Dua for the fulfillment of any wish: read in full detail

This namaz will make your wish come true.

Q: I heard that there is a special prayer in Islam, which makes your wish come true. I have to confess that this information really surprised and delighted me. I would like to get full information on this topic.


You are right, according to Islam, such a prayer for the fulfillment of a wish has a place, it is called “salatul hajati”. This namaz is performed for the purpose of getting rid of some need or for gaining something desired. The prayer for the fulfillment of desires consists of two rakaat, after which a certain supplication (dua) is recited.

The Messenger of God ﷺ said that if anyone has a need for the Almighty or another person, let him perform a full ablution (with all the recommended actions, observing the proper etiquette), then perform two rakaat of namaz-sunnah. At the end of the namaz, let him praise the Lord, bless the Prophet ﷺ and recite the following supplication:

لَا إِلَهَ إِلَّا اللهُ الْحَلِيمُ الْكَرِيمُ سُبْحَانَ اللهِ رَبِّ الْعَرْشِ الْعَظِيمِ الْحَمْدُ للهِ رَبِّ الْعَالَمِينَ أَسْأَلُكَ مُوجِبَاتِ رَحْمَتِكَ وَعَزَائِمَ مَغْفِرَتِكَ وَالْغَنِيمَة مِنْ كُلِّ بِرٍّ وَالسَّلَامَةَ مِنْ كُلِّ إِثْمٍ لَا تَدَعْ لِي ذَنْبًا إِلَّا غَفَرْتَهُ وَلَا هَ08 إِلَّا فَرَّجْتَهُ وََلَا حَاجَةً هِيَ لَكَ رِضًا إِلَّا قَضَيْتَهَاَأَرْحَ الَّاحِمِينَ

“La ila ha ila ella hul ẍalimu-l-karim, subẍanallah һi rabbi l-‘arshi l-‘aӟim. Alẍamdulillah һi rabbi-l-‘alamina, asjaluka mujibati raẍmatika, wa ‘azayima maґfiratika wal-ґanimata min kulli birin, va ssalamata min kulli iҫmin ula tada’ li ҙanban ill ґafarta hu va ula hamman lla farrajta hu va ula ẍajatan һia laka riḓan lla ḱaḓayta һa ya arẍama rraẍiminha.

The meaning is: “There is no deity worthy of worship except Allah. He is the Giver, the Generous. The Exalted Allah is the Lord of the Great Throne. Praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds! O Allah! Please grant me Your mercy and forgiveness, from Your kindness, protect me from all sins. Do not leave behind me unforgiven sins. Do not send me hardship, which you will not alleviate. Do not send me a need that would not contribute to Your contentment. O most generous of all the generous!” (Imams at-Tirmizi and Ibn Majah).

Here we should also note the desirable actions (adabahs) and the reasons contributing to the acceptance of supplication (dua).

1) Showing sincerity towards the Almighty;

2) Determination in supplication and firm conviction to accept it;

3) Persistence in supplication and reluctance to rush things;

4) Humility in making dua;

5) Praying to the Almighty in joy and in sorrow;

6) Pronunciation of the prayer aloud, but not loudly;

7) Not asking to harm someone or something;

Admitting one’s sins and asking for forgiveness;

9) Acknowledging the blessings the Lord has given us and giving Him praise and thanks for them;

10) Repaying all debts and doing penance for them;

11) Asking the Creator three times each;

12) Heading toward the Kaaba;

13) Raising of hands;

14) Begin to ask first for oneself and only then for others;

15) To ask the Creator by means of His most beautiful names and epithets or by means of a good deed;

16) That the clothes, food and drink of the petitioner be obtained in a permissible way;

17) Do not ask for sinful things or for the breaking of kinship ties;

18) Do not overstep the bounds of what is permitted in supplication (e.g., do not ask that God make you a prophet);

19) Doing the good and warning others against the bad and forbidden;

20) Removing yourself from all that is forbidden.

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How to ask Allah for the fulfillment of desires: the reading of dua

Features of the reading of Muslim prayers for the fulfillment of desires.

Muslim prayers do not have strict rules for reading. They are performed in any language, at any time. By reciting the text, believers worship the Almighty, acknowledge their weakness, obedience. By performing dua, people receive blessings, the help of Allah.

