Dreams about the guy who likes you – let’s break it down by points.

What do you dream about a guy who likes: interpretation of dream meanings for women and men

The emergence of a man you like causes the most violent emotions, both in reality and in the dream. Let’s try to understand what to dream about a guy who likes in a dream, with you, another, kissing or ignoring you. After seeing a dream with a guy who likes, most women and girls wake up in high spirits, wanting to know what he could dream about. At the same time, many subconsciously harbor the hope that the dream indicates reciprocal feelings, interest or a speedy meeting. Is it worth supporting such thoughts or is it better to find a real interpretation and get rid of unnecessary expectations?

Dreamer: the guy you like symbolizes your feelings for him.

Interpretation of the meaning of the dream depending on the details

What does it mean if you dream about a guy who likes – the interpretation of the dream is not always directly related to its content. However, the presence of the guy you like, indicates a speedy meeting with him. If the girl was separated, the dream portends the end of this period and the reunion with the person dear to her heart. In addition, having seen a guy to whom you harbor fond feelings, try to behave with him more gently and politely – the dream may indicate regrets and a desire to please the young man.

Who saw the dream: a girl or a woman

To see in a dream of a guy who likes, can a young girl or a mature woman, and regardless of age, such an event awakens excitement and pleasant expectations. What does this dream mean, and does its meaning depend on the age and status of the dreamer?

Meaning for girls.

What does it mean if you dream about a guy you like?

To see a guy who likes, can a teenage girl – in this case, the image warns her against reckless behavior. Dreamer should not try to like the object of admiration, the dream tells her to focus on themselves and their affairs.

What else does the dream tell girls:

  • was smiling and friendly – you should be polite to him in real life, be less offended;
  • To see a guy in the company of his friends – to fear of being unnoticed, it is advised to avoid defiant behavior;
  • Lover passed by and didn’t notice you – the dream encourages you to shift your attention to another person.

If the guy in the dream was thoughtful and spoke little, it’s a sign to stop trying to attract his attention. The dreamer should for some time to give up their feelings and to devote himself to his parents and friends.

Meaning for women.

To see such a dream in adulthood or adulthood is a sign of rapid change. A woman may encounter unexpected obstacles on the way to happiness, but will successfully cope with them.

What else does the dream mean:

  • to talk to a guy about love – seek to expand the circle of communication, but face mean people;
  • a young man quarreled with you – such a dream indicates the desire to gain independence from the opinions of others;
  • A boyfriend confessed to treason – indicates his love and affection for you in reality.

Dreamed that you saw a man you liked from a distance – will have to part with him for a while. Perhaps he will go to another country on business, and will return in a few months.

Dreaming of a guy you like now

In your dream, the young man was talking to someone else, but looking at you – in real life, he is experiencing mutual feelings. If you managed to greet the guy or talk to him, it indicates the further development of the relationship with him.

Other interpretations and options:

  • The guy was chasing you – you risk getting into an awkward situation in his presence, somehow discovering your feelings for him;
  • A dream in which he was gambling or sitting at a table with other people indicates that he is not interested in the dreamer, her feelings are unrequited;
  • to see a guy fighting with someone else – in the near future there will be an opportunity to enter into an intimate relationship with him;
  • In a dream that the young man passed by without noticing you – the work done will not be appreciated, but later will bring good results.

If in a dream you had a long conversation with the guy, then in reality communication with him will be awkward and tense. The dreamer will need more patience in order to win the heart of a young man.

Dreamed of a guy who used to like

What if you dreamed a guy you like?

Navaava feelings for the young man gone, but in a dream he was still worried about you – it is worth listening to your heart, perhaps it took a new man. Dreamed that you were walking with an ex-boyfriend – soon you will meet him in the company of a new girl.

Other variants of the interpretation:

  • the guy seemed serious, but was friendly – you will have to solve the problems left after the breakup with him;
  • dreamed of a young man to whom there were secret or unrequited feelings – soon the dreamer will meet someone who will reciprocate her feelings;
  • in a dream the guy met with your girlfriend – in reality it will be quarrelsome with her, to break up a friendship of many years;
  • Seeing a guy who used to like you – to say goodbye to childhood or adolescence, to move on to adulthood.

