Dreams of prophetic dreams how to develop abilities: a detailed look at the question

When do you have a premonitory dream?

When one dreams dreams of clairvoyance, one begins to wonder about the reasons for this phenomenon. It is not necessary to assume the presence of the gift of clairvoyance, although this fact too can not be excluded. However, more often than not, a clairvoyant dream appears during certain periods when energy channels are open to receive important information. The appearance of such visions is related to the day of the week, the lunar phase, and the time of day. If you wish, you can set yourself up to see a dream that will come true.

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How to feel a dream of a prophetic dream

To understand whether you dreamed a dream that is prophetic, you can by several factors:

  • After awakening you could not forget it, it is firmly embedded in your memory;
  • a bright event aroused strong feelings and emotions;
  • the plot was logically completed (it had a beginning, a development and an end);
  • all actions had a certain sequence;
  • there was some specific information (including numbers or dates);
  • The night dream did not last long.

What other dreams are considered to be dreams? Usually we are talking about events in which the dreamer was directly involved. If before a night’s rest you correctly adjusted yourself, thought about what you would like to see, then the chance of a prophetic plot will be much higher.

How to interpret correctly

To understand the significance of a prophetic vision, you need to consider the circumstances of the vision. Such plots are usually direct or symbolic.

In the first case, in the night dream are circumstances or situations that are related to the daily life of the sleeping person. It is about the events that currently concern the dreamer the most. The plots are intuitive and do not require additional interpretation. More often than not, they are brought to life exactly as dreamed.

Symbolic visions can have a fantastic nature. At first glance it may seem that it made no sense. But the common sense in the images is still present. It is important to consider it correctly.

Remember that each object and action in the night dream will have a certain meaning and message. Interpret what you see should be general, but it is also important to pay attention to specific symbols. They can be directly related to the area of life to which you are most interested in at this time. The subconscious will send dreams that are relevant to important topics.

If you are having a dream that is sobering

People who have dreams that are sobering wonder what this means . After all, it can be assumed that a person has discovered a prophetic gift. However, this is not always the case. If dreams are dreams of clairvoyance, it can speak of a developed intuition, of openness to energy flows and increased sensitivity. Most people at one time or another see images that are later realized.

In past centuries, it was accurately described how people dreamed dreams. It was believed that they were those associated with religion, spiritual practices. It was assumed that the clues were directed by higher powers, so that the clergy would pass them on to ordinary people.

Today there is a different point of view on why dreams of lucid dreaming occur. The reasons lie in heightened sensitivity and perception. Also, prophetic symbols are often to people with an analytical mindset. Their brain is able to analyze a set of factors to draw certain conclusions from the situation.

Why else do you dream prophetic dreams, and often ? This may speak of the presence of unrealized talents and abilities related to esotericism. Perhaps the dreamer should pay attention to the development of himself in this science. But more often, prophetic dreams are still the embodiment of developed intuition and sensitivity. In this case, one should listen to the clues that are nightly. Especially if it happens on a regular basis.

On what days dreams are soothsayers.

After night visions, many people are interested in what days dreams are true, and in what days they are not. To do this, we need to consider many factors. It is not just a question of which day the dreams are dreamed exactly. Consider the phase of the moon, a particular day of the week and time.

A soothsayer’s dreams, when they are dreamed by day, we will show you on the example below.

What days of the week do you have a lucky dream?

On the question of what days of the week to dream a soothsayer, most commentators agree. It is believed that the most accurate period will be Thursday night to Friday. Venus influences the specified time. The planet increases sensitivity and perception.

On this night, one often sees a purchase, an acquisition, receiving a gift. The dream hints that what you dream about in reality will come true. Positive emotions after awakening indicate that there is a successful period in life, when everything will succeed.

But visions appearing on other days of the week can also be prophetic:

  • On the day of Saturday, Saturn has an impact. During this period, the visions are rarely realized exactly, but they can give hints of events to come.
  • On Sunday night, the mood is ruled by the Sun. This is a time of images that come true on the same day.
  • On Monday are dreams under the influence of the Moon. You shouldn’t give them much importance. Only those fantasies that come to mind after reading an incantation and the corresponding mood will be prophetic.
  • Tuesday night Mars will patronize you. The images will give a hint, but not the exact direction to act.
  • On Wednesday under the influence of Mercury are restless dreams, which can come true half the time.
  • On Thursday night, Jupiter leads the dreams. During this period, plots related to professional activities and finances come true. The other symbols should not be given importance.

What time do you have good dreams?

The next important question is at what time do you have a good dream. It is proved that the brain is most active in processing information late at night. After falling asleep, the events of the previous day may flicker before the person’s eyes again. This time is not considered the best for the emergence of prophetic dreams. Most often, what was dreamed before 12:00-3:00 in the morning has no serious semantic meaning and speaks only about the events of the previous day.