To make prayers for the fulfillment of desires to be heard and accepted, it is necessary to observe some conditions:

  • Let the one who makes a prayer to the Almighty be purposeful, the Qur’an says. Reading du’a should be persistent, with confidence in the right choice of purpose;
  • God does not tolerate hypocrisy. The plea for the fulfillment of a wish must be sincere, coming from the heart, the soul;
  • Regularity. Du’a perform daily, several times a day;
  • Without faith in the power of the Lord, the prayer will not be heard;
  • humility. Man is weak and powerless before the will of Allah, he only asks for help;
  • The dua is recited under any circumstances, in the hour of need, in moments of joy;
  • the text for the fulfillment of desires is read aloud, without high intonation;
  • It is necessary to address to the Almighty without evil in soul, with pure thoughts;
  • without repentance, confession of sins dua will not be accepted;
  • it is necessary to offer praise to the Lord, acknowledgement, gratitude for everything during the pronunciation of the prayer;
  • the text for the fulfillment of the wish is read with the Ka’bah turned towards the Ka’bah;
  • The prayers of those whose diet contains haram foods will not be accepted;
  • The words of the Messenger: The dua that mentions the greatest names of G-d will be accepted;
  • hands are raised during the prayer;
  • moderation of desires. It is not permissible to ask the Creator for the fulfillment of the forbidden.

The texts of dua can be read in any language, but the language of the Prophet, Arabic, is preferable. It is necessary to get acquainted with the translation in order to realize what is said.

Without faith in the possibility of the fulfillment of desires, it is meaningless to read the text. Muslim dua can be performed by people who firmly believe in the power of the Higher Powers. Belief in the text and in the greatness of the Creator is important.

Muslim prayers for the fulfillment of wishes will not suit representatives of other religions – they do not have true faith in the power of Allah.

Rules for prayers

Muslim prayer is a special type of magic. In order for the fulfillment of a wish to come in the near future, it is worth carrying out some prescriptions. It is necessary to use only the right prayers. This can change their properties.

Experts say that the most effective sacred texts that will help in one day are those created by one’s own efforts. In this way, a person will be able to take into account more details that are specific to his problem. It is forbidden to use the particle “not.” It remains invisible, so the higher powers do not perceive the negation, but do as it would be without this part of speech.

For a strong Muslim prayer to work, it is necessary to get rid of all your inner demons. If a person is subconsciously afraid of something, it can prevent him from fulfilling his desires. The body should be prepared:

  • Rationalize the dietary regime. Eat only healthy foods of plant origin, the use of meat should be limited;
  • It is necessary to drink more water. It cleanses the cells of the body, making a person more receptive to the flow of energy;
  • it is necessary to sleep more. The duration of rest for a strong Muslim prayer to work in a day should be not less than 8 hours;
  • it is very important to devote time to sports. Without exercise, the body will become weak and sick, and it will not have enough energy for a powerful petition;
  • Devote yourself to creativity – this affects the state of the soul, purifying it and opening it to the energy of the fulfillment of desires.

The most powerful are those texts that are read directly in the original language, so if possible, it is better to learn Arabic pronunciation.

The texts of dua for the fulfillment of wishes

When there is an urgent need to meet someone or get something, according to Islamic tradition, it is customary to read dua. They are recited at home or in a mosque, formulated in their own words, or memorized from the Koran.

There are powerful duas for the fulfillment of any wish in Islam. They are read in Arabic, clearly understanding what is being said.

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, when one has a need for Allah and another person, let him recite:

La illyaha ila lahul hallimul karim , supkhana lahi rabil arshiyil azzim. Alhhamdu lilyahi rabil allamin. Asalluqa mujibbati rahmaatika, va azaima magfirratika wal ganimmata min kuli birin, va ssallamata minn kuli isminn lle tada-li zanbann ila gafarrtahu wa-la haman ila farajtahu wa-la hajattan khia lakka ridann ila caddaitaha ya arhama raheemin.

Translation of the dua of fulfillment of request and desire:

There is no other God but Allah, He is great and patient. He is the Lord of Arsha, He is far from imperfections. Praise be to the Most High! Allah, I pray, grant me forgiveness, mercy. Keep me from sins and temptations. Do not send me trials that will not be helped. Don’t send me trials that won’t be to your glory! Do not leave behind me sins that are not forgiven. Allah is merciful and great!

Another version of the dua for the fulfillment of dreams:

Allahuma ini asalluka tawfiqqa ahlillah-huda, wa-ammala ahlillah-yaqqin, wa munasahatta ahlit-tawbah, waazma ahlis sabr, waa jidda ahlil lhashyah, wa-tallaba ahlillah-rragbah, wataabuda ahlillah wara, wa’irffana ahlillah ilm, hata ahaffak. Allahum ini asalluka mahhafatan tahjuzunni amma siyattika hata amalla bitta attika amallan astahiku bihi riddaka waa hata unasihhaka bit tawbatti havfan minkka waaahata ukhlissa lakan nasihhata huball lakka waa hata atta- waqalu allayka phill-umurri wa-hussna zanin bikka subhanna halikun-nurr.