If in real life, he did not show you any attention, but in a dream he confessed his love, it promises a speedy marriage – abandoning bad memories, you can meet a new strong love. Dreamed that the guy was walking down the street next to you – you will soon learn that he was also in love with you, but his feelings have faded.

You were kissed by a guy you like

Kissing a man you like – to experience sexual desire, to strive for liberation. If the kiss in the dream was short, it portends disappointment – you will try to build a relationship, but the infatuation will quickly pass.

What else does the dream say:

  • The guy kissed you on the forehead – there will be a quarrel with your father, which will last for several days and will bring a lot of sadness and pain;
  • Dreamed that he kissed you on the cheek – expectations will not be met, perhaps one of his friends will turn out to be a traitor;
  • A long kiss on the lips with a guy you like dreams of a girl who will soon be declared in love by another young man;
  • The dream in which the guy kissed your hand, indicates that he is serious intentions – it is possible that you will be able to tie your life to him and create a family.

Variant of interpretation. In a dream the guy was talking and joking a lot – you can attract his attention with your beauty, intelligence or sense of humor. To achieve reciprocity, you should communicate more with the young man, but you should not impose or pursue him.

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The guy I like in the dream was with another girl

A dream in which the guy you liked was with another, leaves a bitter feeling, similar to the one that appears after rejection or the breakup of a relationship. You should not succumb to such feelings, because in fact such a dream portends a long conversation with the young man you like.

More about the interpretation:

  • A guy and another girl were on a date – the dream speaks of the desire of the dreamer to capture all the attention of the young man;
  • To see a guy and another girl holding hands or kissing – to jealousy, anxiety, and experiencing other negative emotions;
  • the young man was buying food or a gift for the other girl – to receiving money for a job well done
  • in a dream another girl was hugging a guy – to a quarrel with one of her acquaintances, classmates or colleagues.

A dream in which the guy and the girl were just next to each other, but did not talk and did not touch, indicates futile worries – the feelings of the dreamer will be mutual, she will be lucky in love.

Meaning of the dream on the days of the week

To see a guy you like on a weekday – to perform with him a common task or work. If the dream sees a student, and she likes a fellow student or classmate, it means that in the future she will work with him on the same project.

What else does the dream mean depending on the day of the week:

  • Monday – meeting with relatives, when the girl will tell her sister or mother about her crush;
  • Tuesday – a joint holiday with a guy, a trip together with him and other friends;
  • Wednesday – correspondence with a boyfriend, in letters the dreamer will share her feelings, from her chosen one’s messages she will learn a lot of new things about him;
  • Thursday – a temporary quarrel, inability to see and communicate with him, longing for him;
  • Friday – a conflict situation with one of the boyfriend’s friends, the desire to get rid of love
  • Saturday – depression or slight physical illness, the need to be treated and to miss work;
  • Sunday – in the near future the dreamer will begin to meet with the young man she likes.

To see such a dream at the weekend – to get good news from a guy. Perhaps he will ask the girl on a date, and she will be able to fulfill some of the desires associated with him. Dreaming about a guy during the day – to a stormy romance with him.

Practical recommendations for interpretation

Next, let’s give some recommendations for the interpretation of a dream about a guy you like. Astrologers recommend to take into account not only the details of the dream, but also the position of the moon.

Evaluation of the feasibility of a dream on September 21, 2022, according to the site Gadalkin home. Today is Wednesday, Falling Fourth Quarter from September 18 at 0:52, the Night Sun has entered the 10th house. If you dreamed on a different day, you can see the recommendations in this chart . Now let’s look at today’s key indicators that affect interpretation, according to astrologers.

A dream from Tuesday to Wednesday is often interesting and eventful, it is advisable to remember it. Carefully analyze the plot and all the images you saw, probably the interpretation will have something to do with your work or money. Take 10-15 minutes and find the closest possible interpretation in one of the dream books.

26 Lunar Day. On this lunar day, dreams symbolize your basest cravings and bad habits. Try to find those interpretations that reveal just this side of our lives. If something unpleasant happened to you in a dream – expect bad news.

Leo – in this case symbolizes bright victories and successful ventures. You will easily be given a new business partner or open an interesting project yourself. Any new business can bring you income and public recognition.

