Dragon Capricorn man – what you need to know

Characteristics of Capricorn men and women in the year of the Dragon

Dragons – in itself a person bright and strong, Capricorn gives them also versatility: a variety of talents coexist with internal contradictions, which no doubt, yes, and complicate the life of the person born under this combination. Such a woman or man or try to comprehend if not all, then much, or she / he amorphous and passive – in this and not immediately discern the sleeping Dragon. Purposefulness and curiosity, intuition and correctly prioritized active representatives of this sign allow time after time to achieve their goals, to win in the most difficult situations and fully enjoy these victories. Even defeat do not destroy the virtues of the Capricorn-Dragon: as a true philosopher, he treats his own failure calmly and seriously, analyzes its mistakes and draw conclusions. Such a situation will not happen again.

Horoscope psychology in the representatives of the combination of Capricorn-Dragon powerful energy and overwhelming self-esteem – for this reason for such people like pulls environment. They fascinate with their strength, self-sufficiency and self-confidence. Of course, the active dragon presence in the sign at certain moments in life gives reason for irritability and aggression. At such moments, there is no need to pester him with questions, and even more so, to clarify relationships. Capricorn-Dragon temporarily roll communication to a minimum, seclude himself, come to his senses and after a while come to the absolute self-control.

Capricorn-Dragons never lose their dignity and calmly accept defeat

Characteristics of Capricorn-Dragon men

There are real legends about the ambitiousness and determination of these men: even at a young age a Capricorn guy in the year of the Dragon knows that he will occupy a high position and/or leadership position. Having passed through all the stages of career development, this man is really able to become an ideal manager: leadership qualities, strong character plus rationality of mind are too good for a rank-and-file performer, but he will more than succeed in managerial work.

For these individuals, monotony and monotony is tantamount to psychological death, which is why the Capricorn-Dragon chooses a complex, full of unpredictable turns, full of events and people. Natural sociability (but not simplicity!) allows you to easily find common language with interlocutors and business partners, gently and intelligently direct their ideas and decisions in a favorable direction for themselves.

Capricorn-Dragon man is able to become the ideal leader

Disadvantages of the sign

A strong and reliable family for the Capricorn-Dragon man is not given easily and quickly: he loves to take care of women, he is faithful, but also very demanding . As long as he will not find his beloved (and it may take more than one year), he will meet and fall in love, be disappointed and meet again, fall in love again and so on in a circle. But this is not even a weakness of the sign, let’s call it prudence and a serious attitude to the choice of a partner to create a family.

Characteristics of Capricorn-Dragon women

Smart, cheerful, energetic Capricorn girl born in the year of the Dragon always attracts attention . Having grown up, thanks to the natural ability to use her positive qualities, this woman achieves many ambitious goals and, like a man of this sign, often occupies a managerial position. She is not afraid of any complex intellectual work, nor of the diversity of characters of her colleagues – she will find common ground with any of them.

Capricorn-Dragon woman often occupies a managerial position

A great career, sufficient finances for a poverty-free (and most often even high level) existence make the Capricorn-Dragon woman almost happy. Almost? For full happiness such a selective woman needs a partner with a mass of positive qualities – at their core is self-sufficiency, strong character, a stable financial position, a solid social status.

The high bar in love and marriage of a Capricorn-Dragon woman does not always allow her to find a life partner that meets her expectations, able to provide a comfortable life for the whole family

Disadvantages of the sign

Bold minus in the characteristics of the Capricorn-Dragon woman in her willfulness, partially compensated by spiritual human qualities. Because of its emotionality, a woman of this horoscope combination can be somewhat nervous. A weak self-control at such moments can bring her to a state of aggression and hysteria. In this state, she should be left alone. The inner storm will calm down after the Capricorn-Dragon will sort out her thoughts and feelings.

Capricorn love compatibility in the year of the Dragon

Who is right for them, these bright, unambiguously extraordinary people? In personal life, Capricorn-Dragons should bet on emotional and at the same time patient partners who will feel the fine line of mood of their sometimes hot-tempered chosen one. It is important that the other half will not pour oil into the fire but will find the strength to be silent and step aside to wait out the Capricorn-Dragon storm.

Capricorn-Dragon needs a patient partner

Very good compatibility in love can work with those born in the sign of Gemini in the year of the Rooster and the Rat: such people can withstand long premarital relationships and, as they say, the test of fire and water. A partner born under the Leo-Cupcake combination will be perfect for the Capricorn-Dragon man – complete understanding, love and respect for each other will reign in the family.

For a neutral relationship, you should look out for such Zodiac signs as Virgo, Scorpio, Taurus . In some cases, a great partner for a Capricorn-Dragon woman will turn out to be an Aquarius man .

Maximum Compatibility Intermediate compatibility Minimal compatibility
Oriental Calendar Cock, Rat, Monkey Dragon, Snake, Goat, Pig, Dog, Tiger, Rabbit Bull, Horse
Western calendar Aquarius, Virgo, Pisces, Leo Scorpio, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Aries, Sagittarius Capricorn, Libra

Full characteristics of a Capricorn child born in the year of the Dragon

Capricorn girl or boy in the year of the Dragon grow up before their peers : their independence is manifested practically from the diaper, and as soon as this child becomes capable of setting their own goals and realizing their own desires, they begin to slowly and methodically make their way through life. Parents need to be more careful when raising such a young adult: he cannot stand being lectured to and blatantly told what to do and how to do it.

Capricorn-Dragon children grow up before their peers

Among the friends of the baby of this combination, as well as a teenager, there are no random people – in his company he chooses strong and brave, with different interests and talents, but invariably active companions who can understand him and accept him for who he is.