But closer to morning, the brain is already rested and open to new information. At this time, all the events of the past are already processed, so the energy flows of the subconscious mind are perceived more easily. It is before awakening that prophetic plots most often occur.

But daytime visions are seldom prophetic. During this period, the brain cannot fully relax. Rest is short-lived, so the information does not have time to be fully processed. You should not take seriously the plots that appeared during a daytime nap.

According to the lunar phases

The dream can be prophetic, depending on what phase of the lunar cycle it occurred in:

    This is a time of growth, future prospects, and opportunities. This is a time of growth, future prospects and opportunities. hints at the experiences that have occurred in the past. Stories are often confusing, difficult to interpret.
  • On the new moon, the most exciting images are embodied, often related to domestic or daily concerns. It is about what a person thinks about most. More often are mysterious visions that relate to the realm of personal relationships.

Holiday prophecies.

It is believed that on major holidays the probability of the appearance of prophetic images is higher than on other days. Particular attention should be given to the plots that are seen on New Year’s Day, Christmas, and Epiphany. Do not ignore the clues that come in nightmares.

It is also believed that on the eve of any church holiday, the chance of seeing a prophetic dream is higher than on other days. Plots seen during this period usually come to life quickly (during the next day or the following week).

A prophetic dream

If you do not often have prophetic visions, you can try special incantations. When you read them, the probability that the story will come true will be much higher. This practice is used when it is important to get a hint from higher forces how to act in a particular situation.

A classic ritual for a prophetic dream involves preliminary relaxation. To do this, you can take a bath with essential oils, meditate and clear your mind of extraneous thoughts. To make the dream come true, you should spend the night alone. Before the night’s rest, you need to be completely free of all thoughts. Concentrate exactly on what you would like to see.

When you feel that you will fall asleep, say five times the following phrase: “Let me dream what must come true. I want so.”

There is also one more ritual for which you will need a mirror. Take it with you in bed, put it under your pillow. Before you go to sleep, say: “As in a mirror, everything is displayed, and light and darkness, so in the dream of the servant of God (own name) will be displayed her future. Let it be so. Amen.” After you have woken up, remember what you saw. In this case, you have to redeem the mirror and the mirror has to be redeemed to a mirror.

Dreams and dreams: how to develop the ability to

If you constantly dreamed dreams, you need to know how to develop abilities, to improve them. First of all, it is necessary to remember that prophetic images are more often to those who know how to relax, concentrate on the problem or the issue of interest. It is important to properly tune in to the subjects.

In addition, there are a few general recommendations that help increase sensitivity:

  • Don’t overeat at night (otherwise the images will be heavy);
  • Do not go hungry (otherwise you will often dream about food);
  • do not abstain from sex on purpose (in this case, erotic fantasies may occur more often);
  • do not abuse alcohol, illegal substances
  • do not splash out negative emotions on other people (especially before going to sleep).

Improve concentration and sensitivity with the help of spiritual practices (meditation, yoga). It is also important to listen to your own intuition and not to ignore the signals of the subconscious mind.

Remembering a lucid dream

It is important not just to see a dream, but also to remember its details. For the best way to remember images, there are the following ways:

  • Before you even leave your bed, bite the edge of the pillow;
  • put a small stone under the pillow before going to bed at night;
  • after waking up, do not look out the window or at the fire (for several minutes);
  • visions on the right side are better remembered;
  • If you sleep on your stomach, it is more difficult to remember the stories.

What to do to make it come true

To increase the chances of fulfilling nighttime fantasies, you need to think carefully about the question before falling asleep. It should be simple and clear. Do not overload the question with unnecessary meaning. Ask it aloud, clearly and firmly.

Try to comprehend everything you saw. No need to be outraged if you saw unpleasant things. Thank the higher powers for sending you answers to your questions.

Do not tell the story to anyone, even your loved ones. If you really want to share, wait a few days, then you can report what appeared (although unwelcome).

How to change a future prediction

If you dreamed something bad, you can try to make sure that the images don’t come true. To do this, follow a few recommendations:

  • After waking up, try not to remember what you saw;
  • Immediately after the night, touch your head and hold your hand;
  • after leaving your bed, look out the window or at any source of fire;
  • knock on the window three times;
  • turn the pillowcase and duvet cover inside out;
  • tell about what you saw to as many people as possible (preferably before dinner).

Conspiracy for iron

This conspiracy is used so that a dream with a negative meaning will not come true. To do this, take an iron object, touch it and three times to say: “Iron does not sleep, dreams do not peek. Take away mine, and forever keep. Amen!

