Energetic influence on a person

Energy Assault. Manipulation of the aura.

To influence a person’s personality, to subdue it to one’s will, the method of psychic attack is used, which is based on manipulation of auras. Special exercises are performed to master this method. Before you start training, it is necessary to clearly imagine the motives of a psychic attack. If you intend to use a psychic attack for the benefit of society or the other person being attacked, then a psychic attack is justified; otherwise, you should not begin training. You must also remember that any aura exercise can be dangerous if you take the path of least resistance, replacing mental breathing with pulmonary breathing (in which case there can be premature drastic wear and tear on the lungs, heart, central and peripheral nervous system).

The following preparatory exercises allow you not only to influence your aura on another person’s aura, but also contribute to the development of telekinesis (the ability to put objects in motion without visibly touching them):

1. Hang on a thin silk thread a small light ball of any material. Imagine that the prana is concentrated in the solar plexus. Breathe through easy as often as possible. Then gradually pass to mental breathing, simultaneously negating pulmonary. Having put elbows on a table, bring fingers of hands nearer to a ball on distance to 2-3 cm. Imagine that the process of mental breathing deflects and brings the balloon closer and closer to the fingers of the right or left hand. Once you’re sure that the ball is really responding to your movements, move on to the next exercise.

2. Fix your eyes on the ball and concentrate on it as much as possible. Try to imagine that the force of your gaze is deflecting the ball to the side.

3. While fixing the ball in your gaze, close your eyes. Try to imagine that a sharply directed stream – the flow of the aura – is deflecting the ball to the right or left, keeping it in a certain position, at a certain angle to the horizon. Open your eyes and check the result of the exercise.

If the mental exercise with the aura does not give a quick effect, use the power of words, i.e. talk aloud about what you expect, reasoning about why and how it should happen. The power of words can excite (with a lack of imagination, notions) the exchange and sending of energy more than silent desires.

4. In the next exercise, try to cause movement of light objects (light papers, pieces of foam rubber, matches, and others), concentrating your attention on them. Keep in mind that neither your fingers nor your eyes are a source or focusing device for directing energy. Imagine as if your whole body, your whole self has turned into a spearhead, from which energy is flowing. The exercise may be done both with the eyes open and closed.

5. Imagine that a wall, an obstacle has suddenly appeared in front of the person you want to stop, and the object is unable to move further.

Once you have mastered this exercise, move on to an exercise in which you try to stop any mechanism. It is very important not to think about the mechanism of influence, but to believe, on the basis of previous experiences, that what you have in mind will happen.

It is possible not only to move objects and stop people at will, but even to influence the sky, for example, by dispersing clouds. For some sensitives, this is far from being the most difficult method of influencing with energy. An example is the famous author and performer of the program “Your Possibilities, Man”

А. V. Ignatenko, In 1981 he worked as a psychologist for the rowing team at the Olympic base in Birstonas, Lithuania. For fifteen days, while the team was training, Ignatenko ensured sunny weather by influencing the clouds. The technique of influencing the clouds is as follows: imagine that the palm of your hand radiates energy. After some time (from several minutes to ten minutes) one can see flickering points on the palm, from which a beam rises to the clouds. The beam of energy is directed to the place where the sun should be at that moment. When the beam reaches the clouds, one should mentally see the process of their dissolution occurring there. Gradually a heaviness begins to be felt in the hand, as if it were holding a heavy object. Then there is a slight vibration in the body.

Among the methods of influencing the aura of another person are the following:

1. Incorporating the other person’s aura into one’s own aura. Mentally, in visions, cast your aura, embracing with it the person chosen for the experiment. Try to focus your thoughts on the fact that you and he are one, that your thoughts and your desires are his thoughts and his desires, and your strength is his strength.

If the object of influence strengthens its aura (possibly suspecting the intentional influence of another’s aura), this method proves ineffective: the “egg” of the object’s aura as if rolling from side to side and the aura cannot be stretched. In this case, the method of “turning into a tip” is used.

2. “Turning into a pinnacle”. Imagine in your mind that you turn into a point, from which a powerful sharply directed information-energy flow, which is fixed in the weakest point of the aura of the object, flows down. From the psychological point of view, such a “weak point” can be regarded as an infatuation with some object, business or it can be a vicious tendency, a physical defect. Making several runs, playing each time on this or that weak string, adjusting the course of thought in resonance with the object, the telepath sooner or later achieves success at first in one chosen area, then the result extends to the whole aura.

There are people on whom it is not easy to influence. Then the most insidious method is used – the method of dissolving one’s own aura in the object’s aura.

