Dumped the man lion – tell us in detail

Dumped the man lion – tell us in detail

Does the man lion returns to his former woman? The psychology of men

To return the man of the lion in a former relationship or family is very difficult. The whole thing is that he did not leave anyway. Yes, he fenced off the woman by distance, circumstances and changed his place of residence. But he still considers his ex to be his care zone. Especially if there are children together.

The decision that it is time to break up the relationship is not easy for the lion. In fact, he is very domestic and loves peace and stability. This is in the “prairies” he can bite the enemy with one move of the jaw, but at home he needs peace and quiet.

Impulsiveness in important things is not inherent in the lion. His decision to break up a relationship, he considers carefully and for a long time. For him, it is painful to part with his “property. But if it has already happened, to return the lion will be very difficult. He will be there to help in case of danger, but separately, because he now has another life. Even when he is alone and a rival has not yet appeared.

Psychological characteristics of the male lion, which contribute to their return

1. First of all, it is a sense of responsibility. The lion man is very responsible for everything that he considers his own. 2. A sense of possessiveness. The lion is a possessive man, and that says it all. 3. A tendency to feel deeply. Lions are capable of true love, and if they are with someone, it’s not superficial flirting. 4. A habit of home and coziness. 5. Resiliency. The man of the lion can be persuaded in principle to change anger for mercy, but you have to show by deed that you are ready to change and make concessions.

Psychological characteristics of the man a lion, which prevent their return

1. Maximalism . Everything – or nothing – is the motto of the lion man. Either you are a perfect lioness, or you are a demoted queen. 2. Pragmatism . The lion always feels when spent resources and efforts go nowhere. 3. Self-centeredness . This sign is self-centered and will above all protect his own interests. All the more so when he has shouldered the care of a new Pride. The new home, a woman, children – he will build his kingdom already there, and will protect it in every possible way. Including from you. 4. Overriding of mind over emotions. You can’t take the king of beasts with pity. 5. Love for peace and comfort within his territory. Tension and scandals are unacceptable to him. 6. Pride . 7. High self-esteem . The lion man is always right and this is not up for discussion. Unless a woman admits her mistakes and is willing to change her behavior in the direction desired by the lion, there is little hope. This sign of the zodiac is strong enough morally to overcome any attraction and not to return to what he believes to be an unproductive relationship.

Reasons for leaving because of which the lion man will not return

– The woman does not accept his leadership position, tries to take the initiative in the relationship or dominate the management of the common household. – Banal disobedience can also lead to a breakup. Leo is used to being listened to and to respecting his opinion. If all the time you say “No” and do things your own way, he will decide that you are not his woman and not worth the time spent. – Betrayal. – Treason. – Lying is perceived by him as an unwillingness to obey and he will fight with that. – Constant lying will show him that his partner is not worth his trouble. – Misunderstanding. If the lion is not understood, does not share his value system and does not support his ambitions or work, it is guaranteed to lead to a breakup.

That said, the lion will always be around to be aware of your life and see that you’re okay. Until you have a new man he can “trust” to take care of your life. And it doesn’t matter that you’re a big girl and can handle everything on your own. Leo in principle does not believe in women’s independence and the ability to solve problems without the participation of the stronger sex.

If you have children together, you will always be in his sphere of interest. Children are his property and that says it all. You will have to coordinate all your men with your ex-lion. He will take care of the children and you and solve your problems, even if he has a new family and offspring. Pride is a normal condition for a lion.

The lion chooses those zodiac signs for which leadership is not paramount. It is difficult to imagine the union of a lion and a scorpion. Passion – yes, a long relationship – only when the female scorpio will be able to recognize his leadership in everything. But this will keep both partners in constant tension, as the submissiveness will turn out to be ostentatious rather than real.

With Capricorn, Cancer, Virgo, Sagittarius may have a more harmonious relationship.

What to do to return the man of the lion?

– Ask for forgiveness. No matter who is to blame – a lion will consider himself right, because he always has his own picture of what is happening, and yours he will not look. King, after all. – Analyze your mistakes: what was for the lion so uncomfortable and unacceptable, making him lift his royal body from its comfortable place? The reason must be very good. – Ask him. If he is disposed to renew the relationship, he will tell you his demands and claims in full. When he is silent – hope is minimal. This means that the door is already closed. – Try to change your behavior, character, outlook. A difficult task, you feel that you can not do? Think about it, maybe you just need another person, and there’s no tragedy in that. – Give yourself the opportunity to decide for yourself. Wait.