The waning moon. Whatever the interpretation of the dream, note that this period is characterized by a decline in strength and energy. A person becomes more passive and tired. If there are some global projects coming up or you are required to be active, postpone things until the rising moon.

Interpretation of a dream in various dream books

Dreams with people who inspire our admiration or romantic interest usually are pleasant events that can change many things and significantly improve your mood. Having met a guy you like in a dream, try to find out what the image means and what to expect. An accurate interpretation will allow you to behave correctly and not make mistakes when meeting with this person. In the dreambooks of famous people you can find the most appropriate interpretation for almost any occasion.

Miller’s dream – quarrels with a loved one

If in a dream you were walking down the street with a guy, it is to the envy of those around you. Perhaps the success of the dreamer will seem undeserved to the others, and they will begin to dissolve gossip.

What else does the dream say:

  • to walk with a guy near the house – to experience indecision, to be afraid to open your feelings;
  • To talk about your affairs – subconsciously push away the person you like for fear of a relationship;
  • to look at the guy from a car or from a window – to try to convey your feelings to him, but to suffer defeat.

Dreamed that the guy said nice words – the dream portends quarrels, misunderstandings and jealousy on your part. In reality you should be calmer, strive for independence.

Wang’s dream – a strong and full family

To see in a dream that a young man smiles at another girl – to learn about your mistakes and take note of them. Such behavior will help the dreamer to cope with a negative mood.

What else does the dream say:

  • dreamed that the guy was agitated, tried to talk to you – it will be possible to marry him and create a good family;
  • The guy you liked was sick – in reality, the dreamer will be worried about his health;
  • The dream in which the young man was rude and refused to communicate, indicates a fear of being rejected.

If you have seen the guy several times, this indicates a desire to meet him in real life. Perhaps your thoughts are occupied only with him, and for your own good it is necessary to distract yourself.

Why do you dream about a guy who likes you: 15 true interpretations from dreambooks

Plunging into a dream, many people hope not only to get a good night’s sleep, but also to see the desired dream. Often this is a desire to see a person who is insanely cute.

Dreams are like foggy memories – do not give peace of mind, and if you dream about a familiar man or a secret lover, how to interpret the dream correctly? Let’s ask popular dreamers…

Why do I often dream about a guy I like?

If you constantly dream about your lover, it can mean the following:

  • your thoughts are constantly occupied with him, you are in love with him and through dreams you are trying to be together;
  • He often thinks about you or he is in love with you, and the energetic connection connects you in dreams;
  • there are some unresolved situations between you. Perhaps there is something you have not told each other;
  • It predicts an imminent meeting with a guy;
  • you may receive unexpected news about this person;
  • he may ask for help. Try to contact him and make sure that everything is all right;
  • Can be the result of your desires, you just want to see him and the desired, materialize in a dream.

Basic interpretation of the dream

The guy that the girl likes mostly dreams about because she often remembers him. That is why a certain picture is formed in the girl’s subconscious, which is transferred to the dreams. This happens when the girl’s emotions towards her lover, not entirely pleasant and positive.

The behavior of the guy in the dream may reflect the girl’s true dreams and needs. Most likely, she wants to spend more time with the guy, but if there is no such opportunity, then this need may manifest itself in the dream. There they have a desired idyll, just as the girl wants.

When, the couple is in a quarrel, her sleep is anxious and restless. In the dream, she may even see and understand the true reason for the quarrel, as well as possible ways of the desired reconciliation.

What you should pay attention to in the dream:

  • Whether there was a dialogue with your lover;
  • what your lover was doing;
  • the guy’s attitude toward you;
  • your mood in the dream;
  • emotions after waking up;
  • the participation of third parties in the dream.

For correct interpretation of the dream it is necessary to remember and take into account the nuances. Important is every detail, even the clothes of the guy in the dream may play a role. After all, dreams are not given to us for nothing. Each dream has its own meaning and a certain message.

  1. If in a dream you suddenly met with his beloved, it could mean that you need to calm down and weigh the pros and cons of your relationship. Most likely you are jealous of the guy in reality and unsure of him. Therefore, the dream shows you that you need to relax and trust your beloved.
  2. If you dreamed a harmonious relationship with a guy, it is to quarrels.
  3. Walking with a guy in a dream foreshadows a stable relationship. It is also possible to get a chance to go on joint trips or even move in together.

