Explicit texts to your lover in his own words: tell the essence

I want you in prose: laying out all the nuances

Don’t forget that your lover’s “heightened” feelings are preceded by a playful mood that should be in you when you see each other again. And when you send your man an erotic text message, be prepared for the consequences. After all, they are inevitable.

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For you – erotic messages for your darling

I want to see, hear, and touch you. I want your caress, tenderness and severity. I want it all I don’t feel, I want your fingertips to touch you. 284

Press me to your body, touch me with your lips. Take me greedily! I languidly ask, nothing matters now, I want it SO badly. 234 (1)

Congratulations! You won a free erotic texting service. I’ll give it to you when you meet me! 355

Erotic dreams for you and me by your side! 414

Let me under a blanket, Where warmth and tenderness of hands, Where the time for love has come, Where only a heartbeat can be heard! 178

I can’t wait for you, I can’t wait for you, in that pose you asked for! 273

SMS to keep the erotic flame of love alive!

Caring sms to the guy: Strongly do not get tired. I’ll need you at night… 392 (2)

I want you and yours, I want everything, I want to love and kiss, I want to belong to you. 410

I want you everywhere: on the roof and in the elevator, every day and every hour, but especially now! 230

Press 1 for a kiss, press 2 for a caress, press 3 for intimacy. Well, if you want it all, call my number! 166

Hey, what are you doing tonight? Don’t get the wrong idea. And if you do, what do you think of the idea? 52

Menu for tonight: 200g tenderness, 300g affection, 400g eroticism, 500g intimacy, 1000g kisses, screams, moans to add to taste! 221

Och vulgar sms guy: For you, I stun, you I sohnu, if now I do not make love, then probably die! 183 (1)

I just got out of the shower. Do you have a minute not to let me get dressed? 149

  • How do you write a letter of erotic content to your lover to convey to him all your feelings of body and soul?
  • How to excite his feelings and make them mutual?

Take an example! And then you can go to the real world of intimate illusions and material sensations of bliss of the body and the rainbow of soul emotions!

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Erotic SMS man in prose

  • My joy, do you want to try what tastes the sweetest strawberries).
  • I have already put on my most erotic lingerie … why do you think?
  • Beloved, I just woke up, and I dreamed that you and I were on the edge of bliss and drowned in a passionate embrace …
  • I already imagined you touching my body with your hot lips…
  • Aren’t my breasts the object of your intimate dreams? By the way, I’m in a great mood today.)
  • I’m so happy that I have a huge bed … but now it is very missing someone)
  • As soon as I imagine you under my blanket … and these sinful fantasies I quite like)
  • Sweet boy, do you want to put something on me?
  • Honey, do you want to hear me scream with pleasure tonight?
  • I’m salivating at the thought of him…
  • My tongue demands to continue!

I’ll let you rip my clothes off, but hurry up, or I might change my mind.)

  • My love, I’m sick … I want your pill)
  • Today I decided to confess to you … that I really like sucking on a lollipop)

In addition to the erotic on this site there are also sexy SMS, which you will see by clicking the link provided.

  • I was advised at the salon to get a face mask made of natural protein, can you help me with that?)
  • As soon as you opened this text message, I was already horny … and now alone at home)
  • My dearly beloved, you still have the zipper in your pants?)

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Examples of arousing phrases and erotic letters for men

Phrases that excite men:

  • You have such strong yet gentle arms! No one ever held me so passionately and tightly as you do!
  • My thoughts are only about your sexy body. I dream that now you pressed me to your strong torso, and I dissolved in your kisses and hugs, forgetting about everything in the world.
  • You’re my air and my life, every moment without your touch is unbearable agony for me, I want to drown in the ocean of bottomless eyes and expose my body and feelings to you.
  • I was captivated by your hands, shoulders, smell, lips, arms, hair, skin, pumped abs and what is located below the belly … Oh, you turn me on with a half turn, I want to you, I want you in me …
  • I now put on your favorite fishnet stockings and lacy black panties and… go to sleep, because the distance between us is hundreds of thousands of miles.