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Dumped the man lion – tell us in detail

Often we worry about how to end a relationship with a man. It would seem that there is nothing difficult, but in fact the process is painful for both parties, and it should be approached with special tactfulness and taking into account the zodiac sign. Let’s figure out how to dump a Leo man.

Deciding on the first steps

Before you start talking about your breakup, make a firm and final decision. Explain to yourself why you want to take this step. It is better to do this in writing, writing in a column all the advantages and disadvantages of his man. In addition, you can set out on a piece of paper all the offenses that you can not forgive. This will help to look at the situation from the outside and make the right decision.

If you did decide to break up the relationship, you should know how to do it less painfully. As for how to leave a Leo man, you should remember that this is an extremely proud sign, and he cannot be treated like everyone else. Men of this zodiacal constellation do not forgive cheating. Attached to the material world, Leo does not tolerate other people’s successes, especially when they talk about it out loud. To provoke separation, talk more often about the success of his friends, it is likely to cause an attack of tantrums or discontent. It is very difficult to manipulate such a man, but if you want to cause a wave of indignation, practice such attempts as often as possible. Lions also do not like it when they cry or complain about life.

Here’s a sample campaign plan on how to dump a Leo man:

-Criticize your future ex as often as possible among his close friends. Often after such situations, the Leo can break any ties, whether they are friends or lovers, without any explanation.

-Turn on the ignore. Of course, it will be quite difficult to do this, because Leo is those people who are very difficult to ignore: they are always in the center of attention.

-Leo loves bright and exotic things. And if he picked you, then surely you’re one of the great beauties. Try on the role of Cinderella and modesty, this state of affairs will definitely cause a wave of indignation.

-Leo will never want to be in the second role. Accordingly, you can try to outshine him. But, as you understand, this is not an easy task!

-The representatives of this sign simply love praise and flattery, and often can not tell the difference between the first and the second. Just stop giving him compliments.

-Leo is the king of beasts. This is how a man of this sign of the zodiac feels. Talk about his shortcomings, which, of course, like everyone else, are in abundance. You will not notice how a man himself will start to move away from you.

-Show as little attention and concern as possible.

-Leo men absolutely do not tolerate lies, hypocrisy, deceit and mockery.

After finishing reading, you can begin to implement these recommendations. But we advise you to think carefully about whether you need it. After all, the one you want to leave may be your one and only true love. Do not make hasty decisions, love is something that requires daily work. Don’t pass up in the face of adversity!

Stage One. Leo doesn’t care.

Lions don’t really pay attention to what their partner is bad at. But not out of love and patience, but out of a certain amount of indifference, because every Leo is a little absent from the relationship and that absent part of him or her is a distraction to the Leo.

Imagine that during a passionate kiss, a butterfly sits on the tip of the Lion’s tail. So, the part of the Lion I’m talking about, immediately runs to the tip of the tail, will consider the butterfly, then return to the kissing Lion and talk in his ear about the butterfly and about the tail, which is nestled fleas, and the fact that the partner obviously at dinner chewed antelope leg, and should not only kiss her, but also explore where buried that leg, and butterfly, ah, ah!

This part is like Iznurenkov from “Twelve Chairs,” splashing and cracking, but unlike this character, it is creative rather than clueless. Therefore, when once again Lev gets his tail or paw stepped on, he will grin, but immediately forget, because immediately he has to think up a hat, invent a new kind of nanotvorog and in general he has not finished the thought, and the tail will somehow survive on its own. “Otebites,” as a lioness friend of mine, who was magnificent in her poutiness, once wrote a long time ago, when we all begged her to learn how to text already and not embarrass herself. Having learned, the first thing she did was to write us all that word, in Latin.

Leo’s main feelings are pride and vulnerability.

Lions love themselves in this sentiment as well. They love being in love. During this theatrical performance, he takes pride and admiration in himself.

Leo’s well-being and mood is strongly influenced by successes or failures in love affairs. Leo men as well as women take a long time to choose their mate, but this does not mean that up to this time they live without love. One can even say that on the contrary, Leo practically does not live without a feeling of falling in love, so it is a natural state for them.

