Entertainment sites for men: a list in order

Ideas for an adult birthday party

Interesting and unusual to celebrate an adult birthday will help the idea, harmoniously combining all the elements of a wonderful holiday.

How to organize a birthday party

Start with the selection of the concept, as it is possible to organize a birthday party that will be fun and bring real pleasure, only with a serious approach. When the idea is found, follow a simple plan.

  • Make a list of guests. To avoid forgetting anyone, you can organize the list into groups: relatives, friends, colleagues, etc.
  • Choose a location based on the number of people invited and the specifics of the program. A loft is good for a fancy party, a cottage is good for a family tea party, a picnic is good for a campsite.
  • Prepare a script, listing in detail all the stages in order: competitions, dances, feasting, etc. It is important to take into account the preferences of the birthday boy and the age of the guests.
  • Buy (rent) everything you need: thematic costumes and accessories, furniture, equipment, souvenirs, food, etc.

The help of an event specialist will make the preparation much easier. If you want to organize everything yourself, it is not superfluous to consult – professional advice will reduce the risk of mistakes.

30 interesting birthday party ideas

If you have your own interesting ideas for an enjoyable celebration, great, if not – check out our adult birthday party concepts. We offer different formats and activities, which gives you a wide choice and the opportunity to show imagination in adapting the variant you like to a particular event.

1. Movie Mania

Almost everyone has favorite movies and movie characters. Wonderful entertainment will turn out if you reincarnate into the characters you are interested in. You can play scenes from the movie and invite the master of video – a unique remake will be left as a memento.

Suitable for: film fans in general or a specific film.

What will be remembered: acting experience.

2. A fairy tastes.

Organizing an adult’s birthday party in the format of a banquet or buffet is a traditional option. However it easily becomes original if to accompany a feast with a culinary show.

Who it will suit: Cooking lovers.

What will be memorable: acquaintance with new tastes and admiration from virtuoso work of a cook.

3. online holiday.

In this idea lies the answer how to celebrate a birthday with your loved ones, family, friends, if you are away from them. Simply invite everyone to a specific place where video communication is possible, and join your guests virtually. Be sure to surprise them. For example, have a cake delivered to guests and an online master class.

Suitable for whom: Those who are away or cannot meet their loved ones for other reasons.

What will be remembered: the unusual communication when the birthday boy and the guests are separated.

4. art gallery

Holding a birthday party in an art studio is the best choice for creative people. Paintings created by guests can become gifts for the birthday boy. The holiday with an art bias, like a real exhibition, it is not superfluous to supplement a buffet table.

Suitable for: connoisseurs of fine art.

What will be memorable: A possibility of creative self-expression.

5. Designers’ workshop

A design workshop is a wonderful distraction. For example, you can paint glass vases or make felt baskets.

Who it suits: those who don’t mind doing handmade things.

What will be remembered: pleasant emotions from the creative process.

6. Tie Party

Interestingly, accessories are the most vivid expression of a person’s character, so we suggest holding a birthday party in ties – so the birthday party will help adults to “play a little fashion”. Useful entertainment will be workshops on how to form knots on self-ties, create butterflies and decorate ties.

Who it’s good for: Anyone who’s interested in fashion trends.

How to remember: with interesting images.

7. The Case of the Hat

A hat party is an original version of a fashion idea for a birthday party. You can warn guests about the special dress code or arrange a workshop right at the party. Invite the ladies to create spectacular veillets, and the men – stylish canotiers.

Who it’s good for: Anyone who’s interested in fashion trends.

What will be remembered: with unusual images.

8. Beauty salon

Usually people visit a beauty salon before the holiday. But what if you do the opposite? Order a barbershop for men and braid masters for girls for their birthdays.

Suitable for: Young company.

What will be remembered: an interesting change of images at the expense of hairstyles.

9. Floral shop

How to decorate a floral composition, weave a wreath of flowers, a boutonniere or a bracelet – all this you can learn if you celebrate an adult birthday in an improvised floral salon.

Who it suits: connoisseurs of eco-trends and beauty.

What will be remembered: the fragrance of flowers and stylish bouquets.

10. White Party

The concept is simple – everything at the party should be white: the clothes of the birthday boy and the guests, the decor of the room, the dishes, the flowers… If you prefer some other color, use it. As a fun activity, draw a picture using paints in different shades of the chosen tone.

Suitable for: Those who crave originality and brevity.

How to remember: by being surprised by the potential of one color.

11. favorite time of year

Alas, not everyone’s birthday falls on their favorite time of year. But you can give yourself a spring in the winter chill, or indulge in an invigorating snowy chill in the heat. How? Choose as a holiday location, such as a greenhouse with blooming plants or a skating rink. And a magician will help to create the right mood.

Who will suit: Those who are tired of celebrating a birthday at one time of year.

What will be remembered: The instant change to another season.