Representatives of the opposite sex have different temperaments, so not every guy will agree to have phone sex, but beautiful and affectionate words from his beloved will be nice to hear, and he will want to meet with a woman to spend an unforgettable and hot night in each other’s arms.

Examples of erotic prose messages to your husband when he is away or at work:

What are the 12 secret words – that can make a man fall in love very quickly?

What is the secret to these words? Click the button below and watch the video to the end.

  • “I want to feel you in me, give myself to passionate desire without a rest and indulge in nonstop love pleasures in our bed. My body burns with excitement, I begin to caress my breasts, imagining that it’s your muscular hands stroking my naked body…”
  • “I’ll give you an unforgettable night of love… If you visit me tonight, you’ll moan with pleasure. Your skin will be covered in goosebumps, remembering the intimate caresses and intoxicating kisses all over your body.”
  • “Come and help me unbutton my dress, I’ve become so helpless without your hands.”
  • “Come back soon, I have a nice surprise for you that will end in mind-blowing sex.”
  • “I want to blindfold and blindfold you, immobilize your body with ropes and handcuffs, and fulfill my most vulgar and depraved fantasies. I assure you you’ll love it.”
  • “I put a small present in your jacket pocket this morning, you will definitely be able to appreciate it, just don’t open it in a public place, or other colleagues will become jealous. Beforehand, you should put your lace panties in a small box and slip it into your husband’s jacket
  • “I want to throw you on the couch, rip all your clothes off your athletic and muscular body, sit on top of yours…and watch your favorite TV show.”
  • “You are my sexy, adorable, desirable, unique and brutal, humorous, sometimes drunk. I love all of you and…want to have sex right now. Not in rhyme, but true:)”

When having an intimate correspondence with your lover or husband over the Internet, you can reinforce your love messages with candid photos, which will help you quickly turn on and seduce a young man.

What are the 12 secret words – that can make a man fall in love very quickly?

What is the secret to these words? Click the button below and watch the video to the end.

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Erotic mail

My love, hello! I am writing to you because my emotions overflow and overwhelm me again. Please read everything from the beginning to the end. It is important for me, because you will read a lot of the “splendor” that comes from my soul.

When I first saw you, I started going crazy. From your looks… You are so desirable….. From the ends of your hair to the toes! Yeah, there’s no one like you…. No, because….

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Erotic bedtime text message to a man

The presented night SMS, rather, will not let your man sleep, because he will be forced to dream and imagine his sweetheart in an erotic form.

  • Beloved, let you dream what we have today, alas, did not happen)
  • Close your eyes and imagine me coming out of the sea foam in an Eve costume …
  • Imagine that I am your pillow … hold me tight and go to sleep, my love!
  • I’ll be a moonbeam for you tonight, which will give bright magical dreams to my kitty.
  • Darling, can you see from your window the brightest star in the sky? That’s how my desire to be near you now burns)

I can’t sleep right now, and I keep thinking about your w … sense of humor)

  • As soon as night falls, I dream of descending on a moonbeam to your room and tormenting you till morning in the most passionate way!
  • I’ve already put a map under my pillow, so I can use it to come to you in my sleep and let you … sleep it off)
  • I’ll be your nightly gift, cover yourself with a blanket!
  • I kiss your slightly unshaven cheek and something underneath)
  • I want to feel the fragrance of your strong body now … to whom I wish you a good night’s sleep!
  • Bye, my sweetie! You lie down in your crib and imagine your baby girl next to you, covering your lips with a hail of kisses!
  • When the city sleeps, my thoughts are all about you … I’m in them right now doing what you like so much)
  • I’m now taking off the last piece of my underwear and going to bed to appear like this in your dreams tonight)

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My desires

I want to touch you, gently, tenderly, stroking every inch of your body. To touch with my fingers, hands, tongue. How do you like it best? I love touching your baby. Remember what part of your body I call it, and why? Not to humiliate your dignity, but to express my love and passion for you.