Man Capricorn, born in the year of the Dragon: characteristics, compatibility in love

Man born under the zodiac sign Capricorn in the year of the Dragon is endowed with many qualities, which makes him a confident and determined person. Communication with the female sex takes on a special character, because the relationship is often devoid of misunderstanding and disagreement. Let us dwell in more detail on the features of this combination and its compatibility with other signs.

General characteristics

Representatives of this sign combine all the strength and determination. The combination of these qualities helps in achieving life goals. A great privilege in almost every case will be a good orientation in non-standard situations. At times, all this leads to an increase in self-esteem, as a result of which Capricorn overestimates his abilities.

Incorrect assessment ends in a breakdown not only in business, but also affects the mental state.

Also, if a man always succeeds, he can become selfish and narcissistic, poorly accept even constructive criticism.

Man Dragon is a strong, confident, full of energy man, always striving forward. With difficulties on the way to cope easily and painlessly. There are enough friends around him, because the sociability of Capricorns helps in building relationships. But strangely enough, behind the funny guy hides a very emotional and hot-tempered personality. Inside such a guy lives a rebel who needs movement and change.

The constellation Capricorn gives men a turbulent, intractable temper, which at times gives a lot of trouble. Achieving one goal immediately seeks to conquer a new peak, continuing to demonstrate such qualities as perseverance, confidence and courage. Faith in their own strength and is an assistant in the pursuit of the result. Men of this sign are also kind, sympathetic and not devoid of compassion.

Career and finance

Great success in the career of the Capricorn-Dragon is assured. Their skill and persistence are the very tools with which they build their business life. Among representatives of the sign, there are plenty of specialists who cope with their duties. But they need the approval and support of the boss. Otherwise, there is a loss of interest in the work, which implies a lower efficiency of the work. And it’s not about pay raises or bonuses, but praise and honor.

Sometimes their endless creativity combined with inner strength suppresses people around them or colleagues. This can only be avoided by limiting their personal space so as not to hurt the interests of outsiders. There are occasional moments of jealousy and unnecessary talk.

In a relationship, these guys also need freedom and leadership, which has a positive impact on their self-esteem. No matter how you look at it, men like to be in the leader’s position.

Once again, this will prove their importance and add potential for upward movement.

Relationships and love

It is distrustfulness that prevents a representative of the sign from building a serious relationship. It is extremely rare for him to fall in love at first sight. Often true feelings flare up in the course of long-term communication and the presence of common interests. In a pair with Capricorn the woman can not doubt his care and attentiveness in relation to her. But tutelage sometimes becomes excessive, as a result of which the chosen one leaves the man. Therefore, at an early age, personal relationships mostly do not work out.

One way or another, but a Capricorn man seeks to find the very one, which in the future will become his wife. But it rarely comes to marriage. To reach the so-called boundary in the relationship, the Capricorn-Dragon uses all his strength and capabilities. The woman is usually frightened by such pressure and refuses to do anything.

Intimate life for the Capricorn is a simple component of a healthy relationship. Although it is not difficult for them to combine the bed with the early period of the relationship as well. The prolonged absence of intimacy runs quite smoothly, without causing any special problems. It is not often that a man takes the initiative in this respect. And if this happens, then most likely he has certain goals and objectives that need to be let him realize.

In his sexual life, the guy is more of a conservative. But this does not prevent the representative of the sign from trying something new, experimenting. Important factors are the general mood, a strong desire, and, of course, the words and assessment of the partner. Understanding the psychology of women, freely owns the ability to see through his woman, which will help identify some points worth working on carefully. Also perfectly understands what truly expects from intimacy with his beloved.

Surprisingly, this all adds to his unpredictability, even in the eyes of others.

Family and Marriage

Marriage is just as important as his career. Among his aspirations will always mean a serious and long-lasting relationship. The initiator in such cases is often himself, as he has the understanding that his own happiness is only in his hands. In a couple of the constellation representative of the Capricorn is quite attentive to his companion, mainly solving problems independently, and often offers something new. This approach protects the union from major conflicts and frequent disagreements.

From relatives expects rather diplomatic ties, which, in turn, can help in unforeseen situations. Does not seek to hide this attitude to them, usually he knows in advance who and how will be able to help later.

The Capricorn man is easily given to relations with children. A strong interest, care and understanding is noticeable. He wants to participate in children’s life, to absorb all that the native children love. In his upbringing is fair, moderately strict. He does not intend to make or change his children’s minds. Relationships with his wife are good, quiet, without considerable quarrels.

Compatibility with other signs

Capricorn-Dragons are quite emotional and irascible. Therefore, love relationships acquire a similar character – stormy. Sometimes such behavior frightens a woman, who can later leave him. But men have a peculiarity – quick withdrawal. A scandalous situation makes you think, realize your mistakes and shortcomings.

Eventually an apology may follow from him. But this applies only to those who are not indifferent to the chosen Dragon. And if near was the one who was able to wait out the wrath of the Dragon, to accept his apologies and understand such outburst, she can be sure that she took a place in the heart of a man. Such couples are usually very strong and long-lasting, and most importantly, happy.

The probability of creating a strong union, up to the family, is traced to representatives of the signs of the Eastern horoscope – Rat, Monkey and Dragon.

There is complete incompatibility with the Tiger, the Dog and the Horse. Such couples often clash in interests and principles, which leads to dissolution.

As advice, astrologers recommend creating a personal atmosphere where Capricorns can make full use of their enthusiasm and power. Beyond the boundaries of this space should not let other people in, otherwise there may be a deterioration in relationships due to some kind of pressure. Representatives of this zodiac sign always need a sense of leadership, significance and gratitude. Only then the guys will feel the Dragon a surge of strength and energy for further goals and ways forward. Regarding romantic relationships, you need to let the man become the main. Such a role will have a beneficial effect on intimate life.

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