Fall in love with a Taurus man

How to make a man fall in love with Taurus. Advice from astrologers

Taurus men are conservative, calm and respectable. They do not fountain with energy, like Aries, passive and somewhat lazy, but they are willing to take responsibility for the family. Taurus men choose women with whom they are comfortable, they build equal relationships and rarely divorce.

Last time astro7.ru astrologers told about how to fall in love with an Aries man, today we will talk about Taurus men.

What is a Taurus man like in love

For this sign, it is important to be in charge in a relationship. If you decide to fall in love with a Taurus man, then accept the fact that he will decide everything and you will execute. The man holds a conservative view of the family, where he is the hunter who goes after the “mammoth”, and the woman sits in the “cave”, keeps order and cooks this very “mammoth” he has mined. If the woman is satisfied with this arrangement, Taurus will take care of her. Despite the fact that this sign is somewhat phlegmatic, Taurus is able to provide material comfort.

How to attract a man’s attention

Taurus is gentle and sensitive, and despite all his “rake,” he believes in perfect love in the “until death do us part” scenario. But until he meets the one, the only one, he is open to romantic adventures. Taurus fan of the traditional, patriarchal family way of life, so it is unlikely to begin a serious relationship with a woman who, in his opinion, can not cope with the role of the mistress of his home. And on the first date he assesses the lady on what she will be a wife and mother.

Men of this sign are attracted to calm, balanced and practical women. So don’t tell Taurus that you don’t cook at home, but order food from restaurants and you prefer to put the burden of washing and ironing shirts on the shoulders of the one who wears them. Don’t embezzle money, don’t brag or demand expensive gifts, as Taurus likes thrifty women. Don’t play the role of “strong and independent”, be gentle and tactful.

Don’t flirt with other men. Your glances towards other men may not see Taurus as a guide to fight for your heart, but as a sign that you are a cheater. Give him maximum attention, ask about what he likes, how he feels, what he lives by. Man should see that you are interested in him, not his wallet. Accept him for who he is, as a Taurus will accept criticism in a hostile way. Do not pull the blanket, and do not force the issue – Taurus does not like it.

How to make a man fall in love with you

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, love and money. He responds more than other men to typically feminine qualities: tenderness, gentleness, sophistication. Taurus likes the natural beauty, they disdain the things that were not made by nature, but by the hands of a cosmetologist or a plastic surgeon. If hair, then it is well-groomed, silky, falling in waves on the shoulders. If makeup, then a light, almost invisible to the male gaze. If clothing, then the one that emphasizes femininity and tenderness woman.

“Battle paint”, fussy hairstyles, bold cleavage, predatory prints – all this is more likely to scare off the Taurus than to make him fall in love. Cheap images – not for him, but here you need to observe the golden mean, because he is not particularly attracted to nuns. Do not try to “divorce” him for expensive gifts, restaurants, resorts, otherwise the novel will end before it has even started. Do not miss the chance to demonstrate skills of a hostess, inviting Taurus to dinner at home. Have a heart-to-heart talk, become his main listener.

How to retain a man

Do not argue with Taurus. Conservative by nature, Taurus needs like-minded, and not a criticism next to him. It is important to him that his beloved supported him in all endeavors, respected him as a man, and accepted his decisions. If you turn away from him, he will remember it and will remind you at the most inopportune moment. Do not count on the fact that he will get your reasonable arguments – as he decided, so it will be. Taurus is one of the most stubborn signs in the whole zodiacal constellation, and you will never be able to change his mind.

Tauruses work hard and rarely slack off on household chores, so they need plenty of rest. They have a lot of requirements for a companion – she doesn’t have to work, but she should keep the house in perfect order. And she should not forget about herself, as Taurus wants to see a well-groomed woman near her, not the housewife in a bathrobe and with curlers on her head. Taurus like to command, do not like when a woman does not listen to them and openly oppose them – such relationships are inherently doomed.