I remember how you undressed me, quietly, gently, as if you were afraid of something. But you were afraid for nothing. I’m yours! I’m all yours! It’s so annoying the way you undress me…. I am ready to kiss your hands. I can. First your hands, then your neck, your breasts, your tummy, and on and on…. You like to kiss me in that order. I learned it from you. I also learned to look for and find certain areas. You have them all over your body! I’m proud of it, but I’m surprised. I have never met anyone like you. With what pleasure I enjoy you, dreaming to drink to the bottom of you, my angel….

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Your divine warmth is my talisman

I love it when our bodies touch. The most adorable moment…. When you enter me, caressing beforehand, without ceasing…. You know how to do it! You know how to caress so sweetly that I could never say no to you. Ready to give myself to you at any time (night or day). I remember how inflamed you get when I tell you “take me, beloved….”. You’re on fire and I love telling you all this over and over again…Talking and repeating…. Pretty much any second! I love when you get turned on. I love to feel your baby swell up…. I love to take him in my hands, playing with him with my manicured fingernails. I know how to do it without hurting you. You should see, in these moments, your eyes! In their gleam is the buzz of peace. I can read in your eyes that you want more and more, that you want these games to never end. And I’m ready to continue them to infinity!

Block: 5/9 | Character count: 911 Source: https://ladyeve.ru/lyubimomu/pismo-eroticheskoe-lyubimomu-muzhchine-parnyu.html

It’s good to see that you’re enjoying yourself

I am spoiled when I see that you feel good with me. It seems that at this moment you are capable of doing anything for me. But I don’t like to take advantage of you. All I want is your body. Your whole body! I can’t do without it! You’ll say I’m the vulgarest naughty girl in the universe, but I won’t pay any attention to that at all. I will undress you again, abruptly throwing every article of clothing far out of the room. While you do the same with my clothes…. I will kiss you relentlessly. Kissing you is something magical. I’m sorry if sometimes I bite and you feel the pain. I don’t do it on purpose, honestly. It’s just that my love overwhelms me, and I can’t control myself completely. What am I explaining, when you understand everything yourself. I’m sure you feel the same way. But you don’t say it, you give it a hug….

Block: 6/9 | Number of characters: 862 Source: https://ladyeve.ru/lyubimomu/pismo-eroticheskoe-lyubimomu-muzhchine-parnyu.html

In my memories

I remember our first time. In it there was everything. First – the moon, the champagne, the stars, the music, the night. Then – the confessions, the silkiness of the sheets, the flame of passion…. Your moans that burst out, as if free, from the depths of your soul, suddenly…. You yourself were frightened then and did not expect it. You were even ashamed, though you didn’t have to be. You heard my moans, too. They are always (were and are) real, not haughty or artificial.

You adore my moans so much! You compare them to the music of passion. You do everything to make my moans flow. You turn me on… Oh, how you do it! I remember you whispering my name. And I whispered yours in return, as if the most dear words in the world. Then I whispered something like, “more…. more…. more…..” I don’t even remember if those were the words. The main thing is what we felt, when our bodies and hearts flew away with feelings…

Block: 7/9 | Character count: 850 Source: https://ladyeve.ru/lyubimomu/pismo-eroticheskoe-lyubimomu-muzhchine-parnyu.html

I can’t be without you.

I can’t without your body… You’re my desirable handsome…. Take care of yourself, please. And take care of your strength, so that we can enjoy each other like this for a long, long time. I want you, I love you…. Take me, darling! I’m already waiting for you…. When you see me, you’ll understand what a gift you got!

Kissing you in all your places!

An erotic letter is an intimate message, a mental touch of the body and soul to the desired and beloved erotic image of his or her chosen one.

What else can you write to your loved one? – Love Letter.

Love Disability – How do you make a man go crazy with Love?

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How to seduce a man from a distance, what words can excite a man in correspondence, on the phone, Skype, via text message? How to quickly get a man, a boyfriend, a husband at a distance to get him excited: examples of SMS, phrases, sample Internet correspondence

The best words and phrases that will help a man at a distance.

