Ex-lover in a dream – let’s describe in all the details

Why do you often dream of an ex-lover?

In everyone’s life there are not only meetings, but also parting with loved ones. Sometimes the past comes back and reminds you of itself in dreams. Why do you dream of a former loved one, interpreted from different points of view and each dreamer carries a special meaning. In the nuances of such dreams can be understood with the help of psychology or refer to popular dream books.

Psychological meaning

The main psychological indicator of the importance of the dream is its intrusiveness. If pictures of meetings with a former lover are repeated from night to night, it is an alarming signal. The person is subject to an obsessive state, indicating his dependence on a past relationship. It will be very difficult to let go of the past and move on if nothing is done.

Psychologists look at the impact of periodic dreams about completed intimate relationships in terms of the most memorable moments and pleasant or unpleasant feelings from the dream immediately upon awakening. They distinguish such instances:

  • A feeling of loss, desolation and bitterness – the love has not disappeared and the dreamer cherishes the hope of renewing the relationship;
  • A feeling of lightness and high spirits – love has passed all stages from close attachment to its logical conclusion, when the memories can be safely let go;
  • a state of oppression and humiliation – past relationships pressured the person, he felt subordinate and was subjected to unreasonable picking on the part of the lover;
  • crying in a dream is a good sign, it shows a willingness to let go of the oppressive past and focus on a new feeling;
  • The agitated state and aggressive mood indicate that when parting were not placed all the points, and unspoken claims prevent you from letting go of feelings.

Why dream former lovers in a positive way, but before the eyes all the time are pleasant and sensual moments, from a psychological point of view can be explained by the dissatisfaction of the dreamer with the new relationship. The new partner does not meet expectations and there is a constant comparison of his previous one. Dissatisfaction can escalate into aggression and cause fading of nascent sympathy.

If a former lover in a dream appears in a new image, it could mean some real changes in his life and not for the better – illness or trouble. Such dreams can warn the dreamer and the changes in reality. Dreams about past relationships, coming rarely and vaguely remembered can relate to completely different events, or have no special significance, as it was caused by a random episode, prompting memories.

Common interpretations

If a former loved one dreamed, the dreamers most often imply that the dreamer was a girl or woman in the dreamer’s place. Popular interpretations of such dreams boil down to the fact that in reality, the sleeping person expects events directly opposite to the dreamed.

The authors of interpretations explain this state of affairs by the fact that broken relationships are marked by memory as negative, and if something bad happens to them in dreams, the opposite will happen in reality – there will be joyous events. Accordingly, reverse situations signal any unpleasantness. Positive meanings are such dreams:

  • An ex-boyfriend is expected to get married soon with a new lover – an old protracted conflict will finally be resolved.
  • An almost forgotten admirer caught up with an unexpected death – the dreamer will marry or become a mother in the near future.
  • Parting with a former lover dreamed of in a different interpretation – waiting for interesting acquaintances or pleasant meetings.
  • Arguing with an admirer from the distant past – to a date that could have fateful significance.
  • Hear the voice of an ex-boyfriend on the phone – he suffers and pines for a sleeping girl.
  • Kill in a dream with his own hands unfaithful partner – you can safely rush into any venture, good luck will accompany the most risky venture.

Dreams that carry negative meaning:

  • Kissing a former lover – surprises will be unpleasant.
  • Get intimate with him – to return to an old conflict or revive a former feud.
  • Feel warmth and care from an ex-boyfriend, notice the sympathy – you should prepare yourself for unpleasant news.
  • Marry a man with whom you broke up long ago – the dreamer faces great problems.
  • Gift in a dream from an unfaithful lover in the past – the threat of treason in reality in a new relationship.

Dreams about the past can signal women that her real life does not correspond to her inner state. She is trying to take refuge in unimportant details, mentally going back to the past all the time, as she is afraid of the uncertainty of her future.

Recent Separation.

If the sleeping person sees in her dreams pictures of the past, which took place with her and her lover in reality, then such dreams are not given special importance by interpreters, because they are considered simple memories that still disturb the soul. But dreams in which something new and unusual happens to a former partner carry prophetic meaning. Sometimes it hints at the resumption of the relationship, but based on the nuances of the dream, you can unravel other signs.

Just to see in a dream of his past love, or talk to him is interpreted as a surprise. If, at the same time, the young man was smiling or complimenting the dreamer, then in reality something joyful will happen soon. Sometimes such an event can be an unexpected meeting with him, a renewal of the relationship or the fact that the couple will be able to maintain a good friendship.