Secrets of how to make a Taurus man fall in love with you

You have entered into a relationship with a Taurus man, have a strong liking for him, but it’s too early to talk about love. Many women begin to have a question in their heads: “How to make a Taurus man fall in love with you?” You can find the answer to it in this article.

Taurus man – what is he like?

Taurus men are liked by women and it is not surprising, because it is a very special gentleman. Representatives of this sign are distinguished by honesty, intelligence, personal charm, gallantry and this is not all the characteristics of Taurus men that deserve attention.

In the love sphere of the Taurus man can only dream! His behavior is very romantic, he is able to appreciate and sincerely admire the beautiful sex, very nice courtship and takes care of women. Taurus men always make quite original compliments and give their halves valuable gifts.

The attitude of the Taurus man in love with his woman is striking in its reverence and tenderness – a man like this will give his beloved affection and romance to the maximum. But at the same time, men distinguishes the Taurus jealousy – if they managed to conquer the lady, they consider it his property and are not willing to share it with anyone else.

Also, these representatives of the stronger sex are very impressed by the feeling of jealousy towards themselves – they are pleased to feel that they matter in the life of their women. Taurus distinguishes fidelity, honesty and lack of guile, you can trust such a partner, but note that he does not tolerate manipulation: games and intrigue – this is not his, he will not allow anyone to deceive themselves.

In intimate terms, Taurus men are gentle and strong lovers, who, however, do not really like to experiment. These men are not interested in adventure, for them the bed relationship is first of all an exchange of affection and warmth, Taurus is just crazy about gentle touches and hugs.

Because of their temperament Taurus in sex act slowly, enjoy every moment, quickness and temperament – not their strong suit.

If you can interest a Taurus man and lure him into your network, he will become your loyal and enviable husband, but it is rather problematic. This gentleman is distinguished by the seriousness of his intentions, so he will carefully study his beloved for a long time before making a proposal to her.

In family relationships Taurus men are loyal, conservative and willing to take on the role of the real provider and master. Taurus man – the ideal family man, father and husband, with him it is real to create a stable, prosperous and strong family.

How to fall in love with a Taurus man

In the initial stages of the relationship, wanting to attract the attention of a Taurus man it is important to pay a lot of attention to your appearance. Taurus men like it when a woman is beautifully dressed, but it is necessary to clearly distinguish the line between good taste, femininity, sexuality and vulgarity and provocative clothes – the latter will not cause positive emotions in Taurus.

If you are dating a man like this – ensure that your clothes were stylish, but in no case provocative. This is due to the fact that Taurus men are very prone to public opinion and if even one person will be unflattering to express his girlfriend – this will be a clear reason to think and may lead to conflict situations.

Taurus men are distinguished by their thoroughness. Astrologers do not recommend to rush them – in fact they act according to their inner rhythm, but still have time to do all that they should have time for. These men are just accustomed to building a slow, but reliable and solid foundation in any area of their life: friendly, work or love. Taurus in every case is distinguished by restraint and patience. He goes his own way, charging his surroundings and loved ones with reliability and confidence in his own abilities.

If you realize that a male Taurus – is exactly what you need, subject to mutual sympathy is worth serious thought over their future actions. In most cases, men are very Taurus hard to make the first steps, so it is allowed to take the initiative, even if the active actions on the part of the admirer is still absent.

Representatives of this constellation are attracted to witty and “easy” women, lively and bright. Taurus will not appreciate the subtle humor, giving preference to a somewhat blunt and even “black”. In no case it is inadmissible to make jokes about Taurus themselves.

Taurus people are carefully studying the appearance of their beloved, in particular the figure – it is important for them to be precise, and if God did not give you the perfect form and correct proportions by nature, then it is at least important that you keep yourself in shape. Taurus is under the patronage of the planet Venus, which is responsible for beauty, that is why they are so strongly obsessed with the appearance of their partner and very well notice any flaws and changes in it.

How to behave so that a man Taurus in love with you

Taurus men are very hungry to show attention and concern for themselves. At the same time, they can not tolerate threats and demands. In the initial stages of the relationship must convince a man that he is in complete control of the situation and everything will happen exactly as he wishes.