Most women believe that the initiative in the relationship should only a man, which is why most often they act like snow queens, trying not to show their true emotions. In fact, any man will be pleased if his beloved will be flirting with him.

Moreover, a woman who knows how to seduce, becomes a much more desirable to the stronger sex. Therefore, if you want to surprise your beloved, you should try to seduce her from a distance, for example through telephone correspondence.

A sample of internet correspondence, examples of SMS exciting guys and men.

Practice shows that a large number of women for the first time seduce your loved one by SMS, make the same mistake. As a rule, they immediately begin to fill him up with vulgar phrases, thinking that it will turn him on. Undoubtedly, there is a category of guys who will definitely like this behavior. But still, most of the stronger sex like to be intrigued.

So it will be better if you start your correspondence with an unobtrusive declaration of love, or tell him that you had an erotic dream that you would like to bring to life. If you see that the man is interested in what you wrote him, you can safely proceed to a more intimate messages, and if you want to supplement them with appropriate photographs.

SMS arousing guys and men:

  • All day long I think of you! I want you right now to be near me, touching me and gently kissing me.
  • I miss you so much that I think I can smell you in the apartment.
  • Honey, it’s only morning and I’m already looking forward to the evening… I hope you can relax me like you did yesterday?
  • I’m about to go to bed and I don’t know whether to take off your favorite stockings or leave them on. Maybe you could come over and help me do it.
  • I try to go to sleep, but I can’t. As soon as I close my eyes, I see your beautiful and muscular body, and all sorts of vulgarities immediately appear in my mind.

The list of pleasant words and phrases that turn men on and excite them

The list of nice words and phrases that excite men.

Immediately want to say that some boilerplate phrases that will help you seduce men does not exist. Since the stronger sex as well as women have different temperaments, one can turn on a gentle nickname that only you know, and the other must read the frivolous phrases with erotic overtones.

In view of this, before you send a text message to your chosen one, you should always think about whether he likes it. In case your significant other is very calm and shy, it will be better if you start it relaxing romantic phrases, for example, to write him that only he makes you laugh and rejoice. If you’re a straightforward type, feel free to begin your correspondence with a recollection of the night before.

A list of nice words and phrases that will help turn your lover on:

  • You were so sexy this morning, I’ve been thinking about you all day.
  • I remember our morning sex and my skin gets goosebumps. Can we do it again tonight?
  • I dream of caressing your body again and enjoying your heartbeat.
  • If you want to see the most beautiful and mesmerizing striptease, then come tonight
  • I need a handsome and sexy man to help me relax tonight… I hope you’re not busy?
  • I want to give you a night you’ll never forget… I’ll see you tonight at 8:00.
  • Honey, why don’t we take a shower together tonight? Just you and me, no clothes on, of course
  • ¶¶ I wanna handcuff you to the bed and do all the things I’ve wanted to do ¶¶

Exciting text message to the guy, a man when he’s at work

Exciting text message to the guy

If you are planning to write a couple of excitable text messages to your lover at the time when he will be at work, then be prepared for the fact that he will not be able to answer you very quickly. So if you see that the answer did not come in 5 or 10 minutes, then you should not start writing the following. Be patient and wait until he can give you an answer.

In case you start unilaterally bombarding him with erotic phrases, your insistence can give a completely different result than you wanted to get. As practice shows, in order for a man to get aroused and think about his mate all day he needs to constantly feel her desire. This means that you will need all the time while he is at work to play erotic verbal ping pong.

Exciting text messages to a guy:

  • I want to see your naked body on my bed again
  • Darling, do you want dinner or a bed to warm up tonight?
  • I’m dying to know if I can count on us to do a little noodling tonight
  • Honey get ready, tonight you’re in for an unforgettable erotic massage with a nice continuation
  • Sweetheart, close your eyes and imagine me in your favorite red lingerie. Tonight I’ll meet you only in it …
  • If you’re thinking of me, then come and do all the things you dream of.
  • How about tonight? Wine, candles and unforgettable sex guaranteed.

