you can go further – you can offer her to read her palms, it does not matter if you know how to do it or not – in any case, she is likely to like this contact, perhaps she will agree to go a little further.

How to win an unapproachable girl?

If you want to conquer an inaccessible stroppy woman or a girl who does not like your type of men – this requires patience. Win the heart of a woman with flowers and ordinary compliments will not work – here it is important literate behavior and a gradual creation of a particularly sexual tension.

There are a few simple rules.

Do not try to show too much attention, especially in the early stages of courtship. Beautiful women are used to the fact that all the men they meet literally look into their mouths from the first minutes of communication and are willing to do anything, only to agree to spend the night together. In the eyes of the girl such behavior is uninteresting, so it discourages them from continuing to get acquainted. They are simply not interested in pursuing someone who is already at their feet. And then, women consider low-grade men who pay attention to them at a time when they do not deserve it (in their feminine sense).

Be sure to maintain the tension – that’s where the sexual attraction begins. If the girl is in the company of her beautiful friends – give them the lion’s share of your attention, women are hunters, they will immediately “make a stand” and want to beat you back. Such tension gives rise to subconscious attempts to attract your male attention, she thinks more and more about you and, accordingly, you rise greatly in her eyes.

Reject her from time to time, when she starts to show her own initiative, but do it nicely and, of course, not overdo it.

Do not offer more than two dates in a row, if you were denied once – the reasons may be the most common, but the second refusal is rather a sign that your girlfriend does not consider your behavior attractive. In this case, it’s better to talk about something funny during the next meeting, make a joke and say goodbye without even hinting at a possible meeting. And you should do this more than once – and then, only then, invite her to a new meeting.

Show a girl your potential, keep in mind that guys with no purpose only attract college girls and those who are starved for positive emotions. Beautiful unapproachable women belong to neither category, be you the soul of the company and a real headliner, they will never consider a man for the role of his companion, if he does not have any great and certainly worthy goal in life.

And, of course, do not overestimate its importance. If you will emphasize your sympathy at every opportunity, the desire to please and listen to her desires – the girl will simply refuse you. For her, such actions are uninteresting and sometimes tiresome.

How to act from a distance?

In recent years, more and more young people find a girlfriend through the Internet. For example, you met a beautiful girl in social networks, she corresponds with you, but she refuses to meet in person. Consider how to be in such a situation. It’s simple – through your text messages you have to attract her so that she was able to appear to your buddies as your girlfriend in a short time.

Pickup experts give several recommendations.

  • Write correctly – any mistakes, whether spelling or syntax, can spoil the impression of you quite a lot, however, if the object of your desire as well as you, do not care about literacy, then the mistakes will not be a particular problem.
  • Do not turn your communication into a domestic correspondence. Do not tell what you eat for breakfast, and how to buy socks or hang a picture, such routine in the life of any woman enough without that. She wants communication and romance from her pen pal.
  • Let her know about your strengths, unobtrusively describe your life stories that show you at your best, make her feel that you are strong, brave, noble and generous.
  • Make more jokes. Everyone loves a funny guy, but jokes should be really, really funny, do not go for vulgarity.
  • Take an interest in your girlfriend, ask about her life, hobbies and interests.
  • Make sure not to repeat in your messages – otherwise the girl will think that you completely lack imagination.
  • Be natural – do not play the cool macho or unrecognized genius, tired philosopher or weirdo – also not the best options to transfer communication from online to real.

If you feel that your communication is struggling to move towards the romantic stage, then try to use heavy artillery. Poems – you do not have to write her a poem, you can use previously created works – it is important to competently insert a few lines in the text or end your message with them. Paintings – if you are good at drawing, you can dedicate a drawing to her; women like artists no less than poets. If there is no such ability, then feel free to look for beautiful pictures on the Internet, for example, few will not try to see a secret message in the images of a couple under an umbrella, intertwined hands and footprints in the sand.

However, the pictures from the “Kamasutra”, especially those accompanied by the text of the series “I want you as well”, it is better to refrain – you risk getting blacklisted immediately after the message. Sometimes men trying to fall in love with a woman from a distance, make a lot of mistakes that simply nullify all their efforts. If you really intend to achieve a real meeting, you should not in your messages:

  • deceive – there is no need to attribute to yourself the merits of others, to portray yourself as a rich man or a sought-after specialist, if in practice you are not one;
  • Confess love in the first message – in this case, the girl will think that you are either the usual joker, or a liar, or just crazy;
  • Make promises that you can not fulfill – do not turn into a babysitter from a distance, otherwise during a personal meeting you will wipe your feet;
  • To write vulgarities – do not ask during the third session to find out what she is wearing, and tell her what you would like to do with her right now, this is possible only if you have already met in person, and your relationship is more than just friendly communication;
  • Terrorize the woman – do not throw her a debriefing, to find out why she did not respond to a written message an hour ago, why she did not appear online last night, because such scenes can afford a husband, but not a pen pal.

How to win back the love of an ex-girlfriend?

Sometimes there is a need to return the favor of a former lover. In this situation, the main thing – do not act outright. The girl needs time to put everything in its place, to cool down and miss your past together a little.

When a few weeks, maybe even months have passed, you can as if “accidentally” arrange a meeting. In doing so, act friendly, but a little detached. You should not tell her how much you longed for, or how glad you are to see her, she should by no means guess that you are suffering. If she wants to tell you about her successes or failures – politely withdraw from such a conversation, because you do not need it to transfer you into the category of good friends.

Flirt with another girl or even walk her home, making sure that your ex always knows about it (not from you, of course). Even if she does not want to go out with you again – she will still feel jealous jabs, and you will only have to catch the right moment, and invite her to a meeting. Keep in mind that the purpose of the meeting should be sex, if you inclined her to intimacy, consider that she reciprocated you, and your relationship is reborn. Although do not relax – otherwise you will remain for her only partner for meetings for a period until she finds a permanent man.

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