Plot on the water

Water can absorb both positive and negative energy. Therefore, it is used to eliminate the negative meaning of nightmares. It is necessary to turn on the faucet (so that the liquid flows freely) and say: “Water flows, all troubles will be carried away”. Do it after you get up.

Conspiracy on smoke

One more way to fight with bad omens involves reading the incantation on the smoke. It will be smoke from cigarettes or from burning of paper. It is necessary to utter the following phrase: “Where the smoke – there all the dreams”.

Plot on a stone

Stones have long been considered amulets against negative forces and bad energy. To prevent a bad vision from turning into reality, find a suitable boulder, hold it in your hand and say: “Sweet dream Sunday, and bad crack.” Then throw it with force on the ground and leave it there.

Believe or not

Everyone decides for himself whether to believe in dreams or consider them just annoying images. However, constantly coming true dreams, even the skeptic can force a change of heart. Do not ignore the symbols that appear. It is not necessary to believe that they will come true with the utmost accuracy. You can take what dreams as a clue subconscious. In many situations, it helps to find the right solution and see the solution.

10 signs that you have psychic abilities

Find out if you have psychic abilities and learn how to develop them in yourself with simple tips to predict the future. Read the article!

Some people still doubt that psychic abilities are not a myth but a reality. While others successfully practice clairvoyance, telekinesis, clairaudience, have heightened intuition and see lucid dreams, with the help of which they unmistakably predict the future. Let’s talk about the main signs of superpowers and consider a number of techniques that help take them to the next level.

10 signs that you have psychic abilities

1. An extraordinary childhood

It is quite possible that you still well remember your fear of the dark, which did not allow you to sleep peacefully as a child. You asked your parents not to turn off the light in the bedroom, or were afraid to fall asleep alone. It happens that with age, memories of fear of the darkness is erased from memory, but if you ask your parents or any of your older relatives, they can tell many stories about the night “adventures” of a child.

Psychic abilities can manifest themselves at a fairly early age: the baby sees things that are inaccessible to the eyes of adults. This can be ghosts, astral entities, ghostly animals or simply a young psychic who is afraid of the dark and cannot explain why this is the case.

2. Dreams with meaning.

Dreams that you see quite often come true. Or you see in a dream what is happening at a distance in “real time”, such as in the life of your close friends or relatives.

So-called “premonitory dreams” are an invaluable gift and one of the simplest, most effective methods of predicting the future. Why does it work? In sleep, the brain rests, disconnecting from daily tasks, and interacts with the biofield, receiving information from there.

How do you develop this type of psychic ability? Before going to bed, try to clear your mind, let go of your thoughts and plans, and focus on the issue that interests you. Put a pen and notebook next to your bed to write down your dream immediately upon awakening. Follow the result of the “programmed dream,” if you notice that your predictions come true – you’re on the right track!

3. Trouble with appliances

People whose biofield is unstable, quite often have problems with the work and serviceability of portable and large household appliances, computers and other digital devices. The fact is that individuals endowed with psychic abilities pass powerful energy flows through themselves, which are in dissonance with sensitive electrical appliances. Do your light bulbs regularly burn out, microwave ovens explode, and irons go out of order? This is one manifestation of superpowers.

4. Let there be light.

Sometimes the inner state of a person endowed with extraordinary abilities can affect the operation of larger light fixtures. One can see a person walking down the street at dusk, when the streetlights are already lit, and as he approaches, the street lights go out, or on the contrary, come on. From the outside, it looks like a magical corridor!

5. empathy at a high level

The ability to feel a person’s condition, to feel mood changes, internal state and to predict words is a clear sign of psychic abilities. Moreover, you don’t have to communicate with a person in order to get an idea of his or her thoughts! It’s enough just to be a short distance from each other, meet your eyes and you are already immersed in his experiences.

6. Stop, a moment!

Individuals with superpowers are literally not friendly with time, or rather with devices that show it. External clocks bring such people physical discomfort, show inaccurate time, stop, or simply fail in a very short period of time from a day to a week.

7. Double digits on the clock

Just look at the electronic clock display and you see repeating numbers? Are you used to seeing time indicators such as 11:11, 20:20, 01:01? It’s a clear sign that you have a powerful connection to the energy of the Earth. In addition, Vedic astrologers believe that such “signs” portend the discovery of psychic potential in the near future.

8. X-Ray Man .

This item is somewhat similar to empathy, but refers not to thoughts, emotions, but to the state of health. If you are not a doctor, but you have psychic abilities, you can feel another person’s ailments, pain, or weakness on a physical level. Individuals with a medical education can make unmistakable diagnoses without examination or test results. If you have such a gift, then perhaps you should think about healing and healings?

9. A Glimpse into the Future

Some people have the gift of foreseeing what will happen in the future. These can be global, world events, or events that relate to loved ones, family members, relatives, or themselves.