Soft words for texting to excite men in their own words

Soft words for text messages

There is a perception among women that men do not like affectionate words and they are acceptable only vulgar phrases. In fact, men also like to be called affectionately, but it should not be done in public, but, for example, in private correspondence. The right words will help you relax your second half and contribute to the fact that the next night will be unforgettable.

So do not be shy and make your loved one a couple of compliments that his heart will surely melt. But remember, too sweet speeches or poems are not allowed in this case. So tell him that he is divinely beautiful as a rosebud is not worth it. It will be better if you tell to your beloved words that are sure to raise his self-esteem.


  • Honey, you are so sweet everywhere!
  • Sweetheart, I feel so good with you that sometimes it seems like you’re unreal
  • I love you so much that I look forward to the moment when you ring my doorbell
  • My one and only, no one has ever given me as much pleasure as you
  • Every minute I spend with you makes me so happy
  • I love it when you kiss me and hold me… And your hands caressing my body make me lose my mind
  • When you leave the bed of our love, I get very sad
  • I want you so badly that I think I’ll go crazy
  • Beloved, how would you like tonight to continue what we started in the morning
  • How I want your lips to caress my body right now

Intimate exciting text message and phrases to correspondence to the guy, a man

Intimate exciting text message

As you probably already realized SMS correspondence can be a wonderful prelude to a stormy night. But still deciding on such a way to excite your chosen one, you must remember that the phone can not convey your emotions. In view of this, it would be better if you try to do it with punctuation and emoticons. For example, you can write, “Honey, I really want you, and instead of a dot to put a smiley at the end of the sentence in the form of a beautiful scarlet lips.

In general, do not spare emoticons, put them in the middle of the sentence or through every word. Practice shows that the less formally written a sentence, the more emotion it arouses in the person reading it. Remember, intimate SMS does not have to be vulgar. In order to excite a man does not have to write him all the time about his manhood. You can tell him how beautiful, gentle and sexy he is.

Example of intimate exciting text messages:

  • If you liked last night, I’m ready to do it again tonight
  • My beloved fireman I want you to put out today the fire that’s raging inside me
  • ¶¶ Maybe you’ll come over tonight and I’ll tell you all my erotic fantasies ¶¶
  • ¶¶ I dream that tonight you’ll take me to the top again ¶¶
  • Honey, why don’t we go on bed rest this weekend?
  • In half an hour I’ll take off all my underwear… Don’t be late or you won’t have any sugar.
  • My body craves your hugs and kisses….

Example of a beautiful erotic letter to excite a man, a guy from a distance

Example of a beautiful erotic letter

In case you want to surprise your other half for real, then write her a little erotic letter. Usually men react very violently to such messages and literally immediately after receiving them enter into a very warm and intimate correspondence with the one who sent them.

Still, remember that you’re not exactly writing a standard letter, so in this case you can move away from welcoming introductions and start writing about your wishes right away.


Honey, you have no idea how much I miss you! Every night when I go to bed without you, I remember our hot nights, and my body begins to ache with desire. I count the minutes until the day we can spend our days and nights together again. Just imagine how good it will be to fall asleep and wake up together, and love each other to the point of exhaustion. I can already imagine you walking through the door, taking me in your arms and carrying me to our bedroom, showering my face and neck with kisses.

Oh God, you have no idea how much I want to feel your strong arms pressed against my body. My love, how I want to feel your smell, hear your voice… Maybe you’ll think I’m crazy, but in fact I’m an ordinary woman who wants her beloved man to fill her body with his body and love again. Come soon my darling, and you’ll know how much I missed you!

Sexy SMS, phrases to excite the guy, the man

If you have decided to surprise your lover with sexy phrases, then do not hesitate and try to beautifully tell him about your feelings and sensations while having sex with him. Believe me, if you do it correctly, then the man will want to give you more pleasure. But do not overdo it, if you see that your frank messages man answers quite calmly, then try to use less frivolous phrases.