The meaning of this dua is for the fulfillment of all desires:

There is no other God but Allah Almighty. He is pure, far from faults. Praise be to the Lord of the World, praise be to Allah. I pray, bestow upon me qualities that will help me avoid temptation. Grant me deliverance from sins, leave not a single one unforgiven, leave not a loss uncompensated by You. Fulfill the request that corresponds to your will, which you will be pleased with, O Great One!

A variation of the text of the dua:

Allahum ini astahirruka bilmika wa aastakkdiruka bi kudratika wa assalyuka minn fa’adlikka, fa’inakka tak-diru wa’a llya akkdiru, wa ta’alamu wa llya allamu wa anta allamuul guyub. Allahumah fa’inn ku’nta ta’lamu hazall ammrah (to mention for what desire is prayed for) hirran li fi ajilli ammri wa-a-ajillihi fakkdirhu li wa yasirrhu li-suma barrik li-fihi. Allahum wa-inta kunta tallamu anahu sharun li-fi dinni wa ma-ashi wa aqqibati amrri fasriffni anhu wakkdur lill hairra h’aysu kAna suma radinni bi-hi.

Translation of the dua for the fulfillment of wishes:

Great Allah, I pray for help, strengthen me with your knowledge, with your power. You are great, I am nothing! You are all-powerful, I am helpless. You know everything, I am blind. Allah the great, give me help to fulfill my wish, if it will benefit my faith, my life and my deeds. Give me a blessing for my work. But if it is evil for my religion and my life and my deeds, grant me a blessing against it, and then grant me a blessing for it.

A short powerful dua for the fulfillment of cherished desires. Convenient to read daily anywhere. Unlike namaz, it can be performed at home when the need arises to ask the Lord for help:

Rabi yasirr wa-la tagaasir. Rabi tamin bill khayirr.

Almighty, help, make it easy. Predetermine the easy completion of the work.

Dua is a prayer to the Almighty. When making a supplication, one should continually thank Allah for the graces, trials and hardships He has sent down. God is omnipotent and wise, and it is not in human power or will to oppose the execution of his wishes.

How to perform Hajjat namaz

The hadiths give different variants of performing Hajjat namaz. Usually, this namaz is performed in 2 or 4 rakats. It is recommended to perform Hajjat at night, and before the prayer perform a great ablution (ghusl), to dress carefully, and to perfume. In some traditions it is recommended to perform this namaz in the open air (in the courtyard or on the roof). The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ transmitted the following legend: “A person who has a wish from Allah or some person should properly perform ablution, perform namaz in two rakats, praise Allah, say Salavat to the Prophet. Then say the following prayer: “There is no deity but Allah. He is the giver and the patient. Allah, the owner of the supreme throne, is far from all faults. Praise be to Allah, the owner of the worlds! O Allah! Please grant me Your mercy, Your forgiveness, from Your kindness, protect me from all sins. Do not leave behind me unforgivable sins. Do not send me hardship, which you will not alleviate. Do not send me a need that would not contribute to Your contentment. O most generous of all the generous! (“Sunanut-Tirmizi”).

How to read to make a wish come true at once

Human life belongs entirely to the Lord, it is the will of Allah. The fulfillment of desire happens when it pleases the Almighty. Through diligent prayers, pious deeds, and kindness, one can bring the dream closer. Reading dua helps plans to come true faster and easier.

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For the quickest fulfillment of wishes, you need to follow the rules of utterance:

  1. Allah hears those who are devoted to the Muslim faith. No trickery, to use dua without sincere faith in the soul.
  2. It is better to make duas in Arabic, having learned them by heart. It is forbidden to repeat words without understanding the meaning of what is said. There should be a clear awareness of what is being said.
  3. Dua read by a group works more effectively. For the quickest fulfillment of desires, the family gathers in a circle of like-minded people, and reads surahs from the Koran.
  4. Prayers are offered daily, without persistence there will be no result.

In the Muslim faith, an important role is given to the Arabic language. Surahs in Arabic are written on souvenirs, items of cloth, jewelry. Place them in the house, they serve as a talisman for the family.

In order to make dreams come true, surahs from the Koran are read daily, starting with a prayer to the Almighty, followed by dua.

Imams believe that a sincere, unselfish faith is necessary for the fulfillment of wishes.