Hugging in a dream with a man means that he has not forgotten the sleeping person and constantly thinks about her. Such dreams are especially relevant if the girl was the first to leave the guy, as it means he is confident that the rejection is not final and there is hope for a continuation soon.

Dreams about a loved one, who himself was looking for a reason to break up, predict not the best relationship with him in reality. But do not despair, new sympathies will soon arise, or he will come to his senses, or return, albeit not immediately.

Relationships in the distant past

When interpreting a dream about an old crush, nuances play an important role, although most often it is dreamed before a new turn in the relationship, especially if feelings have long since subsided. If the former lover was looking into the dreamer’s face, it can mean a meeting with him or some event that will trigger memories of the couple’s love. It is believed that to see a man with whom the breakup happened long ago, to pleasant news or a new appearance of him in the life of the sleeping person.

Such dreams talk about the readiness of the former boyfriend for a new contact and a change in the status of the relationship, as he does not hold a grudge against the dreamer. If the young man confesses his love, the dreamer will soon receive some news about him. To see in dreams, as an old partner turns away, kissing another woman, going to marry a pregnant girlfriend or do something completely peculiar to him – not a good sign. He portends trouble and conflict situations in personal relationships, a possible separation from his current couple.

A slightly drunken young man may come in dreams if he has succeeded in reality or has fallen in love again. However, sometimes the tendency to be drunk in dreams is simply a characteristic of him as a person infatuated only with himself and not interested in those around him. It is hardly worth regretting the parting with such a person. If the former partner was very drunk to the point of complete loss of attractiveness, it is a signal of his possible physical or mental illnesses.

Hugging and kissing former lovers is negatively interpreted for those who have children, because it means suffering and misfortune because of them. It is desirable to try to prevent unwanted incidents and to protect children from trouble. Childless couples do not need to fear such dreams, they predict unity and peaceful coexistence.

Interpretations from popular dream books

Almost all authors believe that the young man, who was loved and desired by the girl, can not dream without a good reason. To understand it, you need to refer to the famous dream books. Miller believes that dreams about ex-lovers are indirect manifestations of the consequences of the breakup of couples. He interprets the nuances as follows:

  • kiss – future events will stun the dreamer;
  • intimacy – long-standing disagreements will make themselves known again;
  • quarrel – a high probability of entering into a new relationship;
  • Separation – it is better not to hope for the duration of a new relationship;
  • fight – the former boyfriend shows authoritarian or despotic tendencies.

Vanga is inclined to the conclusion that it is all the fault of the subconscious of the sleeping person, who does not want to let go of feelings from the interrupted relationship and hopes to resume the relationship. If the dream pictures show a couple as if they never broke up, it indicates the readiness of the dreamer to fall in love again.

Loff’s dreamer warns that the manifestation of feelings from the former man in the dream does not bode well for the sleeping woman in reality. If you dream that he is very jealous – you need to prepare for unpleasant surprises, married – for serious problems. Deceased lover appears in dreams before an imminent marriage or childbirth.

Tsvetkov in his dream book promises a sleeping woman who saw her ex in a dream, a lot of difficulties and worries – forced travel, problems in the education of children, concern for the health of parents and spouse. Dream of an ex-husband, a dream of a married woman, warns her against frivolous acts, for which you will eventually pay.

In Longo’s interpretation, it is said that after dreaming about a former relationship, it is necessary to get rid of fixation on one person, otherwise degradation cannot be avoided. In order that life does not turn into a gray and miserable existence, there must be room in the heart for a new love.

In Hasser’s dream book, the dreamer is foreshadowed that she will soon look at her life differently and be able to change her priorities. In order not to miss out on new chances that can bring interesting changes, you need to think about what’s preventing you from moving forward and throw out everything unnecessary from your mind.

Dreams about a former lover are not always pleasant for the sleeping person. They exhausting painful reminders of the not yet faded feelings. Even when there is no desire to indulge in sad memories, a young man continues to appear in dreams. In order to get rid of intrusive dreams, it is better not to think about the ended relationship at all – neither in a positive or negative sense. It is better to stop or reduce to a minimum real communication, and before going to sleep to relax or watch a good movie to shift attention.

Dream: what to dream about the ex, interpretation of dreams for girls and women

Sometimes in dreams you can see people with whom we have recently broken up or long ago left them somewhere in the past. What do you dream about an ex? If you dreamed of an ex sleeper says that it is time to change life priorities and take a step towards self-development and advancement. What does it mean if you dream of an ex, can change, depending on what you did in the dream, what emotions you experienced, positive or negative. So let’s understand everything in more detail!

What do you dream about an ex-boyfriend? The dreamer says that it’s time to let go of the past and take a step towards the future.