10. Mystical signs on the palms of the hands.

Specialists in chiromancy can easily “diagnose” psychic abilities . It is enough just to look at the palm and find certain figures on it.

The magic triangle

It is formed by three lines: the Line of Destiny, the Line of Mind (the Head Line) and the Mercury Line (the Liver Line, the Health Line). From the point of view of our Indian school of chiromancy, the holder of such a figure has clairvoyance, psychic abilities, can boast a wonderful intuition, often sees prophetic dreams, can heal people if he takes the time and energy to develop his gift.

Mystic Cross.

It lies between the Heart Line and the Mind Line. Persons possessing this sign are distinguished by sharp intuition, can see prophetic dreams, and have a prophetic gift. The opinion of such a person is worth listening to, because they see things in perspective of their development. They have an interest in astrology and numerology.

Solomon’s Ring.

This is a line encircling the base of the index finger. It can be solid or intermittent, appearing on both the inside and outside of the hand. This rare sign gives its possessor a very strong intuition, the gift of divination, spiritual wisdom, and a philosophical mindset.

The Isis line.

Represents a rare phenomenon. It is a line running from the Hill of the Moon along the edge of the palm. The owner of such a sign is able to see prophetic dreams, can see random visions.

How to develop psychic abilities

When we have understood a little about the manifestation of extraordinary abilities, let’s talk about how to develop psychic abilities in yourself.

1. Strengthening Superhearing

The practice of enhancing this ability begins with cleaning the ears. For this purpose, ordinary cotton swabs will not be enough. Purchase special wax suppositories at the drugstore and perform ear canal cleaning sessions as instructed. This will be the first step to better hearing. Then make it a rule to spend as much time as possible alone, in silence and self-contemplation. Be out in nature, in quiet places where you can sit quietly alone with your eyes closed, listening to any natural sounds – the rustle, the murmur of water, the sound of leaves fluttering in the wind, the voices of birds. You will gradually learn to catch the smallest, barely perceptible sounds.

The next step is to meditate at home in a dark room with earplugs. Take a comfortable posture, close your ears and eyes. At first it will seem to you that you do not hear anything, but soon, having learned to relax, you will catch all sorts of unearthly sounds, hear your own heartbeat. This practice will allow you to hear things that are inaccessible to other people.

Psychic abilities sharpened meditation. Observing your own breathing and concentrating on certain images, you will eventually learn to summon visions of the future, if, of course, you have a gift for such things.

2. Learning to read minds

How do you develop psychic abilities to telepathy? Start by learning to listen carefully, immerse yourself in the conversation, try to catch bursts of energy, don’t talk aloud about your assumptions, but fix them in your mind.

To develop psychic abilities, try to play a simple game: blindfold yourself and ask someone to lay out in front of you several different objects. Move your hand over them, trying to concentrate on the energy of the thing. Your task is to determine the size, color, and shape. Don’t guess, you should not act spontaneously, but consciously! Analyze the information that your palms “read”. Fix it and compare it with the vibrations of other objects.

3. Boost Intuition

The next step is training your intuition. Here you can do a number of simple but effective exercises for each day:

  • Before you open the door or answer the phone, think about who it might be;
  • Don’t look at the clock right away, assume what time it might show, and only then check your guess;
  • Try to “predict” the weather for the evening or the next day;
  • Waiting at the bus stop for public transport, guess which of the route numbers will arrive first;
  • In transport you can train your imagination – looking at the back of a random fellow traveler, imagine his face, and then check your assumption.

Write down your achievements in a diary, this will allow you to lay out the achievements in the field of psychic and observe the progress of your endeavors.

Read also about how to develop intuition and read minds

What else is important to know to enhance your psychic abilities

An important step to developing any kind of psychic ability is finding inner harmony. Anticipation of the future is no exception to the rules. It is extremely difficult to work with the inner world if your inner settings are “off”. Vedic astrologers advise practicing yoga, pranayama, meditation, and qigong. Try to react calmly to any life events, whatever emotions they arouse. This will allow you to feel the vibrations of other people’s biofield more subtly, tuning in to their “wave”.

And lastly, believe in what you are passionate about! Suppose you have the gift of clairvoyance, but your loved ones don’t believe in it. Don’t pay attention to skepticism about your practices. However, if you stop enjoying what you’re doing, you shouldn’t force yourself. Take a pause to return to developing psychic abilities later.

How to see psychic abilities with astrology

Your personal horoscope – your natal chart – will tell you how much of a craving you have for esoteric knowledge, whether you have psychic abilities, how your intuition is developed, and whether you can read the minds of others. Want to make your own horoscope, but do not know how to do it? We invite you to our free webinar where you will learn together with an astrologer to make and break your personal horoscope, see how to improve finances, relationships and health and learn to identify the periods of life. Register now at this link.

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