Different dreamers can interpret the meanings in a different way…

According to the esoteric dream

If you dreamed of a guy who really like, then the esoteric dream interpret that you may have a meeting soon in reality. The clothes you were wearing also plays a role!

  • If she was small and tight to you – then you will not feel comfortable in a relationship and in life.
  • If the clothes were spacious – then you will allow yourself too much.
  • Seeing yourself in a beautiful evening dress – an opportunity to spend an evening with a loved one.
  • Your lover makes you a gift in a dream – do not relax, there may be misunderstandings through your fault.

You should pay attention to what was the gift from the guy:

  • jewelry – your relationship will become showy as in the theater, playing to the audience;
  • Personal belongings guy – he trusts you immensely;
  • flowers – you can easily win his heart;
  • Wedding ring – be vigilant, do not trust the guy with his secrets.

According to Freud’s dream

According to Freud’s dream, if you dream about a guy you like – it means that the girl’s emotions have taken over her mind. She has become a hostage to her desires and will ruin this relationship. The main thing to understand is that everyone is the master of his own happiness, and stop demanding it from the guy. Moderate your ardor and understand that the young man may not be ready for serious actions, give him time.

  • If you dream a tender act of love – increasing the chance that the partners have a harmonious relationship.
  • Dream about betrayal of a loved one – warns that the dream will turn into reality. Pay attention to his behavior and take a better look at his surroundings to prevent treason.

According to Vanga’s dream

This dreamer focuses on the details:

  • The slovenly appearance of the guy, rude behavior – you yourself are not confident in your abilities;
  • The dreamer’s appearance is very uncomfortable, but the dreamer’s personality is not the same as the dreamer’s;
  • the man tries very hard to please you – you are in danger of being disappointed in him;
  • You are telling the guy off – soon you will break up with him;
  • indifference guy to you – he harbors the most tender feelings and hopes that the relationship will grow into a more serious.

According to Tsvetkov’s dream book.

If a boy who likes kissed in a dream: the dreamer interprets this as possible trouble in the future. However, it will not be serious and will pass quickly. But you may have time to be disappointed in the person close to you.

  • Another option is that your health may deteriorate, but it will not be something serious.
  • But if you think about a guy every night, then the dreamer advises not to betray the importance of your dreams about him.

According to Miller’s dream book.

This dreamer gives great importance to your emotional state in the dream.

  • In a dream that the guy really wants to impress you, indicates that he is prone to deception. Think carefully before trusting him.
  • If the man in the dream is behaving defiantly, then you will soon have a chance to build a really happy relationship.
  • A dream about a lover can also portend success in commercial endeavors.

Top 15 dream interpretations

  1. Dreamed a passionate kiss with a guy you really like – soon you will have intimacy. You can also get good news from a loved one or your relatives.
  2. You kissed, but you were interrupted, then you are surrounded by someone who can quarrel with you in real life. Be careful.
  3. Also kissing your beloved, can mean that you have not fully resolved issues with him. You should try to solve them as soon as possible.
  4. The dream in which the guy is embracing another – means that he wants to make you jealous.
  5. Lover kissing another – he thinks that you have little interest in him.
  6. If you have had a wonderful dream in which you are hugged tightly by your lover – this is a very good sign. You really want to be seen, hugged and made happy. Only it’s not at all the one you were dreaming about.
  7. Suddenly you dreamt of a guy you liked before? Do not be so surprised! This means that you are still connected to him by an invisible thread. He may really want to communicate and even meet. And it’s up to you to determine the outcome of the situation. Another dream can mean that you are not quite satisfied with your current relationship. It is worth working on them, so that the current one does not become an ex.
  8. If you dreamed about a smiling guy that you like, then your relationship will definitely improve and will be fine in the very near future. And even if your relationship was not quite good and were quite difficult, then do not doubt – they will change for the better: maybe not immediately, but you will notice the warming at once.
  9. A boyfriend who has long been liked usually dreams about a return to the past. Perhaps past events or old acquaintances will surround you again.
  10. A girl who has a dream where her lover is drunk is not very pleasant. She should beware of quarrels and scandals in the family, as well as conflict with his significant other. The dream can mean that the lover is not completely honest with you.
  11. If a girl is scolded by her lover, then you can be sure that she is very sympathetic to him.
  12. And if he marries someone else, don’t think twice about it. You will be in a relationship with him for a long time in which there will definitely be no place for treason.
  13. The beloved has turned into a monster – this is a warning. The girl should pay attention to the fact that she is constantly trying to change the young man, to adjust him to herself. It is worth to stop doing this, otherwise you are waiting for a major quarrel or even parting.
  14. If you dreamed of a call from your boyfriend, listen to what he was saying to you. Perhaps he wants to convey something to you.
  15. The lover is taking your hand – a very good sign. Your relationship will begin to evolve rapidly, will be harmonious, and you will be very happy together for a long time.