Interpretation of the meaning of the dream depending on its details

All people have a past, present and future. Sometimes it so happens that a person from the past may appear in our present to warn us about something in the future. This can happen not only in reality, but also in a dream.

How is that possible? You already have someone else, no more feelings, and then such a strange dream. Here the question may arise – what does he want to warn you about, why such a vision? The answers are in our dream book, you only need to look deeper.

Who exactly did you dream about?

  • What do you dream about an ex-young man – such a dream undoubtedly says that you often remember an ex-boyfriend, as the dream is a manifestation of our experiences and thoughts. As the dreamer says, an ex-boyfriend can dream about unresolved issues that are stretching from the past and now require answers. Perhaps you are too carried away by the past and stand in place, you need to be more engaged in your development and move forward. Such a dream can be seen to unfinished business and to the fact that in the near future you will “call” from the past – will be called to a meeting of classmates or a meeting with old friends.
  • What to dream about a former friend – perhaps you’re just nostalgic for the old days and want to go back, the past has not yet completely let you go;
  • In this dream the former boss at work – this could mean that now you try too hard at work, you need to moderate his ardor, otherwise in the next two or three weeks you will “burn out”, which will lead to a malaise in your body. If you have problems at work, and you dreamt of a former boss, you really miss an advocate and helper.
  • What do you dream about a former classmate – the dream may warn about the upcoming serious problems, which will help your old friend or acquaintance. You need to remember all your connections and think about the person who will not be able to refuse to help you. ? Perhaps your daughter has a new suitor and subconsciously you want to find faults in him, comparing him with a failed son-in-law. Are you afraid that your daughter may get burned again – and it’s normal for parents to worry about the fate of their children. You don’t need to impose your opinion on your daughter, you may ruin your relationship with her. People learn from their mistakes, watch from the sidelines and help wise counseling in case of questions.

If in a dream you were communicating with an ex-boyfriend

  • Talking with an ex-lover means that you have unresolved issues, or the relationship is not completely over, you have something to talk about in reality. The dream is usually relevant when the breakup of the relationship occurred on your initiative. And now feelings of guilt and doubt are sitting inside of you. In this case, it will be useful to talk frankly and dot all the “I “s, so that you will not return to this issue again and move forward.
  • Communicating online with a positive attitude – in reality your relationship with your current young man may cool down, try to pay more attention to your new love and the development of the relationship. For example, make an unexpected surprise or give a nice gift without reason. Correspondence through letters or notes promises the fulfillment of long-held plans. But for this, it is worth to put and own efforts, not to rely on the will of chance. Perhaps the opening of a new business or the realization of plans.
  • A pleasant meeting promises you unusual surprises and surprises. If in the dream your former lover passed by and did not recognize you, and you are happy about this – a good sign. All troubles in life will bypass you.
  • If in a dream there was a kiss between you, in reality you’ll have to be very surprised at something. If in a dream your ex is hugging you, then in reality you have a deep sense of loneliness inside you. If in the dream you had sex, between you and your current soulmate is quite likely a major quarrel that could lead to a breakup. You need to learn to give in to each other if you want to save the relationship.

Dream with a negative and unpleasant plot

If you have reconciled with an ex-young man in a dream, you are ready for a new love.

A quarrel with an ex indicates that the current young man or husband you have too much control. You need to reduce your demands and trust your lover more. If you saw a fight with your ex, then in reality it is possible that your current partner will be aggressive.

A dream in which a former loved one appeared to you can carry different interpretations. Recall how you saw your failed lover?

Dreamed of a crying ex-boyfriend? Someone could enjoy such a dream and just like, especially if he treated you badly, and you parted with far from friends. You need to be wary of illness and health problems, both in themselves and their relatives. Be careful and take care of your health.

Was the ex drunk in your dream? Perhaps you will not be surprised, maybe he often “laid”. But, appearing to you in a dream in such a state, he warns you of his problems. Perhaps in the near future he will need support, which he will expect from you. Also, he will want to return to the relationship, but remember that now he is in a difficult emotional state, which is temporary.

What to expect if you saw in your dream that an ex died. The death of a person from the past in a dream is a sign of impending changes in life. But there is no need to get upset and think immediately about bad things. Such a dream promises you a new marriage, and even an addition to the family, so you will be very happy.

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On what day of the week did you have the dream?

Perhaps you can learn more about the present or slightly lift the veil of mystery about the future.