Text and translation

If you have difficulty reading in Arabic, you can use the transliteration in Cyrillic. This will not affect the effectiveness of the prayer in any way. Refer to the audio version of this holy text – it is almost identical. The strongest Muslim prayer for the fulfillment of a cherished wish sounds like this:

It should be recited while standing in a bow to the earth. For this purpose, it is necessary to use a special mat. First, a person sits on his knees, and after the reading is completed – touches the ground with his forehead. Repeat this at least 3 times. Specialists advise to turn to this prayer as often as possible. If one manages to read this holy text more than 5 times a day, it will be ideal. The translation of the prayer is also very important. If one simply repeats a rote text without realizing its meaning, it will be of no use. The translation of the prayer is this:

This is not a literal translation. The meaning of the prayer is much deeper than one can imagine. A translation from Arabic can never show the beauty and rhythm of the sacred text.

Why Wishes Do Not Come True

Sometimes a person makes a supplication and waits for a dua to grant a wish at once. If this did not happen, it should be remembered that everything is the will of the Almighty, the fulfillment of desires occurs when the requests do not contradict it.

The fulfillment of a wish after making dua may not happen for various reasons:

  • The prayer was uttered without faith in Allah, in success. Faith is the main driving force behind the processes that lead to dreams;
  • the person who said the dua did not make an independent effort to fulfill the dream. When wishing for slimness or material prosperity, it is not enough to pray, it is necessary to act. God will hear the supplication, will facilitate the efforts aimed at its fulfillment;
  • there is no proper diligence, no energy;
  • no gratitude to Allah. Praise to the Lord is offered daily. At every prayer recitation, thanks are given to the Almighty for joys, sorrows, trials, and rewards;
  • When making dua for the fulfillment of a wish, the request has not been clearly and distinctly formulated.

Reading prayers and making dua is a traditional method of easing efforts to achieve goals. It should not be forgotten that God helps in the fulfillment of good intentions. It is not permissible to pray for the commission of evil; Allah will punish requests for illnesses for others, for the rupture of relations in a married couple, and other desires that bring evil.

All possibilities in the soul

It is important to understand that you should pray only if you fully share the worldview of Muslims. Craftiness will not help here. If you decided to ask for help from Allah, then you agree with whatever he decides about your destiny and future events. But no one guarantees the result. Ask any Muslim about this.

A believer probably won’t even understand the question. In his opinion no man has a right to resist the will of the Most High. So, it is necessary to ask your soul if you agree with such statement of a question? If so, then read the following recommendations. They apply only to members of other religious groups.

How to use dua

For the fulfillment of wishes in Islam, it is still customary to pray in Arabic. And there is also a rule, the older members of the family help the younger ones. In general, Muslims are great collectivists. Dua read by the community works faster and better. In any case, that is how they pray for the sick. And in order to remove the spoilage, elderly women from the whole neighborhood gather.

They recite surahs at night over the sufferer. Therefore, it is advisable to find a Muslim teacher. First, in the process of communication, you will be penetrated by the philosophy of this religion. Secondly, this person will help you to say the right words, will tell you how and what to do. One description is not enough to achieve the effect.

Desires from the past and new interests

To find your calling and realize what you really want, you have to go a long and difficult way. Before you find yourself on the way there are disappointments and a lot of failures. This is not an indicator that the goal was not true. One may have wished madly and sincerely to achieve that dream, but during the process he became aware that the true desires were not the same.

The work done does not remain an empty undertaking. The pursuit of a goal, even if it has not been achieved, leads to personal growth, inner development, and self-development. As a consequence, one gets to know oneself better and discovers new areas for one’s abilities.

The Road, the Turn and the Road Again

True goals are not always chosen from the beginning. You don’t realize what is really important right away, but only in the process of pursuing the goal. It’s like a road trip. Initially you move along one road, but then, to get to your destination, you have to change direction and go off the track. Sometimes it happens that a person has reached his final goal. As a result, he realizes that he can achieve much greater and more difficult tasks. As a result, he supplements his goal with new peaks. The pursuit of the first goal, became an important stepping stone to self-development. Because of the work done, new opportunities open up to achieve something greater.

For the fulfillment of desires – ask the One who created you, life and the universe

The true purpose is beyond this temporal life

In the process of walking step-by-step toward a goal, one learns those skills that are more needed in other areas of life. Other dreams are much more rewarding if they have not been achieved. It was the movement toward a goal that was key to improving one’s character and gaining new skills.

If one lives without dreams, his life will be empty and boring. Nevertheless, one should not get overly hung up on the end result. After all, the end result may be different from the outlines in the dreams. Life is full of surprises, if everything was known in advance, it would lose a lot.

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