12. Fruit Happiness.

You’re sure to surprise those invited to the party if you make ripe fruit the main idea of the party. There are plenty of options for dishes and drinks made from them! And as a delightful diversion, there is carving.

Suitable for whom: Fruit lovers.

What will be remembered: Tasty treats.

13. Party with charades

The essence of the game is that some participants show a sketch and others have to understand what it means. It is possible to guess the names of famous paintings, famous theatrical plays, iconic movies. On such a holiday it is worth inviting a painter-cartoonist, so that participants were left in the memory of funny portraits.

Who will be suitable for: intellectuals.

What will be remembered: pleasure from solving puzzles, an opportunity to demonstrate the outlook.

14. Tattoo Party

The tattoo trend isn’t hard to translate into a party idea either. Guests will enjoy learning about the varieties of body art: classic tattoos, aero tattoos, glitter tattoos, flash tattoos, mehendi.

Who is suitable for: Young people.

What will be remembered: the virtuoso work of craftsmen.

15. Fun starts

This is the best answer to the question of how to spend your birthday if you want maximum physical activity. Relay races with fun exercises will cheer up even office workers accustomed to hypodynamics, and a picnic will be a delightful finale. Professional cook will show a barbecue show.

Suitable for: connoisseurs of active leisure.

What will be remembered: wonderful competitive spirit.

16. Coffee house .

The birthday boy and guests will enjoy the taste of lattes or americano, mocha or espresso in a coffee house, and as an entertainment they will create a panel of coffee, oranges and cinnamon, or draw a coffee picture.

Suitable for whom: lovers of an invigorating fragrant drink.

What will be memorable: the unusual use of coffee.

17. Sitting at the samovar

Russian tea house with a samovar on a patterned tablecloth, sheep wraps and pies, candy and jam will bring a wonderful mood to a birthday party.

Suitable for: Anyone who appreciates the national traditions.

What will be remembered: heartfelt communication.

18. Unusual trip to…

Choose a country and go on a voyage staying in your own city. The program of an unusual trip may include an intellectual game, a culinary station, a master class in folk crafts – all in the tradition of the chosen country.

Suitable for whom: for everyone who wants to expand their horizons.

What will be remembered: new interesting information and gastronomic impressions.

19. Cartoons for adults

Cartoons are fun to watch, and creating them is also very entertaining. Spend your birthday in an impromptu animation studio.

Suitable for: creative people.

What will be remembered: the process of creating a cartoon strip yourself.

20. Detective Quest

Detectives fascinate almost everyone. Therefore, the quest with a bias in the investigation – a great choice for the holiday.

Who will it suit: people with an inquisitive mind.

What will be remembered: the fascinating process of collective analysis of information.

21. The Venetian Carnival

If you throw a birthday party like a Venetian Carnival with a mask making workshop you are guaranteed to have a great time.

Who it will be good for: lovers of reincarnations.

What will it be remembered for: bright images and fun.

22. Brazilian Carnival

If you want a fantastic feast – book a master-class on Latin American dancing, which seamlessly passes into a bright carnival like Brazilian.

Who it will be good for: lovers of reincarnations.

What will be remembered: temperamental dancing.

23. Beer Party

Birthday of a man – a great reason to invite friends and colleagues to a beer bar. Especially unusual event will turn out if it will be away and with creative entertainment: painting beer mugs and bierdekels.

Suitable for: men’s companies.

What will be memorable: a combination of enjoyment from your favorite drink and new emotions from the art experience.

24. Cold Kingdom

If you invite gourmands to your birthday party, a show on how to make nitrogen, soft or fried ice cream is appropriate. As an entourage, vintage billboards and carts of cold treat vendors will work.

Suitable for: Ice cream lovers.

What will be memorable: The work of a pastry chef.

25. Dreams of Space.

Adults are no strangers to dreams of flying to distant galaxies. At a party with such a concept, offer treats in tubes and a creative master class called “Space in a bottle.” If you want more activity, suit the quest “Invasion of the UFO.

Suitable for: dreamers, romantics and those interested in ufology.

What will be memorable: unusual food and self-made souvenirs.

26. Military Party

Military entourage has been in vogue for a long time, and many people enjoy having military-style fun. You can hold a birthday party in a shooting gallery or as a laser tag.

Who it will suit: active people.

How will be remembered: with expression, excitement and bright emotions.

27. Dream City

Many adults remember with pleasure how they built snow fortresses, sand castles and toy houses of improvised materials as children. So, the construction of a cardboard dream city will be a good entertainment.

Suitable for: creative people.

What will be remembered: a photo session in the built city.

28. SPA party

Delightful aromas and relaxing procedures – the best gift for the birthday of a tired person or a SPA lover. If you want to add some activity, include a master class in soap making or body scrub making.

Suitable for: those who appreciate relaxation and quiet pastime.