It is very likely that he is not comfortable at this time to conduct a frank correspondence, or he is just busy at work. If you want your sexual messages to be a prelude to the evening, then wait until the guy will come in contact and only after that start talking to him about his secret desires.


  • I want to feel the heaviness of your body and the tenderness of your hands…
  • As soon as you get home, we’re going to have a lot of sex in the hallway.
  • Just the thought of feeling you inside my body tonight drives me crazy
  • Lying there, I remember your tongue wandering down my thighs.
  • I’ve been waiting for you my sweet candy. How I love the taste of your body
  • I want to touch your firm ass with my hands right now
  • I bought transparent lingerie and I want you to help me take it off

What to write, say to a guy man, husband at night, to wish him good night, to turn him on, excite him from a distance?

Good night wishes to excite him from a distance

In case you want your lover even at night burning with desire for you, then instead of banal good night wishes, write him a couple of intriguing phrases. But remember, such a text message should be short. In this case, it is unacceptable to write a long message with a lot of questions and clarifications.

Men do not really like to read large messages, especially before going to sleep. So if you start to wish good night, as they say, from afar, it is likely that your loved one, in general, will not finish the message to the end, and as a consequence, will not understand what you wanted to say to him. In view of this, if possible, limit yourself to short sentences, accurately expressing your feelings.


  • Good night my beloved and desired, I fall asleep with the thought that soon you will cuddle me in our bed.
  • Have sweet dreams! I hope you will dream of our passionate nights full of bliss and love.
  • Rest my tiger, because when you come home I won’t let you sleep for a whole week.
  • I mentally press against your naked body and even feel your warmth… Good night, my love.
  • My darling, I cover your whole body with kisses, not missing a single millimeter. Go to sleep my desirable with thoughts of me.

How to excite a guy on the phone, Skype: example of a conversation

It is much easier to excite a guy over the phone than by texting. Because in this case you have the opportunity to show your emotions more clearly, then you can achieve the desired result much faster. Just to make your conversation has the desired effect, try a couple of days before this not to talk to your loved one.

Since he missed you, he will take everything you say much more acutely. And remember, arousing conversation should be as intelligible as possible, which means that in this case it is absolutely impossible to lay out the information very quickly, crumpling at the same end of words. It would be better if you pronounce the phrases in a languid voice, sometimes allowing yourself a little playfulness.

Phrases that will help to excite your favorite :

  • I was looking at our photos together and I was so excited that all my thoughts were only about sex with you.
  • Once you’re in my arms, I’ll kiss you to exhaustion
  • Let’s stay in bed forever.
  • I love to look at your body when you walk around naked
  • I want you to take my clothes off right now and take me to bed

♪ Stirring up men’s poems ♪

♪ Stirring up men’s poems ♪

Poem for the one you love

If you want to tickle the nerves of your other half more seriously, then send her erotic poems. If you have the skills, you can try to put them together yourself and try to show with their help how desirable your chosen one is for you. If you are not good with rhymes, then choose one of the poems that we picked out for you.

Yes, and if you’re going to send a poem by SMS, then be sure to add him emotions with smileys. Well, if you fall opportunity to say the cherished words over the phone, remember when reading an erotic poem inappropriate laughter and embarrassment. Say all the words correctly as possible, trying to intonation to convey their feelings.

What can not write a guy, a man?

Inappropriate words in a text message correspondence

If you want your man’s feelings for you to strengthen every day, then try not to turn the SMS flirtation in something mundane. This means that in such correspondence should not be present even the slightest hint of clarification. In addition, such correspondence may not contain any barbed jokes about appearance.

Believe me, if you even in jest form begin to discuss, for example, the belly of his partner, she will react to it not very well. Because of this, if you want to let go of a joke about your chosen one, then do it in person to you had an opportunity to tactilely show him that he is pleasant to you.

Another taboo in this case are SMS, which will cause jealousy. If you try to inform the guy in such a way that you like someone, it is very likely that he will be very angry.

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