Dreamed acquaintance who likes you – it means that he cares about you. But the dream requires you to pay attention to the details:

  • If the familiar guy flirts with you, and you are already in a relationship, it could mean a cooling in your current relationship. The reason for this could be your frivolous behavior.
  • If an acquaintance has offended you and is behaving quite rudely, then it is an alarm signal. In real life, you may have severely offended this person. It may even be worth apologizing and trying to resolve the conflict.

Pay attention to all the nuances in your dreams. Pay attention to the mood of the guy, his actions, words. Thus, you will be able to notice what you didn’t notice in everyday life: their mistakes, dissatisfaction boyfriend, the words that were afraid to say to each other.

Thinking about all this, you will be able not only to change your relationship, but also to bring harmony, understanding and joy to them.

What does the day of the week mean for dreams

Of great importance in the interpretation of any dream is exactly when it was dreamed. More precisely: the day of the week, through which you can learn whether the dream will come true or not, and what it will have consequences.

Dream on Tuesday

If the guy in your dream is interested in you, gentle and gentle, it is likely that your relationship is losing its former flame, and there may be a risk of separation. But do not worry too much – after a while you can get back together. If you in a dream split up with a boyfriend, then it’s time to think about your neglect of your beloved.

Dream on Wednesday

Such a dream is usually a warning of something. The girl who saw this dream will be able to help avoid the boyfriend’s mistake. The dream can only be told to the person who was in it. If you are having fun with your lover in the dream, then you, it would not hurt to make a variety in your relationship. If in the dream you were fighting with a guy, it is likely that you have a rival.

Dream on Thursday

A dream in which there is a lover comes true very rarely. It reflects only cherished desires, and confirms the fact that you madly miss your boyfriend. The dream scenario may come true, but very soon, and with a completely different person.

Dream on Friday

Dreams from Thursday to Friday come true very often. Not for nothing, even our grandmothers paid special attention to these dreams, and considered them truly prophetic. If on this day you dreamed about your lover, and he dreamed about you, then your feelings are certainly mutual. And if you dreamed that he was quarreling with someone, then you will not be together, and the reason for this – his not being ready for a serious relationship.

Dream on Saturday

If you dreamed on this day that you are the wife of a guy you like, it’s a good sign. You made the right choice, and now only happy events will be waiting for you: marriage, children, prosperity. Cheating on a guy in a dream, indicates that you are doing something wrong in your relationship. Think about it.

Dream on Sunday

This kind of dream, in which your chosen one appears, is considered the most accurate. It is considered a clue. And if you dreamed about a cheating boyfriend or his betrayal, then in reality he is prone to it. Interested stranger guy in a dream – soon acquaintance. Ex – he wishes to renew the relationship again.

Dream on Monday

The dream can be prophetic, but only if you are not married. The guy in the dream – flirting with a nice man. A quarrel and a fight – a spat and parting with a lover is likely. Even the grievances in such a dream, are not accidental. They can often be transferred to real life, so sharpen your focus on them in order to avoid conflict.

Dreams about the boyfriend are always pleasant and desirable. Dreams often come to girls when they madly miss their loved ones, want to see them, talk to them, share something. Therefore, the subconscious helps, and in the dream, long-awaited meetings finally happen. Use hints and interpret your dreams competently. But remember the most important thing – the most correct meaning of the dream can only tell you the heart.

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