What will be remembered: with pleasant sensations.

How to have a great party without spending too much money

It is possible to have an interesting and fun celebration of an adult’s birthday even with savings. The best impressions usually stay with guests not from luxury, but from unusual emotions, their own involvement in the event. It is not necessary to rent a luxurious restaurant, a fairly modest venue is enough. This will help reduce the cost of the event. But the program is worth special attention:

  • Find a trivial idea and tie to it all the elements of the holiday;
  • Think about a stylish decor of the room and food service;
  • To use, if possible, interactive entertainment;
  • to prepare appropriate music for the audiophone at all stages.

To cope with the task perfectly, it is better to involve event professionals in the organization of the birthday party, especially if a large-scale celebration is planned. A person without experience in the preparation of celebrations is unlikely to avoid mistakes. AlexGrim Art Agency is ready to help you.

30 best entertainment sites in Russia

This is a selection of the most popular and frequently visited sites of entertainment and humor on the Russian-language Internet. Each of these resources will definitely raise your spirits, make you laugh from the soul, or give you a charge of positive emotions. On the pages of these famous entertainment sites you will find a lot of humor, a huge number of funny pictures, funny videos, fresh anecdotes, interesting photos and fun facts.

Entertainment, humor, jokes. Top 30 sites Runet


Russian-language information and entertainment community

A popular entertainment site, which is based on the exchange of interesting, funny information between users.

Each user can add a funny picture, news or story on a wide variety of topics there. The site has a rating system for the posts – the more positive ratings a post gets in the shortest amount of time, the higher it rises in the feed.


Entertainment community

A well-known collective blog, which is filled with news by users themselves (funny pictures, funny videos, photo jabs, flash games, etc.). On the main page there is a list of the most popular news created by users. Every user after registration can add news, all fresh news are placed to Incubator section.


Entertainment portal

A resource with very diverse content, which is positioned as a “Good Mood Site. At Chishki all the most interesting things are brought by regular readers of the site: for them there is a convenient form of publishing texts, photos and videos, as well as the opportunity to discuss in the comments and give each other marks. The site is created not only for the fans of pure humor, but also for the connoisseurs of more serious materials, including historical, automobile, discussion of relations between sexes, cooking recipes, problems of medicine and education, everything that the craftsmen do with their hands, as well as issues of culture and art.


Entertainment Site

The site works in a blog format. There are posts of entertainment themes, in particular collections of pictures, demotivators, videos, a variety of information. To postings you can leave comments, which requires registration. Every working day new and interesting photos, videos, games and texts are posted on the site.


Entertainment and information resource.

The main content of the resource consists of celebrity news, interesting stories and stories. There are also articles about traveling, cars and also the sections: girl of the day, funny photos, demotivators, comics, photo tricks, accidents with video recorders.


Entertainment web site

Resource with interesting news and funny pictures. Cool photo-graffities, video-graffities, selection of funny pictures, fresh anecdotes, photos of celebrities, the most interesting news, entertaining top-10 and always a big portion of good mood. Daily updates almost 365 days a year, two to three dozen news per day.

World of positivity

Site of positivity and good cheer

This resource defines several main objectives: to lift your spirits, support in difficult moments, give you a boost of energy and a positive attitude. The main sections of the site: To smile To reflect To admire To learn To share Positive Day


Russian entertainment site

Every day at joyreactor.cc a lot of funny things, comics, gifs and other interesting content appears. On the main page gets that interesting to most visitors. As a rule, it is funny, unusual and even strange pictures.The main contingent of visitors is schoolchildren, trolls, hiccups.


Entertainment and informative portal

On the pages of this popular portal, you will find interesting stories, tests, articles, jokes. Dropi is created by people sincerely keen on the world of creation. The main rubrics: Quizzes Anecdotes Stories

Anecdotes from Russia

Large humorous site

A daily updated resource with a large database of jokes. Every day there are new issues of jokes, stories, aphorisms and poems. More than a million texts are collected in the site’s archive. On a resource it is possible to find ratings, kaleidoscopes of the most popular jokes and stories, author’s sections, clubs of dialogue and many other things.

Fast news publication service

The resource is created as a complex of tools and mechanisms which give an opportunity to place news, get the traffic to your site and earn money at the same time. User can register and add news. The more views the news, the higher it is in the top, and from each view gets income.

14 best online stores by topic

Universal sites sberMegaMarket sbermegamarket.ru

Electronics and appliances techport.ru

Clothing, shoes, accessories Lamoda lamoda.ru

Foods Vprok.ru vprok.ru

Cosmetics, perfumery Golden apple goldapple.ru

Goods for home and garden All the tools vseinstrumenti.ru

Construction and repair Petrovich petrovich.ru

Books, stationery Labirint.ru

Goods for children, toys dochkisinochki.ru

Great Picture

Online magazine about the most interesting things in the world

On the pages of the magazine you can find articles on topics: health and beauty, tests, astrology, psychology, useful tips, relationships, quotes, self-development. There are also tests, horoscopes, posts about relationships, esotericism. And all of this is flavored with fun pictures.