The attention of Taurus will be able to attract such girls and women:

  • ambitious;
  • attractive in appearance;
  • morally strong;
  • who are admired by others;
  • empathetic;
  • considerate;
  • natural;
  • economic;
  • kind;
  • well-mannered.

How to behave is not allowed categorically

In the case when the romance with Taurus is in full swing, try not to make mistakes, because they can very quickly make such a man decide to break up.

Therefore, if you dream to fall in love with a Taurus man and wants to captivate him for a long time (or even forever), do not do the following:

  • don’t insult him in front of his family or strangers;
  • Do not be overly intrusive;
  • Do not abuse kindness;
  • Be disrespectful and inconsiderate;
  • Do not underestimate his ambition;
  • do not compare him and your ex-boyfriend;
  • also do not completely agree with him; Taurus men like a woman to have her own opinion;
  • you can’t not woo him;
  • You can’t be disrespectful to his inner circle.

And remember that for Taurus men, constant surprises in bed are very important. Sex plays a huge role for them and if a lady can satisfy him in an intimate way, plus will listen to his wishes – it is unlikely that he will be able to leave her.

Compatibility of Taurus Men with the Zodiac Signs

Compatibility with Aries

Serious and strict Taurus men seek to find their opposite. And Aries women – energetic, easy and fun will perfectly complement such a man. But in order to achieve harmony in the relationship will have to work hard.

Compatibility with Taurus

In the pair of a Taurus woman and a Taurus man will be calm and unperturbed. The surrounding will never discuss this pair, as they simply do not give any reason for this and look like a model and happy family.

Compatibility with Gemini

The union promises to be very “hot”, but unfortunately, only in the beginning. While Gemini are interested in the partner and generously give him his love, and the Taurus man puts up with the changeable mood of his partner, her levity and sometimes crazy actions. And then – everything depends on the lovers themselves.

Compatibility with Cancer

This is a variant of the ideal couple where both partners are distinguished by housekeeping, commitment to comfortable living conditions, a passion for cleanliness and comfort, and also have common interests.

Compatibility with Leo

Female Leo distinguishes arrogance, demanding to others, stubbornness, lack of patience and pride, which makes the relationship in this pair quite difficult.

Compatibility with Virgo

You can talk about a fairly successful alliance and high compatibility in such a union. Taurus are quite rational in life and household matters, they are distinguished by housekeeping and frugality, and Virgo correspond to them, trying to make their home nest as cozy and comfortable for life as possible.

Compatibility with Libra

Stubborn Taurus men are attracted to Libra women. Although this is a rather complicated union in which both partners look at life in completely different ways, but a relationship in such a pair is still possible.

Compatibility with Scorpio

About this meeting it can be said that it is like a lightning strike. Between the Taurus man and the Scorpio woman can erupt such a strong love, which will certainly provoke interest in others. Their relationship promises to be passionate and also filled with love and tenderness.

Compatibility with Sagittarius.

In this case, you can talk about love at first sight. Taurus is so enchanted by the Sagittarius woman that they begin to literally dream about her, to dream about her and to think through a plan for her conquest.

Compatibility with Capricorns

The somewhat rigid Taurus men appreciate the softness, calmness, and trustfulness of Capricorn women. And attentive, consistent and sober-minded Capricorns make Taurus men more confident in their own abilities.

Compatibility with Aquarius

In the pair of a Taurus man and a Aquarius woman, you can talk about a rather complicated relationship. Because of the different approach to life and the complete opposite of each other to others, this pair seems completely unequal. But even despite this, thanks to the patience of Taurus and the common sense of Aquarius is quite possible to create love.

Compatibility with Pisces

The somewhat naive Pisces women are in search of a prince on a white horse. They strive for a cozy arrangement of their nest, which in general is very attractive to Taurus. Relationships in such a couple will develop according to the classic version, when behind the husband, as behind a stone wall.

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