Basic feelings of a Leo woman

Leo women find it much harder to find a life partner. They initially have very high requirements to the candidates, as they consider each of their sexual partners as a potential groom. It is difficult for them to find a partner who would bear in his arms, admired, wealthy and established, and at the same time could tolerate the claims of the Lioness in the leadership role in their union.

Male Leo men are more fragile in their feelings and unrestrained in showing rage and anger no matter where they are – at work or at home. They react painfully to any criticism, including constructive criticism, they do not tolerate remarks and instructions for errors, they cannot laugh at their shortcomings. They find it difficult to get along with any leader, so they themselves strive to take leadership positions as soon as possible.

But this does not mean that the Lionesses are nicer and easier. Not at all. They rarely raise their voice or cause scandals. But they don’t forget insults and humiliations, especially in public. It’s just that their revenge will be somewhat delayed in time and presented when everyone has already forgotten about the incident.

The basic feelings of the male Leo

Leo men, of course, outwardly do not demonstrate their feelings and experiences. Outwardly brutal, they are passionate and experienced lovers. They are always surrounded by crowds of admirers and have no shortage of opportunities to start a new romance.

Leo men are usually happier in love and family life than the Lionesses, who may even remain single, despite the fact that by nature the Lioness is a great wife and mother. Anyone who has ever abandoned a Leo or a Lioness forever becomes their sworn enemy. They do not forgive treason, and attempts to manipulate.

Stage two. The Leo is anxious.

The partner, figuratively speaking, is stepping on the Lion’s paw more and more often. The lion wrinkles more and more often, and the paw is already sore, even when it is not touched.

At this point, the Lion is slightly alarmed. Something is wrong, but he can’t figure out what. Couldn’t he have picked the wrong partner or a bad partner? So the partner needs to pay more attention. After all, if he doesn’t function well, it means there’s something wrong with him, the masik?

And the lion bends his regal head to the masik to listen, understand, and help, but the masik suddenly, instead of bursting into tears and saving himself, grabs him by the ear. With small, undignified teeth. Tiny, undignified teeth. And bounces aside or, on the contrary, squeals and wants to bite again.

Lion, whether you like it or not, is reprimanding. If I may say so. Like a horse. He is bitten, not so much hurt as hurt. He gets angry, but it never occurs to him to fight back. He crinkles and retreats to a corner. To think.

Stage three. The lion thinks.

The lion thinks whether he can continue to live with someone who can suddenly pull his ear. It’s not so much the aggression that scares him, but rather its unpredictability and suddenness. Decides there’s not enough information. He observes. Tilts his head, but not so low anymore. Remembers the teeth.

And when he is convinced that, yes, they will, and suddenly, he decides to leave.

Stage four. The lion merges.

This is one of the cruelest signs in breakups. The partner, rummaging for a lion’s ear, suddenly stumbles upon a whole Lion. Or rather, his profile, which is clearly interested in someone on the outside. Look, and the Lion smiles at this someone, and somehow turns his back more and more to his partner, his tail…

“Leva, this… butterfly sat on your tail…” – frightened the puller tries to regain his balance. “A butterfly? – absent-mindedly surprised Lev. – Oh, a butterfly… well, let it sit.”

And that’s it. Dialogue is impossible. The lion smiles and walks inexorably away, away, slowly, surely and irreversibly. He looks back. At his partner’s shouts and hand waving. But he doesn’t stop. It’s more accurate to say that he slips away, not even leaving his former joint territory for now, not fighting, but pulling away.

Slipping away like a Pisces. He withdraws like a skilled wu-shu fighter, using his opponent’s energy so that he falls under the weight of his own body, drawn by the momentum of his own aggression.

And after the final departure, disguised as a temporary polite absence, the Lion will not break contact with you, will not only be polite, but also nice, but never again will hug you with his mighty paws, tell you a great story in his ear, say “you’re the best”. He won’t make any claims, he’ll try not to hurt you, but if you’re still trying to get to him, he’ll become completely unreachable. I do not know how Leo manages it – they do not put internal barriers, like Taurus, do not disappear from your life physically, like Capricorn, but they are like behind the glass: Leo is seen, but not heard, and you can not touch.

The only thing they will try to keep is the sense of humor with which they previously treated your shortcomings. If possible. (c) Y. Rubleva

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