Site with funny pictures and humor

Bipbap.ru – it’s funny humor. On the pages of the site you will find jokes, demotivators, contests, there are sections: beautiful girls, the top 100 posts, hot, the funniest pictures.


Entertainment portal

The site features a selection of topical demotivators, pictures of celebrities with an explanation, a selection of funny videos, interesting facts, photos of girls, jokes, funny real life stories.

Fucked up!

Entertainment site stories

A site where you can leave a comment or publish a story about being sick and tired of life. Every day the editors select the best stories sent in, ennoble them as needed, and publish them. Stories are published every day and remain on the site forever. There are a small number of stories on the site that contain profanity. For one week after a story is published, you can vote for it. You cannot vote against the story.


Entertainment portal of Russian regions

Yekabu is different from other entertainment portals in the country because of its regionality: the site identifies the region of the visitor and “gives out” funny news, relating to the region. The main summer resource includes a selection of interesting, funny, cute, funny pictures, demotivators, gifoks, photos and videos, pictures of beautiful girls, fascinating articles, useful tips and the latest jokes. Every hour on weekdays there is a funny news about one of the regions of Russia. The portal’s main strength is first-hand news from users in the “Union” section of the authors.

Official site of the international KVN union

KVN (“Club of the Merry and Resourceful”) is a TV comedy game, where teams of different teams (educational institutions, universities, companies, cities and so on) compete in humorous answers to questions, improvisations on selected topics, playing prepared scenes and the like. The main sections of the site: KVN (videos, photos, music, jokes), Playbill (games schedule), News (news, KVN magazine, users’ blogs), also the site has information about the president and the leagues, lists of teams.

Comedy Club

The official site of comedy program Comedy Club on TNT

The site presents a list of residents and projects of the show, the news Comedy Club, interviews with the artists. For convenience, the information is divided into blocks: #ComedySpecial, #ComedyNew, #ComedyCover and #ComedyGames.

7 days

Entertainment portal

Show business news, social chronicle, interviews with the stars. Video and photo galleries. Materials from magazines “Karavan histories” and “Karavan histories. Collection” magazines. Movie reviews, articles about travel and fashion.


Entertainment portal

The resource includes a selection of anecdotes, funny stories, funny pictures, a collection of photo jokes and more. The fresh jokes are carefully selected by a preliminary voting from hundreds of applicants from all over Runet.


Entertainment Site

Every day on the site posted new photo jokes, funny anecdotes and stories from life, positive video clips and pictures of funny animals. Modern humor for everyone.


Entertainment blog

The largest section of the site Desinfo.net is the section “Photo”, which collected an archive of beautiful photos and pictures of different genres, a lot of jokes and photo jokes. The latest and funniest videos in the “Video” section, in the “Girls” section – photos of girls, details of students’ and other fairies’ life at the university and at home, in the dormitory. In the “Horrors” section you can find articles about consequences of car accidents, domestic squabbles, mafia shootings, consequences of illnesses and accidents. In the rubric “Fiction” funny anecdotes, stories and tall tales from everyday life, news.


Entertainment portal

Fresh daily selection of photo jokes, funny pictures and just beautiful and amazing photos in a daily selection collected from all over the Internet. A daily selection of funny demotivators on a variety of topics. As well as a selection of funny GIFok, anecdotes, funny statuses, funny video jokes, interesting facts, travel, celebrities.


Entertainment resource

Entertainment for every day: funny pictures, videos, humor, photos, erotica. Fascinating pictures and videos in a convenient presentation, interesting selections from all sites.


Site good mood

Jokes, funny pictures and photos, demotivators, funny and just interesting videos, educational materials, photos of beautiful girls, anecdotes and fascinating flash games. Daily updates.


Entertainment portal

Every day on this site you can see or read new jokes, anecdotes, funny stories, jokes or pranks. Featuring a selection of funny photos, video jokes.


Site of interesting facts about everything in the world

The editorial staff collects, selects and publishes daily the most interesting facts from all over the world.


Entertainment portal

Vasya’s posts: pictures, jokes, video, a selection of photos of girls, interesting facts, anecdotes, in the section “The future is scary” – a selection of scary pictures and facts, photo prikoly, flash-games.

Creative entertainment portal

This site publishes texts on various topics, which use toilet humor and mat. All the texts are commented by users. Also on this site you can see pictures “The world as we see it”, cooking recipes with step-by-step photos and others.


Entertainment portal

Humor, comics and jokes, fresh demotivators and funny videos, flash games and beautiful girls, interesting facts and reading and much more.

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