  • Monday. On Monday night we have dreams that manifest our desires. Therefore, if an ex-boyfriend confesses his love to you, in reality, you subconsciously want this.
  • Tuesday. A dream seen on Tuesday warns and indicates what is about to happen in your life. A positive attitude of the former spouse means a prosperous time for beginnings, a negative dream does not bode well.
  • Wednesday. Dreams usually come true, especially not the most pleasant dreams. However, you can get around unpleasantness simply by changing your behavior.
  • Thursday. Since ancient times, the dream that you dreamed from Thursday to Friday, gave a special place, believing that it is sure to come true. Unfortunately for everyone, this is not entirely true.
  • Friday. You should be more patient and not make rash decisions. A relevant proverb for you now – “Measure twice, cut once!
  • Saturday. Such a dream reads as a reflection of internal emotions and worries. If the plot with your former spouse is pessimistic, you may be in an emotionally depressed state. You need to find inner harmony.
  • Sunday. If you dreamed of your ex from Saturday to Sunday, it means that it is a favorable period for creative realization and implementation of new ideas.

Practical recommendations for interpretation

Next, let’s give some recommendations for the interpretation of a dream about an ex. Astrologers recommend taking into account not only the details of the dream itself, but also the position of the moon.

Evaluation of the feasibility of a dream on September 21, 2022, according to the site Gadalkin home. Today is Wednesday, Falling Fourth Quarter from September 18 at 0:52, the Night Sun has entered the 10th house. If you dreamed on a different day, you can see the recommendations in this chart . Now let’s look at today’s key indicators that affect interpretation, according to astrologers.

A dream from Tuesday to Wednesday is often interesting and eventful, it is advisable to remember it. Carefully analyze the plot and all the images you saw, probably the interpretation will have something to do with your work or money. Take 10-15 minutes and find the closest possible interpretation in one of the dream books.

26 Lunar Day. On this lunar day, dreams symbolize your lowly cravings and bad habits. Try to find those interpretations that reveal just this side of our lives. If something unpleasant happened to you in a dream – expect bad news.

Leo – in this case, symbolizes the brightest victories and successful ventures. You will easily be given a new business partner or yourself open an interesting project. Any new business can bring you income and public recognition.

The waning moon. Whatever the interpretation of the dream, note that this period is characterized by a decline in strength and energy. A person becomes more passive and tired. If there are some global projects coming up or you are required to be active, postpone things until the rising moon.

Interpretation of dreams in different dream books: Miller, Wangi, Freud, Modern

Miller’s dreamer assures you that if you dream about your ex, your life will change for the better.

In dreams we regain our strength. Our mind is resting. But sometimes our subconscious gives us unexpected pictures that can tell us a lot, but we can not understand them.

In this case, there is a dream books, which have been tested by time, it’s enough just to read them and reveal all the secrets of your dreams. Let’s see what a former loved one dreams about according to various dream books.

Miller’s dream – a pleasant change

Such a dream can dream of further changes. They can be both good and not so good. Kissed? Expect pleasant surprises from fate. Making love? Expect quarrels and conflicts.

Vangi’s dream – sadness and despondency.

  • The clairvoyant from Bulgaria left many predictions, which are deciphered to this day. So, Vanga said that the old is already gone and there is no point in bringing it back, otherwise you will put a burden on your shoulders again and will not be able to meet with happiness.
  • Ex – to sadness, suffering. Perhaps now he has a difficult life situation and needs help. Do not consider it unnecessary to just call and ask – “How are you?”, perhaps you can be useful to him.
  • Also a dream where an ex confesses his love to you, means that in reality your family situation will change, soon you will get married, you will be happy with a faithful husband and healthy children.

Freud’s dream – problems in the relationship

According to the psychoanalyst, the dream about an ex-lover promises quarrels and discord with your current partner. The reason for the quarrel can also be the fact that the girl will want to share her dream with her lover, but he will feel that she is thinking about another, even if unconsciously. Sex with an ex-boyfriend in a dream is a symbol of hidden desires, dissatisfaction.

Modern Dream Book – prosperity and well-being

  • A sign of forgiveness – a dream where you see your ex-husband’s wedding, this dream suggests that the anger and resentment inside you has passed;
  • In your dream, did you see your ex die? This is an auspicious dream for you. For prosperity, well-being in the family, good luck in business.
  • If the ex returns to you and enters the house, feelings have not yet cooled down, and you have not let him go mentally.


Dreams with your ex are best not to ignore, very rarely are they empty. Most often they carry useful information. In a dream, an ex can be different – dirty and well-groomed, funny and sad, serious and tipsy. “Maybe it’s fate after all, and we’ll be together?” – you think. But do not run headlong toward him. It is better to look in a dream book and find out the truth. But remember that the interpretation of dreams should impartially consider all the nuances.

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