3. Dissolving aura in the aura of the object. Before you start influencing, it is necessary to highlight good qualities of the object’s character. Mentally admire these qualities, his aspirations, his aura. In the same way as in the previous methods, one should feel the “ecstasy of good luck”.

When applying each of the three methods, the telepath as an attacker has the advantage of acting covertly and purposefully, while the consciousness (and hence the aura) of the percipient remains under the power of changes in the environment of certain stimuli.

9.5 Attack with Energy Strokes

I remember such an episode. There are several volunteers on stage. Albert Ignatenko warns the participants of the experience that he will hit one of them from a distance of several steps, and the others must not let him fall. Ignatenko stepped to the edge of the stage and made a wave of his hand toward the smiling guy. In the next instant he bent over, then an unknown force ripped him off the floor and spun him in the air. The assistants barely had time to pick up the falling guy.

This experiment was repeatedly conducted in the presence of experts in psychology. They concluded that the number described above, called “karate kick” by Ignatenko, was based on Ignatenko’s ability to collect, concentrate his energy and send it into the distance.

Energy kicks are theoretically and practically developed in the astral karate system of the Sansay Var Avera School of Akharata,

Guru Var Avera (V. S. Averyanov) practiced yoga for a long time. Having achieved great success in it, he moved into the sphere of astral karate, creating his own ideology. In the system of astral karate much attention is paid to the development of the energy attack. To this end, working out the special exercises – kata, which are used to awaken the chakras, clean the energy channels, accumulate energy in certain parts of the body, and is based on this working out the energy blows.

Small “rage kata” serves for practicing the instantaneous release of energy into the surrounding space in all directions and in a certain direction through Adjnachakra. Active energetic (guru Oar Avera uses the term “sansa” instead of the terms “prana” and “energy”) radiation, the entire perimeter of the aura of the body, destroy the external energy effects on the student of the School (karateka), and through the radiation Ajnachakra pierced the astral field opponent, causing a loss of energy and a sense of fear, the consequence of which the opponent refused to fight. The general meditation in performing this kata consists in generating a sense of rage and implacable hatred for everything that hinders karatek and his school. There is a thought assertion such as, “I am so fearful and merciless that no one dares to approach me!”

Here it should be said that V.S. Averyanov, in contrast to the Indian yoga point of view (he considers himself a representative of Russian yoga), has a different attitude towards creating (generating) the power of a person’s energy field. Yogis prefer to strengthen a person’s biofield energy through positive currents (they are generated by cultivating feelings of kindness and love towards people) and to ennoble a person with their positive field even in response to this person’s negative impact. In 1976 in his 1976 report “The Secret Roots of Modern Global Psychoenergetic Systems” Averyanov said: “What I definitely teach my yogis is the ability to instantly arouse rage in themselves. Rage is an intense generation of sans-energetic fields. If you have been surrounded in the astral, remember everything that is bad in the world around you, and instantly hate it in yourself, an energy field will be born in you that will destroy any hostile astro-field. If an adept of Russian yoga is threatened by someone with violence or death, and this always comes from semi-criminal elements, then the adept is obliged to generate such rage in response, that anyone would be forever discouraged from frightening him. To go at someone with a threat is, first of all, to squeeze his life field with one’s astral field. If the threat is strong, there will be a breakdown of the field, and the intimidated will begin to become energetically emaciated.

Kata is performed in a standing position: legs apart, light crouch, arms outstretched forward to inflict and reflect blows. For a short moment relax your muscles of the whole body, feel how aura of the body (and pores of the skin) open holes and through them sansa (prana) starts to flow into the body from space along thin radial straight rays 30-40 cm long. The body should feel like a homogenous buzzing mass of corpuscules (at school it is customary to imagine sansa as a flow of microscopic bodies – corpuscules). Having relaxed beforehand, then all tissues of the body should be sharply compressed, as if shrinking its volume. The sansa in the rays receives a reverse current impulse, an instantaneous release of energy into the surrounding space in all directions takes place. The contraction comes out with a “ha” sound, the mouth and lips tense apart, the arms make a half-hearted jerk, and the legs leap to change position. Then again a short relaxation followed by a contraction, and so repeat for 2-3 minutes. Then move on to releasing energy through Ajnachakra, squeezing certain parts of the body in sequence. Start with the feet, move to the buttocks, lower abdomen, then to the back, chest, shoulder girdle, neck. Consistent compression in the lower abdomen, in Manipurachakra, creates a concentrated column of sansa (feel or imagine). The column expands as it is squeezed, and flows through the neck into Ajnachacra, coming out of it as a monolithic beam (the thickness and length are limited for the given level of karateka development). The energy beam from one’s own Ajnachakra is sent to the partner’s (opponent’s) Ajnachakra.

In the “ray punch” kata, you practice your impact with energy flows on the other person’s chakras. The kata is performed standing in pairs. The flow of energy is thrown through the hands. Sliding your hands along the partner’s body at a distance of 10 cm from the body, emit a sans flow from the middle of the palm or from the fingertips. Identify the partner’s 7 chakras and influence them first by pumping sansa energy from your hands into them (the partner should feel and recognize that his or her chakras are beginning to activate), and then pull sansa from the partner’s chakras into your hand one by one, accumulating the energy received in your identical chakra. The partner should be aware of the weakening of his biofield.

Impact on the partner’s chakras should be careful. It is enough for the karatecu to achieve a slight pain in the chakra area or a slight dizziness in the partner. Otherwise, if the outflow of energy is intensive, the part of the partner’s body corresponding to the certain chakra will be supplied with it below the vital necessity. Muscles and organs will start to ache, they may cramp up and lose the ability to perform their functions – a person will faint and fall on the ground. The partner will also lose consciousness if a strong sans ray from the hand is emitted into his head (vertex, forehead, occiput). This means that the brain is saturated with more energy than it is used to processing, and the coordination of its nerve centers is disturbed.

You should remember how important the meditative contact with the system of astral karate of your school is, which will not allow you to shift the emphasis on personal hatred, fear of the opponent in the process of practicing the ray blows.

Energetic influence

To begin with, let us define what is the energy impact and its extreme manifestation – the energy blow. It is also aggressive influence on the psyche: an outright insult to us or covert manipulation, when they try to weaken us by enmeshing us with guilt, through which our energy is taken away. This is also flattery, which is a good energy sucker for energy vampires: we are overfilled with ambition and vanity and readily spend our life force to, having received the next portion of doping for ambition, solve someone else’s problems.

And if the first case reminds communication of a spider and its victim, then the second is a classical “friendship” of a fox with a crow…

There are two kinds of energy influence: direct and contextual.

Imagine that you have come to a meeting.

It turns out that your partner (client, employer, boss, friend) is delayed. You wait. 5 minutes, 10 minutes, half an hour… Finally he (she) appears. You start talking to each other. Your back is to the door, in a not very comfortable, wobbly chair, under the freezing air conditioning (near the red-hot battery). Your interlocutor is opposite, his chair is higher, he is facing the window, so his facial features are not very visible in the counter light, and the sun rays are cheekily in your eyes from behind his back (option: the lamp on the table is “accidentally” directed at you).

Your interlocutor smokes (cigarettes, cigars, hookah, weed) and clearly does not save on toilet water (perfume, cologne).

Every now and then sounds the triumphant (sad, blatant) melody of his phone. Someone constantly enters your room, solving some issues with your interlocutor. At these moments, your eyes stumble upon weapons hanging on the walls: knives, sabers, brass knuckles, pistols, shotguns (grinning animal heads with horns and fangs or paintings with scenes of violence). There is nowhere to put your bag (briefcase), your papers are on your lap, slipping on the floor…

Surely you’ve had some of this “ungentlemanly” set of “communication” in your experience. I call it contextual exposure, a kind of artillery training from the arsenal of many masters of social martial arts (MSE). Remember what was happening to your energy at that moment? Usually in such cases, you lose alignment, your energy gets blocked, or on the contrary, it boils over and overwhelms you (irritation, panic, numbness, etc.) and therefore, you lose control over your life force.

Now, about direct action. When the energetic effect is applied directly on the body or other physical object, the centered inner energy of the MCP is sort of released and becomes either soft or coarse, hard, and when it meets with an obstacle, hits it. Either the entire frontal surface of the body, or a certain vital point of the victim. I have seen such non-contact energy strikes done from a distance.

For example, I tried to train on… cats: I attuned myself to a nearby object and mentally started stroking it, feeling its warm and soft fur, and when the cat started stretching and arching its back under the influence of my gaze, I understood – I did it. Then I “stroked” it against its fur, and the reaction was different…

When the MCP, by applying an energetic blow, focuses the consciousness on the opponent, so the flow of inner power to the object of the blow passes like thin jets of air. In the object the energy instantly accumulates in a limited space, which causes great pressure inside the matter. If this pressure is greater than the drag force, destruction occurs. After all, the internal force provides the connection between the elements of matter. That’s why it happens that the MCJ, when striking a stack of bricks, breaks not the top one, but one of those at the bottom or in the middle.

Let’s understand how the accumulation and amplification of life energy occurs.

This text is an introductory excerpt.

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